• June 27, 2022

Eagles DE Trent Cole Not Happy About 73rd Place On Top 100 List

Eagles Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole is used to be overlooked and underrated. He was drafted in the fifth round, but has proven to be one of the best pass rushers in the league during his time with the Birds.

He feels slighted again after he was selected 73rd on the list of the Top 100 players in the NFL.

The NFL Network continues its feature program, “The Top 100”, which is supposedly the top 100 NFL players right now based on the opinions of current NFL players.

Cole who has adopted the nickname, “The Hunter”, which I gave because of his pursuit of quarterbacks and love of big game hunting. He wasn’t happy to be selected 73rd and he tweeted his feelings about it.

“Who ever is doing the rating on players wake the hell up and smell what this country boy is cookin!” Cole wrote on his Twitter account. When notified that current players are responsible for the ranking, Cole replied: “Well if they say it is rated by the players that’s a lie.”

“That’s a low number being rated at but I at least made the top 100. I’m used to being underrated so I laugh,” Cole wrote. “Underrated will not be a word anymore after this year because it’s officially banned from the Cole Camp…To my fans we have to put a stop to me being underrated. Well I just tell them don’t rate me ever again or use my name on any list.”

The undersized defensive end is the first Eagles player to appear on the list, but definitely not the last. They’re going from 100 down. Of course the player listed as 100 on the list was former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Cole is positioned right behind Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and just ahead of Green Bay Packers dazzling wide receiver Greg Jennings.


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  • nobody from our defense deserves a spot in the top 200. we suck so bad

  • asante samuel? come on run the ball. but hes the only one.

  • @ runtheball you r correct about one thing our d is pretty bad
    @ stopgoat Asante does deserve to be on the list and is a great player and fun to watch
    In my opion though your both crazy. To ignore how talented trent cole is based on the rest of our d is just plain ignorance. To be perfectly honest also Trent cole is twice the defensive player the asante will ever be and that is no way a knock on asante at all. I do think samuel is one of the better corners in the leauge but does have huge holes in his game (tackleing jumps to mind even though he has improved) He is by far the best route jumper in the leauge but that does not make him a good all aorund player. Cole is good versus the run and pass and tackles really well. Cole is a GREAT all around defensive player and has been for years.

  • From underrated to overrated! I think whoever the judges are were being fair! If the list is based on 2010 performances, I dont see how Cole could argue…It wasn’t like he was dominating in 2010.

  • I say to Trent then go out and do something about it.. Stop your post-hunting season swoon every season and step up down the stretch and in the playoffs where you have been a non-factor.. COle made a lot of comments on how he was mis-used/under utilized playing under former DC McDermott..
    New DL Coach and DC Castillo have publicly stated and they are going to turn the DE’s loose to get after the QB this season, Let’s see what COle does, if he has a monster year, then maybe there is something about being mis-used by McDermott & Co, but if he is simply average again in 2011 and does the usual December/Playoff swoon, then maybe T Cole is not as good as he and everyone thinks he is.. It’s all up to him now..

  • You can count on just one hand all the DE’s who have averaged 66 tackles and 11 sacks per year over the last five years.

  • Paulman… Spot on…. He has to step up his game and be consistent if he wants to be considered a Stud Player. We’ll see if he does any better under the “New” system.

  • I love it how poeple on here think that trent cole tapers off at the end of the year. I guess the only rating of a DEND in this leauge is sacks right guys…total bs. Bottom line trent cole might appear to wear down at the end of the season because of his sack totals but if your getting double and TRIPLE teamed by 325 pound guys for 16 games id love to c how all of you hold up. Its easy to speak when your sitting comfy behind a keybaord just saying . Trent cole is easly top 10 dends in the leauge. FACT

  • I didn’t see T Cole double teamed all that much down the stretch.. and all Left DE’s usually get double teamed.. nothinh new.. I think he spends too much time and energy during hunting season after Thanksgiving to early Dec..

  • Maybe if he shows up past week 8, he’s be higher on the list. He disappears late in the season and against good teams.

  • Exactly Paulman. He doesn’t get double teamed more than anyone else. He’s a very good D-end. And he does get worn down. Now, it’s not totally his fault because our DTs have been mostly average for most of the years with Cole and didn’t have anyone notable on the other side. But it still doesn’t change the fact he does get worn down. Whatever the reason is, it happens. Our defense looked good in the beginning of the season. Getting sacks and turnovers and then tapered off at the end of the year and doing a complete 180 and Cole is no exception. So instead of whining about how you think you are underrated, go out there and actually make an impact at the end of the season.

  • my question is who’s idea was it to let Babin go…Cole was a no show in Packer game and weak against stopping the run but to give him credit i can’t think of another player that andy reid era had that had 10+ sacks in a season

  • He’s lucky he made it at all.

  • Anyone who doesn’t think Cole is a TOP DE in the league is an idiot.

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