• August 15, 2022

Thaddeus Young Wants Multi-Year Deal, While Iggy Is On Trading Block

Trade news involving the 76ers is beginning to heat up.

Last night SI.com’s Sam Amick reported of two possible trade scenarios involving Sixers forward Andre Iguodala. One had the small forward being shipped to the Lakers for forwards Lamar Odom (expiring contract) and Ron Artest (three years remaining). The second an definitely the more beneficial of the two has Iguodala going to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the #2 overall pick and possibly a player, the names mentioned were Martell Webster, Johnny Flynn or Anthony Randolph. Wes Johnson could be a possibility but would probably require the Sixers 16th pick.

First and foremost, the Sixers need to slam the door on the Odom/Artest deal. If Iggy is dealt to Minnesota for the #2 pick and any player not named Wesley Johnson they can go after the big man that they need in Enes Kanter, or Jonas Valanciunas and still grab a player like Jordan Hamilton with the 16th pick or possibly trade it for a proven shooter. Could your 16th pick still land Monta Ellis?

Ok, maybe I’m reaching there. I would check with Cleveland to see if they still want the #2 pick provided Iggy is traded and swap the #4 and see if J.J. Hickson is available and take Kanter at #16. The Cavs want Arizona forward Derrick Williams and he would be theirs with that scenario. The #2 pick opens up a world of possibilities for a team that is on the upswing.

I’m trusting Rod Thorn on this one…

Yesterday the Sixers offered qualifying offers as expected to Spencer Hawes and forward Thaddeus Young was on ESPN The Fanatic 97.5 with Harry Mayes and Brian Baldinger and was asked what would his stance be if another team came with a better offer than the Sixers?

Young responded, “If I get a better offer from another team, the Sixers will either have to match or come better. That’s the only way it’ll work out.” Young continued, “Hopefully it works out to where I’m back on the team…” One NBA coach who is high on Young is the New Jersey Nets Avery Johnson who said, “Thaddeus Young is the MVP of that team.”

I don’t see the Sixers allowing Young to walk. Collins would give up some of his own coin to keep Young here if it was possible – that’s how much he admires him. For now, I won’t read too much it. It will become an uncomfortable situation if there is a matching offer and the front office drags their feet. The Sixers realize that the fans are starting to come back and the last thing they want to do is wreck this young core.

Ron Glover

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  • I’m hoping the sixers land Jonas Simply because- he is Lithuanian! My fiance is lithuanian and that would mean MUCH MORE games that I can goto lol

  • Enes Kanter will go top 5, so getting him at 16 would indeed be a reach. But Iggy for #2 is fine with me…

  • NOOOO!!!! to the LAKERS & ORLANDO offers.

  • Reports are pointing to the sixers being offered the #2 pick, this would be two years in a row we have this valuable pick. They cant blow this. Iggy is a good player to the rest of the league. The twolves view him as a starting impact player that they need. They already have kevin love in place so they dont need a derek williams at PF they need a player like iggy to start for them. Make the deal so we can Draft williams or my personal favorite Enes Kanter who is a future frachise Center and will most likely be in this league for another 10-15 years…

  • I’m down to trade Iggy for the #2 and pick up Enes.

    PG: Jrue
    SG: Lou Will/Jodie Meeks
    SG: Thad Young
    PF: Elton Brand
    C: Enes Kanter

    Off the bench: Either Lou Will or Jodie, Evan Turner, Hawes, Speights, and whoever our 16th pick is. I’m down, lets go. Start the season.

  • If they get #2 and take Williams, provided they keep #16 do you package that with #50 and try to move up a couple of spots to get a big, take Jordan Hamilton or another shooter?

  • if they trade iggy for odom, i will never root for the sixers again. and as far for thad young, he is so overrated it’s insane. people drule over him, but he isn’t that good. where was he last year?

  • Eagles – why the Odom hate? He’s a big and can play. We need one. Also an expiring contract?

    And if you don’t see the Thad upside….um… you know the ball is suppossed to go in the net right?

  • good for him, 13 PPG… real impressive dood. but i would rather have a draft pick than lamar. that is a bad trade… lamar isn’t the most physical guy in the league… the dood is skinnier than me

  • Ron, you like Hamilton? Alec burke, klay thompson are good shooters and play SG. We need one, a true scorer. Give me one of those guys at 16 after we trade iggy for the #2 pick and get Enes Kanter or Derek Williams…

  • I agree eagles4life… They better not trade iggy for odom, that would be foolishness… get the high pick number 2 overall and then theyd be in a position to make some serious franchise altering moves…

  • John, its not that I’m crazy over him as much as I think the Sixers might take him. I’m all in for a shooting guard period. No more tweeters.

  • I don’t like trading Iggy for Odom. But I do like trading him for a high pick. We need something in return. I know people look at the salary dump and think it’s a good idea but that’s only a good idea with one huge assumption: that a big free agent would actually want to come here. We can dump Iggy’s contract all we want but if a star players doesn’t want to come to Philly then it doesn’t matter. Best thing to do is trade Iggy for a top pick or a good player (like the Montae Ellis rumors).

    Some other teams see Iggy as a good player when combined with a good player they already have. And that’s exactly what he is. He’s not the guy to be the top player on your team. And unfortunately his salary brought those expectations on him even though it’s not his fault the sixers overpaid. But if you put him on the floor with Kobe, Gasol and Bynum, he’d be alright. Won’t have the spotlight on him to carry the team and he can play how he likes to play: defense and transition basketball. So him going to the Lakers I think would be a very good move for him but I don’t like it for the sixers. I like Odom but dumping his salary after the 1 year doesn’t mean you’re going to get a good player when you have money to spend and then you basically gave Iggy away for a 1 year rental when you possibly could flip him into a top pick.

  • Thad is a player and has a tremendous work ethic. He’s also the unquestioned leader of this young team.

    Need a recent example? Go back to the playoffs when a Heat player pushed the rookie Evan Turner and got up in his face — who came to the rescue? That’s right, Thad Young. Sending the message that you’re not gonna intimidate his boys.

    I love Thad. He needs to work on that jumper a bit, but his athleticism and all out effort makes up for it.

  • I’m all for trading Iggy for a good player of need or top pick but the Thaddeus Young talk is so overdone. I know he’s young and has “potential” but he’s nothing special. But he can’t play D worth a lick and rebounding is non-existent. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike him but I surely don’t think this budding star like many people seem to think he is. He might be but he’s too inconsistent for me to trust him. And people act like he has to start to be good. Some of the best players in the league are off the bench and the 6th man is the key to championship teams. From Odom to Jason Terry to Ginobili. So I don’t wanna hear the crap acting like Young has to be a starter. Then we’ll all be upset if the sixers overpay him and he doesn’t perform.

  • Scorp, I think you make good points. But if trading Iggy for a high pick is nothing more than a pipe dream (and as of now, the only legs behind it are a rumor on SI.com, per Ron Glover), then would getting Odom for Iggy be better than keeping Iggy and doing nothing with him? THAT is the real question here.

  • Unquestioned leader? Come on now. That’s exactly what I mean when people overstate what he does. He’s a good player but unquestioned leader? No. In the second half of this year Holiday and Elton Brand were the true leaders of the team. People looked for Lou Williams more the Young. And because he had a teammates back makes him a leader? That makes no sense. When Haslem got into the scuffle with Stevenson in the finals, Chalmers ran up and got into Stevenson’s face and that certainly does not make him the leader. Just someone who has his teammates back. Please don’t over exaggerate Young’s role. He’s a good player but unquestioned leader is just silly.

  • schiller, I agree. I’m just saying if that was the choice that’s what I would do. I really don’t like the Odom deal because it would only be 1 year and then after that, it’s not guaranteed to even make use of the extra money for a good player. So I would look elsewhere for a trade. Just my thoughts.

  • I’m just not sure players really want to play to Philly. It’s like we either have to draft a player or trade for one. Not sure FAs like Dwight Howard, Chris Paul care too much about Philly. But obviously, it’s still good to have the money available. As long as we have the core of the team straight, I’m cool though. I was really hoping for Montae Ellis LOL.

  • scrop – if the sixers draft a pure shooting guard at 16, and he actually pans out as a shooter of course, would that satisfy your desire for Ellis? Then we could try to get a serviceable big for Iggy. I personally equate Odom to Ellis (obviously different players, but in terms of compensation for Iggy). I think getting Iggy off the team helps in more ways than just his contract burden…

  • Sure if it was possible to get a pure shooting guard at 16 who can actually contribute. But that’s a very hard thing to do. I mean we had the 2nd pick last year and not sure which way that’s going to go. I would def take a serviceable big man that can rebound and and play defense for Iggy. No doubt about that. It might help in more ways. Again, I’m not opposed for getting rid of him but not for peanuts that’s what I’m not for. Hopefully we get defense from somewhere though. Getting rid of him, we definitely lose the flexibility of having a perimeter defender that can play SGs and SFs. But besides a salary dump, what else does the team gain? I mean I’m not saying we don’t gain anything else, just wondering what your thoughts were. Only people that will think we don’t gain anything are the fans….. the same fickle fans like the Eagles fans.

  • Love how this website gets breaking philly news and there is no mention of the carter and richards trades

  • ghostof- that’s because hockey sucks and doens’t interest most people most of the time.

  • scorp – I was specifically alluding to ‘addition by subtraction’ in terms of the on-court chemestry. I think Iggy’s minutes being freed up will significantly increase the liklihood of Thad and Evan Turner (at the very least) developing more and expanding their games. I think it will also help Lou Will, Jrue, and Meeks in the same way….(the arguement could be made for others too).

  • schiller, I got you. I agree those things can happen which may benefit more for the long run. But you can also lose things like defense and transition offense. So we will have to see which the greater good. I’m all for trading him only if we get something good in return. That’s my only point. But I feel you though.

  • What’s hockey?

  • @GhostofCunningham, I was asked to cover basketball here, there are guys that do hockey here. I’m just not that guy.

  • scorp – yeah, we’re pretty much on the same page. I was thinking about the potential defense loss earlier today – but what reassures me is that Collins definitely values D and seems like he can coach it, maybe even create it if he doesn’t have naturally D inclinded guys to work with. I think Iggy’s D is underrated, but not incredibly irreplaceable. It’s a relatively doable task for a master like Collins.

    I however, disagree with transition O, I think Thad, Brand, and co can more than handle that. Sure Iggy’s a prolific Dunker etc…. but that’s nothing unique or that we’d be lacking without Iggy… in my opinion.

  • I’ve seen Thad guard threes and fours this season, he’s held his own in doing both. Scorp, one of the reasons I’m not crazy about Odom coming here is because he may not want to come here and the last thing I want is a guy coming half-assed with a group of young players that are feeling good about their future right now. As far as trading Iggy, we lose a perimeter defender and I believe that we can find another. What we have to remember is that these are pieces that can really contribute when Turne, Young and Holiday enter their primes. I’m okay with that

  • I agree Ron, iggys no HOF that can’t be replaced. He gota go… but for the right price, not a odom who is situated in LA and won’t wanna finish his career here under any circumstances so that’s not gonna happen… I hear the 6ers r really working the phone which is normal… hopefully to trade iggy and stiff speights… if brand can go to then clean house…

  • Well if there was gonna be a trade it would have happened by now so with the 16th pick the philadelphia 76ers select….

  • If this guy is there at 16 I want the 6ers to snatch um… and its Marshon Brooks. He has alil kobe in him, he put up big numbers against ND and others. A lil on the selfish side… ball hoggerish but I ll take that over a player with the ability but won’t take advantage of it (iggy)… He’s my real sleeper for this draft and may end up being a superstar in years to come…

  • Not really true V, it may have gone down but they’re saving it for the draft, more dramatic.

  • It looks like all those rumors were basically just rumors…what a bummer…I would love to see Iggy go for the 2nd pick in the draft…

    If Im the sixers Im taking that 16th pick and trading it to someone for hopefully a high lottery pick next year. OR I’m taking Kemba if he is there. I dont care if he is short the guy can flat out play and from what everyone on espn is saying is that Kemba might be there. I dont care if we dont need that position either, we could probably trade him for a big in a year or 2 anyway. The last thing we need is an undersized “big” who isn’t going to make a difference at that 16th pick. We have had plenty of those and it hasn’t gotten the sixers anywhere

  • Im hoping donatas motiejunas is still there at 16 last year we was projected at 3-5 and looks great on youtube Lol…

  • What if the better Morris twin would be there? Ugh that would be tough to pass up…. I was hoping too that the sixers would have traded iggy for that #2 overall… But whats holding it up is that the twolves are firing there current coach kurt rambis and hes the one thats in love with Iggy but the GM is in control and making all the decisions… It really sucks for us right now but lets hope something positive comes out of this…

  • With the Vucevic selection, I think that Iggy/Ellis deal still has some life to it.

  • Ron, warriors said there not dealing ellis… im trying to think positively bc the sixers have been rather good lately with their recent picks… i dont know much about this USC guy… i gotta research him…

  • Ron, interesting… did you see them talking to Marc Jasckson on ESPN and when they asked him (not about iggy, but just about maybe trading Ellis) he was stone cold, gave a stiff NON answer. That to me means that he was instructed to leave the door wide open. That would be cool geting Vuc (yes, I’m starting the “lets give him the same nickname as a certain Phils assistant coach” campaign) and Ellis for this offseason. I’d call it a successful (on potential/excitement) offseason.

  • And Jon Hart – come on man, you really bought that bogus rumor? You let it play you like that? What would be your limit? Would you have bought into a roomer like Iggy for Derick Rose!?

  • Marshon brooks, is a player that i would love for the 6ers to draft, a flat out scorer, has a lil ball hog in him, has alil kobe in him too. Hes probably going in the first round soon but would be a very good pick. 6’5 200pounds… Maybe the sixers could trade back into the first round… speights maybe?…

  • Twolves made out like bandits… ugh, they got both guys i know the sixers wanted… who is this usc guy? Im hearing hes very soft, doesnt like contact, can shoot the roc tho…

  • I saw the non answer, I feel this or some other trade is going to happen because the scorer issue remains unresolved. As far as Vucevic, I’m ok with it, he’s a true center and can score and rebound, didn’t hear much about him as a defender but we’ll see. They couldn’t have done much worse. Alot of guys are slipping I think the Sixers take the #50 pick and one next season and look to move up.

  • The Sixers should offer #50 and a pick from next year to Denver for Kenneth Faried.

  • Marshon Brooks can ball… we needed a scorer like that. This is ridiculous… boston got a future star

  • See the nets made the trade for Marshon Brooks, thats what we should have did

  • That was a big mistake, im furious!

  • I think Faired will have longer and more productive Career in teh NBA than the Sixer pick Jucervic..

  • Atleast we didn’t trade for someone named METTA WORLD PEACE

  • Faired is a player that every team would want but we were in need of a center… this guy we drafted avg 17pts and 10 boards a game… he does everything good. Just lacks athleticism..

  • Pheags lolol i just seen that too, what a clone huh?

  • I think the sixers go shooting guard at pick 50, they need a scorer, whether he rotational or a future starter… I was kinda banking on them going after Marshon Brooks (Kobe clone) in the end of the first by trading back in the first round but that didnt happen so im not sure who they ll draft next… In my opinion it should be a SG and scorer…

  • Sixers go with temple player, Lavoy Allen. Another forward… We need a scorer

  • They gotta be making a trade sometime down the line… There is no way they can bring iggy back after all the trade talks..

  • I like the Allen Pick. We needed a skilled rebounder – he’s that. Jay Bilas said he’s got first round talent, but motor problems. I say the motor thing can be coached through by Collins. And they say the kid has a real touch in the paint – THat’s a bood sign.

    And this points even further towards Ron’s comment – a trade for a shooter. Ron – can you make us a list of the top 5 shooting prospects for an Iggy trade? Include Ellis if you so desire, but tell us who the other options might be. – Ron, not so much paulie

  • Im unsure about the Allen pick. I hope it works out but they should have bundled that pick to move back into the 1st round to get Marshon Brooks, he can really fill it up. The nets now have there starting SG for years to come while we still have iggy here…

  • Woke up to find Lavoy Allen is a Sixer. Doesn’t have the outside touch of Speights but he hits the boards and most importantly plays D. Isn’t he Temples all-time leader in blocks? I think these selections enforce the fact that a trade is somewhere in the works. No more speculation from me, I’m rumored out. Schiller, I’ll have that list sometime this morning minus Ellis.

  • Allen is Temple’s all-time leading rebounder not blocks.

  • An Iguodala trade remains a possibility given that Golden State selected Klay Thompson a shooting guard who averaged 22 points for Washington State last season with the No. 11 pick Thursday night.That means the Warriors now have prominent perimeter players in Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis and Thompson. It would appear someone there has to be on the move. Maybe the Ellis-for-Iguodala trade talk gets revisited… despite the fact that Warriors head coach Mark Jackson said in an interview with ESPN during the draft, that they intend to keep Ellis. Coaches and GMs all lie, there is no way theyre gonna keep all those guards…

  • jon hart – that’s not what Jackson said, he said something like “We really value the scoring he brings us” – something vague that spoke neither to him staying or going. It was a tactical non-answer.

  • Thompson, who I believe is 6’6″ gives that backcourt some height which I think that was a non-publicized issue with the Warriors.

  • Ramon Rivas or TIm (#51 and who I can’t remember his last name) are probably Temple’s All-Time shot blockerrs…

  • I believe it’s Tim Perry who is the all time blocks leader.

  • Hopefully a trade happens where we get someone who can shoot the ball. We still have a bunch of guys on the team who are tentative to shoot at the end of games and if they aren’t shy, they aren’t really good shooter. We lose so many games last year by 5 points on less because we kept passing the ball around and giving it to Iggy with 6 on the shot clock so he can throw up a brick. Hopefully Holiday is working on his mid range jumper right now.

  • I don’t think Lou or Jrue is tentative, Collins took the ball out of their hands at the end of games in the regular season (he admitted it to my surprise that Iggy was his guy at the end) Iggy would get the ball at :18 and make his “move” at :06. Not good.

  • I want to trade Iggy for a shooter (um, duh), but I’m not closing the book on Turner – I’m only saying that becuase he’s going to work with that shooting guru this offseason – as a potential late game clutch guy as he develops. If we can get help at the SG and Turner develops that part of his game…plus Vuc drains jumpers too!

  • Jon Hart. Listen to that interview again. Marc Jackson didn’t gauruntee Ellis was going to stay. He gave a “political” answer to the question asked about keeping Ellis. He answered it the way I would expect a coach to answer it.

  • Schiller — you’re still on the Turner wagon like you have been all year aren’t you? LoL, don’t get your hopes up kid.

  • Scorp, Holidays mid range shot wasn’t the issue bc he’s cash money n in my opinion the best player on the team… it was iggy not getting the ball on time, being afraid to shoot, being afraid to fail, and inability to knock down a jumper… we’ve gone there this for what 8 years now? He’s not gonna change… so I feel there may be a deal sometime soon… but the front office for the sixers make me sick because of there laid back approach to this whole draft and whole situation, being a 500 team you can’t be that way… you have to makee moves that will make your team better than mediocre… they had a 500 team last yr, still mediocre… they need a bonefide scorer in here at the 2, I’m not closing the book on turner yet but right now he’s not that guy, so they have to make a deal so they can bring in that guy…

  • Again if they would have drafted Marshon Brooks they would have had there SG for the future but this FA baffles me sometimes…

  • jon, you have made your man crush abundantly clear. Trust me. Get over it man.

  • Birdo – you are misinterpreting me, I’m not on the Turner wagon. Rather, I’m resaonably openminded. But you sir, have closed the book on Turner, after a rookie season. That’s just plain foolish son.

  • I haven’t closed the book, but he didn’t show me anything to even have ANY type of optimism heading into this season….cept maybe that he’s going to be a legit bench player that can provide a spark every tenth game.

  • Schiller, its not a man crush its a fact, Marshon Brooks is a future star in this league. He has a scorers mentality and can flat out score the ball, put 52 on ND this past yr, thats enough to get my attention… everyone is going jimmer crazy but this guy was 2nd in the nation in scoring behind jimmer and in my opinion has just as much upside as him if not more… Seriously. This reminds me so much of the 96′ draft when alot of teams passed up on kobe then charoltte took him at 12 then was forced to trade him to LA, now 15 seasons later they guy has 5 titles and had a HOF career… You need scorers in this league and as i look at the sixers roster we have noone that can consistently put the ball in the bucket…

  • jon. But you are projecting into the future on him. You like him and think he’s going to be great – WE GOT IT. We all know the sixers need scoring. If Brooks was that good, why did he drop so far? And heck, the GM that took him was BILLY KING – yeah, THAT Billy King…not a good sign

  • I’m beginning to think that with the team being cap-strapped, the CBA and the sale of the team on the horizon the Sixers are willing to err on the side of caution when it comes to making any major moves. I could be wrong. Just a thought.

  • Schiller if you dont wanna see what i write dont read it, you stay glued to the screen waiting to disagree or make objections to what everyone has to say. Do you really think im gonna stop expressing my fustration because you said its enough we got it? You must be insane… And you said why did he fall? Why did manu ginobilli fall? michael redd? jrue holiday? kobe bryant? John Stockton? shawn kemp? clyde drexler? Dejuan Blair? Cmon man why did all they fall? Every team but 1 makes the mistake of passing on very good players… It happens every year, wtf are you talking about? Just trying to disagree and make objections, thats what your good for on this site… And thats all your good for nothing more…

  • Ron, thats a good point and thats what i was alluding to earlier. Theyre afraid to pull the trigger because of the new ownership and this impending new cba… its annoying because every year its always some other excuse they have… if they wanna be a team that just builds thru the draft at least be good at it… I remember doug collins said after they beat the spurs this past year that they want to build a team like the spurs have… But the spurs are good at building thru the draft but ,ake the necessary trades… The sixers stand pat all the time…

  • The more I think about it the more I think that’s the case.

  • Ron I agree, I don’t think those 2 are tentative which is why I said either the guys are tentative OR they can’t shoot very well in the clutch. So Lou and Jrue both fall into that category. Lou can shoot the ball but he’s often hit or miss. If he’s more consistent that would be good but he’s still a spark off the bench. We need that type of mentality AND ability from our starters.

  • Jon, Holiday’s shot was good at times. But I wouldn’t consider it money. Still a lot of room for improvement. But it’s decent. And Iggy can’t shoot the ball period. We all know that but I’ve watch enough sixers games this past year to see the team (including Holiday) just pass the ball around when the shot clock is running give it to Iggy with less than 10 seconds on the clock and then we all know what happens after that. So I’m not going to sit here and act like Holiday doesn’t need improvement. We have NOT ONE player on this team with any killer instinct in close games. We have some good players and solid ones that can make plays. But no one who is the clear go to guy in the clutch. I’m sorry we can’t blame iggy for very missed shot in the clock, not when his teammates keep giving him the ball. And I’ll be the first to tell, I never ever want to see Iggy shoot a jumpshot but I’m certainly not going to blame this team’s inability to finish in the clutch on 1 player. Nothing happening here.

  • And I agree with you about the FO’s attitude. Maybe not as aggressive as we need to be. I guess we will have to see since the offseason has a long way to go. But I feel you though. We will also have to see if there is another lockout. These players are overpaid and they run the league. This needs to change to see some real basketball.

  • LOL @ Jon about Brooks. Jon, you may be right about him. I have no clue, never seen the kid but I guess several other GMs didn’t see what you see if sixers had a chance to grab him and he made it all the way to the 25th pick. And they all can certainly be wrong too. But I’m just saying.

  • Jon, last thing, I do agree with you that good players get passed on all the time. But sometimes a player gets passed on because he just wasn’t that good either. I mean we can’t put every player in a bucket because they got passed on. Some players are special whether they get passed on or not and some just aren’t special. But I’ll be watching this kid since you speak so highly on him. But I am with you because I do agree with need someone that can just put the ball in the basket and we don’t have anyone right now that can consistently do that.

  • Scorp. exactly your right, we have no go to guy. Noone to go out and finish a game for us. Id go as far as to say that if we would have had a go to guy a out finisher last yr then we would have won more games of those close games bc the majority of our losses were in 5 points or less… our defense was 10th in the league so we cant really blame it on that… it was our inability to score during the crucial moments of the game…

  • Scorp, according to reports the sixers were eying both SGs Brooks and alec burke. But unfortunetly were in need of a big man, I feel they were in need of a real SG that can score the ball, there best scorer right now is lou williams a 6’0 guard. I would have been fine with spencer hawes for this year at center and drafting Brooks… its just fustrating that this FO over thinks too much. You may not have had to trade iggy if you would have drafted a true SG then traded back into the 1st rd for your center, bc that guy we took would have still been there at the end of the 1st…

  • I just counted 19 loses by six points or less at first glance. That’s heartbreaking.

  • Scorp, youtube Marshon Brooks. They kid has that “IT” factor, a flat out scorer. His game resembles konbe bryants alot

  • Ron, thats ridiculous. See what i mean? 19 loses within 6 points or less. Thats ridiculous… That has nothing to do with having a center. I understand there logic a bit bc they needed bigs but that has nothing to do with 6 points or less losses. Defense isnt the issue. Thats inability to score the ball in key instances…

  • jh – come on man, you know he would have been there at the end of the first? You’re just silly thinking you know everything.

    But honestly, where did you see the reports about them wanting Brooks and Burke?

  • That’s 1/4 of the season…SMH!

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