• December 4, 2021

Eagles Workout 2nd Tier Texas Cornerback Curtis Brown

You and I know that cornerback is a position of need and will be addressed early by the Eagles, so it was no surprise when Adam Caplan of FoxSports.com reported that the Eagles had worked out Texas cornerback Curtis Brown.

Brown obviously caught the Eagles eye at the Combine. He stands 6′ and weighs 185 pounds. The Longhorn ran a 4.51 at the forty-yard dash. He jumped 10’8″ in the broad jump and leaped 39″ inches in a vertical jump.

He’s got quick feet with good speed, but not elite speed. He can run with average to good receivers, but he’ll have trouble with some of the blazers in the NFL.

Brown did a good job at Texas of covering man-to-man. He showed ability to run with and mirror receivers all over the field and he does a nice job of attacking the ball in the air. He can cover wide receivers by moving up in their face or playing off of them.

The young corner got good hands and plays the ball well in the air.

He also returns punts, which adds to his value.

Brown will there for the Birds in the second or third round, so it makes sense that they would take a closer look.

He’s not the Eagles first, second or third choice at the cornerback position, but he could wind up being a fall back if they don’t get what they want in the first or second rounds.


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  • A very good College CB who played with experieneced teammates and Coaches at the Univeristy of Texas.. I think he will be more of a nickel back due to his of lack of top-end speed..He does have good hands and not afraid to mix-it up..Probably goes in the 3rd Round in the #70-#85 Overall Range..

  • ” I think he will be more of a nickel back due to his of lack of top-end speed”

    Really Pauli? He’s faster than Samuel….

  • I think this is a good pick its a real up grade from the other to guys who r they again

  • Samuel used to run in the 4.4’s (at least when he was younger)
    Samuel is at his best when playing off 6-8 yards and then jumping routes which he has done all his career, and uses his experience,quickness and his preparation & knowledge of reading keys off the QB and WR’s that he faces.. Samuel is not and never has been a real good deep cover CB and has given up lots of deep throws/completions over the years and more recently as he has lost a 1/2 step..
    Back on topic, I do like overall many of the players they are bringing in this year for personal workouts,they have been bringing and interviewing lots of quality players for the 3rd/4th/5th Rounds..

  • The more and more I look at it I hope the Eagles go DE at 23. Because the DE class this year is so deep, you can get a guy at 23 who would normally probably go in the top 15 most years. I know they have spent high picks at DE alot recently but it is a position the Eagles truly beleive is valuable. In know that this is not their “top need”, but the player there at 23 will be too good to pass up at that point. Some guys I like: JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Ryan Kerrigan and Adrian Clayborn. I would then focus on a CB and Oline in the 2nd and 3rd. Some 2nd/3rd round CB’s to consider: Davon House, Shareece Wright, Ras-I Dowling, Curtis Marsh. Some 2nd/3rd round Oline prospects to look out for: Derek Sherrod (OT), Marcus Gilbert (OT), James Carpenter (OT)Danny Watkins (OG), Rodney Hudson (OG), Marcus Cannon (played OT but probably an OG in the pros), Will Rackley (OG), John Moffit (OG).

    My “Ideal” Draft
    #23 – Ryan Kerrigan, though it’s likely he may be gone. If so, I’d go Adrian Clayborn

    #53 Davon House: Moving up draft boards and may be gone. If he is, I’d go with Ras-I Dowling (CB) or Marcus Cannon (OT/OG).

    #85 James Carpenter (OT) (other possibilites-Will Rackley (OG), Shareece Wright (CB)

  • I agree with some of your points Reberson,
    DE is the deepest poisition by far in this draft..
    I do think Kerrigan,Watt,Jordan will all be gone by the the Time the Eagles select.. Clayborn I am not so sure about and prefer a M WIlkerson, or Heyward or Aldon SMith if still on the board
    As far as OL in the 2nd Round – both Sherrod, D Watkins will be long gone
    I do like Cannon,Carpenter,Illjalana,Hudson in the 2nd and then Rackley,Moffitt,B Fusco, Gilbert,Barksdale in the 3rd

    At CB, Ras-I-Dowling has fallen quite a bit as has Aaron Williams from Texas who many feel he would be a better SAfety in the NFL that CB
    I have mentioned House for their 2nd pick and also like CB’s Burton,Marsh . I think there will be lots of good CB’s available in the 3rd & 4th Rounds like K Lindsey,Marsh, Curtis,Chuckey and Jalil Brown’s, B Skinner, Josh Thomas,Jonny Patrick,

  • I agree Paulie. After the top two, maybe three (I’d throw Jimmy Smith in there), corners there isn’t a a ton of difference between the #4 and number #10 guys. I love Davon House but the more and more it looks like it he’ll be gone by the 53rd pick. I also, don’t think many of the OT’s available are even worthy of the 23rd pick (well Maybe Tyron Smith). Seriously, in my opinion, there isn’t a ton of difference between a guy like Carimi and a Derek Sherrod or James Carpenter.

  • Unless there will be trades allowed (Kolb) to get some additional Early Round Picks,(which is looking doubtful), If I were the Eagles, I would draft DL/OL with the 1st 2 picks on players who can help immediately..
    I think there are still good CB/LB that can be had in the 3th/4th/5th Rounds and basically these selections are going to be role, Situational & Special teams players for 2011 anyways.. I think they will acquire a starter type of CB in Free-Agency (once it finally occurs) unless CB J Smith falls to them

    #1st Rd —

  • I hope they go CB because we need one a Reberson if u want to deal with what we dealed with last year a CB u r crazy we need a CB asap

  • listen guys i know its boring , just take pouncey! vick will like it. mccoy will like it and your defense will like it cause your offense will sustain more drives. and it is a position of need! a true shut down corner is few and far in between. how many are there in the nfl? and how many of them where 1st round picks? anybody know? paulman?

  • the CB position is weak in this draft…..wait till rounds 3 & 4 to address it. Brown is not a value pick in round #2.

  • @nev856 –
    Pouncey will be gone before #23…. the Rams and Dolphins who pick #14 & #15 LOVE the kid!

  • @Paulman –
    IF Aldon Smith is on the board at #23, he is a STEAL… the kid reminds me of Simeon Rice and has pro-bowler written all over him. He fits what DL coach Washburn wants to do with his line….
    I really like OT Carpenter at #54. The kid played LT in college, but can play OG or OT in the NFL…. versatile.

  • They have been working out all these prospects that are projected to go after the 1st round. They worked out LBs, CBs, QBs etc….. I think the only position(s) that they haven’t worked out that they need is all along the O-line? Maybe that is who they are targeting with their 1st pick? Or maybe they feel like they are fine in that area?

  • Alson SMith has been dropping lately to the 2nd half of the 1st Round,,
    He did not have a great Work Out day at U of Missouri a couple weeks back
    He really has played 1 solid season at the Div I College Level trasnferring to Missouri from a Junior COllege so there are still a lot of questions about strength,level of competition,etc,etc.. Thouggh he has a lot of Physical Upside and would make a great pass rushing DE, Your analogy of SImeon Rice on the surface is a good one…

  • @paulman –
    you have Aldon Smith confused with someone else…or the wrong info.

    Smith didnt come from a Junior college… he came to Mizzou right out of HS, redshirted his freshman year, then started his sophomore and junior seasons and had 17 sacks combined. He broke his leg during his junior year or woukd have had a monster season… Also, he had a really good pro day and showed his quickness off the ball and lateral movement. Check your sources you are wrong.

  • Your right Jott1972,
    I got my player’s crossed up, I was thinking of Victor Abriami..
    Thanks for setting me straight…

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