• January 22, 2022

Report: Eagles Getting Offers For Mike Kafka, Seriously

There are NFL teams interested in trading for Eagles third string quarterback, Mike Kafka. Are you kidding me? Jeff McLane of Philly.com reports that NFL sources have told him that the Eagles have received trade proposals for Kafka.

I must admit that I laughed when I heard it. Kafka has done absolutely nothing in the NFL because he hasn’t played. He’s got a questionable arm, but he did pick up the system quickly during training camp last season. He was able to run the offense and he did run the no-huddle attack during practice, but I wonder how a team could be interested in him.

I thought he did a good job in the preseason, but that’s playing against questionable backups. Many times those young guys in the preseason are blowing assignments and making mistakes. It’s hard to get a good feel for a quarterback in those situations.

If a team is offering something for Kafka, simply because he was coached by Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg, that’s a major stretch. How do the Dolphins feel giving the Eagles a second round pick for A.J. Feeley?

If a team wasn’t willing to draft Kafka in the third round last season, why would they be willing to offer at least a third round pick now for the young quarterback.

What would a team be willing to offer for Kafka?

The interested team probably offered a framed and autographed picture of the “Shark in the water”, Eagles outside linebacker, Ernie Sims, getting caught out of position on that screen pass to Green Bay Packers running back, Brandon Jackson, on the play that proved to be the winning score of that game.


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  • They must have offered one hell of a ham sandwich!!

  • quite possibly the Chicago Bears or NY Jets. Jets got a good look at him in the preseason. I would hope a 3rd round pick would be involved. If this falls thru then my point in drafting Jake Locker in the 2nd round sounds even more valid.

  • What’s so surprising about this..
    Remember that this years QB Draft Class is not recognized as a very strong or deep and also take in account with current lockout situation, who know’s how much OTA/Training Camp/Practice a Team will get with a Rookie QB… When you add that the Eagles and Coach AR/MM have a strong reputation for developing QB’s why not if your a team is in need, grab a player who maybe you liked last year but were unable to get and at least has been in a “Good QB System” for a year as a Pro as opposed to a kid out of College who you may not get much time with this summer.. I could see a team like the 49ers/Titans/Bengals offering a 3rd Round pick for Kafka… Didn’t Bengals New OC (James Urban) work with Kafka a lot with the Eagles and probably has a good idea of what he can do and not do…

  • The Eagles are expected to go after a veteran quarterback if they trade Kevin Kolb. That means the Birds don’t even know whether Kafka can play or not. He’s got a weak arm and is a big question mark. There’s no way anybody could be confident about him being a starter and carrying a team this season, that’s why trading for him is an act of desperation.

  • Somewhere in Houston, K Kolbs Agent just yelled “Ooooh —-”
    There goes Kolb’s Trade Value dropping again…

  • Who said he would be a Starter G… Lots of teams even have needs for a back-up QB.. When you have back-up QB’s like K Collins, M Brunnell, P Ramsey, C Penington, Todd Collins, Jordan Palmer still playing and making NFL Rosters,
    why shouldn’t Kafka have a shot too…
    I also thnik that since there will be no trading players by this years Draft in
    2 weeks time, that Kolb will remain an Eagle until at least Summer time and quite possibly for the 2011 Season…

  • I say dont trade Kafka because I think hes better than Kolb he has a better arm Kolb just not good to me at all I dont see what other teams see in Kolb anyway

  • I can understand him having a shot, but it doesn’t make sense to trade for a guy who you have no idea whether he can play or not.

  • It’s a better prospect than going with a complete unknown in the Draft G..
    At least if a guy is on a NFL Roster, you can research him with other players,coaches and get a better feel about his upside than watching College tape of a player playing inferior talent or a college spread offense…
    I bet it’s the Bengals who are interested in him due to the Coch James Urban connection and his experience with Kafka and who feel that Kafka has a better upside than any kid coming out from College

  • Bengals want Kolb I thought? maybe they want to keep that 1st pick and trade for Kafka?

  • Remember Vricchini,
    There is no trading players for Draft picks at this time and probably won’t be by Draft time in 2 weeks..Teams can trade Draft picks for Draft picks to move up,down or out of rounds but players won’t be traded until a new CBA is in place or at least unless something is agreed upon by the Players/Owners which doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon so the Bengals will be keeping that 1st Round pick most likely..

  • This is an easy one- Birds know they have nothing in Kafka and are going to be grabbing a Vet backup this offseason AND drafting a young QB to mold. There is NO room for Kafka on this team. If im the birds id…..

    1) Trade Kolb (but they cant yet so,,,,Id trade our first next year for a first this year and trade Kolb after the CBA for a first next year).

    2) Trade Kafka if they dont think he has it to be our backup.

    3) Sign Tjack as our backup.

    4) Have Chilly work with all of them this off season if a CBA deal is not in place. BTW- this one would have to come from Vick…not the birds.

  • ohhh…. i didnt say my main point……. The birds floated this to try and get something for him. EASY!!!

  • also……. it would make it seem like maybe the birds would be keeping Kolb then….. giving the impression that they dont like the offers for kolb….. meaning they can trade Kafka instead.

    Birds do this to drive up the offers.

  • There are no offers for Kolb yet, there’s no player movment without a “CBA”
    No one is going to talk about Kolb for next years Draft Picks or players in return until after the Draft/Free-Agency are over.. All availalbe players and or interested teams are in the same boat.. Nothing appears will happen as far as player movement wise until Summer time ..

  • Paulman, could you tell us if there is player movement allowed, now that there’s no CBA? Thanks. And tells us again and again please, repeatedly. Thanks

  • paulman is blind. Do you seriously think teams are playing by the rules? How many teams got fined for contacting players? How do we even know the birds were not 1 of those teams? Every team is trying to get better paulman and they will do WHATEVER it takes to do so. Dont be so gullable.

    btw…. there is nothing in there about clubs talking about other players to clubs. So teeams can taalk trade all they want.

    the backdoor deal loophole has not been closed all together. Its simple…. trade your first next year to the bengals for theirs first this year. trade kolb for the pick after. Not that crazy.

  • If we can’t trade Kolb because of the CBA, what makes you think that we can trade Kafka. Same thing with talking.

    I will say its possible though that a trade like this could occur. Look at Charlie Whitehurst last year? Never threw an NFL pass and got traded for a 3rd rounder.

  • Everyone is talking back-room deals and I don’t see that happenning..
    There’s the Draft first and then there will be some type of free-agency before Summer Camp starts . When it does, then possible player trades but not for Draft picks for this upcoming 2011 Drafts in 2 weeks time..

  • agree sort of paulman- a few months ago i said that teams were talking about backroom deals and you said no they wernt talking about that. Goodell inserted the rule because teams WERE talking backroom deals. So your first point was crap.

    Now- it seems that it will be hard to do deals because of Goodells rule BUT… there are still ways…. and….. if the Lockout is lifted… there will be free agency at that very moment. There is no CBA and so its open season. Goodell cant really put in a rule because then it looks like 1 buisness instead of 32…. so… its not over yet.

  • I think the Courts & Judge are going to make both sides continiue to talk until some type of agreement is reached which will then make some type of raganized scheduled “Free-Agency period” as usual, so players,agents and teams can prepare.. It’s not like what many have speculated, that the Judge will rule in players favor making 500 players eligible all of a sudden, there will be some type of schedule/system in place to have a couple of weeks for
    a Free-agency Period to exist..Something organized as usual, the NFL would not allow otherwise.. Probably a June 1st to June 15th period or something like that

  • that could be paulman… good point. It would have to come from the courts. hmm… mixed feelings on this.

  • There is no way NFL teams are trying to trade for Kafka, and there’s no way the Eagles have any interest in trading him. Why would they? Kafka can be a good backup in the future, and unless a Locker or Mallett type drop to really late in the 2nd round… there is absolutely no reason to think any of the other QB’s are a better fit for the Eagles.

  • The only QB I see from this years Draft Class who could be a real good fit for the Eagles system and has the athleticism, mobility and the big arm would be the QB from Nevada, C Kaepernick who will be at least a 2 year project.

  • jcmay, i dont agree… if kafka is not what the birds wanted… they may see someone else they like in this draft. AND…. Kolb will be gone and they will for sure want a vet to back him up.

  • paulman- 2 years would not be a bad thing. I think the birds want 1. Vick 2. a solid vet backup (not kolb). 3. A young guy for the future.

  • Kafka have a better upside than Kolb and a stronger arm. Kafka will be better in this league than Kolb when all is said and done.

  • Not bad at all Stevo,
    I think QB Kaepernick has a bright future if the NFL if he gets on the propoer team with solid coaching and is groomed properly. I think he has the most upside of being a long-term QB in this Draft though I think Gabbert and Newton can turn out good, if again they get into the right situation, which doesn’t appear to be the case if they land in Carolina,Buffalo or Arizona as many project them to .. I think the Eagles can get Kapernick with a late 2nd Round or early 3rd Round Selection if they were able to move up..

  • @paulman

    “There are no offers for Kolb yet, there’s no player movment without a “CBA”
    No one is going to talk about Kolb for next years Draft Picks or players in return until after the Draft/Free-Agency are over.. All availalbe players and or interested teams are in the same boat.. Nothing appears will happen as far as player movement wise until Summer time ..”

    Is your response one of those contrary for the sake of contrary? Really, I’m not being a smart-ass. I just find your above quoted response could have been your “first” response to G when the point of this thread was about trade interest for Kafka.

  • I hear you ColdBrew and could go for one right about now…
    It takes me a little while to warm up sometimes and besides, I think have mentioned similar points about a lack of player movement since the lockout began and even after the off-season anticipating a lockout…

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