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Any Chance The Phillies Pursue Milton Bradley?

His name may spark images of childhood board games such as Monopoly, and to be quite honest, Milton Bradley does have childish characteristics: unable to be a good teammate, demonstrates poor sportsmanship, and is often seen as a troubled child.

With that said, should the Philadelphia Phillies even consider bringing in a player who has been a cancer for his past teams?

The Seattle Marines parted ways with Bradley early on Monday afternoon as they were unable to deal with his antics anymore, which included him being suspended one game for purposely bumping into an umpire.

Bradley, who was booed by the Seattle fans for dogging it on defense, won’t be a big name on the market after batting slightly above .200 and driving in just 13 RBI’s in 28 games.

The Phillies aren’t in dire need of an outfielder, at least for an outfielder that could potentially disrupt their clubhouse, but it could be an interesting move if they do make an offer.

He will come relatively cheap because he’s 33 years-old and is on the downfall of his career. But with Ben Francisco struggling as of late and Raul Ibanez batting just .230 this season and .154 on the road this season, the Phillies might take a shot on signing Bradley.

But should they?

It’s quite clear that the negatives outweigh the positives when it comes to Bradley, but Charlie Manuel is a player’s coach, and maybe he’s got what it takes to set Bradley straight. If the Phillies’ front office feels that Manuel can handle Bradley, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a offer.

The negatives are aplenty, and the biggest one has to be that the Phillies are in contention for the World Series and bringing in Bradley could disrupt their team chemistry.

But my view on this whole discussion is that right now, the Phillies have been dreadful with the bats and are wasting solid pitching performances with untimely hitting. Yes, Chase Utley will be back at some point this season, but there’s no telling how the offense will respond once he’s back in the lineup.

The Phillies are dealing with injuries all across the board; Shane Victorino recently strained his hamstring, leaving the Phillies with little production from the outfielders. Francisco and Ibanez have been inconsistent and John Mayberry Jr. is a hit-or-miss type of player.

I’m not saying that Bradley would change all that and give the Phillies a solid contributor from their outfield, but at a time when the offense is providing little run support on a daily basis, something has to change in the lineup.

Maybe Bradley is that change.

Kyle Phillippi

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May 17, 2011 8:22 am

Milton Bradley blows. Just what we need, a player with no self control and whos old and over the hill. Sounds like just the trick.

May 17, 2011 8:25 am

This is by far the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. He is not a solid contributor. In just over 100 games with Seattle he hit just over .200 with 10 HRs. That is not any better than what they have right now. In fact it is worse. If you were going to make the case for a problem child, these are not good stats to support that. Add the fact that he is not a good OF and it makes it even worse.

I won’t even touch on how he is as a person or as a teammate. I will just say that he is a terrible cancer everywhere that he goes.

The answer is to play Mayberry and bring up Brown when he thumb heals. Then wait for Utley. It is what it is.

May 17, 2011 5:20 pm

Absolutely not… Phils would have nothing to do with him
A couple of OF that could be on Phils Radar by Trade Deadline

LF- Carlos Quentin from the White Sox for Young players
RF- Hunter Pence from the Astros for young players
CF – Adam Jones from the Orioles from young players
OF – Xavier Nady from Arizona Diamondbacks for young players
LF/RF – Ryan Ludwick or Brain Hawpe from the SD Padres for young players

checking around the MLB with so many teams bunched up, their will probably will be fewer players available for teams still in a PLayoff hunt.. Teams that are out of it will be looking to deal veteran players.. The Think the Phils must look out and address are not just to get a bat for now but to think about who is be the OF of the next couple of seasons as Ibanez moves on, as Francisco porves to be a back-up material only and who knows if Domomic Brown can realyl be an everyday player at the MLB Level…

I like Adam Jones from Orioles for he fits the bill at onoly 26 years old and can be a cornerstone player for the next 4-5 Season as the Phils need to start turning over their roster of old everyday players with some youth and players in thier prime..