• July 4, 2022

Leonard Weaver Considers Himself A Long Shot For 2011

“As far as me coming back next season? It seem(s) like a long shot even thou(gh) I’m optimistic about the whole situation,” Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver tweeted yesterday, “And just a quick update for everyone…..the rehab is going great, Kevin Wilk and his staff are doing their job the right way.”

I knew Weaver was going to have a tough time coming back to action when his leg bent backward in what was an ugly knee injury last season in the opening day loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Normally when a knee is bent backwards like that, nerve damage is the result and you will probably need Nerve Control 911 to reduce the pain that was the case with Weaver.

It’s commonplace for NFL players to come back from knee injuries, but it’s not an everyday thing for players to come back from knee injuries with nerve damage.

I’ve talked to Weaver a number of times during this process and he’s been upbeat about it, but he hasn’t gotten detailed with me about how far along he is in his comeback.

During this time of rehabilitation the veteran fullback has consistently tweeted about his workouts.

The Eagles fullback situation will consist of Owen Schmitt and draft pick Stanley Havili. Schmitt is a good blocker and pass receiver, but not much of a runner. Havili is a good runner and receiver, but not much of a blocker.

Weaver had been able to do all three very well. Andy Reid probably drafted Havili to see if he could improve his blocking and add a faster ball carrier and receiver to his group of weapons. If Havili can improve his blocking he’s got a chance to make the football team.


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  • Owen Schmitt did a pretty decent job last year so im not missing Lenard at all.

  • I wouldnt go that far. Weavor not only blocks and catches well. This guy makes plays with the ball. I missed his play making ability last year. We could of used him against green bay. Damn!!!!

  • Melmilliones. He’s just a fullback. Its probably the most useless position in football. Why would we need him against the packers if we didnt even run the ball against them?

  • I like Owen Scmitt…but I dont think, missing Weavor was due to Scmitts play, however the fact the Eagles didnt utilize the position as much as they should have….When QB is getting heavily blitzed on every down and your line is failing over and over again…it may be a good idea to add a little extra protection behind the line..

  • Bad news for sure but not really a suprise to anyone who knows about or followed the updates on the severity of his Knee Injury and Subsequent 3 Surgeries he’s had to help repair the damage and when you add in nerve damage, it’s very difficult to expect a player and expecially at a “skill position” to return back to Football.. He’s worked very hard and I hope the Eagles can maybe retain him as Assistant RB Coach or somehow make him a part of the Staff and help coach up some of the Young players for a he’s a dynamic personality and a real leader type that would be great to have around the locker room and even on the sidelines..
    Back to replacements… O Schmitt was an excellent pick up last season and he fit right into the Eagle Offense. I do believe he is a Free-Agent and should be re-signed but he does lack any speed and surely is not going to run from anyone.. He’s a good blocker and Special Teams players.. Havilli does have a great opportunity, but he must be willing to play physical and want to block, This should be a good battle come camp time but Schmitt wins out because he’s crazy and actually loves to block and throw his body around..I have not seen Havilli enough to determine if he has that in him, from what I have read, he’s has not played the type of Physical Ball you expect from a FB position during his College Days at USC, in which some of the Trojan coaches were actually a little disappointed is his lack of physicality over his carrer there..
    Can Havilli be a physical player at the NFL Level, yes,
    Has he demonstrated consistently at the College level, No he hasn’t..

    whether he can handle thess requirments

  • “He’s just a fullback. Its probably the most useless position in football.”

    It’s useless because Reid doesn’t value the position (see linebacker position also). Tell that to the 49ers with Tom Rathman or the Cowboys with Moose Johnston.

  • Ron Glover – again — just a stupid comment – Ried doens’t value the position, yet he made Weaver the highest paid Fullback in the NFL???????????? Ried had every intention of using Weaver as a 3rd TB, pass catching FB – but… he got hurt the 1st game of the season –

    Schmitt did a good job last year – I think the Eagles will be fine at FB – I can see the two Pitt guys and Schmitt and Havili – with Havali being the 3rd TB/FB, for the backfield.

    As for Weaver, I hope I am wrong but I think he is done.. don’t know how you come back from an injury like that.

  • They had one good potential fullback before Weaver and that was Jon Ritchie before him, no one. After him no one until Weaver. So because Reid made him the highest paid fullback that means something??? I’m not knocking what Schmitt did but don’t act like Reid hasn’t virtually ignored this position until two seasons ago.

  • I take that back. A holder for the kicker is the most useless position in football. On offense i would say a FB but I dont miss Weever. I dont want anyone to take away yards from Shady. Its bad enough he does not get used enough as it is.

  • I think Havilli will be competing with Eldra Buckley for the thirf halfback spot. Havilli’s main negative was run blocking. His strengths are receiving, pass protection and running in short yardage situations. At 6’0″, 227 lbs he’s more the size of Correll Buckhalter than a normal fullback which is usually in the 240-250lb range. Buckley is a liability in the passing game which is why he didn’t see the field much outside of special teams. Owen Schmitt came in after the regular season begin and did a decent job. He’ll improve if the players get to have training camp.

  • Ron, Navy is right. I think you are somewhat right too, but you’re going overboard – yeah, there was a gap in years where Reid didn’t use a fullback much, but that doesn’t warrant an abosultist statement. How many really good fullbacks have there been in the league for a while now? You brought up two great ones – in a DIFFERENT ERA. With the development of the running QB, and more importantly the 3/4/5 WR sets… they FB became devalued for a long time in the league – for most teams. Pretty much after Mike Alstot if you ask me…

    But Reid clearly thought Weaver was the shiznit (as he is), and not only did he pay him that much money, he used him in the game a ton that year. Then the injury came. But he used Schmidt more than he had Tapeh or any of the other FBs since Ritchie…

  • lol.

  • It is hard to say what AR woulda done with Weaver, but he did use him quite a bit the previous season. Really a shame, because he is such a mismatch for defenses. I wish that they would gameplan to go to mismatches more. They say that they do, but they really don’t.

    Hope he can heal up and get back in the game soon.

  • I think we will also see TE/HB C Harbor lined up in the back-field in some formations to pass protect and/or be a option on a short wheel route, or out in the flat area..

  • Schill – as usual an outstanding point – Alstot was the fullback everyone wanted – big, physical, could catch, pass, and run the ball 30 times a game, with a combination of speed quickness and finess…

    though Ron – did you really just write “So because Reid made him the highest paid fullback that means something???” ya think – making the guy the highest played player in his position doens’t somehow imply the coaches value him…… maybe Ried just liked his charming personality in th locker room?

  • Ron, stick to basketball

  • Schiller – I forgot you guys are the football authority around here. FOH!

  • I’m no authority, I was just making a suggestion. What does foh mean (I have a strong guess for the first two letters)? I’m teenage internet abbreviation illiterate…

  • Personally, I can care less about your suggestion. As for the back and forth, because I see where this could end up, I don’t do much of that, its pointless to me. I’ve seen some guys really say some foul stuff to people on here. That’s funny to me, how a grown man can hide behind a keyboard, As for sticking to basketball – you keep reading those pieces that I put out.

  • Cmon Schiller.. Force of Habit. You gotta know this stuff… Thats okay im here to skool you 🙂

  • ron – to your last point, will do.

    Vr – ?

  • Ron I feel your pain. Some people think they are ESPN analyst and are on 1st and 10 debating with Skip Bayless. you get use to it after awhile. If only I could share half of the verbal abuse I got on here I would have enough to write a book and its sequel.

  • vr, so these comment boards are NOT for discussion?

  • no not at all schiller problem I have is when a person calls someone a moron or stupid or idiot or any other type of offensive words. Its one thing to disagree with someone but once you refer to someone as an idiot then its another story. BTW im not referring to you

  • so who are you referring to Vricchini? man up and call em’ out, if you gonna speak on the topic, SPEAK ON IT!

    if you dont want to be called stupid, idiot, or my favorite “dumb ass” then start reading what you type before you post it (speaking in general)…Many times folks on here talk as if their opinion is the only one that matters, because they only see in tunnel vision…

    By the way, I will continue to call it as I see it…if you are a dumb ass, you will be recognized for it, that simply is just Real Talk!

  • I guess using the term “useless” wouldn’t be taken offensively by anyone?

  • Realtalk you are just that.. all you do is talk LOL perfect name. Let me ask you this.. I hold a conversation with a friend of mine at a local store. You over hear me saying something you would consider Moronic. Would you then proceed to join my conversation by telling me im a idiot, moron or Dumb Ass? if you answered yes then im assuming you are a ghost because theres no way you apply your thinking in todays world with out being a dead man. Bottom line is I respect you as well as I respect everyone else opinion on this site. Im a grown man as you are come at me respectfully or dont come at all. Im just sayin’

  • you guys are wrong- Dan Klecko has been contacted. He will line up as our opening day FB.

  • Vricchini

    your comparison to a conversation at a local grocery store to a public forum, doesn’t make any sense… on this site, its open conversation between anyone…Also when I call someone a dumb ass, in most cases its in retaliation for being called something myself! I

    Also I didnt disrespect you one bit with my post, I didnt call you a name at any point..

    But the fact that you used the word “useless” then talk about how you feel about people calling folks moron’s or idiots really amused me…

    FYI, I’m not a cat that hides behind a keyboard, in person there is way more to me than just talk! keep that in mind buddy!

  • real, who the hell gave you the authority on what constitutes stupidity and warrants being called a dumb ass?

  • Jakedog

    Being the man I am, I gave myself that authority…I can understand why that is a sore topic with you my friend…We’ve had a few clashes ourselves where you’ve been called a dumb ass…but in truth, you were truly being a dumb ass…how long did it take for you to support the Eagles QB of the future, no not Kolb….Vick!? half the season pretty much, you wanted Kolb even when Vick was performing at a high level…in my opinion, and with all due respect, you werre being a dumb ass!

  • Weavers career may be over, I’m sure he doesn’t wanna come to that realization but its a longshot that he can come back from this… that was one of the nastiest injuries someone could get… I wish him nothing but the best for him but I don’t see him coming back to play for the eagles again… it seems that they drafted his replacement in havaili… the birds aren’t going to wait for anyone they’re always looking to the future, its an unfortunate situation bc weaver was playing unbelievable for us but injuries are apart of this game…

  • I am sad to hear this. It seems very likely now that Leonards career has probably come to an end, and I feel very badly for him. Noone wants to go out like that. Fortunately for us, we are loaded on the offense when it comes to having weapons. But we definitely missed him last year when the Oline was in shambles, and could have used his blocking abilities. There is no comparison between him and Owen Schmitt.

  • nice real, you gave yourself that authority, that’s not sore with Jake, just asking, now Jake knows.

  • Cmon guys guys, this is a public forum. In reality, I can beat all of you up so you all succumb to meeeeeeee

  • Not that it matters a great deal,
    But seeing the aboe picture of Weaver being helped off the field after sustaining that injury, brought back something that really disturbed me at the time… Why was no cart brought out to him, it was as if the Eagles Coaches and Staff were like, get him off the field quickly and lets get back to the game.. and if you remember this game saw J Jackson get injured where he literally ran off the field before anyone even acknowledged anything and this was the same game where LB Bradley & QB Kolb were knocked wobbly and then Bradley was put back in the game ???
    I know the HC can’t watch and see everything that’s going on the field at all times, but this game showed a too casual approach to player injuries to me from the Eagles Coaches and Medical Staff that it bothered me..

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