• May 27, 2022

Here Are The Eagles Top Three Draft Options

The Eagles aren’t going to take an offensive lineman in the first round of this year’s draft. They need an offensive guard, but they would get one later in the draft because they don’t think an offensive guard has the value to draft in the first round unless they’re spectacular.

Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman has said over and over during numerous appearances on local radio or television that this draft is deep on the offensive line.

They’re going to draft somebody who can play the right guard position, but it will be in the third or fourth round, plus they’re going to give last year’s center, Mike McGlynn, a chance to start at that position.

They’re in desperate need of help at their right cornerback position, so Colorado’s Jimmy Smith is a leading candidate to be their choice. The top two cornerbacks in this year’s draft Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara will be gone when the 23rd pick comes up.

Even though they have said that they like this Smith, they could be blowing smoke. We won’t know until they’re on the clock with Smith still on the board. I think they will take him, if he’s there.

The other option for the Eagles will be drafting a defensive end. This draft is deep in defensive ends and Roseman has stated that fact numerous times. Although they drafted three defensive ends in last year’s draft, they still don’t have a consistent pass rush.

Last year’s first round pick Brandon Graham is unproven and coming back off of knee surgery. so they can’t depend on him this year. Third round choice Daniel Te’o Nesheim may be a bust. He was terribly over-matched last year and didn’t look like an NFL football player. Fifth round pick Ricky Sapp was on Injured Reserved a year ago and also hasn’t proven he can play.

All of that means the Eagles still need help at defensive end, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they draft a defensive end, so let’s take a quick look at what’s there.

Da’Quan Bowers of Clemson was expected to be the top defensive end in this draft, but now his stock is dropping and he’ll likely be there when the Eagles draft. Teams have been turned off by problems with Bowers knee and a poor workout at his Pro Day. He still has amazing potential, but it all depends on how the Eagles rate him. They might see him as a steal at 23, but I think they will pass on him.

It’s a definite that Robert Quinn of North Carolina will be gone. He is the number one rated defensive end on the board now.

J.J. Watt of Wisconsin is a big monster of a defensive end who can play, but I think he fits better with a 3/4 team and likely won’t be around at 23. Cameron Jordan of California and Cameron Heyward of Ohio State are big defensive end who are also 3/4 type defensive ends. They’re not the speedy, pass rush guys which the Eagles like, so I don’t think the Eagles will be interested in them.

Aldon Smith of Missouri and Ryan Kerrigan of Purdue are guys, who have tremendous size and speed. Their upsides are out of this world because of their pass rushing ability. I think the Eagles will draft either one of them if they’re still on the board, but neither is likely be around at 23.

The next guy in line is Adrian Clayburn of Iowa, who may be there when the Eagles pick. I think he could play in a 3/4 or in a 4/3 and he’s a tremendous pass rusher. Clayburn is bigger than most of the defensive ends, 6’3″ 280 pounds, which the Eagles have selected in the past. I personally like him, but the Eagles may think he’s too big.

I think he will be the Eagles choice if Jimmy Smith isn’t there.

The other option the Eagles will have is trading down. Roseman said the Birds have been getting plenty of calls by teams, which have quarterback needs, who are interested in trading their second round pick with the Eagles in order to get that 23rd pick in the first round. These teams like the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Bengals, and Minnesota Vikings are all in need of quarterback help, but they don’t believe the quarterbacks they’ll get a shot at are worthy of being drafted at the top of the first round.

We all know Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be gone after the fifth pick in the draft. The previously mentioned QB-needy teams don’t have Jake Locker, Andy Dalton, Ryan Mallett, Colin Kaepernick and the other quarterback prospects rated high enough on their draft boards to take them before the end of the first round. So that’s where the Eagles 23rd pick comes in.

The Eagles won’t choose option until the last minute. These quarterback needy-teams will be on the phone with the Birds, if the quarterback prospect, which they like is still on the board when the Eagles are on the clock.

Bottomline as I see it, the Eagles’ first option will be drafting cornerback Jimmy Smith, the second option will be drafting defensive end Adrian Clayburn and the third option will be trading down to the top of the second round and getting additional picks.


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  • Good Stuff G

    Paulman’s 3 Options for the Eagles

    #1) Trade up with the Cardinals or Browns if CB Petersen is still on the Board.. It will be costly and the Eagles will have to give up a 1st (#23), 3rd (#86) and 5th (#147 or #151) to make it happen
    ( I think the Browns could be the trading partner for obvisous reasons, the known relationships invovled and the fact that they could use as many picks in this draft to help rebuild their team)

    #2) Stay at #23 and Select one of their 2 targeted players CB J SmMith or DT M Wilkerson, If both are gone which is a strong possibility, then they go to option #3

    #3) Trade down and with a team who is looking ot move up to grab one of the 2nd Tier QB’s like Locker,Ponder,Dalton,Mallet. Teams interested would be the BIlls,Bengals,Titans,Cardinals,Titans,VIkings) and the Eagles can get an additional 2nd Round Pick and maybe a future 3rd Round pick in 2012

    I think the overall goal of the Eagles,in a best case scenario, is to utilize these 10-11 Draft picks they have and package some to trade up ,down and end up with about 7-8 overall picks in 2011 Draft with 4-5 of them in Rounds 2,3,4 where the best value is.. I don’t see a scenario like last year where they are drafting 11-12 players for they really only have about 5-6 Rosters spots to fill and I still think they will add 2-3 players in Free-Agency whenever it occurs.. I also think they would like to stockpile a pick or 2 for the 2012 Draft. The value in this Draft is Selections #30 thru about #130

  • if the eagles stay where they are expect them to draft muhammad wilkerson or cameron heyward.

  • Will the owners swallow or spit? Are they going to swallow the pill Judge Nelson prescribed, begin normal operations ( have the ability to trade current players under contract). Or spit in the Judges face and not follow the ruling by the court. What side do you think I fall on wanting to get a high pick for Kolb.

  • G:
    Thanks for the thoughtful analysis. But I’m stuck “but the Eagles may think he’s too big.” For a DE? Really? THIS is why the Birds have a problem at DE. I know it’s not your comment that’s the problem, it’s the mindset of the Eagles, that has permeated our mindsets into giving up on banging our heads against the stubborn Big Red Wall. Carl Hairston, Greg Brown, Clyde Simmons, Harrison, William Fuller, Reggie…so what’s wrong with big DE’s? Speed has not been enough for this team over the passed 5 years. Give me a load at DE for a change, some one who will command a tackle and RB chip block on the run, and a double team on the pass. Is that too much to ask? NO. I refuse to allow the Eagles to change my thinking on players. Size matters, G.

  • Get a starter on D. Either will be an upgrade to the position.

    Wash will coach up any rook. And any corner who comes in here shouLD do well if hes a press guy.

  • I DO NOT want Clayborn… he isnt the rusher they need…

    if they trade up:
    DE Aldon Smith
    DE Ryan Kerrigan
    DE J.J. Watt
    DT Corey Liuget
    DT Nick Fairley

    If they stay at #23:
    CB Jimmy Smith
    DT Muhammad Wilkerson
    trade out of round #1

    Personally, if they can deal #23 & later picks to move up for DE Aldon Smith, thats the move to make… he is what they lack…a rocket off the edge to compliment Cole…

    if they stay at #23, take Jimmy Smith.

  • I saw Mel Kiper has Muhammad Wilkerson the #10 rated player on his latest draft board… the #3 rated DT after Dareus and Fairley

  • mel kiper is an ass-clown…lol

    but jphalines brings up a point I’ve been trying to figure out. The lockout is supposedly lifted, but will anything happen as far as player trades? I know the owners don’t agree with the decision, but if they don’t conduct “business as usual,” don’t they possibly enter into contempt of court area? Too much legal crap for me…

  • Eagles should talk to Cincinnati since Palmer wants out.

    Swap our 1st and Kolb for their pick and maybe a late pick.

    I think we also kick Seattles tires and try to move back into the first and offer Kolb to them.

    Regardless we move up and grab Peterson and maybe Heyward.

  • here’s a bit more from espn on this lockout mess.


  • There will be no players invovled in any transactions Atra-man (Ultra-Man’s consin). Trades this draft will be for picks only in the draft.

    back to Kiper, Don’t particularly care for him, but he is more right than wrong,
    Waht makes DT Wilkerson so valuable is that he can play DT & DE in almost any scheme..Teams (Pats/Giants) lover this type of versatility where you can move players up and down the line of scrimmage..

  • casper, atra – the media has made it pretty darn clear that Kolb is not going to be traded before or during the draft. The owners/front offices REALLY don’t want to do transactions becuase they involve player contracts and all the labor issues they want worked out before business is done…

    For any team inteterested in Kolb, they are FIRST interested in the CBA getting ironed out. So that priority trumps their want for kolb.

  • Paulman, do you really think #23, #86, and #147 are going to be enough to move into the top 5? I dont. They will not move up that high anyway, because they wont want to add to much salary. They should really be thinking about trying to get a second 1st round pick for next year to move up, with the hope that there is salary caps on rookie wages.

  • I know noone is predicting this, but we will go Offensive line with our first round pick or if not, then in the 2nd round. One will be a guard, and if not a guard, it will be a Tackle who we put in at guard. I obviously hope we trade up and get peterson. Also Paulman, if we trade back to the 2nd round, we get a 2nd this year and a 1st next year, not at 3rd next year as you suggested. Do your hw.

  • No one ever knows whats gonna happen and partially is because the raiders pick before us so they will throw everything off

  • No Stop.
    I erred in my compnesation package, Eagles would need to improve their offer
    to at least 1st/2nd & a 4th so it would be (#23,#55 & #104)
    or maybe a 1st/3rd this year and the Eagles 1st in 2012
    The logic I think that the Eagles could be using is if they are hell-bent in upgrading the CB Position for a serious super Bowl Run,then the cost to move up for a Petersen type is probably worth it as opposed to pursuing a CB like Asmogoah,will be 30 years old where Peterson is only 22-23 years old and even though signing him to a big contract, at least he has the potential to play for you for the next 8-10 years if he stays healthy..
    I could also see Eagles trading out of the #23 spot and try to obtain at
    1st Round in return for 2012 and then eventually trade Kolb for a 1st Rounder in 2012 and then the Eagles would have 3 1st Round saelections in 2012 with mostly likley a Rooker Wage Scale in effect… I could seem them doing this very easily and maybe go out and sign some short-term free-agents to fill in the gaps for the 2011 Season and then have the guns loaded for the 2012 offseason, this approach would also free up some big $$$ for 2011 which in turn could be used to sign long-term deals with Vick/D-JAx/McCoy

  • I think a 1st a 3rd and next years 1st would be worth it for peterson, because we can just recoup the 1st next year for Kolb. But will Peterson be as effective as Nnamdi this year or next??

  • Just read something more on ESPN that if the 8th district court of appeals does not grant them their stay, that the NFL will open under last year’s rules as of 8am Friday morning.


  • Could a back door deal be made tonight for a possible trade after tomorrow??

    According to NFL Labor : With respect to player transactions (such as signings, trades of player contracts, terminations, tryouts, etc.), we plan to distribute to all clubs, likely tomorrow, a comprehensive set of procedures governing such transactions. This will include the timing for the commencement of the 2011 League Year, free agent signings and other customary player transactions.

  • Even a stud player like Petersen is going to need a year or so of experience and learning what it takes to be a Pro Players on every play.. A double bonus is that he could be utulized a little in the return game too where he is awesome, but similar to D-Jax, do you want one of yuor Star players to get injured returning kicks.. probably not..

  • To Jone,
    The procedures will go out to all clubs on Friday April 29th.,
    Most likely, this procedures will go into effect Monday May 9th
    which gives the clubs,Front Office Personnel a week to gather themselves after preparing for the Draft and then refocus on Player Transactions,Trades,Free-Agency,Contracts,etc,etc

  • Trade a 1st and 2nd both from 2012 to move into top 10 to select peterson. Take and OL at 23. And then trade Kolb and get back your picks next year. Also sign Nnamdi.

  • Why are we getting so pumped, you know the Eagles will do something dumb…

  • We all knew Teo’ was a bust 3 minutes after they drafted him…too small, too slow….High Motor though !!!!!

  • muimuiman, why would a team with a top 10 pick this year (meaning that they sucked last year and are desparate to improve), accept only collateral that will benefit them (at best) next year? That’s silly, no team would take that trade. And the ONLY way the eagles could move up AT ALL in the draft (even to 22) is to trade #23 along with whatever else.

  • I would like to see the Eagles trade down and out of #23 for an additonal
    2nd Rounder and 3rd Rounder for this the 2011 Draft
    Then trade both their 5th Rounders for a single 4th rounder and then they would end up for 2 -2nd Rounders, 2 – 3rd Rounders and 3- 4th Rounders

    They would end up with 7 Selections in the 1st 4 Rounds which would be in the range of #40 thru #120 Overall Selections with these moves and would land some very good players in rounds 2,3,4 and would still of course have those 3 7th Round selections to maybe select a Kicker,Punter

  • Has anyone mentioned sleeper Marvin Austin??? He was a monster in carolina… what if the birds get a corner in the 1st and marvin austin in the 2nd-3rd? Id take that…

  • Schill,

    Lots of teams don’t want to pony up the kind of money that they’d have to pay a top 10 pick. It could def happen.

  • It’s amazing the talent that was on the U of North Carolina’s Team..
    I count about 10 Players being drafted and having a pretty good chance of playing in the NFL (even though some of them were suspended in the Agent Scandal)

    #1) DE Robbert Quinn
    #2) DT Marvin Ausitn
    #3) ILB Quan Sturtivant
    #4) OLB Bruce Carter
    #5) S Duenta Williams
    #6) CB Kendric Burney
    #7) WR Greg Little
    #8) TE Zach Pianalto
    #9) RB Johnny White
    #10) QB TJ Yates

    Wonder what the record is …

  • The Eagles cant draft a DE in the 1st round, By doing that their saying they made a mistake with last years 1st n 3rd round picks, injury or no injury Graham didnt play anywhere near a top 15 pick, people keep coming on here with info stating DEs taken in the 1st round hardley ever workout, if thats the case why is everybody on here suggesting what DE we should take in the 1st round? People wakeup, The Eagles have to take a stud Cornerback or OLinemen with the 1st pick

  • Andrew, you made sense up to when you said they need to take a stud olinemn in the 1st round… I wanna hear your reasoning… we were tied for 14th over in pass defense… I say that’s more of a pressing need CB

  • Andrew you are correct. The Eagles spent alot to get Graham, and also drafted 3 other DE’s and got Darryl Tapp. By drafting a DE, they’d be saying that was a waste. Its way too early to bail on it. That said, if they think there is a stud there, Id go for it. But, I think the most pressing need is RG, and they need to address this. I’ve been saying for weeks now that they will go OL. CB can be addressed via FAgency.

  • Eagles will draft a DE and it will be Cameron Heyward from THE Ohio State University. Just my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  • i was pretty much hell bent pouncey , but likes like he will long gone. i am pretty much open to the best football player at that pick . the birds usually do not do as expected . maybe this year linebacker!

  • J Hart, A couple years ago the Eagles went out and got a stud lineman named Jason Peters, and why did they do that? they did it cause they needed a stud to protect Mc Nabbs blindside, With Vick you have a lefthanded QB which means his blindside is on the right, By picking up Peters the Eagles knew it was very important to protect the blindside and an average tackle (winston justice) wont do, You need a stud to protect Vicks blindside and thats why i said Cornerback or OLineman, their are actually a couple tackles in this draft that can come in and start right away and be a big upgrade over what we have especially with Mudd coaching them.

  • This is only my opinion, not fact….but if you see the Cardinals take a corner (P-squared specifically) — prepare to see a trade this weekend between the Cards and Eagles. Rodgers Cromartie for Kolb/Future draft pick — just what I’m thinking. Only if the Cards take a DB at #5 tho.

  • BirdoBeamen, I’ve been saying it since the lockout began, If you see a team with a major need at a certain position and they pick up someone they have no need for thats the team the Eagles made a trade with, Since everything goes back to normal tomorrow as far as free agents and trades expect to see alot of that tonite.

  • @andrew p — yep.

  • Andrew, there are less top notch corners (only 3) the birds have already stated that the oline class is deep… and andy could pick one with his eyes closed… they gotta go for 1 of the top corners

  • J Hart, I agree 100%, The Eagles should take a corner withn the first pick, All i was trying to say was, Dont pick a DE with the first pick, If not corner than a Olineman,

  • But I don’t see why we should take a olineman in this draft early at all,,, we have need at LB SS DT and DE bc b graham is rehabbing a series injury… its not like the birds to pick a position first back to back yrs… I would like for them to take a LB early in like round 2-3 and a DT

  • To Brido,
    I top 2 QB’s are picked by Panthers/Bills or Panthers and the Bengals..
    The Cards will almost have to take CB Petersen.. I think the CArdinals are lokking to trade back to acquire more picks regardless..
    Also if Panthers select QB C Newton, then Broncos will select DT M Dareus
    IF PAnthers Pick DT M dareus, then Broncos will most likely trade back or down for someone who wants QB Newton..
    Paulmans Top 6 Picks

    #1) Panthers – DT M Dareus
    #2) Broncos trade to VIkings, Vikinkgs select QB C Newton
    #3) Bills – OLB V Miller
    #4) Bengals – WR AJ GReen
    #5) Cardinals trade to Redskins – Redskins select QB B Gabbert
    #6) Browns trade to EAGLES – EAGLES select CB P Petersen

    The Rest they say is History…

  • Per my Sources,
    The Panthers, Cardinals, Browns are all trying desperately to trade out of their
    slots to avoid paying a huge Contract to an unproven player and more importantly, since all these teams have so many needs, they would rather get additional picks in the draft…

  • Panthers are taking newton, there won’t be a trade there…

  • Panthers have no 2nd Round PIck and need help everywhere but OL & RB on their team. Thought they got rid of HC J Fox , they still have GM Hurley who is the same man who drafted QB J Claussen last Draft so I don’t see him admittming a mistake so soon and now Drafting a High risk player like Newton
    Their new Coach RIvera is a Defensive guy and they have to address that DL which is probably one of the weakest in the NFL

  • Paulman, did you order your Cam Newton jersey yet?

  • Paulman I called it, maybe I should of did a mock… hey they need butts in the seats and cams gonna bring them

  • That really wrecked your board Paulman

  • Okay the birda will be trading with arizona!! They’re taking peterson

  • I hope…

  • Well people Arizona needed a QB and took Peterson, If the Eagles dont take a cornerback Peterson will be an Eagle tomorrow !

  • nick fairly is slipping!!!

  • J Hart, What did i say about an OLineman if not a Cornerback? This only proves Peterson will be an Eagle tomorrow ! Love It !!

  • Andrew, this was the 2nd time in 12yrs that they took a olineman with a 1st round pick… I thought they might pull smthin like this… they have a trade in the works

  • nice call G.

  • @J Hart — I know it! I can feel it….something big is going to go down tomorrow

  • Nothing big or player transactions are going down tommorrow fellas
    The NFL will be passing out down to the clubs tommorrow the datelines/processes on the NFL CAlender moving forward which will include team workouts, OTA, Contract negoitiations and Free Agency and Trades.
    They are handing out the information tommorrow, but these things won;t be in effect for about a 1 week to 10 days.. Current players can workout but the player movement and transactions things will be at least a week away..

  • Andy said openly that he remembers the teams that shone interests in kevin anf that we ll see what happens down the line, WOW, When has andy in the last 12yrs been that open? Something is brewing

  • J Hart, They do have a trade in the works, as a matter of fact its already done! dont listen to Paulman, Kolb is going to Arizona and Peterson is coming here, Its more then obvious, Arizona needed a QB more than everybody and took a cornerback, Shouldnt be to hard to figure out, like i said earlier, watch the team that picks a player thats not their biggest need but needs a QB and thats the team the Eagles made a deal with, Stud Cornerback and O Lineman, Love it !!

  • Andrew, but will they trade peterson or proven cb cromartie? That’s the question

  • It all depends on Arizona’s 2nd rd pick today. If they go QB then there is no trade in works. I don’t think the Eagles woulda drafted Watkins for Arizona. They would have wanted some one else. Gabe Carimi, Cam Jordan, Akeem Ayers will all still on the Board. These guys fit what Arizona does better than Watkins.

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