• January 23, 2022

Eagles Could Become The Best Team In The NFL After Lockout Ends

We’re halfway through June. There has been no official deal made to put football back in business, but it’s impossible to ignore the optimism due to these ‘secret’ talks everyone knows about.

There have been reports that a new CBA deal is 80% to 85% complete. It’s quite possible that free agency could begin right after Independence Day.

Once players can be contacted for contract negotiations, how will the Philadelphia Eagles address their roster? At one point or another, a member of the front office has stated that they have an aggressive game plan and are prepared for every possible scenario.

Does that necessarily mean Nnamdi Asomugha, Albert Haynesworth and Plaxico Burress will be donning midnight green by training camp?? That remains to be scene.

As complex as a collective bargaining agreement can be, there are two main elements that will impact the free agency period the most.

1. Salary Cap: Thanks to the NFL owners voting against the now expired CBA, there hasn’t been a salary cap since the 2009 season. I find it hard to believe the next agreement will be without one. According to www.eaglescap.com , if the projected 2011 cap is $140 million, the Eagles will have over $42 million in cap space. That doesn’t include possible player cuts either.

2. Restricted free agency: The current lockout has been in effect for over 90 days, but the player movement that people have grown accustomed to hasn’t occurred in over two years. This is due to the final year of the last CBA extending restricted free agency to six years as opposed to the normal four. It’s very likely that the timeframe to become an unrestricted free agent will revert back to four years.

With the talent pool expected to increase and a possibly huge amount of cap space, this is how I expect the Eagles to address their positions of need.


When the Eagles signed Asante Samuel in 2008, it was stated immediately that he would be the team’s starting left cornerback. That’s been his role ever since. Whoever they sign this offseason has to be willing to play on the right side corner, even if for only one season.

Regardless of the outcome of the CBA, the No. 1 free agent will be former Oakland Raider Nnamdi Asomugha. The Eagles will do their due diligence and contact his agent, but I have a hard time believe they’ll agree to $15 million/year for a 30 yr old non-quarterback.

Another target will be Cincinnati Bengal Jonathan Joseph. He’s younger than Asomugha and will command a lower salary (probably around $7-8 million). The biggest question with him is: Does he want to leave Cincinnati??

Antonio Cromartie had a decent year with the New York Jets, but he may be a bit too outspoken to be considered a good fit for Philly.

The guy I think the Eagles will end up signing is Carolina’s Richard Marshall and he wouldn’t be a bad fit. He has experience starting at right corner and playing nickelback. He’s not Asomugha, but Marshall would still give the Eagles secondary a huge improvement.

Defensive End

2010 first round pick Brandon Graham is not likely to be available at the beginning of the season, which is slowing down his professional growth.

The Eagles also have a pair of “fastballs”, Trent Cole and Jaqua Parker, who have a tendency to slow down towards the end of the season. How new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo rotates his line is going to be a key factor.

Even with the possible contributions from Ricky Sapp, Daniel Teo’Nesheim, Darryl Tapp and Phillip Hunt, Philly still needs a left defensive end who’ll contribute against the run (That does not mean re-sign Victor Abiamiri).

Regardless of his Pro Bowl year in Tennessee, Jason Babin is not the answer. His current market value is not worth it when you consider his age and overall body of work for his career.

Many believe Minnesota’s Ray Edwards will ask for too much because a lot of his success cam from playing with Jared Allen and the Williams tackles. Andy Reid will still take a look at him if he thinks he can help improve the bird’s pass rush.

Carolina’s Charles Johnson had a breakout year after Julius Peppers bolted for Chicago recording 11.5 sacks. He also will only be 25 by the start of the season. If there’s a D-lineman Reid is eager to pursue, it’s him.

One guy I’d like to see the Eagles look into trading for is Miami Dolphin Philip Merling. He’s not an every down end, but his strength is playing the run. Unfortunately at 6’4”, 295 lbs the 4th year player out of Clemson is likely too big for the Eagles liking.

Defensive Tackle

Under defensive line coach Jim Washburn, I think a starting tandem of Broderick Bunkley and Antonio Dixon could be very good. It’s Mike Patterson who I’m worried about.

If Trevor Laws continues to play like he did last year, he’ll be getting a lot of playing time. The Eagles’ defensive tackle rotation isn’t terrible, but it could still use some improvement.

When he’s happy, Albert Haynesworth is the best defensive lineman in the league. He stated he wouldn’t mind playing under Washburn again after doing so in Tennessee. That said, the only way he’ll be an Eagle is if the Washington Redskins release him. The birds aren’t trading for him.

Another tackle the Eagles should consider is former Bear Tommie Harris. Although his production has dipped and he was benched after Week 2 last season, the former Sooner could be a productive part of a rotation.

Seattle Seahawk Brandon Mebane is not only a good run stuffer, he’s worked at become a solid pass rusher. If the Eagles were to sign him or anyone else, Patterson likely would be traded.


Don’t expect any additions to the linebacking corp via free agency at the NovaCare Complex. The Eagles have invested in five linebackers the past two drafts and it’s very likely that Stewart Bradley will be around at least one more year.

If any veteran(s) end up being signed it would likely be Bradley’s former teammate at Nebraska, Barrett Ruud of Tampa Bay and/or Oakland Raider Thomas Howard.


Kevin Kolb has reiterated that he wants a chance to be an NFL starter and he knows he won’t be doing that in Philadelphia anytime soon thanks to Michael Vick. Where Kolb is traded and for what has become one of the most nationally discussed topics during the lockout.

The question then becomes: Who will Vick’s backup be? Nobody outside of the NovaCare Complex knows how far Mike Kafka has developed. If he’s not ready to be a No. 2 I think the best option would be former Viking Tavaris Jackson, who’s had experience as a starter.

As talented as he is, I’m not sold on Vince Young as an Eagle. He likely will go somewhere he thinks he can start within a year.

If Kafka’s ready to be a primary backup, I think the Eagles should look into acquired Ohio State’s Terrell Pryor. He would be a low risk addition who could use 2-3 years to develop as an NFL passer.

Wide Receiver

On paper, the wide receiver position may be the one that needs the least amount of attention on the Eagles. That hasn’t stopped people from talking about adding Plaxico Burress.

While he would be a red zone threat, I’m not big on adding a 34 yr old two years removed from the game. Especially on a team that has spent those same two years on a youth movement.

If the Eagles really want to add size to the receiver position, I think they should pursue Sidney Rice or Braylon Edwards. Not only would either guy give a significant height advantage, they also can make plays downfield.

Signing either receiver would likely infuriate DeSean Jackson, but is it really a guarantee he’ll get the deal he thinks he deserves in Philly? Not at all. With Drew Rosenhaus as his agent, I think Jackson will demand more than what the Eagle think he’s worth.

That’s definitely something to keep an eye on.


One position that has flown under the radar has been punter. Sav Rocca is an okay punter, but his numbers always seem to drop during the second half of the season (His 49.3 net average in Dallas last December doesn’t count).

It’s time for the Eagles to move on from the 37 yr old Australian just like they preparing to move from David Akers.

There are free agents like Adam Podlesh from Jacksonville and Steve Weatherford of the New York Jets, but I think the free agent punter who would fit best the Eagles is Pittsburgh Steeler, Daniel Sepulveda.

Of course, the concern regarding Sepulveda is his health after tearing his right ACL (non-kicking leg) last December. The Eagles do have the luxury of rookie kicker Alex Henery’s ability to punt if Sepulveda wasn’t 100%.

My Eagles free agency prediction

My first prediction is that Reggie Bush will NOT be an Eagle. He’s going to want more than he’s worth and Philly has more important negations to focus on.

As far as who I think will be in midnight green when the lockout ends……

1. Jonathan Joseph-CB
2. Charles Johnson-DE
3. Albert Haynesworth-DT
4. Tavaris Jackson-QB
5. Braylon Edwards-WR
6. Daniel Sepulveda-P

Haran Knight

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  • I don’t think Desean stays here and in 3-4 years hes out of the league.

    Pursue Rice,Vincent Jackson and maybe Edwards.

    I think our corner willl be Peterson from the Kolb trade.

  • Sorry dont want Joseph……… Nnamdi should be #1 priority….. Braylon Edwards hands are in question……. He drops the passes that mean the most….. Especially on 3rd down conversions……. Albert Haynesworth we need to get him as well as Jason Babin……. They both want to come to Philly and work under former coach Washburn……

    Sav Rocca has done great in Philly…… A hell of a lot better than Dirk Johnson……. Charles Johnson isn’t going to be cheap……. Thats why I say get former Eagle Babin perhaps a 2 year deal with incentives he’ll produce…… The kicker we drafted from Nebraska Alex Henery can also punt the ball a mile as well as kick Fg’s…… Keep the both around and let Akers go……..!!!!

  • -Nnamdi

    -Haynesworth will be released and Eagles will sign him to a deal….

    -Jason Babin

    -If not Burress the eagles will try to persue Lance Moore from the Saints

    -Tavaris Jackson lacks self esteem so I say the Eagles will try to get Troy Smith…. He’s better than Jackson in my eyes…..

  • Great Job Haran!!

    i too have been caught in the big name dreams this year and although i think they may grab 1 of those names…. i think we add more talent without the big names. That said…. i dont think it will be the Sims or clemons type,…. it will be actual talent.

    Babbin is not coming here… and im glad. Im not sure why people are so focused on him.

    TJack would be a good fit here. I live in MN and have watched him play alot. He has talent but he needs to be in a place that does not need him to be the man right away. He’s a backup.

    @Atra, Djack out of the league in 3-4 years? what is wrong with you? Seriously…. people are clueless.

  • People seem to forget we just drafted a rookie DE Brandon Graham and I dont see the Eagles getting a guy like Charles Johnson whos going to want a huge contract with some years….. Perhaps 5 years……. Why not Babin…… He played well when he had his chances in Philly….. Played great in Tenn……. Worked under D-Line coach Washburn…… We’ll have 3 DE’s with starter money…… Trent Cole, Brandon Graham…… And if we get Johnson when will Graham get a shot at LE……. 2 year deal on Babin will workout…….

  • paulman, i’ve been on this site for a long time and i just registered here. and every comment you make really does baffle me. you think desean will be out of the league by the time hes 27-28 years old? are you nuts? hes made big play after big play, i personally like his big play ability as a punt returner. im not claiming to be an expert, but i firmly believe that if plax comes in and plays just okay… then we’ll have a dominate offense. desean is too small and its hard for him to get off the line when he’s being pressed. adding a plax will free him up possibly. and why hasn’t anyone talked about getting an offensive lineman to our team? do people not remember mike vick running around for dear life in the latter part of the year?

  • I do not think there is a shot the eagles sign braylon(overated) or charles johnson. They have 2 great starters at wr and are pretty deep at DE. Washburn does not play DE like normal coaches, he constantly rotates them no matter who they are. This means trent will be coming out of the game just like every other player on the dline. It makes no sense to give Johnson a 5yr/50 mil contract to not have him on the field constantly. Also washburn is supposed to be the best in the business, why not let him work his magic with what we already have? The birds would be better served signing/trading for one of the top corners (namdi, joseph, DRC) and adding little pieces here and there. This roster does not need an overhaul just tinkering. I think marcell reece from OAK would be a nice addition, hes leonard weaver but much faster. An interesting trade would be kolb n patterson for Dockett(doubt they move him tho) and a 2/3 then sign namdi or joseph and our defense is scary.

  • @jroc…. the reason I said Charles Johnson is because I was looking long term. Trent Cole isn’t going to be around forever. He already wears down early enough as it is. If the Eagles signed Johnson, Graham could rotate with Cole on the right side when he gets back to full strength and eventually replace him. If that were to happen, a tandem of Graham and Johnson doesn’t sound too bad to me.

  • jroc- babbin just went to the probowl after being cut…. he is gunna get more than a 2 year so-so deal. This is his chance.

    He is not coming here.

    @rocks- YES! 3 DE’s…. perfect.

  • DSM- wrong. this roster needs MAJOR work on D. MAJOR!

    de’s- lots of them, lots of so so players.

    lb’s- not good.

    corners- we have 1 and maybe 1 young guy, Not good enough

    SS/FS- young.

    LOTS of help needed on this roster.

    we are 2 GREAT starters away from being a good D.

  • Plus didnt they sign that guy from the canadian league. He had 16 sacks over there. I think they are high on him. Whats his name again? Truthfully i think everyone is living on high hopes. I dont think were gonna sign or get for that matter 6 new people. 2 or 3 at best i think. I could be wrong but we shall see. And lets not forget no matter what talent we bring in. We still have a Defensive cordinator that was an offensive line coach for 10 plus years. I love castillo but i still think that move is questionable.

  • Good Stuff Haran, Solid points and analysis across the board.
    Here are my thoughts on Free-Agents the Eagles pick-up

    CB – Carlos Rodgers – from Redskins (6′- 195 lbs – 29 Years old)
    DE – Mathias Kiwanuka – from the Giants (6-5 – 265lbs 26 years old)
    OL – Mike Pollak – from the Colts (6-3 305 lbs – 26 Years old)
    RB – Tim Hightower – from the Cardinals ( 6′- 225lbs – 25 Years old)
    WR Legudu Naanee – from the Chargers (6-2 225lbs – 27 Years old)
    QB – Dennis Dixon from the Steelers (6-3 210lbs – 26 Years old)

    With the Drafting on Safety Jarrett and LB’s Matthews & Rolle, I don’t think the Eagle will address these positions in Free-agency unless LB Bradley takes another deal from another team (which is about 50/50)

  • @stevo your right that defense is exteremely young but these guys have to play eventually or they will be cut. We cant keep them on the bench and have studs at every position. As HK pointed out we have drafted 5 LB’s in the past 2 drafts. The eagles arent going to throw money at a position when they have so much young talent. Same goes for safety where they have 3 very promising young players. The position that needs a major upgrade is CB, we have no one there. Dixon, Bunk n Laws should thrive under washburn when give the abilitly to just attack(their strenghth) and not worry about the run(weakness). Also rotating DE should help keep trent cole fresh and a combo of tapp/graham/parker/hunt/sapp/teo should be able to pick up the slack. Look at what washburns done with nothing in TEN. I would like to see what he can do with all of our tweener DE’s, which he prefers, than to throw money at a big name dlineman. Only position that needs to be filled with a starter is RCB however upgrades never hurt. No defense in the NFL has a stud at every single position, its not possible with a salary cap.

  • Paulman, with that list you compiled, with specific reference to height, weight, and age, what can you tell us about their family life, their spouses,girlfriends, we expect more info from you, how is Roy Oswalt’s father doing?

  • @Htkrocks…… I understand your thoughts…. How many years do people think Trent Cole has in the tank….. He’s in his late 20’s and still runs hard just about every play….. With undersized DT’s he would have perhaps a higher sack total….. Look at Jared Allen for the Vikings with the Williams Refrigerators next to him……. Andre Carter had a great season with Haynesworth beside him when Jim Zorn had the 4-3 defense in WSH…… Perhaps a better more physical DT perhaps Haynesworth beside Cole will not put so much ware and tare on Trent Cole…… But I do understand where your coming from…… But we all know AR loves his projects and he’ll believe Teo’neosiem will be the future of the birds……. GOOD GRIEF (Getting my Paulman on) LOL!!

  • I just think brining is 6 guys off free agency is unlikely. I mean i would love for them to add some pieces. But i cant even remember a team brining in that many players of FA in recent years. I think hanyesworth is a no go. Unless he gets cut. But at the same time who the hell at this point wants to take a chance on him. As far as nanee and hightower i dont see either of those happening. Hightower has fumble issues and has had them for a while i cant see the eagles signing him. And does nanee really help us in the red zone. Im not so sure about that. I really dont have any predictions because this has been strange year already but i dont believe these guys will be on the team or singed.

  • @Dawkplex…… It’s Phillip Hunt they signed from the CFL….. The guy looked good there…… Eagles will love to see what this guy has to offer!!!!!

    @Jakedog…….. Your not quite done with Paulman yet…… LOL!!!!!!! 757 stand up!!!!!

  • @jroc your right about haynesworth helping keep cole fresh. But the guys has so many off the field problems im just not sure. What was the last lawsuit, that he assaulted someone or something. lol

  • @jroc thanks for the name, ive been saying for 4 years now that we need a better DT. Just one good azz kicker to open up things for the guys on the end

  • @Dawk……. Thats all we need…….. We’ve been undersized for years…… D. Walker and Corey on his back flat Simon…….. Staaaaaatttts dooooont Liiiiiiiiieeeee! (Dwight Howard voice)……. A big block can make things happen for your DE’s to eat…… Patterson and Bunkley are the new Darwin Walker and Corey Simon……. No disrespect to the both but they weren’t a fearsome tandom……. Andre Carter had his best season with Haynesworth….. Hell that big defensive tackle from the Jaguars gave us hell against the Jags Terrence Knighton…….. The kid killed our front line……..

  • lol warren sapp has been dogging out DT’s for years now lol.

  • Kyle vandenbosh had a great season with the Lions when Ndamukong Suh was drafted by them…… And Trent cole is a hell of a lot better than vandenbosh….. I say get the Carnivore Haynesworth in the mix or a real BOLDER and we’ll see Trent Cole’s #’s rise……. It’s a gaurantee……..

    If it aint Babin here in Philly than it will be Haynesworth……. I know that Washburn is telling the Eagles staff…… “I can work with this guy Albert”! “Just let me deal with him”!

    @Dawkplex……. Haynesworth had swiped his credit card between a waitresses breast…… LOL…… He looks like the type who would do such a thing………

  • T Cole has 2 more full time play seasons left in him in my opinion..
    If he played 40-45 SNaps a game (instead of the 60 he takes now), then he could play another 4 Years.. I bet with limited snaps to passing situations he would still put up about the same numbers he has in his Career, the problem I have is that he’s a liability in the Running game and teams that Run right at him have the most Success (Packers RB Starks had 80 of his 125 yards
    coming from running at T Cole.. The Redksins RB Torian had huge gains around the left side of the Eagle DL.. It’s no secret, If you want to run the ball versus the Eagles, you run at both their DE’s (Cole/Parker) and then with the average LB play behind them the last couple of Seasons (Cogong,Jordan,(Sims, & Fokou) who was there to make the play???

  • @paulman…… The Eagles have always had issues with defensive tackles…. Remember Dawkins was the one who blew up a gap putting his 205lb. frame to make something happen with our undersized Defensive front line…… Well the same thing happens today……. We need to get bigger up front…… When Bunkley was out….. DID ANYONE MISS HIM????? WHAT ABOUT PATTERSON????? Dixon drafted by the Redskins was the best DT on our roster……. We dont know how to draft DT’s…….. Thats why Haynesworth will be a perfect fit for our defense…….. Than we can stop all these no name guys like Starks and Torain and the Jame Mungro type guys from getting highlights on us!!!!!

  • It was also in part of the DT 2 Gap Scheme responsibility that both JJ and McDermott ran without the proper personnel to run it right which requires big wide bodies who can hold the position and middle of the line down while the LB run to the holes to make plays.. This is also the reason you would not see many “Stunts” by the Eagles D/Line.The Eagles had success with these schemes with Corey SImon,Hollis Thomas and Darwin Wlaker for they were bigger than Bunkley/Patterson/Laws
    Now the scheme changes to a 1 Gap responsibility for the DT’s which basically means for the DT’s to beat the man in front of him and get into the backfield which should play to the Strengths of Dixon/Bunkley/Laws (I am not so sure that Mike Patterson will fit this new scheme well) We should also see more stunting by the Eagles DL under Washburn who likes to have his DL move and come from all different spots.. Should be fun to watch..

  • Darwin Walker and Corey Simon were above average DT’s…….. You couldnt even mention them with the likes of Warren Sapp’s or Pat Williams…….. They were like Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown at the DT spot…… A good paint job over a shitty interior…… I can add that Washburn will improve this front line…. But with a guy like FAT ALBERT…….. We’ll improve so much……. When the Eagles had the chance to get Grady Jackson from free agency…… I was yelling get this guy……. When he went to the Falcons he was a beast there…….. But we missed out as usual!!!!

  • 1. Jonathan Joseph-CB
    2. Charles Johnson-DE
    3. Albert Haynesworth-DT
    4. Tavaris Jackson-QB
    5. Braylon Edwards-WR
    6. Daniel Sepulveda-P


    i bet you missed on a six players. i see none of them coming here

  • Heres what a happy haynesworth brings to a great organization/good coach such as washburn!!!!!

    2008 Season with Haynesworth

    Total D (7th) 293.6 yds.
    Run D (6th) 93.9 yds.
    Pass D (9th) 199.9 yds.
    Sacks (5th) 44

    2009 without Haynesworth

    Total D (28th) 369.4 yds.
    Run D (10th) 104.7
    Pass D (31st) 264.7
    Sacks (22nd) 29

    Run defense didnt drop that bad but the rest of the stats speak for themselves…… If we add Nnamdi we could be in the top 3 if not the top of the list of pass defense……. With haynesworth in the mix he’ll help this team in so many ways….. Staaaaaaaaatttttssss Doooooooonnnnt Liiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!

  • These articles, whether from Eagles PR or from independents, which talk about how great this team could be IF… are ridiculous. This is very much more of similar “gold standard” publicity which so many Eagles fans are tired of hearing. Talk is cheap. Being a fan who’s been around since ’49, 50 then Dec,1960 (college freshman) and hoping to finally see first SB ch’ship, this hype has been increasingly worse since Lurie bought this team and brought in Reid. It’s easy to see why other NFL East & Steeler fans mock Eagles fans whose team has never “walked the walk” and have a Lombardi trophy.

    It’s fine to talk about whom the Eagles might sign as FA’s to make this team a “true contender” for a SB run, but until we WIN one, let’s stop writing articles extolling the virtues/talents of a possible 53-man roster.

  • I have to be the most cursed sports fan in my favorite two sports…… I’m a die hard Orlando Magic Fan but they live and die by one scheme……. A ton of talent on the roster but the same ol’ 3 point scheme that doesn’t work year after year……. Dwight Howard might be gone!!!! SMH…… Seeing Shaq leave and with a championship in LA murdered me…….. But I love my one scheme teams….

    Die hard Philly fan to the heart and with the pass pass pass scheme seems to haunt us every season!!!! SMH……. A guy told me that Jasper…….. Your teams schemes seem elementary and see through like Madonna’s lingerie…… I couldnt help but laugh and tell him Tim…… Go F@%& yourself!!!!!!!

  • Under a 4-3 scheme DE Andre Carter’s stats in 2009…..

    16 games played
    11 sacks
    62 tackles with 48 of them solo
    3 forced fumbles

    Made the probowl that season and played very well against us I might add….. He also force Qb’s to rush passes and Rb’s to move in bad positions to make their defense a lot better…… If you ask me…… Haynesworth is a difference maker…….

  • There is too many what if’s going around right now…I know theres not much to talk about with football being on “pause”, I understand that but Jets, Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, Saints, Bears, Packers…the list goes on…All these teams could be the best team in football depending on additions to player personel. I hope this gets settled soon, so we can all get back to reality!

  • DSM- q was on our roster for years till he had his shot.

    Im not saying they will geet 5 new starters on D but they will add a few.

    Stevo’s thoughts.

    1) The new rook SS will start.
    2) They will add a starting DE and grahm will be apart of the rotation for this year.
    3) They will add a starting RCB and TrevL will be the nickle.
    4) They will look to add fat albert if he’s there.
    5) Unless they wiff at DE and CB, i dont they they bring in a lb to start.

  • bottom line- birds have $, birds have LOTS of talent in SOME spots, birds have HUGE holes that even AR sees- you do the math. Mark my words…. new RCB, new DE (or DT or both). They are going so spend on this. Dont listen to Pman- its not a rebuilding year.

  • We should def. sign the punter coming off the acl tear, we could probably get him on a 2 or 3 year deal for $2.35 a yr plus incentives. Nobody’s trading for Albert H. and picking up that contract. Oh yeah I almost forgot Paulman’s a douche.

  • lol. i agree clueless…. we will not pay fat a that $.

  • One thing to keep in mind fellas are the status of the many Eagles Free-Agents..There is no 100% guarantee thatplayers like Bradley,Gaither,Sims,Mickell,O Schmitt, MJG, N Cole,D Paterson,Rocca,Akers, R Wells or any of the others will be offered a deal by the Eagles or that they won’t get any better deals from other teams ..
    I do not think Eagles offer anything to free-agent players Gaither,Sims,Jordan,Mickell,Akers,Wells,N Cole,or D Paterson
    I do think they will offer tenders to Bradley, MJG, Schmitt, Rocca, but no guarantee that these players will accept ,o their needs may change multiple times based on contract talks with some of their own Free-Agents..

  • Stevo, when did I say it was a rebuilding year for the Eagles…
    The Eagles need 2-3 pieces on Defense and maybe another OL/A back-up RB
    and maybe another TE/Big WR..

    Their problem isn’t neccesarily the Roster, it’s the Philosophy of Coach AR/MM

  • I think we will be in better shape than most team because we don’t have a new head coach and just about the entire offensive unit knows the system and has been here for a couple years. We still will have concerns on the o-line but I think we were going to have them regardless. The main concerns are going to be on the defensive side of the ball. We already had a weak defense with a lot mediocre players. Combine that with a new D-coordinator that used to be your offensive line coach and a new defensive staff then defense could have a rough start. I’m hoping it’s not the case though. But “Eagles could become the best team in the NFL after the lockout ends”…. I’m not really sure what that means. I mean we’ve been the gold standard for so long and have had the best roster in football. Right?

  • I’m with you Iggles. All this “if” talk is meaningless. Most of it is “duh”. If we sign the best players in FA of course we’ll be one of the best teams in the league….. um duh. If the offensive line would have protected the QB, if Andy would run the ball, if our D line didn’t get overpowered, or LBs could cover TEs and our safeties could hit someone, IF IF IF. No kidding.

  • pman- you said you thought the birds would not go after free agents this year and look to next year. in your d, it might have been because you thought the seasason would not start on time or something. i poke fun. but…. you and i seem to agree… the birds are only a few startes away from going deep.

    Maybe im crazy but im not that worried about the D coaching. I guess i feel like they cant get worse than McD and Rory. My bet is that our D (if we get a few guys) will be tough and mean. Man i hope. I read somewhere on here someone saying they wanted fat A because he was nasty and we need a little of that. I dont like him but that may be true.

  • @steveo you just completely changed your view on our defense pretty quickly, saying every position needed to be uprgraded vs RCB and DE. Q waited a couple years because he was an undrafted free agent, they usually dont play as rookies or ever really get a shot to start. Eagles are not going to throw money at a DE, when they are consistently rotating them, however they will definitely be interested in albert if he becomes available. The thing no one on here realizes or acknowledged is that the eagles NEVER do what you expect them to.

  • no no no. i said we have q’s on the line with grahm out. q’s on the lb’s with half being FA’s and such, no RCB, and young FS/SS/

    NOT that we have to add at all those spots. I think we NEED a RCB. we do that and we’ve already gotten better. Next up would be DE. Im not as worried about the Dt’s cause id like to see what the new coach can do. i like our young safties. I would change that at all other than hoping we have good depth is q leaves.

    You can solve all your q’s at 1 time. I do not want 5 new starters on this D from FA this year. 1 would be good. 2 would be great. 3 would be a dream.

  • *would NOT change that at all (bottom of 2nd paragraph)

  • ugh….. * you CANT solve all your q’s at 1 time (start of last paragraph)… im like a 4 year old.

  • Stevo,
    I did state that “if the lockout would go until the deep summer” where it would create a shortened Camp and potential Season, that the Eagles would not be big players in Free-agency.. With all the talk of possibly getting done in the next 2-3 weeks, then I think they will add 4-5 players and make a serious run at it, If the Lockout continues with no end in sight, then the Eagles and probably most other teams would look to go with the younger players that already have and wing it and hope for the best since all teams would be in a similar situatiom but it they can get almost a full SUmmer Camp in, then Eagles will being in some proven talent in positiions of need..

  • my bad Pman. sorry for the mix up.

    Im with ya. I say… 2 stars and 2 role players grabbed early.

  • Were on the same page

    2 Starters would be RCB (C Rogers, I Taylor or R Marshall) and DE (Kiwanuka or C Johnson) I would be estactic if they landed any combo of these players
    Then Role/Sitauational players at LB, along the OL and back-up RB
    ( I think RB Jerome Harrison will accept an offer and move on for more playing time and touches from another team)

  • They will sign free agents-
    1- DE Charles Johnson.
    2- DT Brandon Mebane.
    3- OLG Justin Blalock.
    4- ILB Barrett Ruud.
    5- CB Drayton Florence (Nickel & Dime packages).
    Re-sign LB Stew Bradley, Sav Rocca.
    Trade Kolb to AZ for Domenique Rogers- Cromarte & 3rd rounder.
    Cut/ Trade DT Mike Patterson, DE Juqua “AARP” Parker, CB Joselio ” Smurf” Hanson. Me likey 😀

  • I am assuming when you say that Edwards will be in midnight green, you mean the Jets? Why in the hell would the Eagles go after Edwards. They don’t even really need a WR. The only reason Plax’s name comes up is because of the similarities with Vick and the fact that Plax will come on the cheap. Edwards won’t.

    Now listen to me with this one too…… I GUARANTEE that the Eagles don’t sign a big time FA DE, like Johnson. They drafted Graham to be the future. They are not giving up on him already. IF they sign a DE, it will be a stopgap. Johnson won’t come in here to be a stopgap.

    I am tired of people suggesting who the Eagles will sign because that is what THEY want, not what the EAGLES want.

    I don’t see them going after a Punter yet. I think Sav is here for at least 1 more year. I could be wrong though, but they really haven’t shown that they are getting rid of Rocca.

    Joseph could be the CB they go after, but I wouldn’t be so quick to throw away the chance of Nnamdi coming here. I know he is going to command lots of money and he is getting older, but at 30…… He is still the best CB in the league. YES, he is better than Revis. I would take Revis based on age, but that is besides the point. Also, the Eagles are like the only team in the league that is considered a contender, needs a CB and can afford him based on the projected salary cap. It makes too much sense. Then again, that could be the reason Nnamdi won’t come here.

  • Johnson isn’t a stop gap. Dude is a good young DE. Also is a natural RDE. Graham, as has been reported, will be out at least 6-8 games. BTW, the injury he suffered takes 2 years to recover from. I have 1st hand knowledge of that. If the Birds are going for the Super Bowl, you can’t have Parker, Sapp, Tapp & Teo Nesheim in at DE. They are stop gap stiffs. Get it right. SB how can you guarantee anything. With the unpredictability of this off season, God only knows what they are going to do. I agee with you, WTF are they going to do with Edwards, Sepulvida & also T. Jackson. Come on Haran, they do not need a F^@KING WR!!!!!

  • One thing that we have to take into account are the eagles biggest competition in the city, that being the phillies and what they did in the off season assembling the type of roster they did, a team that they will ride all the way to the world series in my opinion… The eagles need to do something to top them and or keep up with the phillies… So im under the impression that they will look to make alot of deals with players, i think the eagles will be ahead of the curve in regards to what they can offer players and what other teams can offer players, i think the new cba will favor the eagles, and we know that Banner is a numbers cruncher, probably the best in the league so theyve planned for any outcome. So in an effort for them to keep up with the phillies the eagles have to sign/trade for key guys that will be impact players for there team…

    1.Starting with the prized Free Agent this year and first priority on the eagles list: Nnamdi Asumogha, arguably the best cover corner in the NFL (next to Revis), look at the stats teams wont throw his way, do not look at his age look at his productivity, hes a stud flat out stud. And i would go as far as to say that he probably is better then Asante Samuels because Nnamdi enjoys tackling, can press cover can play off, he can take your best receiver out of the game completely. So yes i see the eagles making a offer he wouldnt refuse similar to how they went after Asante Samuels a few years ago…

    2. Trade Kevin Kolb. Cut and dry, this could even be first priority in all honesty. And they may very well have a deal in place for a DT or a DE in return for kolb (From the Cardinals), that can change everything as to whether they try and acquire Albert Haynesworth or not but in my opinion i think theyre going to get Haynesworth regardless after the redskins cant find a trade partner and end up releasing him. So guys the contract that albert is under will have no bearing on determining whether the eagles will have enough money to sign him because there is no way any team will pay him that kind of money ever again so look for Haynesworth to be here in philly this season on the cheap side being that he already earned all his money, he may very well sign here for lesser money, and esp being that hes had his best seasons under Washburns tutelage and great coaching…

    3. Sign Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush adds a dimension to the team that none of our running backs can add. He can run between the tackles, can catch like a wr, can block, is an excellent special teamer, and is a Leader who has great character and the eagles have been big on acquiring great character guys, he doesnt want to play for the saints anymore since they drafted a Running back in the 1st round of the draft, why would any player in that position be happy with that? And if he did stay the saints would have a crowded backfield so i see the saints making reggie an offer and the eagles will make a similar offer but will lure him away from the saints esp being that the eagles only have 1 premier running back who needs a good backup or someone that is equally as talented so that if McCoy goes down with a injury (hope that doesnt happen) or needs a breather, we d have a homerun hitter in Bush to come in for him and make big plays. I actually think the eagles would utilize bush better then Sean payton did too drawing up more creative plays. So i expect Reggie to be here when its all said and done…

    4. Sign Plaxico Burress. Plaxico like Bush adds a dimension to our team that we dont have currently on our roster. A receiver who is tall standing at 6″5 weighing 220, physical, strong, can catch the ball at its highest point over the defenders. I heard some saying that sidney rice, braylon edwards are guys the eagles will target but i dont see that being the case. I believe that both of those guys will command big money that the eagles have but have already invested money in that position (And still have to sign DJax), i feel that Burress wont command big bucks and wants to play for the eagles who are on the cusp of a championship and who have Mike Vick a guy almost all the league wants to play with. He also grew up in the same area as vick… So i see him being an eagle by the end of it all too…

    Heres my list of potential players the eagles will sign and or trade for in Free Agency…

  • Damn J H, that was just like another article O.O
    LMAO! Just kidden. I agree with all but Bush. HAHAHA!! Bush, best name ever. Would funny if his 1st name was Seymour.


  • To Jon Hart
    Eagles signing Asmo,Haynesworth,Bush and Burress.. and gettting a starting
    DL for Kolb…. I know you may be a little down with the Heat losing in the Finals to the Mavs, but C’Mon Man… Do you really think the Eagles are going to commit a boat load of $$$ for 4 players who are probably past their primes
    How much $$$ do you think it would cost to sign these players, and what to the Eagles then do about taking care of some of their own like players who are up for contracts/contract extensions like VIck,D-Jax,McCoy. & Chad Hall.

  • To Paul,
    Vick gets a deal after this season, this will be a year for him to prove himself. Remember like peyton he was franchised (it remains to be seen as to whether the franchise tag will have any bearing anymore). Desean will get a deal too. Thats why i stated that Burress will not command big money to play here because a team like the eagles wont pay big money for any #1 receivers to come here they already have there wrs for the future. Burress admitted himself in a interview with stephen a smith that he would love to play with vick, desean and maclin. He knows the eagles tied money into that position already but he wants to win, and of course get paid so he has to prove himself to the league first before he sees any big bucks. Playing for the eagles this year will allow for that…

    Haynesworth will be cheap after he gets released. And has indicated that he would play in philly for cheaper money. Also hes made all his big money already.

    Nnamdi wants to win, yes money is great and a draw but hes played for a losing franchise and wants to have a chance to win a championship. He ll be playing in the nfc east this year and it appears to me that the eagles are the team that has the most interest. i feel that Nnamdi is first priority for them this off season. All the other corners available are 2nd 3rd and 4th options…

    None of those guys are past there prime in my opinion. All of them are still playing at a very high level, except Burress who hasnt played in 2 years, but i feel even he will pick up where he left off being that he plays the easiest position in the league that being wr. You got guys his age and alil older still playing in the league at a high level, burress will be no different…

  • Mr Hart, how can you consider Reggie Bush a great character guy? He lost his college team a National Championship due to character issues. He doesn’t want to play for the Saints anymore because they drafted a running back? Is that what you consider great character? I think the guy’s been a huge disappointment, not a bust, but close to it. He’d be another gimmicky player on a team already ripe with offensive gimmicks.

  • You think Haynesworth,Bush are still in their Primes…
    (there #’s have decreased each season over the last 2-3 years..)
    In fact Haynesworth has missed 22 Games the last 5 years due to various injuries,suspensions,coaches decision…He averaged about 111 games played a Season for his career and not at age 31 Years, he’s all of sudden get into the best shape of his life and stay disciplined and focused after he;s already pocketed approx $45-$50 Million from the Redksins the last 2 years from that crazy contract they gave him.. Talk about wishful thinking

    R Bush has missed 20 games the last 4 Seasons due to various injuries and does not have the explosion he had a few years back

    I think the Eagles have Zero interest in either of these players based on atheir age, history of injuried and recent sub-standard production from what used to be All-Pro type of players.. Time marches on and the Eagles are not all of a sudden going to go out and sign 3-4 Old players who are high risks at this stage of their careers… I can see the Eagles rolling the dice on 1 Veteran player (maybe Burress) but not 3-4 other guys who would all command big $$$ and have have ego,locker room and injury issues

  • @ paulman, look man… just because haynesworth’s numbers have gone down doesnt mean he’s declining. other players are getting better. haynesworth is still in his prime if he decides to.

    i believe we have a chance of signing cromartie from the jets. im not entirely sure, but isn’t he a more of a physical corner? bring some physicality to the eagles defense which we so badly need.

  • E-money, what happen at usc has nothing to do with on the field production and being a leading on the field and in the locker room. They have a crowded backfield, they resigned pierre thomas prior to march and they drafted mark ingram in the 1st round. They owe reggie bush 11.8 million in base salary for 2011, there is no way hes seeing that money so he will surely be cut… And i wouldnt call a superbowl winning rb a bust or disappointment. He can help any team win a football game and thats all that matters… And yes i think the eagles would love to add a player like him with all the gimmicks drawn up and ready to go…

  • Yo Haran! Its good to read a story of yours again about the birds! I like most of your thoughts here, but what do you think of this idea??? I think the birds need to talk to the chargers, and see if they’d do this deal: Desean and a 3 or 4, for Vincent Jackson??? They’d have to get deals in place with each first, but I would love to see V-Jack donning the midnight instead od D-Jack, and I would be in favor of signing that Jackson to big money over our Jackson…I think V-Jack has the ability and size to challenge for best receiver in the league, whereas Desean doesn’t…now I know what kind of flak I may hear by saying this, but Desean is not worth the investment the birds are gonna have to make in him, so why not move him for a guy that is? V-Jack and Maclin could make the best receiver tandem in the league…Desean and Maclin will not, unfortunatey…what’ya think of that one???

    Then I like your defensive line and secondary changes, but the last three on your list are shaky…jackson doesn’t necessarily win ya games as your backup, edwards has bad hands for the money he’ll get, and sepulveda can’t stay upright…I really like the first three moves, may want to reconsider the last two…and I’d take “Vodka” Collins as a backup over Tarvaris…but I do like the idea of them bringing on Pryor, or at least tossing a fourth up in the supplemental to get him, roll the dice and see what Reid and company can mold him into…

    Good read, just like old times…

  • Paul, bush is 26 not 36, i didnt know 26 is considered old in football. So braylon edwards is old hes 30, ike taylor is old hes 30 and so are alot of other guys you mentioned so i guess that means there no longer in there prime but are still playing at a high level for there teams? That makes no sense. Bush at 26 yrs old has alot of football left. whats great is that hes not a every down rb commanding alot of carries and doesnt have alot of wear n tear on his body, neither is mccoy so they can certainly compliment one another.. so to say reggie isnt in his prime anymore is ridiculous and the birds do have interest in a electric player that can make a huge impact on the offense. Reggie had a broken leg so yes his number would taper off a bit because of that and other little injuries, and also the saints are mainly a passing team, they love long down the field passes, thats why brees is always up there in passing yards each year so hes not asked to run the ball 20-30 times a game…

    Haynesworth can play for another 4-5 years at DT, the man is 6’6 300+ pounds, he commands a double team every down, when motivated can change a entire team… your judging him mostly from last year while in washington and in that 3-4 defense and when he had issues in tennesse and wasnt motivated to play… I feel at 32 he too still has alot left, he has the potential to be the best DL in the league when healthy and motivated… And under washburn will stay in line and be ready to go…

  • jhart – yeah mean, you blew that on Bush. He’s not a great character guy – at all. He’s not that good at blocking or running between the tackles. You seem to be smitten with him, but he’s a pretty below average runner between the tackles and we DO have players on our team that can do what he does (if you need examples, go learn up son). Sure, he’d be a + because 3 shifty speedsters is better than 2, but he’s not capable of things that our guys can’t do.

    And, man, you clearly have drank G Cobb’s coolaid – there is 0 logic to the idea that the Eagles have to compete with the Phillies. Both teams are thriving financially and neither has any power to take $ away from the other. Fact is, Philly fans love both teams, and continue to support (as in ticket sales/watching/merch/participation) both equally. I don’t buy that media crap one bit about one having to keep up with another or behave similarly in transactions/acquisitions….etc.. because Baseball has no salary cap and is about buying talent. Teams who buy talent in the NFL SUCK — over and over and over again – so it’s really comparing apples to oranges.

  • Schiller, you ask the guys he plays with they call him a leader on there team, look it up. We can agree to disagree on all accounts. But like i said before he is capable of doing things that our rbs on this team cannot and on top of that has so much speed,hes one of the fastest players we have in the nfl… we cant say the same thing for our rbs that we currently have… Bush is a much improved blocker and is capable of running between the tackles. Can catch the ball like a wr and runs routes like one too, and the biggest + is that he can play special teams, what other rb can do that on our team?

  • JH,
    Bush is 26 Years old but as a featured RB with all the Touches he’s had since since HS/College Days and now with 4-5 Years in the NFL , he is past his Prime…He has lost that explosiveness that he had when coming our of College and can still be an effective weapon in the right offense, but don’t think he or his production is a very high priority for the Eagles to address
    Most Featured #1 RB’s in the NFL have a window of about 4-5 Productive Years and I think his is closing.. RB’s like M Faulk are the exception and for everyone of him, there are 9 others who play for 3-4 years and are done physically.. ,

  • Jhart – Buckley plays special teams. And our special teams are not a problem, we don’t need a RB to play ST. Not an issue.

    You are just SMITTEN with Bush. You love the guy, man that’s ok. But than just say it, don’t try to make up all this exagerrated stuff – he’s not an inside the tackles runner. He’s just not. He’s too small for that and he gets hurt when he does it. He’s a great WR/RB role guy and he’s very elusive in space. But McCoy and Dion Lewis for that matter are much better inside runners than Bush.

  • And yes the competition between the phillies and eagles is alive and well trust me. Ever since the phillies began making the playoffs consistently and won the world series in 08 the eagles have been in competition… So i feel that they watched all the moves the phillies made adding the top players giving themselves a chance to make it to the World series and win it, i think the eagles will adopt that same approach this off season. The difference between if the eagles and redskins do itis that the eagles are consistently a contender, the redskins who make a habit of trying to build thru free agency arent a contender. So the birds adding 4 guys this year isnt a stretch and even if they dont they will still contend because they build thru the draft not free agency…

  • Schiller, i never said hes a great between the tackles runner i said he was a capable between the tackles runner. He can do it. But like i said before they wont need him to do that 20-30 times a game, he adds way more than just running between the tackles. He cant be viewed as a mere RB hes just a weapon.

    And dont give me that buckley crap, noone in there right mind would wont buckley over Reggie “Mr Heisman” Bush on special teams. Your smokin…

  • JH,
    and Haynesworth being able to play another 4-5 Years is another pipe dream
    Do you realize how far he has let himself go over the last 2 years,,,
    He’s approaching 335-350 lbs and has very little stamina and spring in his legs anymore..He’s about to turn 31 in a coupel of weeks.. He’s already pocketed $40-$50 Million from the Redskins so you think he will now get motivated and stay focused because he could play for an old Coach or that he really likes the Eagles and their Fans…You guys really crack me up..

  • Where’s Paulman been on this topic? I’d ignore his posts entirely if he was posting, but he’s been MIA…

  • Paul thats your opinion not fact. Reggie at 26 isnt in his prime? Hes bulked up alot but still has exceptional speed, agility, and can dominate a game in a variety of ways… again you cant view him as a prototypical running back. he ll probably get 8-10 touches a game running and catching… we already have mccoy who can run between the tackles effectively, bush will provide that speed and balance for the offense…

  • Jhart, Special teams is more than returning kicks and punts. Buckley blocks in ST.

    And as to the Phillies/Eagles competing – you didn’t back up your point at all, you just stated it again and said ‘trust me’. Phillies won it in 08. What have the Eagles done, as far as mirror in the Phillies since 08?

  • Washburns type of defensive lines are rotated regularly something that catered to Haynesworth keeping him fresh, since then he hasnt had that luxury. 30 years old at DT is young. I cant understand your reasoning on whose out of there prime and who isnt, if there 30 there out of there prime? If there 26 there out of there prime? That makes no sense… why do you think Hollis Thomas, warren sapp and many others were able to play DT for so long, there asked to be space eaters thats really it… they have long careers similar to offensive lineman… Haynesworth can play another 4-5 years if not more, hes a rare player when motivated to be great… a new city and enviornment will be good for him…

  • Schiller thats the point iam making. In order to take this city back the eagles gotta go all out. They see how much success the phillies are having and all the love there getting from philly they wanna make right what they messed up back in 04′ a prime way for them to be Kings here in philly but instead the phillies came along and stole there thunder… The eagles see that just being contenders isnt good enough anymore, there is another team in this city that is pushing them big time and its the phillies, and the flyers are right behind them so the birds have catching up to do…

  • To JHm,
    You just answered your own Question about R Bush.
    Eagles will get him 6-8 Tounches a game.. (which is probably accurate)
    R Bush want’s 15-20 Touches a game it won’t happen in the Philadelphia, so erase him from your list please..Bush wants to go where he is the #1 RB and is featured a lot more than the Eagles would do.. Look for Bush to find a home in Denver,Seattle,49ers,or Oakland.. He is not a East Coast person..

  • Schiller, what does buckley have to do with anything? Buckley is expendable, someone like bush isnt. They can get another buckley but not a Bush, i cant even believe you threw that name in there hahaha comical…

  • Paul, how do you know hes not a east coast person? and again i made a guesstimation the eagles could give him more touches but touches not only running the ball but also catching. Theyll use him similar to how they used westbrook who too wasnt the best between the tackles runner coming out of college or even when he came into the league but westbrook could do everything else… the same goes for bush

  • and where is McCoy during all of these touches for Bush in both the running and receiving games..,Are you going to throw 10 Screen plays a game now
    (5 to Bush and 5 to McCoy) then this means less plays down the field to your already proven big play-makers in D-Jax/Maclin, so by adding Bushm you are taking the ball out of your other 3-4 playmakers hands (D-Jax/Maclin/McCoy & VIck)
    Eagles problems and priority should be on the “Defense” and maybe some needed depth along the O/Line..They have proven their Offense can score plenty of points, the problem is that they can’t prevent other teams from doing the same thing… Adding A R Bush is not a priority or even a passing thought by the FO or Coach AR at this time..

  • Paul noone said it was first priority. you saw my list. He adds a different dimension to the offense, and will split time with mccoy and an already pass happy offense. I like the birds chances of signing bush

  • I give it a 1% out of 100% Chance Jon…
    The Eagles need a big back to complement McCoy’s shiftiness and catching ability. They need a 6’2- 225 lbs bruiser who can get the tough yards in short-yardage and red-zone situations, not another “scat back” ..
    which is why I think they will or should pursue RB Tim Hightower who is a free-agent from the Arizona Cardinals.. Get in the Red-Zone or Short-Yard situations, and you bring in Hightower for the tough yards and for the end zone and by doing so, you end up extending McCoy career by another season or 2…

  • @ paulman, are you an expert for an NFL team? harrison could be our “power back”. he’s a big boy, hightower does not fit our scheme here paulman. and adding a bush and split him out allows mccoy to have less men in the box for him to run, therefore teams won’t be able to blitz as much. teams can blitz us all day long because we don’t have a big receiver. i realize bush isn’t big, but all that speed on the outside frees up mccoy.

  • Yes Eagles4life
    I am an expert in everything but Russian Literature and Plumbing..
    J Harrison is a nice back but at only 5’9″-205 lbs, I do not consider him a between the Tackles/Red-Zone type of RB, He’s dtrong, built low to the ground and a has a little wiggle to get to the outside, but he is not big enough to move a pile or run over anyone..
    RB Tim Hightower is at 6-0 225lbs, he has the size and heart to get the tough yards, I have watched this kid play since he was in College at the Universirty of Richmond, and he would be a tremendous pick-up as a Free-Agent from the Arizona who would not cost much, be a nice back-up for McCoy and a great short-yardage/Red-Zone option and he’s only 25 years old and not beat up and 4 Year veteran so he knows what it takes..
    Arizona drafted RB R Williams to go along with high Draft pick Beanie Wells from a couple of years ago so they no longer need HIghtower..

  • i do love hightower paulman, seeing how brian dawkins is still laying in arizona from when hightower ran him over to seal the deal in the championship game. but u and i both know reid loves versatile guys. my opinion, possibly a reggie bush type of guy, or we keep harrison. in that case, what about the FB from oakland?

  • I find the notion that the Eagles are going all out to compete with Phillies absurd, I certainly hope my football team doesn’t run their organization that way. I need the Eagles to make smart moves to compete with the Giants, Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Falcons, and whoever else is going to take a run at the playoffs. If the Eagles end up going all out, it will have much more to do with Andy Reid getting close to the end of his rope and worrying about his job and legacy as a “close-but-no-cigar” head coach. Do you really think the Eagles will have a hard time selling tickets if they don’t sign free-agents? Nonsense.

  • The new CBA Is what will change the eagles philosophy this year. There will be hundreds of free agents available for the teams with cash, that being the eagles. There trying to pass that players with 4 years experience or more will be unrestricted FAs some 450 players n the birds are expected to strike. This is why I’m very confident in the birds making a lot of moves and signing big time players this year…

  • Please stop with the Reggie Bush sh*t. He is a bust. He is a mediocre RB, with good receiving skills, & is a solid return man, that can’t block.

  • DDCar, I think you confused my post…… I wasn’t saying Johnson is a stopgap. in fact, I was saying that is exactly what he isn’t. What I was saying is, that is what the Eagles will be looking for, because they are not gonna give up on Graham already, so they will only be looking for a 1 year stopgap til Graham is ready to go full speed. That is why I said they will not sign Johnson, because he ISN’T a 1 year stopgap. Signing Johnson would mean they are already throwing in the towel with Graham and I just don’t see it.

  • Bush had absolutely no affect on the outcome the Super Bowl win. Brees was 32-37 with 2 TD’s, no Int. The DF held Indy to 17 points. Bush had 25 yards rush, 40 receiving, no TD’s & did ZERO on returns. Pierre Thomas had more yards & a receiving TD, if I remember correctly. Please get this through your thick heads,” Bush will NOT sign here, the Eagles do not need him, & he is NOT going to sign with anyone, to be just a return man who only gets 5-7 touches a game as a back. Also the Birds are NOT going to sign a RB to be a receiver, on an offense already loaded with weapons. This is not Fantasy football guys, were you play 2 backs & get points for both. Think with your friggin heads already, for the love of God. Same goes for Harrison or any other back, unless they want to be a complimentary back. The Eagles do not run the friggin ball anyways. What is so hard to understand.

  • SB, ohhh, my bad. The Eagles don’t need a stop gap. They need a stud starter, because you can’t wait half a season for Graham to come back. He’s not going to be a 100% anyways, for at least 16 months. I don’t know about you, but i’m not all chunked up over “AARP” Parker for another season, Tapp, Sapp, Teo Nesheim. EWWW!! Anyway when/ if Graham does come back, Reid & Washburn like to rotate anyways. Don’t you want a complimentary stud at RDE to Cole. Our D-Line is mediocre at best. Also I’m getting tired of Cole wearing down by week 10, with no help. That’s not throwing in no towl. Graham is unproven, already hurt, & did not do squat before he got hurt.

  • I guess some people havn’t seen Reggie Bush play in the NFL and are just watching his highlights on youtube against Pac 10 talent or high school kids…Why the hell would the Eagles bring him in when in doing so he would take playing time away from the RB we already have here who is far better than him.

    Reggie Bush runs through the tackles? haha do ppl even watch football before they comment on here? If the Eagles need a RB they need a big bruiser that actually goes up the middle instead of one that dances to the sideline like Bush.

    I don’t see Plax coming here either and when I say that it will be because of him and not the Eagles FO. I don’t think Plax is going to want to be a 4th or 5th receiver on a team and i Def don’t see him playing Special Teams. IM sure the Eagles will offer him something but he wont come here because he wants millions and wants no part of Special Teams.

    It being reported everywhere that the new CBA is going to negate all those restricted FA tags that were put on players that have 4 years of experience. This is going to give the Birds a whole new crop of players to choose from in FA and most importantly some players who have some real talent.

    I think their going to spend their cash on CB and DLine…Can see them signing one big free agent and then getting the other through Kolb trade.

    It was also reported on ESPN that teams will most likely have to spend near the Cap. So if the Cap is set at 120 million the Eagles will be forced to either go get big time free agents or pay DJAX

  • That last thing would also leave the Eagles Are Cheap Fan Club to come up with something new

  • DDCar, I am not saying they don’t need a stud starter. I am not saying that Graham will be anything special. The problem is, you are thinking about what they need because it is what you think……. I am thinking how they think. They did not give up on Graham. They expect him to be a future stud. They drafted him for that reason. They are not gonna sign Johnson because he is only like what? 25/26? And if they sign him, that means they gave up on Graham and realized they failed with that pick. That just isn’t how the Eagles/Reid operate. They stick with their young guys that they think will make it, sometimes for far too long.

    They might go out and get a DE, but I don’t think it will be the stud that you are all hoping for. They are looking for someone that can fill in next year til Graham is healthy again. Johnson won’t sign for 1 year, as most studs won’t. They might sign someone decent, but who is out there that is really good that will be willing to take a 1 year contract?

  • I see all the posts of you guys expressing your thoughts about reggie bush. There are waaay more pros then there are cons to signing him. Read what i wrote instead of puttting words in my mouth…

    This CBA is why i see them signing big time impact players. There not gonna sign everyone but i think they will be suprisingly active bidders for top players, guys like bush, burress, haynesworth, Nnamdi and maybe more we really dont know…

  • SB, how is signing Johnson, a sign of the Eagles giving up on Graham, or them admitting a mistaken pick? I don’t get your thinking. Yeah the Eagles are stubborn, but they’re not stupid. No one knows what they’re thinking. Graham is hurt & will be out until week 10. When he comes back, you put him in the mix. It’s not rocket science. I don’t have the same sources as Paulman, but I’m friends with someone in the organization, & I was told at least 2 very good D-Linemen will be added. IDK if it is Fat Albert, Johnson, or who but I was told Reid loves Mebane, Johnson, Jenkins, & is iffy on Fat Albert, because of a possible suspension. Reid & Washburn like him alot though. Babin will not be here.

  • Because Johnson is only 25, DDCar. If Johnson is here, Graham isn’t starting and they didn’t draft Graham in the 1st round to be a 3rd down guy. They drafted him to be someone like Johnson. Unless they plan on getting rid of Trent Cole next year when Graham comes back healthy, it isn’t happening.

  • Graham will not make in impact and possibly not even see the field in 2011.
    His and teams goal are for a healthy 2012 and beyond, J Parker is 33 and on his last legs which this will be his final season. T Cole has 2,maybe 3 years left as an everydown DE and his career begins to slide as he gets older..D Tapp is a rotational player, New player P Hunt has potential but has to prove he can play at NFL level and is probably more of a rotational/pass rusher of player.. Teo,Sapp and Abriami are not NFL players at this stage and will be hard pressed to make the squad if the Eagles bring in 1-2 more DE’s.. If the Eagle’s don’t upgrade the De position and go with their Current Roster, I am a afraid a DE tandem of Cole,Parker,Tapp and Hunt is not big,strong or solid enouigh to get it done come crunch time and playoff football, who outside of Cole, who has a history of wearing down as te seasons go on and exspecially after Hunting season, is a playmaker this group..What Top Offensive Team with a good QB and OL that they will face will they be able and stop come playoff time.. The Packers,Saints,Falcons,.. I don’t see it happening from this group of current DE’s ..

  • Remember that Vick came in and saved the Day for the Coach AR and the Eagles last year, I don’t think anyone really can say that last years squad would have won 7 Games if Kolb played all Season and I was a Kolb Supporter going into last Season too….He is just to scatter shot, too scared and unsettled back in the Pocket against good Defenses.. Now Vick played great and there is no doublt about it, that he leads the Franchise moving forward, but VIcks outstanding play did hide a lot of weaknesses.. The OL needs to improve dramatically or Vick won’t last a 1/2 a season. The Eagles still continue to struggle on short-yardage and Red/Zone efficiency and when you take out the QB Keepers or Scrambles by Vick, the #’s are even worse..
    There was very few big plays or production from the TE position and the Eagles collctively have one of the worst groups in the NFC and needs an upgrade.. The WR’s were fantastic as was McCoy.. They need to adress FB since L Weaver will be unable to return in 2011 due to horrific Knee injury and subsequent 3 follow up surgieries have now lead to some nerve damage in his knee so his playing days are most likley over.. Schmitt filled in wll but really lacks the atleticism that the Eagles System demands of it’s FB , hence the Draft pick of Havilli from USC.. He will have every opportunity to win the FB job but his blocking is suspect and as a FB, if you can’t block well, you won’t play for the Eagles… The Kicking game is also a question mark leading into 2011 Season as the David Akers era is over buy his refusal and rejecting
    a 2-3 year Contract last December which would have paid him approx $2.5 Million in 2011 & 2012, then to top it off, he and his agent get upset when the Eagles place a transitional tag on him to allow them a 1st right of Refusal if another teams offers him a deal giving the Eagles a chance to match and retain Him.. His angst about that was the final straw and he will not be a part of the Eagles future which now falls on 4t hRd Draft Pick A henerey who only holds the NCAA Career Field Goals % with field goals made.. He has kicked in wintry,wet weather and in front of 70 Thousand screaming fans in many games over his career at Neveraska and playing tough opponenets on the road at Ollahoma,Texas,Texas A&M, etc,etc so he seems to have the goods to deliver but the track record of Rookie kickers in the NFL is not that good and there will be some growing pains, but Henerey has the tools and work ethic and desire to be a very good kicker for years to come in the NFL.
    Last are on offense to think about is who becomes the back-up QB if and when Kolb gets traded and remember that VIck missed 3-4 games last yeat so he will the Eagles get that is NFL ready and can grasp the ‘genius and complicated system” that we hear about so often that the Eagles run… Young B Kafka appears to be progressing nicely but is realistically not ready to compete to be a legitimate #2/Back-up QB until the 2012 Season..
    And this is just the Offense and Specail teams so whoever thinks they are 2-3 players/pieces away from a Super Bowl is not peeling some the layers off this team.. They need a whole lot more from about 7-8 players and positions in my opinion…
    RT,TE,FB,K,back-up Rb and back-up QB
    DE,OLB,CB, S all have question marks in my opinion
    With late season knee injuries to both B Graham, and N Allen, their 2nd years progress will be hampered and Grahams being th emore severe many end up with a lost season in 2011 Seasons which will set him back tremendously.. The Safety position is a question mark with 3 players being heavily counted on that are 1st and 2nd year players in Allen,COlmean ahd Draft pick Jarrett.. Does this make anyone comfortable that this group will be the last line of Defense this year.. Does MArlin Jackson figure in the mix, a Colt Anderson, or maybe a Veteran Free-agnet who can play 1-2 Seasons and help mentor this young group.. (Maybe Mickell, Eric Weddle, D Whitner)
    or do the Eagles bite the bullet and play the young players that they have invested high Draft picks on
    The LB Corps is in a complete changover.. We all expect that Sims,Gaither,Jordan will not be offered contracts to remain with the Eagles
    Everyone ssumes S Bradley will be re-signed, but I am not as optimistic, he has injury issues and I think the Offer from the Eagles will be disappointing to him and his agent who are expecting a longer term, more $$ deal and Bradley for the most part has played well when healthy but he has missed a lot of time, bottom line, I think teams like the VIkings (who have Leber,Greenway as Free-agents and will not be able to keep both) will be in the Market, as will the KC Chiefs,St Louis Rams & Denver Broncos could also use a versatile LB and remember that Bradley is a Mid-West fella and I think he will move on..
    Eagles currently have 4 LB’s under contract (Fokou,Chaney,Clayon and R Jeantry), add Draft picks Matthews and Rolle and that’s most likely your LB Corp. There are lot of LB availalbe in Free-Agency (Tulloch,Poslusky,Greenaway,Leber,Rudd,Anderson,) so I would not be surprised if the Eagles obatin a big-name player at the LB Spot tomix in with th eyoung players they have.. My $$$ is on Steve Tulloch from the Titans.. Obviously he’s played behind Washburn’s scheme for his career and know the formations,tendancies,game plans etc,etc, and he can be a real mentor to the young players and help new DC Castillo (who is also overseeing the LB Corp) and Tulloch can end up being that coach on the field player that Coaches love to have, Tulloch can play inside and outside and is a 3 Down true LB which the rest of the remaing Eagle LB corp are really not at this stage of development
    CB is wide open and need a veteran played to play opposite of A Samuel
    LIndley and marsh are CB’s of the future but the EAgles will need a touh,physical CB to make up for Samuels lack of run-game support.. I look for the Eagles to sign a C Rogers from Redskins or I Taylor from the Steelers and 2-3 year players until LIdley/MArsh are ready to take over
    The DL has question marks at the DE positon which I have already posted about and no sense in repeating. The DT spot is one that could also use an upgrade bit the Eagles will rely on DL Coach Washburn to coach up and improve the performances of Bunkley,Dixon,Patterson and LAws in which I think 3 of th e4 will excell under (M Patterson will not and is not suited for the 1-Gap type of system that Washburn will employ and in fact, I see Patterson probably being traded for a Draft pick and the Eagles pursiing a 1 GAp agreesive DT like B Caofield or B Mebane to replace PAtterson which is an upgrade)
    There you have it, A good young roster with lots of talent, there’s no doubt, a couple pieces away from a Super Bowl, I am afraid not, and any injury or missed time by Vick and this is a sub .500 Team in my opinion..
    But serious question marks at 8 positions for opening day right now at RT,FB,TE,Kicker,,CB,S,OLB,DE and Back-Up QB/RB and I think it’s more wishful thinking that all these positions are going to be filled effectively with new Draft Picks or Free-Agents coming into a brand new team and excelling together as a team right away with just a Summer Camp to prepare for a Championship run in 2011..

  • Thanks Paulman. SB ain’t getting it. It’s like i’m talking to a wall. How the hell is Graham going to be 3rd down back, when he isn’t going to be in there anyway at all until week 10. SB, WTF are you talking about. Reid always uses a rotation to keep his guys fresh, but the DE’s we have stink. We need to upgrade the D-line, with a good DE & a good DT. In what way shape or form do you think he is going to come back from his injury, that takes 2 years to recover from, & make an immediate impact, when he did nothing before he was hurt. Are you a rock head or just do not understand what i’m trying to say? The Eagles cannot just say Oh yeah he’ll be fine, let me not do anything on this line, that sucked last year, couldn’t get to the QB or stop the run. I’ ll just sign another rotation stiff to go with the other 5 stiffs we have. Come on man, Washburn is a great D-line coach, but he can’t make Kool Aid out of sand. Cole ain’t getting any younger, Dixon is solid, Juqua Parker is a AARP member, Tapp is just OK, Sapp is coming off of a major injury & has yet to play a down in the NFL, Teo Nesheim sucks, Bunkley & Patterson give you nothing & are busts, Laws has given you very little, Abiamiri BWAHAHAHAHA. Yeah they don’t need stud lineman. Give me a f^@#ing break.

  • SB, what team did you watch last year. They did not get to the QB or stop the run. They also had in 2010, the WORST RED ZONE DEFENSE IN NFL HISTORY!!! Yeah let’s sign Babin, that solves the problem. Another 30+ year old journeyman, 1 year wonder. Just because the Birds will reportedly have about 45 million to spend, you don’t just stupidly spend on bums. They have a chance to sign/ trade for 4 impact defensive players to go with that offense full of weapons. They do not need Bush & Burress, they are luxuries. They have holes all over that defense.

  • Paulman’s plan of Action…

    CB – SIgn C Rogers or I Taylor on 3 year deals while Lindly/Marsh are groomed to take over in 2013
    OLB – Sign S Tullock or B Leber (let S Bradley walk)
    DT – Sign B Mebane or B Coefield (trade M PAtterson while he still has value)
    DE – Got to bring in a playmaker and probably overspend, but sign C Johnson or a M Kiwanuka, if he completely heatlhy from neck injury from last year, or maybe even look at R Edwards but Eagles need help at DE..

    On Offense

    OG- Sign OG B Pollack from Colts as Interior OL Depth, knows Mudd’s system and would not be very expensive and he’s a good young versatile player
    RB – Sign RB T Hightower as the back-up RB to replace J Harrison who will most likley move on via free-agency
    QB – After trading Kolb , look to bring in a Dennis Dixon,Troy Smith, T Jackson who are athletic enough to play in the EAgles System and have some NFL Starts under their belt.. They need a prven player until KAfka is completety ready to be the #2 which nost likley won’t be until 2012

  • I will say this nice and slow for you, retardcar……..

    Charles Johnson WILL NOT sign just a 1 year deal, so in 2012, when Graham comes back, he will be relegated to 3rd down back with Cole and Johnson being the main guys, the starters. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW, TARD!!!!!

    They will be looking only for a 1 year stopgap, so that in 2012, when Graham comes back healthy……. He can take the role that the Eagles are expecting him to take…… STARTER.

    I know you all want the Eagles to go out and get every big free agent, but they won’t. Just because that is how you think and it is what you want, doesn’t mean the Eagles will do it. They are not gonna give up on Graham. Look at how many years it took them to give up on Burgess or McDougle. You are thinking with your heart and not with your mind. You must not watch the Eagles and how they operate, because you keep thinking they will do something they have shown they don’t do.

  • Why would the eagles settle for a Ike Taylor who got scorched in the SB? Wouldnt they do what theyve done in the past and spend for the best CB out there? I dont agree with you paul. Neither C. Rogers or ike taylor will be here. They want Nnamdi, if they cant get Nnamdi then they ll shoot for Jonathan Joseph… But ike taylor n rogers wont be here…

  • I agree with you for once Jon Hart.

  • Also Nnamdi and taylor are the same age and play the same position, but are not on the same level at all… Nnamdi is arguably the best CB in the league… taylor is a 2nd or 3rd teer CB, so i wouldnt keep throwing his name out there esp being that he got exposed in the SB… id be shocked if the steelers even try to resign him…

  • DDcar – uh, they were bad at stopping the run? 9th in the league – not that bad at all. That’s an old myth – it was true years ago, but not since. The passing D was pretty swhitty, but they CAN stop the run.

  • Schiller, that stat is misleading because they gave up alot of big run plays… Think about it what happen in the playoff game against the packers, they got beat by a no name (starks)… that was so disappointing… So them acquiring a big fat lard in Albert Haynesworth will solve those issues and teams wont look to run up the middle theyd be flushed to the outside where our fast instictive LBs can corral them… And the birds could jump from 9th in run D to the top 5…

  • Schill, it did get better when Dixon took over for Bunk. I agree. But before that the line was like swiss cheese, & when the RB’s got to the second level it was all over. But that was the LB’s fault. Man they have alot of holes. Jeez!!

  • I think i’m starting to soften my thoughts on Fat Albert. I just watched film clips on him. Man when he wants to play, he is a unstoppable Mack truck. If they get him,I hope he can be motivated. Not to be mean& laugh at violence, but when he squashed Andre Gurodes head, I laughed until my back hurt! BWAHAHAHA!!! F^@# the Cowgirls.

  • Yeah, the Packers were able to run on us. Not that surprising – with a passing offense that dynamic and a very good OL, heck, they’re the SB champs. And it’s the NFL – lots of talented RBs that will have some flashy big plays. We’re bound to remember some run plays against our team – it happens. But overall, that was barely a problem. We lost games last year because of our secondary deficiencies, mediocre at best LB play (injuries too), and OL problems. Period. Haynesworth (good behavior etc..etc…) would be a plus. He would. But not becuase we had terrible run D last year.

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