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Birds Finish Draft With UConn LB, Greg Lloyd, & USC FB Stanley Havili

The Eagles wrapped up the seventh round of this year’s NFL Draft by selecting UConn inside linebacker Gregg Lloyd and USC fullback Stanley Havili. Lloyd is a tremendous athlete who is coming off a knee injury.

Lloyd is a serious head hunter, who hits with authority. He was expected to be a top draft pick but suffered a knee injury. He’s battled back to health and put on a show at the East-West All-Star game.

Lloyd stands 6’1″ and weighs 246 pounds. He ran a 4.8 forty-yard dash but supposedly plays faster than his forty time. The young man whose Dad was an All-Pro for the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the 1990’s, was second on the Huskies defense in tackles in the 2009 season.

He’ll come in and battle for a job with the teams other middle linebackers, plus Lloyd will be given the chance to contribute on the Eagles special teams.

Havili was the Eagles final pick in this draft and he’s a talented blocker and receiver out of the backfield.

Havili is small for a fullback. He stands 6′ and he weighs 227 pounds. He’s got decent speed, running a 4.7 in the forty-yard dash, but it’s his running skills and pass receiving skills which stand out for a fullback.

This young man will turn heads when he gets his hands on the football, which would do much of what injured Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver did for the Birds before he got injured a year ago.


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April 30, 2011 8:30 pm

BGN analysis on Havali:
the knock on Havili is that he’s neither a good, nor willing blocker, and has been criticized for lack of effort at times.

Gcobb analysis on Havali:
Havili was the Eagles final pick in this draft and he’s a talented blocker


April 30, 2011 8:34 pm

G, what are your thoughts on us not taking any d-lineman? I think it was you and Paulman who were preojecting us to take a DE in with our 1st pick.

J Hart
J Hart
April 30, 2011 8:49 pm

Actually mel kiper and todd mcshay like havaili, they said philly will love him… I’m not mad at any of the picks.. they were all solids… I even understand why they reached alil for jarrett… it was a well calculated anf executed draft by the birds, they made a point to draft players that can either start right away or can will put up a battle for a spot… they got some guys this yr that like to hit… that’s gonna bring some attitude to this young team… they don’t have a identity fully but these last few days are steps towards that… we still have free agency…

April 30, 2011 9:00 pm

for the record ESPN analysis says hes an awful blocker too. Lets just hope Weaver is good to go.

Overall a nice draft by the birds. Just hope we can sign a nice CB and DL in FA.

April 30, 2011 9:32 pm

I am surprised and disappointed to be honet with you..
When every Draft geek out there says this is the Deepest Draft Class along the DL position in years and the Eagles don’t Select any at all, I think it’s troubling.. I know everyone is high on DL Coach Washburn, but you still need talent to make any scheme work.. J Parker is 33 Years old and this will be his final Season and if the Eagles did draft 1 or 2 DE, Parker would struggle to
make the Roster. T Cole is still the Best Eagles DE but his not the same player he was 2 years and is on the downside of his career.. He probably has 2 good full time Seasons left and then will become a rotational part time pass rusher which I think he should be now.. Darryl Tapp appears to be a part time player at best and B Graham is coming off a major knee injury and surgery an has to re-hab on his own with the lockout, I am not expecting him to even be on the active roster come the start of the Season and he will most likley end up on the PUP list and be eligible after week #5 (which is the smart move to make) and then have hime heathly for the 2nd half of the Season but anyway you look at it, it will really be 2012 before we can expect a full season at 100% from Graham.. Then you get to the wildcard players of Canadien Player the Eagles signed Phil Hunt, and Teo Neishsham and a returning R Sapp & Abriami from injuries and rehab.. I think this Eagles DE position is one of the weakest in the entire NFL (besides the Carolina Panthers), Who scares you from the Edge, who do you have to scheme and double team for.. maybe Cole on occasion.. The DT position in deep and strong with 4 veteran NFL Players in Patterson,Bunkley,Dixon and Laws so there are no real issues with them and hopefully they will become more agressive and attack the pocket under Washburn schemes and tecniques but the Eagles DE’s are still a sore spot with me and a weak postion on the team.
The positve is that maybe by not drafting any DE, they will concentrate on Free-agency with players out there like Ray Edwards, Charles Johnson, Cullen Jenkins, but I thought they needed to add at least 1 in the 1st 3 Rounds..
With all these teams trading back this year, I thought the Eagles could have package each 4th and 5th Rounder to 1 team for their 3rd Round and got another Top 100 Pick.. Instead the Eagles got more late picks out of a pretty weak class instead of using the picks to move up and end up with fewer overall selections, but better in quality..

Look at NFC Teams like the TB Bucs DL with Clayborn and Bowers, and McCoy & Price from last years Draft.
The Lions with N Fairely to go along with N Suh,Van Boshman
The Redskins now with Kerrigan to go along w/Orapko & Haynesworth..
The Giants add M Austin to go with Tuck,Osimyuri,Canty & Joseph
The Saints add C Jordan with W Smith, S Ellis and S Rogers
The Rams add R Quinn with C Long,C Robbins,

The Point is the rest of the NFC got better this Draft Weekend
(Bucs,Saints,Lions,Packers,Giants,49ers, & Cardinals all had nice drafts)

I give the Eagles an overall grade of a C + and probably got 2-3 Starters out of this group (RG -Watkins, SS -Jarret and probably the Kicker-Henerey)
One telling selection is this and yes the Eagles did select the best overall Kicker in this Draft in Alex Henerey with pick # 120 in the 4th Round
(which is about 1/2 way thru the draft of a 254 Total Selections)
Guess how many other Kickers were chosen in the entire Draft.. that’s right ZERO, None,Zippo,Nada.. Does anyone really think that any team was selecting a Kicker before the 6th Round..Why pick one 1/2 way thru and with the #120 Overall pick of the Draft, this is was just stupid and a lost opportunity and I have seen too much of this with the Drafts in recent years..

I expect CB Marsh, LB Matthews, G Vandervelde & RB Lewis to all make the Roster and be contriburots as back-up and Special teams and maybe get on the field in certain packages.
The final 4 Selections are simply camp bodies and probably have little shot at making the Final Roster..

I thought the first 3 Rounds went ok, but was satisfied that they filled some needs along the OL,S,CB positions with quality player, not great, but good solid players, but todays picks were lacking and reaches for the most part, The best one was the Guard Vandervelde from Iowa who will probably have a longer NFL Career than any other players selected Saturday (outside the Kicker)

April 30, 2011 9:50 pm

If Eagles sign a Proven CB and DE, then I will feel this Offseason and Draft were a success
Heres a list of Eagles players that will not be back in 2011 from last years Squad
Defensively — Mikell, Hobbs,Sims, Gaither, Jordan, Abiamri though he was never active and Teo/Sapp will have to fight it out for a roster spot
Offensively — N Cole, R Wells, MJG, L Weaver, E Buckley,
Special Teams — D Akers

Thats about 13 players and I am sure I may have missed a couple who played at the tail end of last season versus the Cowboys when guys where banged up and were rested that final game vs Cowboys (CB Hughes, FS Walls, DT J Owens)
Remember there were some playters signed right after the Season like
WR Moss, LB Ghentry, DE Hunt, TE Nalbone OL Shipley, OL Topou and a couple others that you can add to the 10-11 Draft Selections as far as competing for roster spots along with Free-agents the Eagles bring in..

May 1, 2011 3:53 am

True Paulman. That’s why we can’t judge the draft in a poor way. Remember there was no free agency. The FO had a plan and I think they executed it well. If they sign a cb like nnamdi and a decent DE, this draft would be amazing. They drafted a lot of complimentary players, 2 or 3 guys that could be instant starters and very good players, and a few guys that are developmental. Now they just need to get their Free agents.

May 1, 2011 6:52 am

The Falcons drafted Kicker Matt Kosher in the 6th round 27th pick.

As I posted yesterday before the draft started, the Eagles would take more offensive linemen. It is Ironic that a guy who does not run the ball spends 2 draft picks on RBs when he has a RB in his prime right now???

Schiller – that is why I call him Crystal Ball Andy – he sees something us regular uneducated fans don’t. Nither of the backs are fast. You almost never use the fullback. Is McCoy hurt?? Did’nt his back up come in and run for 100 yards?? 2 draft picks on RBs?? And you don’t run the ball. You could have drafted a DE with one of those picks. As much as it hurt to watch them spend a 4th round pick on a kicker, after reading about him, if he is as good as advertised he will be worth it. Too many games are lost by missed FGs especially last years playoff lost.

It’s not over. Once the NFL gets back to business, then trades and FA signings might reveal a smarter plan concerning the DL. Unless McCoy is hurt, 2 RBs was 1 too many for a team that does not run the football.

Trent Cole is overrated and dissappears in big games. No push Patterson and Bunkley have under performed for Number 1 draft picks. The Eagles entire defensive line is average. The Eagles coaching staff must have looked at film and concluded that the talent is there and that the Eagles had horrible coaches and an outdated scheme.

Love the drafting of a big cornerback with speed. I believe Lindley is going to be good and should have played more last year. As I posted several times last year I always liked Coleman better at Safety. Got sick of watching Quentin Mickel get steam rolled. All’s Andy did was gush over how hard the Temple safety hits. Appartently he got sick of watching the Mr. Softy Safetys.

Told you last year the Lions are getting better. They are going to be the team that comes out of nowhere to win a playoff spot. Their 3rd string QB was passing for 250 -300 yards a game, which goes back to good coaching and getting depth. Now their defense just got a whole lot better.

As usual, injuries can change a team in a heartbeat. but…

There is no longer a cake walk NFC.

May 1, 2011 8:41 am

Paulman,like i said, they constantly draft players too high, most had jarret as a 3rd/4th, Henery isnt even a necessity, and all these aggressive guys who love to hit has me worried with the no big hit enforcement the nfl has recently implemented, is it worth drafting “big hitters” anymore, Al Golden stated Jarrett wasn’t really utilized in pass coverage, which doesn’t bode well for this guy, roy williams had the same mo.

May 1, 2011 10:10 am

Teams on the Rise In the NFC with excellent Drafts

#1) TB Bucs – The youngest and one of the most talented teams in the NFL at the Skills position.. Their DL with Clayborn,Bowers,McCoy & Price could be awesome for years to come.
#2) NY Giants — Added 2 Pro-Bowl Talents in CB Prince and DT Austin
#3) Detroit Lions — Added DT N Fairley to pair w/N Suh, Then Speed at WR in T Titus Young and a big bruising RB M Leshoure for the tough yards..
#4) Arizonas Cardinals — (only if QB is addressed thru Free-agency/Trade)
Added CB/S Petersen, RB R Williams, TE Housler and DE/OLB Acho,ILB Q Sturdivant with their 1st 5 picks which should all have a good chance to play,start & contribute
#5) Resdkins — Added DE R Kerrigan, DT J Jenkins to the DL, adeed big target WR L Hankerson & N Pau — Remember they signed FS Otegwe before the lockout to go along with FS L LAndry to give them a strong back end of the Defense.. They are also going to go hard after CB Asmogoah and if Dan Snyder throws a ton of $$ at him it may be difficult for him to refuse , their Defense will be back to a top 5 Defense in a hurry..

May 1, 2011 12:04 pm

the Eagles were not aggressive andshould have been….they had a chance to move around and get top defensive talent, but did not.

they will always be that team to is competitive but never the best.

J Hart
J Hart
May 1, 2011 1:43 pm

Paulman is funny bc he does a lot of research on what the other analysts say then post it on gcobb.com as if its from him brain… F outta here man try to be original with your thoughts and taking what adam caplan and others say anf then post it on this site. At least say according to so and so… nothing against you pman just something I observed

Remember what you all “thought” of nate allen last yr, “oh the pick was bad he was picked to early” yada yada yada… all there picks were good ones

May 1, 2011 3:02 pm

Nate Allen was selected around the spot most thought he should be. Him and Taylor Mays were 2nd tier safeties projected to go early in round two.

May 1, 2011 4:11 pm

peli, can you please explain how henri was not a necessity?!