• August 19, 2022

Phillies Lose Another Closer, Madson To The DL

The Phillies revealed some bad news on Tuesday by placing Ryan Madson on the 15-day disabled list with a contusion in his right hand. The righthanded reliever had his pitching hand struck by a line drive back on May 20th. Though he has continued to pitch, his hand has swelled up, limiting the amount of pitches that he can throw. This is the third closer that the Phillies have lost to injury this season with Brad Lidge and Jose Contreras already on the disabled list.

The loss of Madson makes things much more challenging for the Phillies against the Boston Red Sox and their future opponents. The team is now without a proven closer, and they’ll have less options to pitch in middle relief.

The only remaining member of the bullpen with significant closing experience is Danys Baez, who has saved 114 games in his career, including a career high 41 for Tampa Bay in 2005. However, Baez hasn’t even been able to establish himself as a sixth or seventh inning option for the Phillies, so he realistically isn’t an option.

While Madson is on the shelf, the Phillies will likely use a combination of Antonio Bastardo and Mike Stutes to close games as needed. Bastardo has already saved two games this season, and will likely be the primary closer. The lefty could be used in eighth inning depending on if the opponent has difficult lefthanded batters coming up. The two young relievers have been critical to the stability of the bullpen this season, and have risen to every challenge thrown their way so far. They’ll now face their greatest challenge to date.

Denny Basens

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  • A call was just made to BIlly Wagner… They should go out and sign him up if he’s hearlthy.. LIdge/Contreras are shaky at best to return by Aug/Sept so they need to get some more arms before they burn-out Stutes/Bastardo..
    I would even have Blanton Rehabbing as a Bullpen PItcher so when he returns, can make the adjustment to work out of the bullpen since they really don’t need him as a Starter or have Blanton Start and KEndrick as long relief …

  • Lidge is done..i dont wanna see him this year. Let the young guys take over. Contreras is a nice pen arm so ill take him back.

    Rehab as a b.p. pitcher?Cause they havent already screwed that up by bringing him back too fast.Kendrick sucks and should be told so..worthless.

    The only thing worse then your rotation adjustments are your predictions.

  • Thnx Erock, I post them just for you too…
    I predict you will go “kissless” for the remainder of the Summer (except for family get-togethers)

  • Never in the doghouse dude….not a chance.

    Nice try.

  • Paulman – You’re kidding – right? By the time Wagner could sign and get back into baseball shape, Madson, Lidge and Contreras will all be back. We would be better off signing a younger arn we could use after the above guys are gone next year.

  • Madson, should be fine. He had a infection in his hand, that had to be lanced & drained. I believe the 15 day DL stint will be shorter, because it will be post dated from when he 1st wasn’t available. Amaro, just in case, get on the phone with SD. Ludwick & Bell are waiting.

  • Give Bastardo a chance.

    Call some teams and see what they on the block.

    This team needs a hitting coach too.

  • Yes DixieFan, I was kidding about B Wagner..
    Madson will return just after the All-Star Break but I am not so sure about te return of Lidge/Contrerars .. (my sources say the Lidge may not return at all this year.. I am concerned that the Phils will end up over-using young Pitchers (Bastardo/Stutes) if they are not careful and burn them out by August and be real thin in the Bullpen for the Playoff stretch..

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