• August 17, 2022

Eagles To Take Closer Look At NFL-Ready QB McElroy

Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reports that Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy is scheduled for a private workout with the Eagles. He joins the list of quarterbacks the Birds have taken a closer look at: Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, TCU’s Andy Dalton and Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor.

There’s not a quarterback in the draft more prepared for the NFL from a mental standpoint than McElroy. The Rhodes Scholar candidate knows how to identify NFL pass coverages and he already has a thorough understanding of NFL play calling terminology, yet only one team, the Seattle Seahawks, showed up for his Pro Day in Tuscaloosa this past week.

His preparation for the NFL game is probably what attracts the Birds, but there are questions about whether McElroy has an NFL arm. I think he does and could see him being a valuable backup quarterback for a good football team. He’s the kind of youngster who will be able to come in here and play right away of he’s needed.

I think he could see him flourishing in the right system with big-time talent around him. He’s a decent athlete for a quarterback, but pales against the likes of Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert. The young man stands almost 6’2″ and weighs about 220 pounds.

McElroy led the Crimson Tide to a National Championship in 2009 yet only one team, the Seattle Seahawks. The young man’s career record with the Crimson Tide was 24-3, and he threw for 5,691 yards during that time with 39 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 35 games.

McElroy is an accurate thrower, who completed over 70 percent of his passes during his senior year, while throwing for 20 touchdowns and five interceptions. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes and finds ways to win. The youngster doesn’t have the talent to carry a football team, but has shown that he can get the ball to playmakers and come through in the clutch with big games on the line.

He’s expected to go in the fifth, sixth or seventh rounds. I couldn’t see the Eagles taking him any sooner than the fifth round.

The Giants and Cowboys are also taking a look at him.


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  • Ok, there’s your qb vinnie, another wunder boy whose skill set/tools don’t play in the NFL

  • You think he has an NFL arm, but Kolb doesn’t? lol

  • Not a bad Back-up QB material,
    Being a 2-3 year Starter at Alabama under Nick saban, he will know Pro/NFL Terminology, be smart, tough and protect the ball.. I could see him landing a back-up QB spot in 2 years time under the right offense and with good coaching.. Maybe in Indy,Atlanta,GIants,or Philly

  • I think its a good move to get another qb in here we all no that Kolb is out of here

  • McElroy makes Kafka look like Joe Montana…..dude has zero arm strength and no business playing in the NFL.

    I dont understand where Kafka fits in all of this… why the urgency for another QB.

  • jott? seriously? If Kolb goes via trade, there are only 2 QBs on the team, every team needs at least 3. That’s all.

  • I would not be surprised if Kolb remains an Eagle, If they are not allow to trade him due to no CBA for a high 2011 Draft pick, then I think he stays as insurance for Vick for the 2011 Season.. HArd to tell with no CBA, SPring/SUmmer OTA’s & CAMps in limbo like everything else is..
    A new team who will would trade a high pick will want to know that they can get him in and extend his contract based on having a CBA in place.. I don’t think a team will trade for him now with all the other stuff in limbo.. WHy Give up a Top #10 Pick and you can’t even have the player work out and learn a new system with a new team so how much in return will you get in 2011.. You may as well wait for the 2012 Season and just build for your foundation in 2011 if you are a Arizona,Minnesota,Seattle,49ers,Titans,DOlphins and use your high Draft selections to build a better team with players you expect to be around for 6-8-10 years.. Is Kolb this kind of QB ??? ..

  • Either way, there’s a possibility Kolb leaves. You have to prepare yourself as a team to know the QB draft class in this case. Pretty simple.

  • @Schiller… I dont like McElroy at all… maybe as a 7th round pick but thats it.

    The Eagles can always sign a veteran if they need to if the CBA gets done.

    The Cowboys will draft him since his dad is a big SVP for them

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