• July 1, 2022

Phillies Should Stop Handing the Ball To J.C. Romero

If Charlie Manuel had left J.C. Romero in the game, the Phillies would have coughed up that lead and lost the game to the Chicago Cubs.

Could Ruben Amaro Jr. do the right thing and get rid of Romero? He can’t throw strikes and he never leaves things in a better condition than he finds them. The guy is a walking can of gasoline.

I hold my breath when I see him heading to the mound. What does he do immediately?

He falls behind hitters, starts walking guys which guarantees trouble. Romero has surrendered 12 walks in only 15 1/3 innings. That’s close to allowing a walk an inning. His stuff isn’t good enough to be able to survive with such a lack of control.

Jose Contreras isn’t far behind Romero. He has come back down to earth which isn’t a surprise, but he pitched great when Charlie Manuel inserted him in the role of being the team’s closer. The veteran pitcher has seen his better days and he must improve his performance or Manuel will have to stop sending him out there.

He’s got some time to show improvement.

Romero on the other hand, hasn’t impressed anybody in years. He was awful last year, but Manuel had patience with him. Time has to be running out on him. I’ve had enough of him, I’m waiting for Manuel to get to the point where he feels the same way.


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  • I agree 100% and didn’ t want the Phils to re-sign for this Season to begin with, he has always had controls problems during his career which have only gotten worse sinc ehis post 50 Game Suspension for PED/Supplements violations from 2 years ago.. I stated in the off-season that this PHils Bullpen (along with a weak Bench and an aging starting 8 would rear it’s ugly head this Season and prevent this team from Winning a WS even though they have assembled a great Starting Pitching Staff.. The Bullpen overall has exceeding my and many others expectations so far this season, but now with the dog-days of Summer upon us, The Phils can;t expect their Starters to go 8 Innings every time out.. OUtside of Bastardo/Madson, the others are starting to show their wear a little bit and now teams are more familiar with Stutes who has pitched well overall.. But Romero,Baes,Herndon scare me every time they come out and Bastardo/Madson can’t pitch every game..
    COntreras and Lidge (when he returns) are the wild-cards, IF they pitch Effective which is a question mark, then the Phils BUllpen is in pretty good shape, If Contrerars and Lidge are not effective, injured,etc,then this team will falter down the stretch for all the hoopla surrounding this Starting Staff,
    the way this team is built with a lack of run support, most games are going to be determined in the 7th/8th/9th Innings and come August/September, these Starting Pitchers are going to have lots of innings in their arms and may struggle down a bit down the stretch.. But bottom line, Romero needs to go ..

  • What the hell is it going to take for Amaro to get rid of this f^@king loser? I don’t know who pisses me off more Romero, Baez or Herndon. All 3 suck Rhino balls. Contrares hasn’t been the same since being hurt. You CAN’T go through the rest of the season burning out Bastardo & Madsen. I like Stutes but he is still a kid. I said it before & i’ll say it again, “Amaro has done a piss poor job putting together this team since the World Series”. This teams nucleus is old, overpaid, with diminishing skills. Amaro rounded this teams bench & bullpen out with dumpster crap, journeymen & Rule 5 stiffs. It’s difficult to watch these starters pitch their balls off game in game out, to get NO run support, & these f^@king loser in the pen blow leads when they do score runs. Unacceptable. I’m sick of hearing about their record & 1st place, too!

  • Would you idiots stop complaining about the number one team in baseball anytime soon? I’d hate to see what you would say about them if they won the World Series, sheesh.

  • There’s nothing else to complain about Birdo.. No Eagles News,Ota’s, Draft Pick signings, Free-agency signing/departures,Trades, Zippo.. The NBA Daft is coming up. so I guess I can bitch about who the SIxers select or don’t select or maybe the Flyers can sign or release another Goalie or 2 soon.. Good Grief…

  • The only reason why the phils are number 1 in baseball is because of their starters and polanco. I’ve never been impressed with romero baez or herndon, but now I realize they just suck. We have holes in our entire team and we won’t be able to fix them in one season, but we should start. I say this year we trade for an OF who’s good and young like an adam jones, hunter pence, etc. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of victorino. I remember when they had rumors about trading victorino for matt holliday… miss those days. Also this last offseason amaro did a decent job. He made do with what he had and we got cliff out of it, but he has made some questionable decisions in the past. Let’s just hope and pray for the phils!

  • So now your going to make EXCUSES as to why the Phils are number one PhanPhour? SMH, kick rocks.

  • I am sooooo through with J C time to goooooo elsewhere.

  • He hasn’t been the same since 2008. He is afraid to throw strikes, so he is always pitching from behind. Bastardo makes him completely irrelevant. Bastardo, Stutes and Madsen are going to be the back end of the bullpen for years to come.

  • Paulman your analysis of the Phillies preseason is uncanny. Their bull Pen is a STRENGTH of THE TEAM. How many friggen relief pitchers do you need bro? Stutes Bastardo Madsen. Herndon has been ok, and kendrick is supposed to be the long man. Contreres is going to be fine, hes a veteran. Yes romero stinks, but he was the only option for a lhp which they needed. The other two are in case they need someone to work the 3rd durring a rain delay, or the 14th. You act like all of your predicitions are true. THEY ARE THE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL. Stop gloating about being correct when you are far from it. They have saved 22 of 24 oppurtunities. Overall they have the second lowest era. Get over yourself and watch the games. Their bp has excelled.

  • I have stated numerous times that the Phils Bullpen has been excellent so far this season and has been the most important part of the team for some of the reasons you mentioned. You need to have 4-5 Good relievers for you can’t have the top 2-3 Relievers pitch every game/day. Right now the Phils relief group is in pretty good shape but will need to hold up and some production from Lidge/Contreras or the top 3 of Madson/Bastardo/Stutes will get worn out by August..

  • And for the Record, Am I surprised how this Bullpen has performed so far this Season ??? Yes I am.. Can they maintain and keep this up all season, I am not so sure.. If the Offense could be more consistent in putting 4-5 runs on the board each game, then it wouldn’t worry me as much..

  • I am actually going to come to Pman’s defense here. Starting the season, I was just as worried as he was about the bullpen. Lidge wasn’t healthy, Madsen was terrible as the closer last year and they didn’t have a solid lefty. That is what makes what they are doing so much more impressive. Home grown talent taking over what is now a pretty strong bullpen.

  • Birdo just because the phils have the best record in baseball doesn’t mean they can’t make changes. Look at the spurs. Best record in the NBA but get bounced by the grizz in the first round of the playoffs. Get your head out of your ass and realize the phils need to make changes if they want to win.

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