• December 2, 2021

Sixers Vs. Heat Matchups: Thaddeus Young vs. LeBron James

Now that we know for sure that the Sixers are facing the Miami Heat in the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, I thought that it would be a good time to break down some of the key matchups in this best of seven series (I’ve checked all over and have yet to find dates and/or times scheduled. I’m guessing Saturday or Sunday).

Today, we’ll look at the matchup at the forward spot between LeBron James and Thaddeus Young.

This is the Sixers best counter to the Heat’s all-star forward who is having another MVP-caliber season. Young has blossomed under Doug Collins and is the Sixers high-energy reserve.

The pickle here is whether to start Young (the best athlete on the team) to deal with James. This would move Andre Iguodala up to the “two” with the assignment of guarding Dwayne Wade thus bringing starter Jodie Meeks off the bench with hopes that he remains effective. With the status of fellow star reserve Lou Williams unknown, Collins would be running a serious risk to his bench productivity in starting Young, but it gives him his best

This would relegate the Sixers to a smaller bench prompting Collins to call on veterans Andres Nocioni and Tony Battie who have been getting decent minutes in recent weeks. Collins will almost have to dust of Marresse Speights for some spot duty depending on the situation.

James averaged 22/8/5 against the Sixers in the regular season. Young’s assignment is simple: keep James in front of him at all times – watch for screens and picks and for heaven’s sake don’t let him or anyone else get anything easy – the no lay-up rule must be enforced.

James may try to post up in a half court set but I don’t see him doing it too often. Offensively, expect Young to be active on the glass for putbacks as well as slashing to the basket in hopes of getting James and others into early foul trouble. I
am concerned about the sudden stretches of floor time Young may see, I’m hoping that he is able to pace himself.

James is going to get his at some point in the series, I just feel that Young, (despite giving up 30 lbs. to James) is the best player suited for this task.

Ron Glover

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  • Wonder if Thaddues’s Mom can take, neutralize Lebron’s Mom..

  • Thad has a tough task against Bron.I see emgetting abused maybe one or two games. With the others being a great learing experience as well.

    I’d have to agree Ron.He gives us the best match-up with Bron and Iggcan keep Wade in check for some of the series.And to your point about Bron not posting much…thats been a part of his game thats dissapeared this year. Maybe cause he has some sidekicks on his team now.I hope D.C. is ready to make the adjustment in case thats what they try to do early. Idont see it though.

  • “Thad has a tough task against Bron.”

    Hmmm…I think you could take Thad’s name out and insert anyone else’s name in the league there and it would be correct…lol

    As much of a beast that LeBron is, I’m more worried about D-Wade. Wade is the heart and soul of this team. If we can somehow make him just an average player this series, then I think we have a chance. And the best defensive player on the team is Iggy…so get to work!

  • The fact that Iggy’s knee isn’t 100% doesn’t make his load any lighter.

  • agreed…btw, is there an option to private message or email writers on this site? I came across an interesting article about the Simple Ranking System predicting the hockey playoffs, but I guess it applies to all sports.


  • To Casper
    I thought only “Paulman’s Rankings” were allowed and considered as the only legitimate measure for Teams…

  • Casper & others: rgsports365@gmail.com

  • lol…I don’t think I’ve ever perused your statistical algorithm to measure a team’s success rate. I would LOVE to see it

  • Thanks for your email Ron. I was also just wondering about aloud there because the link I pasted had more to do with hockey, so I thought that Josh Janet would have been interested. Though, I do think that there is some correlation across all sports.

  • No problem, I hope the Flyers just snap out of whatever funk they’re in. I did and Elton Brand/Chris Bosh preview check it out. Thanks.

  • The Flyers will be on the Golf Courses of South Jersey and of course the tables in Atlantic City after the next week.. They will lose 4 games to 2 to Buffalo
    who has much better Goaltending and have played extremely good hockey the last 4-6 weeks while the Flyers have done their typical “Spring Fever” swoon

  • just like the phillies triple a lineup, right Paul, don’t worry Jakedog will smack you down again when the flyers win this series, see you later

  • Flyers will win the series 4-2 for no other reason than they are the better team and I believe they will show up for the series. I agree with everything else you said though Paulman, but Chicago beat Vancouver (Luongo) and San Jose (Nabakov) with less than stellar goaltending…and Philly’s goalies didn’t “stand on their heads” either and they beat Brodeur, T Rask (who started for the Bruins because he outplayed Vezina winner T Thomas), and Halak (who started for the Habs because he outplayed Price).

  • Lots of low-scoring games. Flyers on paper should dominate, but that rarely ever happens in Playoff Hockey and Sabres Goalie R Miller is pretty darn good and always plays well versus the Flyers and will probably be the difference in this Series.. Miller must play great for Sabres to win, if he does, they win, if he doesn’t the Flyers will move on… Should be great Hockey and mostly 3-2 type of games in which Goals will be tough to come by..Whoever is the agressor and crashes to the front of the net and gets maybe a cheap goal or 2 will win and whicever team plays smart and stays away from careless penalites…Sabres Coach Lindy Ruff is also a good Coach like the Laviolette is for the Flyers so no advantage to either team ..

  • paulie, read your post two above, are you some psycho, or do you not own a pair to stand by your original prediction that the flyers lose in six

  • I stand by my Original Prediction of Flyers losing the Series to Buffalo
    Like I stated, in terms of talent and experience, the Flyers should win easily,but they won’t for they lack the toughness this year and the overall teamwork, to do the little things consistently to win tough games…They will do as most Philly teams do when they have high expectations and are trhe favorite, they will tighten up and not play well and be home early for Spring..
    They missed their chance last year when the Pens & CAps were knocked out early but failed to take advantage. It will be another 10-15 Years before they get back to the Stanley Cup I am afraid..

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