• January 27, 2022

Ryan Howard Gets Engaged To Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

One of Ryan Howard’s best friends, Jimmy Rollins got married a few months ago. Maybe it had an effect upon the Phillies star slugger because he’s following that lead later this summer by marrying his girlfriend and Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell.

They’ve been dating for three year or so and according to TerezOwens.com, Howard and Campbell are going to have a small intimate wedding. I wonder if Krystle will continue being an Eagles cheerleader. She’ll probably be receiving a great deal of attention if she continues.

Rollins went to the Cayman Islands to get married, but Howard is expected to have a more subdued and low-key affair.


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  • Congrats to Ryan and Krystle..

  • How do you not swing the lumber well at home with that waking up next to you daily? Damn damn dang!!!

    Rhino is killin it this year. Im aware its early.Hes gonna give good pitchers hell back all year. And go 3-4 with bombs in the dead of summer.

    Im thinking 45 bombs this year?Illadelph faithful? What are we saying for The Big Piece?

  • a nice motivation to hit 50 homers

  • ANOTHER SUCKER……..The Big Fella definetly is not “WINNING”…. lol

  • he would be smart to have a prenup

  • @jott — if he strikes out to end the NLCS again, I wouldn’t mind her taking half of his money.

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