• July 4, 2022

Lee Continues Dominance With Third Consecutive Shutout

Cliff Lee has been the hottest pitcher in baseball in the month of June, and isn’t showing any signs of cooling off anytime soon. Facing the top offense in baseball, the former Cy Young award winner fired his third consecutive complete game shutout in a row and earned his ninth victory of the season.

Lee had a no-hitter into the sixth inning, and finished the game allowing just two hits, walking two, and striking out five. It took the lefthander 112 pitches to finish off the Red Sox.

As if his pitching performance wasn’t strong enough, Lee also contributed from the plate, driving in Domonic Brown with a sacrifice fly in the fifth inning.

With his latest gem, Lee carved himself a place in team history by joining Phillies legend Robin Roberts as the only pitchers in franchise history to pitch three consecutive complete game shutouts.

Lee has now won his last five starts, and he’s done so in a dominating fashion. He’s now allowed just one run in his last 42 innings, and he’s pitched 32 consecutive scoreless innings. The scoreless inning streak is the longest of his career. His previous high was 27 in 2008, the year he won the American League Cy Young Award.

Lee has been the team’s strongest pitcher in the last few weeks. His early season struggles are now a thing of the past, and he has suddenly become as serious a candidate for the All-Star game as Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels.

Denny Basens

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  • Haaa…the Red Sux

    Everything was working for the kid tonight…he looked in controll throughout. And the offense did it’s part by showing some patience.Had that been in Fenway it would have been the same result.

  • It’s over. This Phillies team sucks. There’s no chance. Paulman was right. Shit, we shoud just throw in the towell and rest up for nest year’s run. We’re doomed.

  • All the Phillies HATERS that call themselves “fans” need to STFU and just never post about the Phillies again. 20 games above .500. Is this the best record we have ever had at this point in the season? 50-30. Lets go man, I’m ready for October already. This whole season has felt like the playoffs. Everyone expects us to fail….even some of our OWN “fans”…..but we just keep on winning and keep on being the best team in baseball….choke on it haters, you know who you are.

  • totally agree with schiller, paulman… im aware that crawford wasn’t in tonight… but we have a beat up team too and we shoved it right up the red sox’s ass tonight. sure, we may not be able to score in bunches, but we score when needed. we just showed that the sox are beatable

  • Man, we can have three 20 game winners this year. When is the last time that has happened. All 3 could have 12 by the All-Star break. Man if this team can just score 4-5 runs a game (I know, that’s asking the impossible), they can be unbeatable with this staff. Unbe-lee-vable. Come on Amaro, give SD a call. Ludwick & Bell are waiting for you. 😀
    BTW, F U, Red Sucks. Was at the game last night, & it felt like the Playoffs. A Red Sucks fan fell down the steps, & soda & ice cream went all over him. No one helped him up. BWAHAHAHA!!! LMBO!!!

  • Sorry, 11 wins each by the break. Not enough starts. My bad.

  • A great Win last night and a spectacular performance by Cliff Lee..
    He’s been on a roll all month and really dialed in.. some good patient hitting and both Brown/Victorino took advantage of some pitches that were up in the strike zone by Beckett.I hope the Phils win the next 82 games and finish 132-30..

  • hey DD if I were that man who fell and you were there and didnt help me up I would have broken your jaw. I’ll make sure I look for you at the next game.. just folllow the swirl right?? lol

  • Hope is for the weak.

    Reed….you would have your Phills gear on mannnnnn…you know your brotherin woulda helped you up and freshened your soda.

  • RR, dude you have a serious problem. First of all i’m a Police Officer, & you wouldn’t do s#!t. Another keyboard gangster. Dude chill out. You still mad that I exposed you in the other article for the racist hater that you are? This is a sports talk web site, not for you to spew your hate & violence. Do the world a favor & go jump in front of a train, you piece of s#!t.

  • DD, I’m not mad at all. Police office?? yeah right. I’m donald trump. anyone can be anyone on the net. you didn’t expose anything other than that you’re the hater. I’m entitled to my opinion and right to free speech. If you were REALLY a police officer, you would have known that already. The only hate I “spewed” was in response to YOU so who’s really the hater?? and Erock I would have definitely had my phillies gear on. also DD if you really are a philly cop, we all know you’re the “piece of sh*t”!! Clown!! lol

  • A police officer shouldnt be talking like that too other citizens regardless of the situation. Protect and serve dude.

    I dont ever remember this much aggresive talk on this site and i’ve been posting since the start.Ease back off that fellahs….its uncalled for and you discredit yourselfs.

  • erock,
    its unfortunate but most police officers do talk like that. All of this is because of his response to me. I NEVER attacked him to start this. I have been on this site for some time now and I have read some pretty aggressive back and forth by some of the “regulars” but its not my place to tell people that they are not allowed to voice their opinion. everyone has a right to. I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t care if its the pope or anyone else, I will defend myself. ESPECIALLY to a so called “cop”. DD is irrelevant as of now..

  • Knowledge universal…Go Phills…be easy dun….

  • Cliff Lee pitched a great game, Domonic Brown bounced back, and yet the conversation revolves around jive talk and stuff I would expect from high school youths…Well, anyway, we get to see intelligence and skill exhibited on the playing field.

  • Lee was awesome as was his sac fly.

  • RR, all of this got started because you said Milt Thompson was fired because he was black. Flat out ignorant. Then you poked fun at me being mixed. Ignorant. Everyone go look at the comments in the Greg Gross article & see who’s in the wrong. Although your correct about me, being a Philly police officer, I should know better than to talk to someone like that. But you Sir are flat out ignorant. Alot of us do the best we can to keep this city safe. But it’s hard to do, with irrational, ignorant, close minded people like you. I guess you thought it was OK for all those punks to do that flash mob, the other day? But like I said before, your a keyboard gangster. I do not lie, & I am who I say I am. But for whatever it’s worth, i’m extending the olive branch to you. I will still pray for you. From now on i’ll talk about sports on here, & won’t respond to irrational ignorance. Have a good night 😀

  • dam when yall go out and get philadelphia’s finest on here
    very sad

  • DDCar way too show some class bro. I can see why that erked you. Stay cool.

    Man they just smacked the Sox again. Enter Cole.

  • Can we just talk about baseball?

    Worley was tremendous tonight. 1 mistake to Lackey and that was it. Then Stutes and Bastardo shut them down. The kids really stepped up tonight.

  • Oh and BTW, Lee was worth every penny.

  • Agreed, Bugsy. GO PHILS!

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