• July 4, 2022

Report: Eagles, Redskins And Cowboys To Pursue Nmandi Asomugha

ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes three of the NFC East’s four teams, the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys will be battling for the services of Oakland Raiders free agent Pro Bowl cornerback Nmandi Asomugha when NFL teams are finally allowed to sign free agents.

Schefter just appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter and went into the reasoning which has him at that point. First of all the Giants didn’t have serious needs at the cornerback position, but they still landed the second ranked cornerback in the draft Prince Amukamara. He doesn’t think the Giants will be in pursuit of Asomugha’s services.

The Eagles and the Cowboys went into the draft with serious needs at the cornerback position, but they didn’t address those needs. The Redskins aren’t as desperate as those teams, but you and I know how aggressive Daniel Snyder can be when he wants a player.

I personally don’t see the Redskins getting into this bidding war, but I definitely think the Eagles and the Cowboys will throw their hats into the ring. I don’t think any of these teams need Asomugha more than the Eagles who were the worst red zone defensive team in the last 25 years. Offenses were scoring touchdowns well over seven out of every ten times, they got into the red zone of the Eagles in 2010.

I think the Eagles will target him and offer him a big signing bonus.

Cornerback is quickly becoming one of the top-paid three or four positions in the NFL because it’s so vital to stopping the passing game, in what has become a passing league.


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  • It will most likely come down to Philly and Dallas getting him, I agree. The question is will they be able to out bid Jerry Jones? I don’t think so

  • we have to break the bank. Not sure how it can get done but we have to. This is not like a jwalker or a roy williams where it would be good for us to get em (thank God we didnt)….. CB is the #2 priority under andy R and this HAS to get done.

    Our only hope- we know Jones will pay big. VERY BIG. BIGGER than us. Our only hope is that he is tired of playing on losing teams and that he wants a ring. Philly RIGHT NOW is closer. AND….. i think philly is the fun place to be. Our leaders are… Djack, Vick, Shady. theirs are Romo, Witten….. id rather be in philly.

  • stevo, and if you’re Nnamdi, doesn’t playing opposite Asante sound pretty nice? Who’s the stud he wants to join in the Dallas secondary?

  • I can see it now….IF the Eagles do not land Asomugha, the fans will riot and annoint the offseason and future season a failure!

  • Pay him the money that they shoulda paid Peppers.

  • jott – You’re probably correct that SOME fans will do that, and then they’ll be proven dumbasses again like they have been so many times

  • jott- it would be hard not to. its the biggest need out there and nothing in the draft will change that.

  • schiller- i agree that many many many times there have been guys that we just HAD to get and im glad we didnt. I would argue however that because we did not upgrade in the draft, we have very few options on this one. If the birds somehow trade Kolb away for a starting CB (no knee probs PLEASE).. then we will be ok but we need to grab a starter.

  • The Eagles are not going to be chasing Nmamdi A, I repeat, no high priced rcb from Oakland will be signed in Philadelphia. Stop talking about it, stop getting the peasants all worked up. He is not going to be here, there is no possibilty the Birds are signing another huge money Cb. No shot, no chance, no way. They have to sign Vick and DJax this year, they are not going to be throwing more huge money around on the FA market. No no no no, stop. This is your reality update.

  • anderson- the birds shed big money within the last 2 years. They have TONS of money are not not afraid to spend when the right player comes along- see Asam, Peters (traded a #1 AND spent HUGE money on), Kerse and a few others. There is NO reason to think that they may not.

  • Folks there are only 2 shut down corners in the nfl darrelle revis, and nmandi asomugha if you are going to build your defense around a player then it would be him. On another note you gotta love desean jackson go to this link to read about him talking to nmandi.


    now in my opinion theres no doubt the eagles are interested in him but the question is, is he interested in the eagles? can playing in a dome factor in who he wants to sign with having played in sunny oakland? can playing on a team with vick and along side asante intrigue him? if dallas wants to male him the highest paid CB would that have an edge over signing him? answer is we dont know but im sure we will find out come late july

  • but i agree anderson….. dont be surprised if they go in a different direction like JJ.

  • if he likes vick he will come here…alot of guys either love vick or hate him. i believe this will be the difference maker. philly will put money up for him becasue they have no choice and they have proved they will (samuel). get it done birds, not only signing him will make the team better but also block the redskins and cowboys from getting better.

  • @anderson –
    agree I dont see them paying a 29yr old CB $15m per season…. instead they go after Jonathan Joseph at age 27 for $8-10m per season.

  • I think the eagles will land him because everyone want to come play in philly we get the most tv time an no one wants to play with the sinking cowgirls

  • Stevo, you are correct, the Birds have certainly spent lavishly when they get a player in their sights, no question. When they want a guy the deal gets done, they have been solid closers in those situations. I just do not believe that they are backing up the Brinks truck for Asomugha when they have Asante over there at LCB bringing down a huge pile of money. Say hello to Trevard Lindley.

  • Eagles don’t get in bidding wars, so I’m guessing he won’t be an Eagle next year. As far as scores in the Red Zone against the Birds, let’s not forget that the entire Defense was the problem last year…. We let teams get into the Red Zone more than any other team so all those scores against us were bound to be from the Red Zone…. If they fix the schemes and upgrade the other positions a bit they can get by with a serviceable CB and not a Stud, which is the direction I see them going in.

  • Shiller, how have the fans been proven dumb asses, did I miss the parade? the Eagles will not outbid the cowboys and do like they always do, find some not ready for prime time player who will not be good enough. Their history of defensive free agent signings is filled with busts outside of Samuel.

  • he wrote me back on facebook, he is a cool guy. i told him good luck where ever he goes, but please come to philly. its the one from Nigeria … peace
    he thanked me for my support… so SUPPORT HIM NOW GUYS, GIVE HIM THE PHILLY LOVE…!~

  • Rasta, good point, no transaction in the NFL can be judged as a good decision unless it directly leads to a superbowl. Yep, that’s a reasonable position. (Please not my sarcasm in case there’s any confusion.

    The Eagles were the top bidder for Kerse. Were they not? The eagles were the top bidder for Peters, were they not? Were they the top bidders for Runyan? They got Vick. They got James Harrison. Not all those guys worked out, but to say they won’t be the top bidder because they never are is just plaing bullcrap.

    The fans were dumb asses about us needing Javon Walker, Roy Williams, even Tony G – we are and have been fine at the TE position since Tony G was a free agent. The Eagles certainly dont ALWAYS get their guy, or always bid the most. And many of the signings they make don’t work out great, but you sir, as usual, are too extreme for reason. You start with a valid point, and then you exaggerate to the extent that you sound foolish (not calling you a fool, just characterizing your posts).

  • shill , i am with you til you brought up tony g , i think mcnabb could have really used him. at that point they really needed a solid veteran!

  • I think the Eagles will make a strong offer,but probably not the Highest..
    I expect the Redskins,Cowboys to offer more $$$
    I also expect the Houston Texans,Miami Dolphins to also show strong interest
    In the end, The Eagles end up signing Free-Agent CB Carlos Rogers from the Redskins on a 3-4 Year Deal which I would be fine with as a consolation of not being able to sign CB Asmogoah who I believe ends up with the Redskins

  • Jerry Jones up against Jeffrey Lurie in a bidding war…must we continue these futile hopes?

    Lurie don’t stand a chance

    “Trevard Lindley” ..”Um Strap up kid”.

    Blind spot year 2. Right Corner

  • Redskins Secondary for 2011 Season

    CB – DeAngelo Hall and N Asmogoah
    Safeties – L Landry and O Atogwe (who they signed from the Rams b4 the lockout)
    (This Starting Secondary may not be the Best in the NFL, but all 4 players are ball-hawks and make plays on the ball as well as anyone in the league)

    Add this to their pass rush with B Orapko, A Carriker, and 1st Rd pick Ryan Kerrigen. This Redskins D will be vastly improved than from a year ago..

    Can anyone See Safeties Landry & Atogwe looking to flatten D-Jax/Maclin every chance they get when they come across the middle of the field .. I do…

  • He turns 30 soon number 1 and all though it may not apply to the offensive line players but players who are over 30 in the secondary are 86’d in philly. Eagles have 42 million in cap space signing him is possible to a 7 year 100 million contract but sets them back probably 3 years to sign anyone else to a big contract. With vick and d jax due this is a problem. Here is a quote from desean jackson on nmandi..

    “He has a lot of options, man,” Jackson said. “That’s a lot of money on his plate. The money he’s making is crazy.

    “Hopefully he can take a pay cut and come to the Eagles, and he can see Mike Vick, D-Jackson (Jeremy) Maclin, (Brent) Celek — we have a good chance over here man.”

    ****notice the word PAY CUT ****

  • songs, broken record called and left a message for you – their suing you for copyright infringement.

  • nothing to worry about everyone 2000man wrote him a note on the facebook and desean jackson told him to come here for less money. i think that makes it a mortal lock.

  • I don’t think we need him If we go after Hainesworth from the Redskins. Albert would make the sorry play of the linebackers and that right side corner go away.I think if the birds could pull that off we would go straight to the Superbowl.I think our def. line coach could control his irrational behavior. I remember when Buddy use to line Reggie up in the middle of that 46 WOWOW, AND WE CAN GET HIM CHEAP.

  • sum- Hainesworth is overweight and has had trouble with the law. I HIGHLY doubt if he will be coming. As far as buddys D- I wish it were 1993 but it is not. You need 3 starting CB’s in this league in 2011- Especially since the birds strike early and often. Teams down by 21 will not be running. WE HAVE TO HAVE 3 STARTING CB’s. 3! not 1 great one, 1 project and 1 ok one on IR. 3 STARTERS.

  • Remember the Name Marlin “Billie Jean” Jackson,
    He will get every opportunity to be the Starter at RCB or Possibly Safety depending on the recovery of N Allen and the Development of Draft Pick Jarrett
    Eagles played a lot of $$$ to Jackson to be on IR last year and he is under contract to the Eagles for 2011, they will want to see a return on their investment and give him every opportunity to win that Starter RCB position

  • Stevo, I understand that this isn’t 93 Albert Hainesworth is a great talent if his mind is right. He is not overweight for his position, he plays d tackle dude. the best in the game . There is no way you played football making those type of comments no way. I am willing to bet you that before last year football season started you were the one that said to you friends, that Mike Vick shouldn’t be a philadelphia eagle I could sense it in you.

  • Albert Haynesworth has lost the will to play, he’s done and you can stick a fork in him.. He already collected about $40-$45 MIllion of that $100 Million Deal he signed a couple years back with the Redskins… Does anyone think he really cares if he plays a down again in the NFL.. He’s done just like OL Shawn Andrews was who also lost his will to play… It happens every year to many players.. They lose that fire, they are done..

  • Paulman..you’re the same guy who claimed Vick would never regain his play precarceration. remember?

    You don’t know what Haynesworth will do in the future and if he just stand still that would be equal to the production our Eagles get out of Bunkley.

  • Yes I am Songs,
    Haynesworth has already made his $$$, Vick lost everything he had and had no choice but to work his ass off just to get antoher opportunity and yes I Admit, I didn’t think Vick had it in him but he proved me way wrong and many others that you can change which I am happy for him and the Eagles and have stated so many times..
    Haynesworth is not motivated or in a similar situation that Vick was..
    Could Haynesworth come to whatever team’s camp in tip top shape,focused and ready to play, I am sure he can if he wanted to, but does anyone really believe that he’s self-motivated enough to come back and play at a high level.. because I don’t ..

  • Paulman…Here’s what you should focus on when discussing Haynesworth…
    1 Is he a dominant force in a 4-3 scheme under Washburn? yes

    2 Is there a defensive tackle on our team with anywhere near his talent and upside? no

    That alone makes the defense better and that have nothing to do with his contract or any other excuse you may come up use…your thoughts mean nothing at all.

    He’s a better talent compared to what we have…period.

    If he make our defense in 4-3 scheme better than bring him on. That will probably help mask the right corner if we’re wrecking havoc up the middle.

  • Here’s a good question “G” can probably ask in an article.

    How could teams come from nowhere in the NFC only to leap frog over the Philadelphia Eagles to win it all while we stay competitive?

    This year Green Bay, The Giants bulit from scratch while we were the class of the NFC, The Saints were garbage and became Elite overnight with Peyton at coach…Tampa Bay Bucs was a doormat for decades and built a team that ended our run and won it all.

    “G” Why and which new NFC team stand to leap frog over us in the NFC to win it all while we stay competitive ?

  • Songs,
    Stop living in the past will you, Haynewsortrh hasn’t been able to stay on the field for the last 2-3 Seasons and is not the dominant player he was in 2007-2008 .. In fact he has missed numerous games during his career for various injuries, being out of shape and suspended by the leauge and then last year by his own team for conduct detrimental to his team and the NFL.. So you want this clown on your Eagle Team… I thought you were smarter than this Songs… His career is zippo,nada, finis and he has no place playing in for the SIlver and Green..
    I would take Antonio Dixon over the recent version of Albert Haynesworth

  • To Answer your other question for G about which new team in the NFC is rising and will win a Super Bowl before the Eagles.. Look no further than the Tampa Bay Bucs and even the Detroit Lions .. These teams have built themselves by drafting well and putting an emphasis and talent on the D/Line which wins you games come playoff time..

  • Dixon is nowhere near the pedigree of Haynesworth….Now Dixon and Haynesworth side by side……that’s a vast improvement…so I’m not into the either or because we can have then both. Dixon and Haynesworth would dominate the middle.

  • Paulman your unbelievable really you are, your in the same boat as your buddy Stevo CLUELESS on the game of football; But I knew it I knew that you and Stevo were talking smack about M Vick . What kills me is your a regular on this website and your comments are horrible(I would take Dixon over Haynesworth) WoW idiot. Ahey Paulman stick with disscussing board games or Tennis or something leave football alone Songsrme2 KNOWS FOOTBALL

  • If Haynesworth were in shape,motivated and focused, sure, he’s a great player but he hasn’t been any of these consistently in the last 3 Seasons, what makes you bozo’s think that all off a sudden at age 30 with over $50 Million already in the bank, is all of a sudden going to mature and be committed to playing football again.. You guys continue to be wishful thinkers.. Eagles have Zero interest in Haynesworth as do probably 25 of the 32 Teams in NFL… Give me A Dixon today over Haynesworth of today for at least Dixon’s in shape and shows up to play every game which has not been the track record of Haynesworth for a while now…

  • Yeah, yeah Paulman….we know

    We knew your football acumen when you claimed Kolb would be the new aaron Rogers and when you claimed Vick would never regain his old self after a 2 year lay off…Remember..it have nothing at all to do with the money…Haynesworth said he would take a pay cut to play under Washburn for the Eagles again…That means he have an incentive to prove guys like you wrong…and he slacked in washington because they moved him to a nose tackle after promising him they’ll build a line around him…Well the Eagles will be running the scheme in which he excelled, so I believe that will motivate him to come in and reak havoc.

    And if the Eagles can draft a 27 year old fireman that use to play hockey then a 30 year old all pro defensive tackle who technically took a year off should be ready to play ball.

    He’s arguably the best defensive tackle in the game when he’s motivated to play…and you could never place Dixon’s name within miles of Haynesworth..Dixon is a waiver wire pick up that so happen to be better than anything we had…that’s just proving to us how poor we’ve drafted at the DT position. The guys we have are just bodies if a waived player can now be the best on the roster. I don’t know why I’m even going back and forth with you anyway…You would choose Dixon or Haynesworth statement proves you know nothing about football. The best players win games…He is a better player..

  • Haynesworth has not shown me that he can still play..
    Of course he says he want’s to play for Washburn.. Why wouldn’t he since his career is on the line and he probably will get released by the Redskins..
    Haynesworth is more talented than Dixon obviously, but since he’s not in shape,often injured, overpaid, has legal problems, locker room problems, I again will state that I would rather have A Dixon on my team than a broken down Haynesworth
    And for the Record, I never stated that Kolb was going to be the next Rodgers.. I Stated many times that it would take at least 10 games to really 1 full season to truly evaluate his game and his potential and here it is 1 year later and I still don’t think anyone can really know how he will turn out since he hasn’t played a full season yet as a Starter in the NFL..
    I was wrong about VIck and have admitted as such.. I bet if you asked a 1000 people last training camp would Vick ever regain his form as a Top QB in the NFL, 90 %, if answering honestly, would say it was a long-shot at best, but Vick prved me and a lot others wrong which is great for him and great for the Eagles who caught “lightning in a bottle” but there is little comparison about the mental make-up and self fortitude between Haynesworth and Vick, Haynesworth has already pocketed and stole $40-$50 from the Redskins while Vick was broke,in debt and working his ass off just to get another opportunity… You think Haynesworth gives a rat’s ass about proving nay-sayers like me that he’s washed up and a thief that he is going to motivate himself to the point of being a top DT again in the NFL… More wishful thinking Songs…

  • Well Paulman the good thing about this is if he come to the Eagles and dominate you’ll be able to eat crow again before making the next asonine assessment of players…That’s what you do.

    At least you’re consistent

  • I will get you a Calender so you know which year it (2011 fyi)

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