• August 17, 2022

J.C. Romero’s Control Problems

There’s nothing worse for a pitcher than being shown up by a position player on the mound. Though, the opportunity for that to happen is one-in-a-million, the situation can arise when a game gets out of hand and bullpens are dwindling down.

That situation happened last night — or shall I say early this morning — when Wilson Valdez came in to pitch; his performance was quite impressive as he clocked in around 86 MPH and held the Reds’ middle of the order in check.

However, the same could not be said for J.C. Romero last night. The lefty specialist walked three batters (he faced just three batters) in 0.1 IP, and if not for a horrendous base running mistake by Brandon Phillips, could have blown the game for the Phillies. Oh, and Romero threw just four strikes compared to Valdez’s five strikes.

So what’s wrong with Romero?

In 12 innings this season, Romero has walked eight batters, surrendered 13 hits, and allowed five earned runs.

Romero has averaged 49 innings of work over his 12 year career, and if he hits that mark this season, he will be on pace for 32 walks, which would be his highest total since 2008. But, as it stands now, his ERA is at its highest total since arriving in Philadelphia.

Allowing runs is one thing that can kill a pitcher’s career, but for Romero, the main cause for his earned runs is his control problems.

With runners on base, Romero has walked six batters; when runners are in scoring position, Romero has walked four batters.

A reliever, especially one that is designated as a left-handed specialist, cannot afford to hand out free passes on the mound. If hitters are putting the ball in play, that’s one thing, but when hitters are standing at the plate with a 3-0 count, and Romero is still unable to throw a strike when the batter puts his Louisville Slugger on his shoulder, that’s when problems occur.

Last night, David Herndon and Danys Baez — two pitchers that have received criticism as of late — pitched very well and kept the Phillies alive in the 19 inning thriller.

As of now, Romero is on the hot seat. I don’t want to say it, but he just doesn’t look the same; the 34 year-old might be running out of gas.

What are your thoughts on Romero? Can he work things out?

Kyle Phillippi

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  • He hasn’t been the same since his 50 game SUspension after gettting caught with Supplemetns/PED”s over 2 years ago … Why they even brought him back this year is beyond me.. Time to move on and move him out..

  • They had a few better lefty options this offseason. Amaro decided to go on the cheap. This teams backups & bullpen are full of cast offs, rule 5 bums, & career minor league players. That’s why the Phils got exposed this year. They are too old, with no good young players or viable backups. For every good move Amaro makes, he dumpster dives for three more. Not to mention all the bad contracts. I’m pleasantly surprised they’re still in 1st =>

  • Amaro could have saved money by just ushering free walks to opposing batters at the time Romero would have pitched, then at the time he would be pulled, insert a live pitcher. Romero gives you nothing but a body filling a uniform and like Paulman stated, why they brought him back is beyond me. Enough already, just bring up the next best triple A lefty, he’s sure to do better than that.

  • I said months ago that he hasnt been the same since the ban substance results, alot of it is mental. Hes most likely gone after this year…

    Has anyone noticed someone else struggling with there control? Cliff Lee. This hasnt been a good year so far for our guy, lets hope he can tighten things up, its still early alota season left…

  • “that’s why the phils got exposed this year” as having the best record in the bigs, first place in the division, favorite to win it all with emphasis on pitching and defense, the model for the “soft ball” era of less power, solid d and pitching,

    Dd, are you paulman’s son?

  • Romero has simply lost his confidence because his stuff isn’t as good as it was. He tries to nibble too much and then he gets shelled because he pitches from behind. He is no longer a viable option especially with Bastardo pitching well. They could still use another lefty out of the pen. That being said the bullpen has been tremendous this year with Stutes developing and Madson finally realizing that he has the stuff to be a top notch closer.

    I don’t understand the cheap comments. The Phils payroll is as high as it ever been, so how can he be cheap? Would you rather the Cliff Lee money going somewhere else?

    And lack of young talent? Dom Brown, Stutes, Worley, Bastardo. I will ask you the same question DD. Would you rather that they had Carrasco, Drabek and Happ? Would you rather that this team was the Pirates who are loaded with young talent? I don’t understand your complaints at all and why you are so negative about a first place team that has been devastated with injuries this year. That attests to their depth as they have maintained the lead in the division. Do you think that other teams would do as well with so many players on the DL? So in conclusion DD, get a clue.

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