• August 14, 2022

Can The Phillies Still Count On Roy Oswalt?

They’re not a perfect team but any fair minded observers of the Phillies first half of the season has to be pleased at the way things have gone. Their hitting has been inconsistent and veteran hurler Roy Oswalt seems to be going in the wrong direction, but it’s a good time when you’ve got the best record in baseball.

The Phils are 18 games over .500 with a 45-17 record, which is going to give them a chance to win 100 games if can keep up the pace.

Yesterday, the Phils wasted a good outing by Cole Hamels and lost to the Mariners 2-0. The night before they got some solid efforts from youngsters, Vance Worley and Michael Stutes to beat Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners 5-1. The hitting star of the game was Shane Victorino who knocked in 4 runs and was a single short of hitting for the cycle.

The big question for this team is will they try to add a right handed bat to this lineup. I had a guy call me yesterday on 610-WIP and say the Phils should look to trading Oswalt for a right handed bat.

They would fine in the playoffs with three dominant starters in Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.

What do you think about that idea? Oswalt doesn’t have the juice on his fastball any more. His strikeouts are down and his ERA has ballooned to about five in his last four starts.

What do you think?


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  • Depends on the offer and if Oswalt wants to be traded.

    I think he is simply in a funk.

    Having 4 starters certainly makes for a tough 7 game series.

    Trade Worley or some AA players for a bat.

  • Oswalt hasn’t pitched that bad, he hasn’t had much run support in many games that he’s started in, but I do think he is retiring after this season and has his mind on his family back home with an ailing father and well as 2 growing teenage girls.. His mind and focus seem to on his family right now,but he’s a Professional and will finish the year out strong

  • No.. like paul said he really hasnt been that bad and come playoff time who do you want pitching 4th? kyle kendrick? worley? no way. We will make a trade before the deadline giving up some AAA players. No chance at making a trade for jose reyes unless we can depart jimmy rollins and cole hamels and some cash and another AAA player which is wayyyy too much

  • Paulman, you are something, how the hell do you know where is mind is, and what’s up withe the growing teenage girls reference, you take sports blogging to an entirely new level

  • jakedog, funniest comment i’ve ever read. relax, paulman is a gamer man… just like roy oswalt

  • LMMFAO….. @Jakedog….. Man Paulman’s a trip……. This site keeps me going……

  • Sure they can depend on Oswalt…He always throws a good game, sometimes outstanding…How about getting some runs for him, Hamels and the other guys, too?…The Phillies lineup needs another right handed hitter, with some power…This is Amaro’s job…Not only do they need the extra punch, they need a little shake up, too…Some new blood is needed.

    Wasn’t one of the lead articles at the beginning of the season ‘Can the Phillies depend on Cole Hamels’?…Give us a break…The pitching has been excellent.

  • Because Paulman still thinks he knows everything, Jake…

  • Good points…Osssie does have some quality starts….funny how we’re searching for reasons too complain about the best team in basball record wise. And werent the Marlins sposed to be out big test?

    Just make your point…stop pre-facing it with…As i stated before..or i predicted…or i said before.Noone cares…just say it.Your predictions and ability too predict the future is as reliable as my ability too hit my bro’s wiffle curve over the fence.

    They shouldnt trade anyone or do anything. No team beats us in 7 in the N.L..

  • As some of us have stated before or will probably again in the future,
    Oswalt is not going anywhere, this is his final Season in the Big Leagues and he wants to try to go on Top which is why he agreed to come to Philly from the Astros in the 1st Place.. This Season will be it for him though, so enjoy it while you can…

  • I say make a trade for Carlos Zambrano….. The guy is still a decent pitcher who can give you atleast 6 good inning of work…. perhaps 7…… With a positive atmosphere he’ll do great in Philly……

  • The Sad thing is that Pitcher Zambrano would be a more dangerous hitter than the Phils current LF/RF Combo they have out there now..

  • Sorry you dont get the Phills in Mountainland Paul. Had you seen the game the other night Dom Brown got a key hit in the inning that sent us ahead. Fransisco is a disater, but didnt we know it was cause Dom wasnt ready?

    Braves…..ok then…continue too stick with your prediction.

    I predicted…i said…i stated…as previously stated by me.
    All phrases uttered by every toolshed know it all on this site.

  • clearly we can count on acewalt
    y is this even a question
    if this is as bad he can do he is great
    he’s losing games by a run like 2-1 3-2
    its tough to talk phils until the playoffs
    str8 monsters in nl
    it feels good to be 1 of the gold standards in baseball

  • No they cannot count on him right now, unless he gets his head out of his bunghole. I don’t know if this is another injury the Phils are hiding or not, but he hasn’t been right all year. He’s been especially bad since he went home & returned, from the tornadoes. I see another DL stint shortly in his future. It’s ashame, because when healthy, dude is almost un-hitable. If he doesn’t retire after the season, I wouldn’t pick up his option. Give that money to Hamels.

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