• August 16, 2022

Sixers Exit Interviews: Jason Kapono And Darius Songalia

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be conducting exit interviews for the 2011 Philadelphia 76ers roster. In these interviews we’ll look at the players season at a glance the pros, cons, ups and downs. Ultimately determining whether that particular player will return for the 2011-12 campaign.

Let’s get started with Jason Kapono and Darius Songalia

(Spoken in the voice of Doug Collins)
Gentlemen, you both were brought in to solidify and provide depth to our bench. Jason, in your case as a scorer, I saw you as a primary force in our transition game. I even focused much of my attention on you during the training camps and preseason to prepare you for that role. For some reason things fell apart early on in the season and we never got back on track. The progression of Evan Turner and Jodie Meeks placed you in a serious battle for minutes – your struggles as a defender played a huge role as well.

I tried to work you in spot duty when players were injured or when the game was well in hand but you never seemed to be involved. Our attempts to link you with an organization that could use your services were unsuccessful. With that being said we will not be extending a contract to you and you are allowed to test the free agent market, Good luck to you.

Darius, you were in a prime position to work your way into the rotation and share minutes with Elton Brand and Marresse Speights. Your experience and rugged play could’ve been invaluable to us in games where teams took the liberty of going in the lane at will. Instead we had to rely on Marresse Speights who in the long run became more focused on scoring and became a liability on defense. As in the case with Jason you ended up being tossed in a battle for minutes as the season wore on we were in no position to
risk the cohesion of our reserve unit by trying to work you in to the rotation instead we opted to sit you for the duration. You are free to test the free agent market. Good luck to you.

Next Tony Battie and Andres Nocioni

Ron Glover

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  • Couldn’t Doug just text the same message to all 4 players at the same time..
    Good points Ron..

  • They probably got that text on the plane home from Miami.

  • The departures of Kapano and Songalia will clear a combined $11.45 million in cap space. Peace out fellas!!

  • Looking at about $54 million in salary next season, provided Thad Young and Spencer Hawes are signed to their qualifying number.

  • But the Sixers may go long term with Young and could let Hawes go if they have a better player targeted.

  • I like this Ron. I cant wait until we get to Iggy.

  • Iggy will most likely be a no-show again..

  • peace out jason, darius, tony, and andres. btw…i’m looking at their roster on espn and see that antonio daniels is on there for $6.6 mill. I had no idea he was even on the roster, and then to see him commanding 6.6 mill really got me disgusted.

    This got me thinking…which sport has the most bloated salaries? I’m thinking the NBA wins by a hair over MLB

  • And the Contestants on Taxi Trivia too… I like when they lose and then have to walk 4-6-8 blocks to their destination… ha

  • Ron, I haven’t really followed the Sixers since the AI “glory days” so please forgive my ignorance. When we signed Kapono (2 years ago?) this guy was the best three point shooter in the league or atleast one of the best. Why was this guy not used, especially in light of the fact that we lack a 3 point shooter. I somewhat understand that he doesn’t play defense. But while Eddie Jordan was here, that team was horrible, he could have had playing time. I also see no reason why this guy is never on the court when the team needs a 3 at the end of the game. Maybe I am missing something here because like I said, I don’t follow the team that much.

    I do like the idea of getting Greg Oden and also getting a replacement to Elton Brand.

  • Muimuiman you are correct when it comes to Kapono. When EJ came in he wanted to run a Princeton offense but Kapono is more of a spot-up guy. Collins was really high on him in the early going but he fell out of favor with Collins probably because he was poor on defense. I wished that there was a way fir Collins to fit him in but there wasn’t. I love the idea of Oden but I dont think he’ll be ready in time.

  • Remember that kapono did not help himself last Pre-Season by making some stupid statements that thier team and players don’t know what Offensive sets to run and that he wasn’t sure what his role was… It’s 1 thing to think that and if you do, go meet what the Coach to get it straightened out, but it’s another thing to say it publicly to the media .. .Kapono is a chump, send his ass back to the west coast where he belongs…

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