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Eagles Will Be Looking To Sign Talented Free Agents

The Eagles front office led by team President Joe Banner have always done a great job of knowing the status of their salary structure and the salary situations of the other teams in the league. Right now they’re waiting to pounce on some teams who will get caught with their pants down when the CBA is signed.

I predict that the Eagles will target some young talented players, who have not been mentioned by the media. Here are a few of the possibilities:

Charles Johnson, DE, Carolina Panthers. Age: 25.
The Carolina Panthers would be totally foolish to give the Eagles a chance to sign the young and talented Charles Johnson. The young defensive end fits the Eagles needs perfectly because he plays the left defensive end position. He’s only 25 years old and has proven that he’s a star in the making. Despite Julius Peppers not being present on the other side of the line, Johnson was able to contribute 12 sacks in the 2010 season.

Marcel Reece (RFA), FB, Raiders. Age: 26.
Reece is an outstanding pass receiver and will again give the Birds a weapon at the fullback position. He’s a good blocker but Andy Reid will be drooling to get his hands on him. Last year Reece caught 25 passes for 333 yards for the Raiders. That number will move up to 40 and 500 yards if he becomes an Eagle.

Mathias Kiwanuka, DE, New York Giants. Age: 28.
The Giants are stocked with tremendous talent at the defensive end position. Mathias Kiwanuka was a former first round draft pick, who has been shuffled back and forth from linebacker to defensive end and vice versa. He has tremendous potential as a pass rusher, but he suffered a season-ending neck injury. He registered four sacks in only three games, last year. Depending on his health, he could be a target of the Birds.


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  • We will now refer to G-Man as ” Cobbodomis”

    Some other under the radar players for the Eagles to check…

    DT – B Mebane from Seattle Seahawks
    DT – B Coefield from Giants
    DT – N Hayden from the Panthers

    DE – Robaire Smith from the Browns, (Played in Tennessee under Washburn)
    DE – M Spears from the Cowboys
    DE- D Tollefson from the Giants

    OLB – Steve Tulloch from the Titans
    OLB – James Anderson from the PAnthers
    OLB – R McIntosh from the Redskins
    OLB – B Leber from the VIkings

    CB – Carlos Rogers from Redskins
    CB – Ike Taylor from the Steelers
    CB – Richard Marshall from the Panthers
    CB – Drayton Florence from the BIlls
    CB – Kyle Arrington from the Patriots

    Safety – Dwan Landry – Ravens
    Safety – Charlie Pepry – Packers

    RB – Tim Hightower from Arizona

    WR – James Jones of the Packers

    QB – D Dixon of the Steelers / T Smith of the 49er

  • IDK…… I like Owen Schmitt and I’ll believe the Birds will make him the man at FB……. He showed the Birds and us as fans that he can thrive in this Eagles offense and can become a probowl caliber FB……. With the rookie FB from USC Stanley Havili he can be a Rb but just in case of an injury to Schmitt he can convert back to FB duties…..

    Daryl Tapp played pretty decent his first year in Philly…… He had a nose for the ball and hurried Qb’s when his number was called upon……

    I think the eagles are high on this guy from the CFL Phillip Hunt….. They signed him to a 3 year deal and I believe the birds have another project in the works…. SMH!!!!!!!!……. But with Washburn in place maybe the project will come through finally!!!!!!! 🙂

    Mathias Kiwanuka will not be an Eagle……. He’s good and has great size…… But with an injury like what he had he’s much of a serious risk…… We like ACL guys!!! COM ON G…….. LOL……. He’ll fit in a 3-4 scheme to be an outside LB for the Ravens or Steelers perhaps….. He did play DE and LB for the Giants…….. But we’ll see what the Eagles have in mind which I’m not suprised they’ll shock us all!!!

  • @paulman…. We had Kyle Arrington and we released him but instead kept D. Patterson…… MAN……. Andy needs to smoke on that dimethylamine asap when it comes to talent search…….. Patterson did ok but Arrington did a better job than him……… Makes you think sometimes……????

  • “» BREAKING NEWS, Eagles, Front Office, News » Eagles Will Be Looking To Sign Talented Free Agents” What type of free agents were the signing before?
    How many teams want to sign untalented free agents? No more Reno Mahe’s
    Blane Bishops and Levon Kirklands.

  • I am wondering with the attitudes of the WSH Redskins backfield how we can protect our WR’s…….

    THis is a great plan I’ve thought of……

    It’s destined that the Eagles sign Plaxico Burress…… For #1 we have to face Laundry and O.J. Atogwe 2 games in a 16-18 games season…… With D. Hall as CB……. My guess with a guy like Plaxico who can take hits as well he’ll free up D. Jax and Mac from so much punishement that these two guys….. Which we all know that D-Jax and Mac do not like to take big hits…… The Giants have gotten better defensively and have given us a run for our money almost every game in the past few seasons……. As well as Dallas……. We must win convincely…….. The Eagles know that in order to take control we must dominate in our division to win it all…… That Monday night game against WSH was a great feeling for the fans and organization…… If we can win games like that against a division rival than why not stock up on talent with this talented FA pool……. My guess is that Philly must Eat!!!!!….. MUST EAT NOW!!!

  • Another thing is that the eagles must keep fresh legs within offense and defense……. The saints are a prime and ready team who specializes within this scheme…… Using fresh men prevents turnovers and such…….. The eagles must use this system in order to move ahead…..

    Experience is key…… Guys who have been their and done it can get us over the hump…… Adding key pieces in free-agency we can be an elite team….. When games really count……. Remember for the past few years the Eagles have been in a position of power to be a #2 seed within the playoffs and we failed to do so……

  • i guess i have to put the raider CB up here, the whole league wants that stud.
    ill repeat my desire to get posluzsny. but apparently were targeting tulloch.
    ill repeat my desire to get charles johnson, he’s the only FA DE i would want.
    plax is low risk/high reward and add a new dimension, i hope we sign him.

    im good with schmitt, but watching reece out in the west coast he is elite
    coefield is a strong player, but i’m not worried about our d-line (washburn)
    i would feel comfortable adding another OL or 2
    and a QB will be necessary after kolb gets dealt

  • excuse me for forgetting a sleeper in reggie bush
    the saints have too many RBs, his salary situation and possible destination will be interesting.
    would love him to take the chad hall role and return punts and kicks
    if we signed him it (if he got released) we would get tremendous results

  • Agree with the reggie signing in that he could play the wr/rb/kr/pr role but I can’t see him wanting to be the 4/5 option on a team. I think he’ll get a decent offer from miami, they need speed, and end up on the dolphins. As for marcel reece and kiwi i think both would be huge additions. Reece is 6 3 250 and runs in the 4.4 -4.3 range, he would be leonard weaver but faster. As for kiwi, I think he could be an underrated signing. He fits washburns profile of 6’3″-6’5″ 260-270 and could be really lethal in a rotation. If he can pass a physical he would be a cheap signing with a huge upside

  • If all of this smoke is a fire, & not a smoke screen this time, IMO this is going to happen, according to our needs & Andy Reid’s preferences– They will sign DE Charles Johnson, DT Brandon Mebane, LOG Justin Blalock & resign LB Stew Bradley, trade Kolb to AZ for CB Domenique Rogers- Cromarte & a 3rd rounder. Mike Patterson & J. Parker are gonners. I think this is feasible & they have the money to make it work. Everybody, as much as i’m on the Nnamdi bandwagon, they are not going to give huge money to another 30+ corner, & neglect all the other needs. BTW, please stop with the Fat Albert shit! Unless Washington releases his lazy, scumbag, thug, tub of lard ass, nobody with any scruples or a brain cell, will trade for the rest of his contract. He’s guaranteed 5.7 next. GTFO!!

  • Hey guys- look at us… Not talking lockout… We r talking about players the birds may add in 2 weeks or so… Amen!!!

  • Man, i’m salivating like Andy Reid at an $10.99 all day buffet, with the prospects of these starters– Defense- Cole, Dixon/ Bunk, Mebane, Johnson, Chaney, Stew, Fokou?, DRC, Allen, Jarrett, Samuels– Offense- Vick, Shady, Djax, Maclin, Celek, Peters, Blalock, McGlynn, Watkins, Herramana. ME LIKEY!! 😀 😀 How about you gents?

  • Hey, Stevo, sweet isn’t it?! 😀

  • Get me a right corner…. STAT. Everything else is icing.

  • For the Record,
    DDCar is the 1st Graduate of “Paulman’s NFL GM School”
    (Good stuff DD, and don’t forget you still owe me the last tuition bill…)

  • Paul, do you take food stamps. How about a membership to the jelly of the month club. Thanks Paul, I was trying to think reasonably & feasibly, not to be like everyone else, wanting 4 or 5 of the best free agents out there. As long as they get 2 studs, 3 good starters, resign their own coveted free agents & solid backups to fill our gaping holes (RCB, 2LB’s, LDE, DT, LOG or RT), this team will be a force. They will not/ cannot sign all of Nnamdi, C. Johnson, Haynesworth, stud LB, Burress & Bush. To all of the retarded, delusional media members out there, that try to lie & flat out make shit up, to peek interest from us hungry fans, GO F^@K YOURSELVES! Get out of LA LA land, go get yourselves committed, or suck on a tail pipe. F^@KING JIZZWIPES!

  • I need cold cash DDcar, my women have expensive tastes…

  • You do realize signing Charles Johnson (10 mil), DT Brandon Mebane (5-7 mil), LOG Justin Blalock (6-8 mil) is going to cost around 21-25 million a year? Plus resigning vick (13-15mil) and desean (7-9mil) the team is going to use there entire cap space, something they never ever do. Also how is Trent cole going to react when Johnson is making 3x as much as him. I think your the one who has the warped sense of FA. The eagles will get 1 stud and good players on short deals to fill in the other holes

  • dsm, where are you getting these contract #’s. 10 for Johnson, 6-8 Blalock, 5-7 for Mebane. I’m glad your not our GM. Way high! Also in no way will pay DJax 7- 9, nor is he worth it. Your correct about Vick, maybe Johnson. Blalock, Mebane, & Johnson are good starters, who only this past year played good. Lets not over react & overvalue.

  • Johnson is 25 and when given the starting role on a horrible team he performed pretty well, 10 sacks. Hes going to get a huge contract if he hits the market. Desean will get that money or he is going to hold out. Did you see the contract miles austin got? Djax will not sign for anything less than 7 mil a year. Same goes for blaylock and mebane, there both premier free agents at their positions and fairly young 27 & 26. We gave stacy andrews 6/38 to play guard for us. Check some numbers of players who hit the market then get back to me. It’s not what you think they are worth, it is what the market dictates. If Johnson is the best DE in FA hes going to command top dollar, its simple economics. If there are only so many premiere players at a position they can make teams overpay.

  • Jennings signed a contract for 4/26, miles austin 6/54, premiere WR command 7-10 million a year. Its what the market dictates and to expect Desean to sign a lesser deal isnt realistic.

  • BigE
    June 16, 2011 – 2:28 pm

    “» BREAKING NEWS, Eagles, Front Office, News » Eagles Will Be Looking To Sign Talented Free Agents” What type of free agents were the signing before?How many teams want to sign untalented free agents? No more Reno Mahe’s Blane Bishops and Levon Kirklands.

    BigE, my sentiments exactly. This would imply that they haven’t been doing this already. And in many cases they have demonstrated that. But I’m pretty sure every team is looking to sign “talented” free agents. The question becomes, who decide what “talented” is.


  • A CB is a must. Case closed

  • Pete, give it a break today, it’s fathers day, tomorrow, go for it

  • The Defense needs to add 3 solid players on this years Squad
    A CB, DE, OLB in that order..
    The Offense needs to add a quality OL for Depth and maybe add some Depth at RB,TE,WR
    Remember this Eagle Roster is the 3rd Youngest in the NFL (or was at the end of last year) and I expect that once some of the current older players like Mickell,Gaither,Hobbs,Weaver,N Cole,and maybe a Bradley & J Parker move on and or get replaced with younger players, this Roster will even get younger..
    Should be an exciting time if and when this Lockout ends..

  • Of course out of all years the eagles are ready to pull the trigger and eager to do so in FA while a lockout is in effect. If they should of looked into acquiring someone it should of been julius peppers last year, that guy had a monster year for the bears, for all those that thought he fell off…. but the way the birds should attack FA should be aggressive, i think Nnamdi wants to play for a team on the cusp of a championship, hes played for the raiders who are a horrid organization and arent a complete team yet so the eagles have a good chance to sign him… Kolbs gone i just am still confused as to what they will get in return for him… whats his worth?….It seems to me that burress playing here is a strong possibility… Reggie Bush does not want to play for the saints anymore after they drafted a running back in the 1st round, good nite if that wasnt a punch in the mouth idk what is, we may have mccoy but not even he can do the things Bush can do on the field, you cant view Reggie as just a running back, hes just a weapon and i think andy is cheesing at the thoughts of adding a player of his caliber to the team…. Albert Haynesworth is a player that we havent had here since the days of Reggie White, when haynesworth is motivated he can have that type of impact on a defense, he didnt want to play in washington in that 3-4 defense, hes a 4-3 DT and under his former coach Jim Washburn i feel he can have a great impact and change the eagles entire defense… Hes an automatic double team…

    Im not too positive that the eagles will look to sign another DE, i look at the draft last year and them acquiring Philip Hunt from the CFL they have alot of DEs on the roster that are young, they may just need to get coached up a bit, but for me to say TODAY that theyre gonna go out and sign a DE im not totally convinced because theyve seemed to have invested in the position already… I dont see them signing a LB, look at all the LBs they drafted and have on the current roster, Seems to me that they did a ovehaul of the LB core… they have alot more cover LBs, those who can cover the TEs and RBs…. yeah i just dont see them going after another LB… I know some are free agents from our team but i dont see it happening when they already have other positions to address, maybe theyll receive one back from the Kolb trade? I guess we ll have to wait and see…

    But i do feel that the birds will be aggressive in FA and will get there guys…

  • Some good points Jon,
    I do wonder if the Eagles FO will ultimately use this “lockout” as an excuse,for not being able to upgrade the Roster if they fail to land a couple of proven players on Defense.
    As far as DE position, I can see the Eagles releasing both Abriami and possibly even J Parker (due to high salary) and you do need to take in account that last yers #1 Pick DE Brandon Graham will most likely end up on the PUP list and not really be active until after week #5/#6 of the season at the earliest. To be honest, with him having major knee surgery in mid-December of last year, his impact for 2011 could very well be Zero or Minimal at best for I don’t think they will try to rush him back as they have done with other players (J Jackson,Nick Cole, C Ingram, E Hobbs,etc,etc) due to the large investment they have already made in Graham, so for all practical purposes, Graham is a player to plan on for 2012 but not neccessarily for 2011. Players like D Tapp, Teo, P Hunt and R Sapp will all have a great opportunity to seize major playing time, but does everyone think that this group is ready for the rigors of a 16 Game NFL Season, I don’t.. I can definintely see the Eagles adding a quality player at DE who can come in and contribute in 2011 for I am not even sure or sold on Teo & Sapp being NFL quality players and ex-Canadien P Hunt is a complete unknown at the NFL
    If Eagles don’t pursue a DE thru Free-Agency/Trade, then J Parker most likely remains an Eagle for 2011 (which will be his final season), but if te Eagles make a move at DE then look for Parker to be a goner (his Contract kicks in for major $$$ these final 2 years of his deal, If I remember correctly, and I don’t see the Eagles paying him $5-$6 Million for a 33 year old situational pass-rusher)..

    LB is similar deal (Sims and Jordan will not be offered Contracts)
    S Bradley is a solid player but has a history with injuries going back to his college days and has missed about 1/2 his playing time since being a Junior in College. I think they will offer him a 1 year deal which he and his agent will not be happy about and he will take his services to a mid-western team (Rams,Chiefs,Vikings) where he mostt likley will be offer more $$ and a couple year deal for some security.. If the Eagles again pursue a LB in Free-Agency (Tulloch,Leber,Rudd,Posluszky,Anderson), the Bradley is a goner for sure.. They Eagles have Drafted 4-5 LB’s the last 2-3 Drafts that they are high on (Chaney/Clayton/Matthews/Rolle & Fokou) to which they will build their LB Corp around, I don’t believe the Bradley is part of their long-term plan

  • Also meant to state that LB O Gaither will not be offered a contract either

  • Graham definitely wont be ready at the beginning of the season, possibly by mid season. But apparently teams like the patriots, rams, and others were very interested in Philip Hunt, he has the same body type and build of trent cole, and plays similar to him also. I like his chances of beating everyone out to start on the left side, i agree i cant see how the birds will possibly even consider bringing parker back, hes 33 34 yrs old cmon now, but the wild thing is that parker continues to beat out everyone there, thats really how he got the starting job over graham, he out played him and all the other DEs in practice, ugh whats that saying about the other DEs? Coaching? We will see this year because they have invested alot of picks and money on that position, we need to see results now…

    Honestly out of all the FA LBs available from other teams, id still rather keep our guys and coach them up.. The LB crop in FA is on the weaker side Paul Puz from the bills is a good player but honestly i see no difference between him and a healthy Stewart Bradley…Also the bills will probably re-sign him…But i do agree Paul that they will be letting alot of guys go like gaither, bradley and maybe even akeem jordan who is excellent on special teams but is expendable because hes not a game changing LB, all three guys have had the chance to start at one time or the other but didnt seize the opportunity,another thing is that we didnt win a title with them so its time to move on, i actually like the LBs they have on the roster right now esp the guys they drafted the past 2 years. Chaney looks promising, Matthews may have been the steal of the draft (Hartrodomus predicted that the eagles would draft him between rounds 3-4 and that he would be the sleeper of the draft) im a huge fan of him, Fokou is consistent and durable, hes still young so with some coaching he can be more than a solid player, but the LBs that were drafted the last few years were drafted to replace the guys that were currently on the roster, its a total overhaul of the LBs and the overall philosophy, these guys have speed and great coverage ability something that was lacking on this team before…

  • The key to Grahams return is mot likely tied into his re-hab and since the lockout’s been in effect, he’s been re-habbing at the U of Michigan under familiar Doctors and Facilities.. Hopefully he’s been in a Rehab Program that’s been designed and approved by Eagle Doctors so that he’s following Team procedures. I would think U of MIChigan has top notch programs,doctors and equipment but bottom line, he’s been rehabbing no for 3-4 months with any Eagles Staff oversight so we really don’t know what kind of shape his knee or the rest of Graham really is in .. Once he complete’s his re-hab, it’s not like he will be able to jump out on the field and play ball at 100%, I really expect 2011 to be a “lost season” for Graham unfortunately and the EAgles need to plan for this and if he is able to come back the 2nd half the Season, then so much the better, but to expect that to occur I think is foolish thinking.. (they rolled the dice with J Jackson last season bringing him back too soon and paid the price and missed him for the remainder of the Season after putting him out there when he wasn;t in football shape and 100% ready, since JJ couldn’t move too well laterally and still had a very gimpy Knee last Sept, he was force to use and extend his arms too much to try to slow down rushers instead of being able to move and get in front of them , thus contributing to his torn bicpes injury,in my opinion..)

  • Yeah its gonna be awhile before we have brandon playing at a high level again… But has anyone seen Jamar Chaneys twitter? man this guy sounds very motivated and driven to make a huge impact, He said something i didnt realize which was he started only 3 games, 3 games… and in that short period of time he played above and beyond expectations, who expected that from him? I know i didnt. He was forcing fumbles and making tackles all over the place. This lockout is hurting the 2nd year players and rookies because theyll have to catch up on alot of things, hopefully while the lockout was inactive the coaches were able to get them the playbooks so they can be up to speed a bit…. If chaney can put it all together he could be a top LB in this league, this guy has all the intangibles, lets hope he can be a James Harrison type of player. Jamar “Hitman” Chaney….

  • I am not on the Chaney bandwagon just yet, I liked what I saw from him those last final games, but alot of tackles made were down field as the Eagles Front 7 were pushed around a lot at the end of last season.. I want to see him and the other LB’s attack the line of scrimmage and make more plays in the opponents backfield which we didn’t see much from any of the LB’s for the last few Season’s. Hopefully with DL Coach QWashburn attacking style of the DL will allow the LB’s to shoot the holes and creat mid-matches where they are free to penetrate and make plays and not 5-7 yards down the field… But he definitely has a lot of promise but does need to get stronger at the point of attack..

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