• January 21, 2022

Could Jeffrey Lurie’s Excitement Be Nmandi Asomugha, Albert Haynesworth & Plaxico Burress?

It sounds like Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and Head Coach Andy Reid are ready to put all their cards on the table for the next few years to bring a Super Bowl to the city. Lurie’s comments to Ashley Fox of Philly.com makes me think he will give Reid every chance he can to win a Super Bowl in the next few years before the big guy moves on.

“We’re ready to roll when there’s a new league year, and we’re all very excited both about the opportunities for free agency and whatever other opportunities exist,” Lurie said. “We’ve been ready to roll for a while. We’ve got a great plan in place, and you never know what you can accomplish, but I know we’re going to be both aggressive and hopefully make the right decisions.

“It’s frustrating to be a team that’s poised to make some of the moves we want to make and not be able to. I think we’ll be very excited when the league year starts.”

Lurie wouldn’t be making those kinds of statements unless he knew the Birds were in definite position to make some big moves. They obviously must know that they can make some offers that nobody else can top. The Birds may have already cut a deal or two with an agent or two, but the deal hasn’t been put on paper.

The major moves are needed on the defensive side of the ball. Free agent cornerback Nmandi Asomugha is probably part of the moves. They had the worst red zone defense in the last 25 years, so Pro Bowl cornerback Asomugha would be a major improvement at the right cornerback position.

With Asante Samuel on one side and Asomugha on the other, the Eagles would be able to blitz and play man-to-man frequently.

I could also see them cutting a deal with the Redskins to get their hands on massive defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. The Redskins are trying to get rid of Haynesworth because he doesn’t fit in their defensive plans. He made it clear that he wants to play for only one coach and that guy happens to be Eagles new defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

Washburn is the only coach who has been able to harness Haynesworth’s talent, so Philadelphia seems like the only place where the big fella will play next season.

The Eagles had a couple of major offensive shortcomings. One was their ability to handle the blitz and the other was getting the ball into the end zone after reaching the red zone. If they could add 6’5″ Plaxico Burress to their receiving corps, it would solve some of their problems in the red zone.

Burress would also be a great target for Michael Vick versus blitzes.

If the Birds added Asomugha and Haynesworth to their defense and pair them up with Burress, Michael Vick and one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, I think Eagles fans would be very excited in anticipation of the upcoming season.


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  • Every year the FO uses the word “excited” in most of what they say. I’d rather
    wait to see what transpires. getting excited and then dissapointed is getting old.
    They throw around corporate buzz words to create interest. Are they going to tell us we may have only an eight game season and really get us excited.

  • Hell Yeah they are getting all them guys. We are gonna win 7 straight SBs…..

    Wait, I shouldn’t say that, LeBron did and look what happened. LMAO

  • G, i know you didnt want to say it but if they do get those guys it would mean that the birds will be contenders. Bottom line. Hopefully its not just wishful thinking. Ive yet to hear lurie come out and sound so confident in there chances in FA and the moves they plan to make, this is the first time… The ones id like to see here the most would be Nnamdi and Burress… theyd make the biggest impact out of all the free agents available… The haynesworth deal would only come thru a trade, they may give draft picks for him…

  • After they end up with some bargain priced Free Agents or ones coming off injury he’ll say “We were prepared to be aggressive but the other offers were, in our opinion, over valued for the players we had targeted.”

  • G, you might be correct because, I don’t ever remember Lurie this forthcoming or excited before. Usually you here comments like “Gold standard, best lineup in league, or Andy handles that stuff”. If they get those 3 guys, they better at win the NFC. I would rather have Nnamdi, C. Johnson & a play making LB. You do not need a luxury like Burress. Would be nice, but there are too many holes on this Defense.

  • You could bring in Jerry Rice, Lynn Swan and Barry Sanders and we still would lose. Get rid of Reid and bring in some fresh ideas.

    I am an Eagles fan but honestly the same scheme for 10 plus years is pretty predictable.

  • What does anyone expect Lurie to say, “This lockout/holdout is a real drag and messing up with our off-season plans to trae Kolb and acquire players x,y,z…”
    Let’s see what happens but to be honest, if No Settlement is reached in 2-3 weeks, this 2011 Season will be shortened, and end up meaningless to me and they are better off planning for 2012 and beyond which is what I think they really are planning on to begin with…

  • It would be nice to have all these guys in Philly Green……. it’s possible but I think the birds will look at Nnamdi and perhaps Burress……..????

    We need to win now…….. I cant take my talents elsewhere like #6…… But perhaps #7 and #17 could make a difference to help us in the redzone……. D-Jax and Mac and McCoy could make the big plays happen when needed….. If Burress isn’t an Eagle than Nnamdi will fill that void to shut him down if perhaps he’s a Redskin which I highly doubt Burress will sign a deal there….. If the Eagles break the bank and spend on talent this year…… We all know what 2004 brought us……. To the Superbowl Championship…… And perhaps we can win it this year with a more hungrier QB with Vick……. No disrespect to Mcnabb…..

    Albert haynesworth would be great……. A guy who wants to prove himself to the NFL and to the LADIES………. Washburn perhaps will put the fire back in his eyes if he’s an eagle……. And the City of Brotherly Love will embrace him with open arms…….. Still has something in the tank……..

    Every team needs a guy who is the wild thing aka Charlie Sheen of the team…… A guy who is problem-matic!!!!!

    STEVEN JACKSON……. Didnt win a ring but he’ll whoop some ass in the process……
    A little attitude on the squad could do some good for our team……..

  • G:
    I like the young man (CB) from the Raiders. I agree that that would be a great acquisition. Haynesworth would be a tremendous pick-up; as long as he has the discipline to heed the call of the airhorn. Being a DT, he needs to heed it regularly around the last game of the pre-season. I also require Jason Babin to commit once again to the Eagles.
    You are not unwise, G. But we are both spending other people’s money.

  • Rather have a solid LB than haynesworth. I want haynesworth but not for $100 million. Plaxico would be nice same with babin… I liked babin when he was here and was disappointed when he left.

  • JROC, I agree. They need a little sandpaper on this team. They are too nicey nice for my liking. The need a couple of Jon Runyans on OF & a guy or 2 like Ray Lewis on DF.

  • Phantastic Phour……it will not cost 100 million for Haynesworth because a chunk of the money went in his signing bonus along with his salary for 2 seasons.

    Haynesworth already stated publicly that he would take less money to play with the Eagles, So it’s easy to assume if traded the Eagles would restructure the remaining money and include incentives.

    That’s doable…and again…he have already made a good amount off of that contract signed with the Redskins. If we get Haynesworth and Asomunga that will help our defense big time..and throw in Burress ..”Gravy”…Maybe we can throw in Cooper for Haynesworth to fill Redskins need at receiver.

    If this happens we can call this offseason an aggressive, successful off season.

  • He’s going to be released anyway & you can sign him to what you want. Any team would have to be stupid, to trade anything for this guy for that contract he has. Shanahan was stupid by not rleasing him when he had the chance. What is that jackass trying to prove. I know Fat Albert is a lazy fat thug, but Shanahan acted like a petulant child too. Do what’s right for your team. I hate stupid stubborn people.

  • I don’t want that Fat cancerous waste of space on my team. He got his money & ran, do you actually think football even matters to him anymore. Spend your money more wisely elsewhere BIRDS.

  • I just can not see the Eagles giving big money to Namdi with Asuante’s big contract. That would be15-20% of the teams payroll at cornerback. It sounds great to talk about, but hard to see from a dollars and sense perspective. Is there a need, absolutely. The only way it happens is if the Eagles to look at the high cost of Namdi and the bargain prices of Haynesworth, Plax, etc to fit in their desired team salary. Still not sure if there is going to be a salary cap or completely up to the teams like last year.

  • I want the Eagles to play the Young players.. With the extended holdout this year leading into a shorten camp and possible a shorter season, I am throwing in the towel for the 2011 Season for it will end up being a sham with Asteriks…No sense in my opinion, in bringing in Veteran Players (30 years old +) who are short-term fixes at best, and that’s if they can even pick up the system and contribute in 2011 with this Holdout going on.. I would rather the Eagles play and develop the young players with an eye for the 2012-2013 Seasons for 2011 will be a mockery of football and to be honest, if this Lockout goes too much longer, then I could care less who wins in 2011 for it won’t be legitimate football to me…

  • the birds struggle in the red zone and i think its a no brainer to bring Burress in here to help out inside the 20

  • lets see how big the eagles do it. I would love for them to get this done.

  • Paulman- the eagles are not loading up for 2012- just stop it with that crap already. I have been saying it for MONTHS… the birds have been talking to players and they have a good idea of who will and will not be on this team this year. They have enough young depth at the CB position to compete AFTER they get their starter at right corner. Andy made DRASTIC changes to how he runs the team… fired the DC, brought in some coaches….. he is NOT trashing this year to get get to next year. This is not a dress rehersal for the 2012 season. The birds lost to the superbowl champs this year by a failed back of the endzone TD attempt this year. They did all this with a MESS on D!!!. PLUS…. they have buttttttttt loads of capspace. Please PMAN.. think before you speak.

  • i can MAYBE see Buress OR Fat albert, but not both. I think Buress may happen. Andy has been openly smitten with this guy for years.

    Call me crazy but id love to see what our new Dline coach can do with these DT’s. They have NEVER had a good coach in philly. Im not saying they will be amazing but i trully want to see what they can do with him here. Bring in a starting CB (i still think this happens via a trade for Kolb but am hopefull for Nnamdi).

    One thing that is not talked alot about on here is a change that will almost for sure happen with the new CBA- The birds have been great at managing the cap, they find ways to make it work in our favor (thats why it often looks like they are cheap)…. in the new CBA, the players want teams to use more money EVERY year…. so… the birds actually will have to spend even more and cant play the cap game as much.

  • Before everyone talks about how much Cap Space the Eagles have, you do have to remember that the Eagles are planning to sign long-term Deals with Vick/D-Jax and probably RB McCoy so some of these $$$$ will be going to players already on the team..

  • yes- you are right pman. also remember….. the cap will be going up too.

  • Paulman- we get it… the phills will finish in 2nd place and the birds will do nothing this year…… ok…. your thoughts are known. Please, go back to the kiddie table and let the adults talk now.

  • and The Sixers will draft a foreign Player no one ever heard of before and the Flyers will be elimated in the 1st Round in Playoffs next year due to poor Goaltending…
    What is so surprising about any of my predictions, Stevo..

  • pman- you cant throw in 2 things that happen every year to try and ligitimize your 2 off the wall thoughts. The phills are better than 2nd place…. you called them a AAA team. And the Eagles never throw away a season.

  • I can’t help it Stevo if I am lucky…

  • To everyone who keeps saying the Eagles will not sign high priced free agents… where is your precedent? They sign the players they want. If they see a guy they want, they pay and go get him. You are talking out of your ass if you think the eagles wont sign Asomugha because of money. There is ways to structure all of these deals we talked about to get under a cap as high as it will be in the future. Also, a shortened season does not amke the superbowl champion any less of a champion. I wouldnt give two craps if half the season was wiped and the eagles won. Noone would be able to get it through my head it meant any less. The only reason I would care is because I would miss 8 weeks of football. Finally, screw albert haynesworth and the horse he rode to washington. We seem to forget, conveniently, that he is currently disputing a sexual assault claim among other off the field issues. He is not going to be part of a winning organization. He has issues everywhere he goes. Was Washburn the coach when he stepped on that dudes head? I believe so, so no I dont want him. He is a pos and can go rot somewhere in jail.

  • YES GOAT!! i agree…. just because the birds didnt sign jevan walker like 5 years ago means that wont pay for a FA they like….. they were really wrong about benard barian too… those cheap jerks!! If only they would have outbid the cowboys and offered their first and a second for roy williams…. right guys?

    this FO gets the guys they think are of value. Asam signed here like 12 seconds after FA opened. The man got paid.
    They traded a first rounder for peters and then paid him a ton. Jevon Kerse was a bust but they spent alot to get him.

    Yes there are times when i wish the birds would have gotten the guy i wanted…. Peppers, Tony G. But to call them cheap or to say they will take a yeaar off is just plain stupid.

  • They will talk to “Value Players” and get players from the Canadien Football League..

  • pman, yes, i think they will add some players that are not “top flght” FA’s as well but im pretty sure we will add 2 new starters on D. Good ones.

  • Paulman, you finally made me laugh

  • I don’t think DJAX is going to get as big, or long of a deal as he, or other people think. Even though I love him, & he is explosive, he is small, injury proned, & disappears for games at a time. He is not worth being paid as a top receiver. If the BIRDS thought that, it would have been done already. Their history is to sign their guys early. Although the lock out has complicated matters.

  • Well if they’re going all in, they better keep Kolb because Vick will get hurt at some point.

  • This owner pulls his fairy crap all the time. Always ready to make that big move. He and his weasels in the FO are not from Philly and don’t feel the passion of the city. He feels the success of money. Reid is a fat slob loser who will not win a SB because he is a puppet brainwashed by this weasel owner.

  • Like I said all along we don’t need Plaxico or expensive Asomugha we need Fat Albert and that’s all we need and we can get him cheap; we should do something else with that money LIKE SIGN THE PLAYERS WE HAVE ON OUR ROSTER NOW. Paulman, don’t let the birds sign Haynesworth because if they do I’m going to ride your non knowledgeable about football BEHIND till christmas 2015; and saying ” I was wrong” like you said about Mike Vick when you said we shoudn’t sign him is not going to cut it.

  • Tell us how you really feel PETE, don’t hold back. BTW, Andy isn’t fat, he’s Husky. LMFBO!!!

  • I really want to go with G Cobb on this one, but I’ll just listen to something Cobb always says..

    “Dont pay attention to what the Eagles SAY, pay attention to what they DO”

    I need to see more action before I believe they’ll copthose guys and do the right thing

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