• August 15, 2022

NHL Playoff Notes From Wednesday

For the Philadelphia Flyers, there isn’t much news to report. Chris Pronger, Andreas Nodl, and Sergei Bobrovsky will not be in the line-up tonight for game four of the Flyers-Sabres series. I thought I would provide an update in the meantime for some of the interesting developments from Tuesday.

  • The NHL has signed an extension with NBC worth $2 Billion over the next ten years. The details haven’t been released, but the belief is that the new deal includes additional digital ownership for NBC as they figure out how to market the NHL over the internet and mobile devices. Ed Snider and Comcast have to be happy with this deal.
  • The Calder Trophy nominees for rookie of the year have been released, and Sergei Bobrovsky is not among them. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as he hasn’t performed well enough to deserve the nomination (even though he’s had a very good year regardless). The nominees, as expected, are Logan Couture (San Jose Sharks), Jeff Skinner (Carolina Hurricanes), and Michael Grabner (New York Islanders). My vote would be for Michael Grabner, if I was in the PHWA.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks channeled their inner Flyers as they have begun to defy the Vancouver Canucks from sweeping them in round one. The ‘Hawks, with their backs against the wall, shelled the Canucks to the point where the “elite” Roberto Luongo had to be pulled from the game. With a final score of 7-2, the Hawks all of a sudden have the momentum heading into Game Five. I would be shocked if the Canucks didn’t eventually win the series, but it will be good for any team in the Eastern Conference to see the Canucks’ confidence rattled.
  • As of this writing, the Los Angeles Kings-San Jose Sharks Game Three is underway with the Kings up 5-3. Anttii Niemi, the bane of all Flyers fandom, was pulled by the end of the first period, having let up two goals in less than 2 ½ minutes. Former Flyer Antero Niittymaki, making his third postseason debut in relief, let in a fourth (and later fifth) goal before settling down.
  • Chris Kunitz of the Pittsburgh Penguins and former Flyer Steve Downie both received one game suspensions for their antics in Game Three of the Pitt-Tampa Bay series. Kunitz blatantly elbowed former Flyer Simon Gagne in the head and should have received additional games. I delicately explained to a Penguins fan I know that they are, in fact, a very dirty team, but incidents from several years ago with members of the Flyers were brought up in response. It’s amazing how selective memory can be when it comes to Philadelphia.


The Flyers-Sabres Game Four can’t come soon enough.

Josh Janet

Josh Janet was raised in Northern New Jersey, but by an odd set of circumstances, is a Philadelphia sports fan. While recently converted to the Phillies, Josh is a diehard Flyers fan and can be expected to stay on top of the latest NHL news.

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  • Right. Let’s get it on!

  • I’m still picking the Flyers in 6. This (not jinxing by looking ahead) should be a great wake up/warm up series to prepare them for a real challenge the next round.

  • Great game tonight. It’s a shame the fly-boys couldn’t get one past Miller. He played one helluva game tonight. It looked like the Flyers were on the PP the last 10 minutes of the game (with the same results……..). I’m still not happy with the outcome, but I’m not disappointed with their effort.

  • It appears on the PP, too many players out on the wings instead of getting in front of the Goalie.. If you can’t convert a decent % on your Power plays, it’s very difficult to go deep into the playoffs.. You have to take advantage of these opportunities…

  • Another thing,
    How do the Flyers let A Asham walk (who has 3 goals for the Pens in the Playoffs) and keep players with limited skils like Carcillo,Betts,Nodl… It amazes me.. Asham can skate, shoot and pass…

  • I think it comes down to money…i have no idea what the salaries are, but i would assume that you can have Carcillo, Betts, and Nodl for Asham. I think Asham was around 2.5-3 mill/season. But I do agree that we miss Asham’s grittiness down low.

  • I think the Pens signed Asham for less than what the Flyers currently play Garcillo are pretty close to it..

  • if that’s the case…then i don’t get it. Maybe something behind the scenes? But Asham definitely brings more to the table than Carcillo.

  • blech…i just found out their salaries. you can check the Flyers salaries here:

    Basically this is what i found, with a few notables

    Asham currently makes $700k

    Zherdev=$2 mill
    Shelley=$1.1 mill
    Carcillo=$1.075 mill
    A. Nodl=$735k

  • Thnx Casper,
    I would take Asham over that entire list..
    The Flyers are in a big hole now down 3-0 after 1st Period at home..
    Now with both Carter & Pronger listed as out for remainder of the Series, I think the Flyers Spirit is broken, Whoever wins Game 5 will most likley win the Series

  • Flyers are back in this game!!! Score 2-3 let’s go guys!!!

  • Tie game! 3-3

  • Overtime, hope the flyers win but if they don’t still wat a comeback

  • What a game, but these announcers on Versus suck though…

  • They lose 4-3, sabers are a scrappy team, they skate well and play very controlled. The flyers can’t score on the power play, 2 for 26 on the powerplay this series that’s AWFUL. They r missing two key guys pronger and carter. Were not getting those guys back for this series so this is possibly a good thing down the road if they can win this series

    Keep brian boucher out of goal! He fell apart tonight, they’ll probably go back to him tho they shouldnt

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