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Grading The NFC East In The 2011 Draft

I’m going to give 2011 draft grades to the four teams in the NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. Understand that draft grades just a few days after the draft are for entertainment purposes only because nobody knows how these players are going to pan out. Sometimes the fifth round picks winds up being much better than your first round pick. There have been times when a free agent is better than all the other picks in your draft. The only thing you can see from the picks that these teams have made is which teams have addressed their needs and which teams haven’t.

Here are their picks and my grades.

Philadelphia Eagles

1st: Danny Watkins (OG) Baylor

2nd: Jaiquawn Jarrett (S) Temple

3rd: Curtis Marsh (CB) Utah State

4th: Casey Matthews (LB) Oregon

4th: Alex Henery (K/P) Nebraska

5th: Julian Vandervelde (G) Iowa

6th : Jason Kelce (C) Cincinnati

6th: Brian Rolle (LB) Ohio State

7th: Greg Lloyd (LB) UConn

7th: Stanley Havili (FB) USC

The Eagles addressed a severe need on the offensive line by drafting Baylor guard Danny Watkins, who was the best guard in the draft. I don’t think the value is high because you shouldn’t need to use a first round pick on a guard. Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett can hit well enough to start in the NFL but I don’t know if he can deal with the NFL passing game.

In the 3rd round, Utah State’s Curtis Marsh has the raw skills to eventually be a quality NFL cornerback, but he won’t be ready to do it this year because it will be only his third year at the position. Casey Matthews improves the team’s depth at linebacker position, but I don’t know if he’s a starter. Nebraska kicker Alex Henery, who will be the replacement for David Akers, has a big leg but there’s no telling that he’ll be able to make the big kicks with the game on the line.

I will give the Eagles and B- on their draft. They picked one definite starter, Watkins, with Pro Bowl potential, three contributors, Jarrett, Marsh and Matthews, along with a kicker.

New York Giants

1st: Prince Amukamara (CB) Nebraska

2nd: Marvin Austin (DT) UNC

3rd: Jerrel Jernigan (WR) Troy

4th: James Brewer (OT) Indiana

6th: Greg Jones (ILB) Mich St

6th: Tyler Sash (S) Iowa

6th: Jacquian Williams (LB) S. Florida

7th: Da’Rel Scott (RB) Maryland

The Giants went into the draft with severe needs on their offensive line at the tackle position. They were expected to take a tackle in the first round, but they couldn’t turn down cornerback Prince Amukamara. He’ll be able to come in and start right away.

In the second round, they had another impact player fall to them and I’m talking about defensive tackle Marvin Austin, who has Pro Bowl potential. He didn’t play last year because of a suspension, but he could make their defensive line totally unstoppable.

The Giants have great size in their receiver corps, so they add a little, quick and speedy wideout, Troy’s Jerrel Jernigan, to the group. They’ll try to get him out in the open field and allow him to make plays. In the fourth round, they got their tackle in Indiana’s James Brewer, but it’s going to take some time before they put him on the field.

I will give them a B+ for this draft. Two starters and potential Pro Bowlers, Amukamara and Austin, plus a contributor in Jernigan.

Dallas Cowboys

1st: Tyron Smith (OT) USC

2nd: Bruce Carter (OLB) North Carolina

3rd: Demarco Murray (RB) Oklahoma

4th: David Arkin (OG) SW Missouri State

5th: Joshua Thomas (CB) Buffalo

6th: Dwayne Harris (WR) East Carolina

7th: Shaun Chapas (FB) Georgia

7th: Bill Nagy (C) Wisconsin

I thought the Dallas Cowboys did a good job of addressing a severe need at the offensive tackle position with Tyron Smith. He’ll be a starter from day one and could be a Pro Bowler in a year or two. They didn’t do much for their secondary which is undermanned and will continue to be a problem. Bruce Carter could be a special player for them and another pass rusher and playmaker.

I like running back Demarco Murray because he’s an ideal backup and third down back with big play speed. They got more offensive line help by grabbing Southwest Missouri State guard David Arkin in round four. This young man will have time to sit and learn.

I will give them a B for the draft. They’ve drafted two starters and a definite contributor.

Washington Redskins

1st: Ryan Kerrigan (OLB) Purdue

2nd: Jarvis Jenkins (DT) Clemson

3rd: Leonard Hankerson (WR) Miami

4th: Roy Helu (RB) Nebraska

5th: Dejon Gomes (S) Nebraska

5th: Niles Paul (WR) Nebraska

6th: Evan Royster (RB) Penn State

6th: Aldrick Robinson (WR) SMU

7th: Brandyn Thompson (CB) Boise State

7th: Maurice Hurt (OG) Florida

7th: Markus White (DE) Florida State

7th: Christopher Neild (DT) West Virginia

The Redskins have a glaring need at the quarterback position, but they didn’t address it. I think drafting defensive end Ryan Kerrigan in the first round was a good move by the Skins. He’ll start right away and he has All-Pro potential. Kerrigan, who plays both the run and the pass equally as well, will team up with Brian Orakpo to give Washington a formidable pass rush.

They made another good move by grabbing Clemson nose tackle, Jarvis Jenkins with their second pick. He will step in there and be an anchor at their nose tackle position or at one of the defensive end spots.

Third round selection, Miami wide receiver, Leonard Hankerson will add some size and deep speed to the Redskins wide receiver group. They’ll try to team him with the diminutive Santana Moss to put pressure on secondaries.

Mike Shanahan and crew hope they’ve found a running back in either Nebraska’s Roy Helu or Penn State’s Evan Royster.

I’ll give them a B+ because I think they drafted three starters, Kerrigan, Jenkins and Hankerson.

Remember again, this is for entertainment purposes only.


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May 3, 2011 8:43 am

Kinda hard to grade these drafts so soon after the draft as you have stated G. IMO i think you r correct at the moment and our divsion had a really decent draft overall. Taking that into consideration with the fact that free agency hasnt begun yet i still say we take the divsion this year for multiple reasons. One being our offense is easily more potent than any other in the nfc east. Dallas besides there aging oline which they did adrreses has other holes on defense which we in particular exposed last year. The giants will prob still be a good team but i think chances r we sweep them again in the series espically if they come into the games as cocky as they did in the “miracle in the meadowlands”. The skins can honeslty only improve from last year that being said i still think they will be last in the division. I think the skins set them back a FEW years by taking that beautiful 4-3 TOP 5 defense and swtiching it to a 3-4 that has been one of the worst in the league. Once again just my opinions.

May 3, 2011 8:48 am

Guess we will be competing with Dallas for CB help in free agency.

May 3, 2011 8:57 am

The Giants had an excellent Draft picking up Amukarama and Austin..
A potential diamond in the roung in WR/RB Jernigan who is a dynamic player who can do a lot of things , Return Punts/Kick-offs, used on reverses and short crossing routes (similar to D-Jax), the big difference is he doesn’t have the top end speed of D-Jax, but he has a thicker build about 190lbs and pretty strong for a little guy.. Jernigan could be a match-up nightmare for any defense and adds a whole lot of speed to the Giants offense whch has been lacking in several years…
2 other solid picks are S Tyler Sash and ILB G Jones who are typical tough-nosed players who fit the Giants mold and will contribute on Special Teams and add quality depth to their interior Defense which again has been a sore spot.. They really didn’t address their OL with an early pick and OT Brewer is similar to Dunlap when he was Drafted, not as big, but a raw kid with talent but will need a couple years of grooming and their last selection RB D Scott from Maryland is another one of those between the tackles tough runner who has a little getty-up and can be pretty elusive.

Remember the Giants WR Steve Smith is a free-agent who is coming off of another injury & surgery and RB Brasdshaw is also a free-agent so the Giants did draft some potentail replacements if these players go elsewhere

May 3, 2011 9:18 am

So paul question you think the cromartie rumor or us going after nnamdi is more of a possiblitly this offseason …..whenever that starts.

May 3, 2011 9:44 am

I will bet that if the Eagles pickes a player in the second round that didn’t play last year due to a suspension, this website would be howling about ‘projects’ and ‘cystal balls’ and ‘cheap FOs.

Fair enough, but to then give them credit for it calling him ‘a potential pro bowler’. Eagles got King Dunlap in the 7th who after his junior year was talked about as a potential first rounder………………

May 3, 2011 9:46 am

The Cowboys Draft I think has more question marks…

OT T Smith has a All-Pro potential and probably was the most athletic OT who has the most upside in this Draft.. But he does need to get stronger, work on his technique and learn to use his long arms better.. I thnik he will start at RT as the Cowboys resign free-agent D Free to handle LT as he did last year with pretty good results.. Cowboys really had some issues with the interior of their OL which is getting old and injury prone and added OG and C in the later rounds, 4th Rd Arkin comes from a Div II Program and Center Nagy could be groomed to be Gurode’s eventaul replacement in a year or 2
I don’t think Selecting ILB B Carter was a great move for them, The do have 2 aging ILB in BRookings and James and spent a 2nd Round Pick on ILB S Lee from Penn State last year.. Carter is super-athletice but not very strong at the point of attack and has problems shedding blockers (similar to S Lee)
but if/when healthy, can cover a lot of space and really relies on his speed to make plays and is not a physical player that you typically see at ILB.
The 2 Selections who I really like and can make an impact down the road at RB D Murray and CB Joshua Thomas.. I was surprised they took RB with their 3rd Round pick since the have RB F Jones and T Choice already
(M Barber will be released) RB Murray has some potential and is very athletic and could contribute in the Return game as well as in the passing game.. His negatives is that he runs a little too upright and is susceptible to fumbling the ball and will need work on his blocking skills/blitz recognition as all RB’s out of college do.. CB J Thomas could be a sleeper and very athletic with some upside at 5’11 at 190lbs.. If Murray and Thomas can contribute as the Cowboys hope, this could turn out to be the Cowboys best draft in the last few years..

Cowboys notable Free-Agents — LT Doug Fee and CB T Newman

May 3, 2011 10:11 am

To Eagles4ever,
I see the Eagles seriously pursuing CB Asmo really hard..
I think Asmo will get bigger $$$ offers (Redskins & Cowboys) so the Eagles will have to be creative in some bonus clauses to make it worth his while..
Asmo has stated,that he wants to play on East Coast and for a team with a chance at a legitimate Super Bowl run and Philly certainly fills that request..
Look at the other Teams on East Coast
#1) Patriots don’t typically go after high $$ Free-agents
#2) NY Jets have Revis and stated that they want to re-sign Cromartie
#3) NY Giants just drafted CB Prince and have T Thomas & C Webster
#4) Ravens just drafted CB J Smith with 1st Selection, but could be still be interested,but again, they have not shown in the past going after a big $$$ Free-Agents as they build through the Draft..
#5) Redskins can throw probably the most $$$ at Asmo and would be a great fit for the Defense.. Imagine a Secondary of CB’s Asmo, D Hall and a Safety tandem of Landry and Otagwe (who they signed just before the Lockout) and now have a DE Tandem of Orapko and Kerrigen.. This could be the makings of a dominant Defensive Team for years if they add Asmo..
#6) The Cowboys have a legitiamte shot also since they can spend the $$ if they want and play in the NFC East so he will get plenty of exposure.. Do take into account that the new DC for the Cowboys is Rob Ryan who was the DC and a Defensive Position Coach for the Raiders for a number of years and that he and Asmo have a very good relationship…

Should be interesting but whoever sign Asmo can put themselves in a great postion to make a Super Bowl Run.

May 3, 2011 10:34 am

I would love to get Asmo regardless of what kind on $ he wants. Any real football fan i dont think can argue that the combo of nnhamdi and asante would be the BEST corner tandem in the league by far. You really would have to pick your posion and either throw one way toward a reciever who is being covered like a blanket shut down style. Or throw it the other way and get picked off.

May 3, 2011 1:07 pm

I think the Giants hurt there back field more than helping it…….. Amukamara has serious and I mean serious illegal contact issues as far as touching receivers 10-15 yards down field……. If that issue isnt addressed as a pro……. It will be a serious issue for the Giants…….

Dallas had a terrible draft……. Tyron Smith is perhaps the re-birth of Winston Justice…….. USC’s draft picks as of late haven’t pan out too well in the NFL Lights…… Taylor Mays, John David Booty, Mcnight, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart Etc……..

Redskins have been dipping in the Eagles recipe book trying to draft young this year….. LOL….. Them and the Giants are trying to get younger…….. What losers…….

Players that should pack their bags after this draft:

-David Akers had some excellent years in Philly….. Hurts to see him go!
-Akeem Jordan
-Quinton Mickell If he would have just fell on the DAMN fumble in the wildcard game he probably would have gotten resigned but NOOOOO!
-Nick Cole Swelling Knee is a issue……..
-Queen Dunlap Where can I start?????
-Omar Gaither Cough cough cough WHO????
-Jorrick Calvin Fumbling issues….. Seems like a real hot head at times…..
-Ernie Sims AKA MINO in Water……. Loves to hit his own players!!!!!
-Joselio Hanson……… Should be traded perhaps a serious injury for some other team…….
-Chad Hall
-Reggie Wells
-Eldra Buckley Its time Eldra…… Its time buddy!!!
-Dimitri Patterson AKA Dimitri GO PASSerSON…….

Overall Draft Grade:
Giants- C+
Redskins…… With no Qb drafted and perhaps they try to get Kyle Orton…… They didnt help out their offensive line in this draft so I give them a C+ as well…
Cowboys draft didnt help their back field so I give them a C-

The Eagles draft was good/fair…… Watkins was a good Pick SHILLER….. Ok I did my homework on him and he’s a problem!!!!! LOL….. I like the Jarret pick as well as the guard from Iowa…… Not going to spell his name out but he’s a great run blocker….. I like the Rolle Pick……. He’s like Chaney needs to put on more pounds and he’ll be a real problem…….. Dion Lewis was an excellent pick very great runner and has excellent field vision…. Casey Matthews I hope he’s atleast 80% of his brother lol……. Alex Henery was a great pick up….. I dont think he should have been drafted in the 4th round but with a aging David Akers this kid could be our money maker at the kicker spot…… Curtis Marsh a tall corner who has long arms and is a pure athlete……. Could help on special teams…… Havili is a great runner….. Can help on pass plays in the back field or screen pass…… I give our draft a B-……. Not because I’m a eagles fan but I like this draft!!!!!!!!

May 3, 2011 1:15 pm

Free agents to get this season……
1)Namdi Asomouga
2)Richard Marshall
3)Stephen Tulloch
4)Trade for Haynesworth……. With his leagal issues he needs to be on ICE…… Perhaps a place like Philly will calm him down and get him back to football
5) If any injuries in the o-line we should look at Flozell Adams…… He had a great year in Pittsburgh and he’s experienced……

May 3, 2011 1:28 pm

jroc – glad you came around on Watkins/the draft in general.

But I highly doubt that Patterson, Hanson, Calvin all go. Even if we get Nnamdi (or some other FA), we still need depth at that position. Lindly, Marsh, and Asante isn’t enough…

May 3, 2011 1:29 pm

Check out Tommy Lawlor (scoutsnotebook.com / eagles.com contributor) on Rolle (prior to the draft mind you):

Rolle is just under 5-10. He played at about 220 pounds for OSU, but is now up to 229. He knows he needs to be in the 230-pound range for the NFL. Rolle started at middle linebacker for the last two years (succeeding James Laurinaitis). Rolle might have been small, but he didn’t play like it. There was a play in the Wisconsin game when big Gabe Carimi came to block him and Rolle took him on. No problem. That’s the attitude you want in an undersized guy. Rolle has great closing speed. Get him near the ball and he’ll either make the play or hit the guy. He could be a great special teams player with his speed and tackling ability. Rolle was in on 10 tackles in the Iowa game, 3 of them were TFLs. I love watching him hit RBs and TEs as they go to release into pass routes. He put quite a few of those guys on the ground before they could even get going. Solid cover skills. Has great range over the middle. Runs like a S. Makes it tough to throw in the deep middle. Rolle is undersized, but he’s physical, tough, and athletic. Rolle went to the Shrine Game. No one mentioned to him it was a laid back all star setting. He was just as tough and physical in that game as he was the rest of the season. He absolutely killed TEs and RBs trying to run pass routes. No freebies from him. Had a terrific workout at the Combine.

Size will likely push him down around the fifth round, but it wouldn’t shock me for a coach to fall in love with him and take him higher.

May 3, 2011 1:39 pm

@Shiller….. Love to hear that bro……. i think he’s the steal of the draft if you tell me…….

May 3, 2011 1:40 pm

Same guy on Vandervelde:

Lacks ideal size, but a good athlete and blocker. Anchors well. Able to re-set. Can drive block well when he uses good leverage. Good feet. Excellent balance.Able to re-set in pass pro when initially driven back. Picks up stunts easily. Excellent awareness. Fired off the ball and can get to the 2nd level. Good on LBs. Gets to them and sustains blocks. Very underrated player.

J Hart
J Hart
May 3, 2011 2:40 pm

The matthews and rolles picks reflect a change in approach. Obviously LB hasn’t been a position of importance for andy over the yrs. You may be saying you nut there a 4th and 6th round picks but its players matthew and rolle are that lead to my conclusion

Both are movement players better equipped to defend the pass. Matthews for instance is a space and blitz LB who can be effective as a movable chess piece in nickel and dime sub-packages…

May 3, 2011 2:42 pm

stupid question, have they set a date for free agency? is there still a lockout? haven’t heard much

J Hart
J Hart
May 3, 2011 2:47 pm

The vandervelde and kelce picks were a philosophical change from previous emphasis of big heavy offensive linemen the birds had favored. Its a smart move ina leagued defined by complex pressure defensive schemes in which quicker faster LBs and DBs are used more frequently as blitzers… for example what the packs did to us is a prime example…

Vandervelde weighed 301 and kelce weighed 280 at the S.C

May 3, 2011 3:22 pm

Looking at the Giants draft, in CB Price Amukamura, they got a corner that will be great against the run, and great blitizing a qb like Vick, much in the same way that Antoine Winfield was able to do. I think Eagles receivers will be able to torch this guy. Being that Corey Webster is also a suspect CB, the Eagles WR’s should easily be able to beat these guys. The Giants have some great physical and athletic safties, and added one in tyler Sash, but I’m still banking on our WRs.

Marvin Austin was potentially a great pick. The giants line is already very good, and if Austin pans out, it makes them that much better. I seriously hope Howard Mudd, Danny Watkins, and the return of Jamaal Jackson can make this O-line really good again.

Jerrel Jernigan is an intriguing player. I think he adds another dimension to the Giants offense. A poor mans desean jackson, or moreso a poor mans Darren Sproells. This guy will be able to take some wr reverses, and make some big gains. Will test our D.

All in all, I hate to say it but the Giants had a very good draft. I thought we also had a good draft, but Id like to see us be very aggressive during free agency, to really make me confident that we have the best team in the NFC.

May 3, 2011 3:25 pm


May 3, 2011 4:10 pm

I hate the G-men more than the cowboys , but I have to admit that I am jealous of their draft. I cant believe the Roseman & Reid ( who make trades, just to make trades – see the trade with the Patriots to keep up that streak ) could not move up 5 spots in the first round for CB Prince , or a few spots in round two to grab DT Austin, or watch two quality corners( Patrick & Wright-G’s boy from USC) who are more pro ready go before grabbing CB Marsh, or watch the 4th round come & go and any sembleance of defensive line help evaporate ( Ballard & Acho )

I still cant get over Watkins age thing either. I have read 40 articles from all over the place and it still burns me up that we drafted the oldest player in round one, Would it kill the Eagles to draft some players from the SEC ? I am also sick and tired of the drafts by Roseman & Co. being all senior players. What is the senior bowl the only game that the Eagles scout now-a-days ? What happened to drafting underclassmen ? They usually come out because they are that good.

Enough with this “more draft picks give you more chances to be right” stuff. You need players, blue chip, high end talent, not reaching by one round per player because the guy was at the senior bowl. Please.

Sorry guys had to vent. Keep up the great posts.

Who is going to rush the passer on this team this year ?

I know Cameron Jordan is more of a 5 technique DE but are we saying that he could not have helped the Eagles from day one opposite Cole ? You could have kicked him inside on nickel situations. UGH.. Did you see how fast New Orleans sprinted to the podium after the 26 year olf firefighter was drafted. We better get a 1st for Kolb so I can have something to look forward to. Danny Watkins… I know I sorry but 26

May 3, 2011 7:19 pm

Paulman’s Redksins’s analysis on 2011 Draft

A couple of trade backs and down in the early rounds with other teams increased the Redskins Draft total from their original 5 Selections up to a whopping 12 Players chosen. Obviously with a losing and disappointing 2010 Season, the Redskins need players and quality competition across their Roster..
I love their 1st and 3rd Rounds picks in DE Kerrigan and WR Hankerson
DE Kerrigan is really a High-motor player who never wuits on a play, he physically and the way he plays reminds me a lot of a younger Jared Allen from the VIkings.. DOesn’t look real athletic, not the biggest guy on the field but just a relentless player who doesn’t take plays off and will give the Redskins 2 solid pass-rushes from that DE/OLB Position along with in B Orapko which is what you need in a 3-4, the outside rushers/blitzers at the ones who makes the plays.. I think Kerrigan led the NCAA with plays made behind the line of Scrimmage so Kerrigan is also good versus the Run..
WR Hankerson gives the Redskins a big target on the outside and down in the Red-Zone that they really haven’t had in years, He also is a good blocker down the field which is a requirement for a Mike Shanahan coached team.
Their 2nd Selection DT J Jenkins I think was a reach but he does up some upside. WIth the 3-4 that the Redskins employ, it’s mandatory that they have a NT who is big and athletic and able to move around.. Jenkins is a little soft and needs better conditioning and more lower body strength and was known for taking plays off while in Clemson..
The Also drafted 3 Players from Nebraska — and ended up with 2 solids RB’s in Helu and Royster from Penn State, A real suprise player could be
WR Niles Paul who is 6’2 220 lbs and has very good hands.. He did not have a great Seniro year as Nebraska really didn’t have a Top QB to get the ball down the field, but this kid can play and also return kicks..
The negatives I see is that the Redskins really didn’t adress their OL until their 10th Selection in the 7th Round.. They need help badly all across the OL and I thought instead of Grabbing Jenkins in the 2ns, they should have went OL and instead of selecting 3 WR’s and 2 RB;s, they probably could have focused along the OL more.. Also, their QB was not addressed and currently have John Beck and D McNabb who are under contract on their roster,, Rex Grossman is a gree-agent though I woudl be surprised if anyone is looking for his services, We all assume D McNabb will be traded or released and it;s hard to imagine him returning after the debacle that last year was.. I was a little curious about their Safety selection in the 5th RD Gomes from Nebraska) , when they have plenty of quality Safetries on their Roster (L Landry,R A Otegwe, R Doughty, K Moore and Chris Horton) and thought this selection could have adressed other needs
All in all, the Redskins picked up 3-4 Good players who can contribute early on and others to add competition and depth at the RB/WR positions which has been lacking the last few seasons,, They like the Eagles, I believe are going to address more pressing needs (OL/QB/CB) thru Free-agency whenever it starts..

I give their overall effort in the Draft a B, I give the players selected a C +

Notable Free-Agents — CB Carlos Rodgers , WR Santan Moss,QB Rex Grossman

As far as Trade Scenario’s with D McNabb..
I could see McNabb going to the Vikings/Dolphins/Cardinals/ maybe the Bengals for a 2 year gap to help mentor A Dalton.. But I wouldn’t bnbe surprised to see the redksins flat out release him if they find no suitors,If the Release him they must pay him a $5 Million Buyout, If the trade him and his ridiculous contract, the Redskins would probably be on the hook for more than the $5 Million since I see no team willing to take on his total contract at this point and time…
1 thing I think for sure, I believe Mike Shanahan knows he made some big mistakes in how he handled some of his Star players last year (HAynewswort,McNAbb and even Portis) I don’t think the man is stupid enough to go thru any of this again and will cut the chord with McNabb and Haynesworth well before Camp opens and then have a fresh.clean slate with his ballclub, if he tries to keep these players, he will end up with a divisive locker room and some big problems down the road which could end in his dismissal after next year.. ..

May 3, 2011 7:55 pm

The Giants knew the players we needed and grabbed them before we had a chance to get em.

We need a corner and they got the best corner avaible at the time.

And they got a beast on defense in the 2nd round.

We got a 27 year old offensive guard and reachedin the 2nd for a player that was projected to go in the mid to late 3rd to 4th round.

I hope Vick got some more comeback magic against the Gmen this season.

May 3, 2011 7:59 pm

another thing

If a team is trying to go all out and win it all ….would they get a proven commodity to lead the defense or hire an offensive line coach to lead the defense?

J Hart
J Hart
May 3, 2011 9:07 pm

Songs you’ve been makin some good points.. the giants did see what we needed and took the players they thought we needed or had interest in… and that’s fine bc were gona be better then them again and beat them again…

The way andy was talking today on 97.5 the fanatic with mikey miss led me to believe that we may be getting more then a player and a 2nd round pick.. after mike said would you take a trade from the cards if they offered peterson for kolb, andy danced around the question then mike said I would take that deal that’s a great deal you can’t get better than that the 5th ovr pick and a position you need then andy said are you sure about that? Don’t sell yourself so short man don’t sell yourself so short…

This leads me to believe that we have multiple deals on the table and a lot of options… stay tuned…

May 3, 2011 9:47 pm

Songs, and Jhart – You guys are paranoid to think the Giants picked players to block us from getting them. The giants needed help at corner, and prince fell to them. That’s why they picked the guy. And to be sure that they’re better players than the 2 we drafted in the second round… well, I think you know my line (but it doesn’t make my line wrong because it isn’t).

And Songs, how did the packers ‘go all out’ prior to last season? When was the last time a superbowl team ‘went all out’ going into the season. I can’t think of one. They won the superbowl because they beat the teams in front of them in the playoffs, not becaue they ‘went all out’. Heck, not even in poker is going all (in) (strange how those phrases essentially mean the same thing).

And lastly Songs, in our endless arguments, we both often ask eachother questions, albeit that they are often sarcastic… Why is it that I tend to answer yours and you don’t mine?

May 3, 2011 10:00 pm

J Hart…if Reid make a jump and get Peterson or sign cromartie or Asomugha…I’ll eat crow and admit I was wrong….but if they roll out Lindley on some scrap heap cheap quick fix and go on a PR campaign claiming this (BUM) is the guy they were targeting all along ….I expect you same guys to come on here amd admit you were wrong buying the hype

May 3, 2011 10:03 pm

I think the giants had one of the best drafts this year along with the lions. The giants had so many steals, but maybe they fell for a reason… I really like ilb greg jones and wish the eagles had gotten him. Also the fact that we didn’t draft a qb might mean the eagles are planning on keeping kolb and kafka for next season.

May 3, 2011 10:13 pm

Songs, please point out the person who’s ‘buying all the hype’ and saying that the Eagles shouldn’t go after Nnamdi (or another big name FA at CB), and that the team will be just as good without doing so. Please tell us who that is because I’ve yet to see someone say or suggest that.

May 3, 2011 10:35 pm

For the record,
I have stated that the Eagles will pursue Asmogoah, but I am not so sure how sucesful they will be in signing him and how big that cost would be..
I think they would be better off pursuing a CB like Carlos Rodger who is very familiar with teams in the NFC East since he’s played for the Redskins for a while and is a big,physical CB that can play a 2-3 Good seasons while youngsters Lindley and Marsh develop into Starting CB material down the road.. They can do this and still add a DE whether it’s R Edwards , J Babin or Charles Johnson and still hvave resources enough to give long-term deals to D-Jax,Vick and maybe even extend McCoy.
Again, this is probably why I am not a GM in the NFL.. but I think its a the smart play not only for 2011-2012, but future years as well

May 3, 2011 11:04 pm

Paulman, what’s this word ‘I’ you use? I’ve heard of the mystical ‘first person’, but to actually USE it in a real sentence, that’s bold man. Bold.

May 3, 2011 11:25 pm

Trying to improve my “syntax” Schiller so I can get into Jouranlism school….

May 4, 2011 2:03 am

Paulman says, “I..I…I..I…I..I..I..I…I..” That’s because this is Paulman.com

May 6, 2011 10:05 am

G, concerning the draft, or maybe even the 2012 draft, I hear that the Houston Texans are switching to a 3-4 defense and are moving Mario Williams to linebacker. He’s 6-7, 290 lbs.–this will fail miserably. He won’t be able to cover backs and tightends or drop into zone coverages effectively. In addition, even if they use him as a DE, in that defense he’ll be underutilized and not deserving of the contract he’s receiving. With that in mind, the Eagles, of course, could use someone of his immense talents. We just so happen to have a DE (Brandon Graham/high first rounder) who would fit better in a 3-4 defense. Sure, he’s injured, but people recover from ACL injuries all the time now, and he’s a second year man. If we combine him in a trade with draft picks (say a second and third rounder), do you think we could pry him from the Texans. I know fans do this all the time, but this trade makes SENSE. Mark my words, with this defensive switch, Mario Williams will sink into obscurity and demand a trade soon anyway.

May 6, 2011 11:02 am

I think your way off Luvgreen
In a 3-4 scheme under new DC W Phillips, M William will be a pass-rusher much like D Ware is to the Cowboys, Ware is listed as a OLB on the Cowboys, but he is coming and rushing the passer 90% of the snaps from many different postions up and down the Defensive formations.. I expect M Williams to be utilized much like D Ware is in Dallas,, WIlliams may even put up better Sack #’s in the agressive schemes that Coach Phillips will employ…

May 10, 2011 1:28 pm

Royster in 6th was a steal

May 10, 2011 1:51 pm

RB From Nebraska Helu has more upside than Royster at the NFL level. Royster, as a typical Penn State RB, doesn’t block very well, and runs scared.. Royster does have a shot as that change of pace, 3rd Down Back and Special Teamer as a return man… By Pick Helu has a nice shot of being another good RB under Shanahan..

May 10, 2011 7:36 pm

The GMEN really needed offensive line help…..I wonder why they didn’t break our hearts by grabbing the 27 year old Fireman before we had a chance to get him?

Boy, that was close…..

You can never have enough 27 year old rookies.

I heard he can also play corner

May 11, 2011 12:28 am

Paulman once again you show everyone how much of a know it all you think you are. Helu was drafted in the 4th round. I guess it would be obvious to anyone who was drafted before someone that he has more upside. I was making a statement that Royster was a steal in the 6th. That’s all. What is a typical Penn State running back by the way?

May 11, 2011 6:38 am

A typical Penn State RB is overrated and doesn’t make the final cut in the NFL
or when they make a roster, they fail to contribute or see the field much..