• May 27, 2022

Jean-Gilles has slimmed way down

You may have heard that Eagles G Max Jean-Gilles underwent the lap-band procedure in order to lose weight a while ago. It’s an invasive procedure, but not nearly as bad as gastric bypass, where they re-route your internal organs. This is a band that makes your stomach smaller so you don’t eat as much.

It’s very effective, but you do have to stay with it because it can expand on you and you can eventually say “forget this.” But, clearly, Jean-Gilles has stayed with it and that’s very impressive.

Geoff Mosher from Delawareonline.com reports that he’s hearing that the big guy has dropped yet another 30 lbs. I saw a story a while ago that he had ballooned up to 398, and then got down to about 345. He said in that story that he might like to lose another six.

Well, he kept going because Mosher says he’s in the 315-320 lb. range. That’s amazing. And it’s good for him too, because new offensive line coach Howard Mudd likes his linemen to be lean and athletic. At 400 lbs., Jean-Gilles was neither of those.

Would have been nice for him to actually have an offseason so he could get used to playing with the weight. He’s going to need to jump in immediately and try to get acclimated. Would great to see his play benefit from the new body size.

Micah Warren

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  • G just scored big. PFT says a Billion dollars is written into the new CBA for retired players.

  • F^@k, MJG. I don’t want him or the other fat, pig, smurf, Cole back, either. They both blow, & those ships have sailed.

  • Trent Dilfer has the eagles rated as the 4th best team in the NFC this year behind the Saint, Falcons and the Packers… I hate analyst.. Sorry to pull a Schiller here but who fucking knows is gonna be better? why do these analyst base their “which team is gonna be better” based on the year before? last year tells nothing in the NFL.

  • Also I have rated my top 5 worst tv/radio host of all time…

    5 .Eric Snow
    4. Trent Dilfer
    3. Sean Salisbury
    2. Joe Buck
    1. Chris Berrman

  • VR, you can put Sarge & McCarver as top 2 color men, on that list too. But I can’t argue with your list. EWWWW!!! They all need to be sent to Siberia.

  • Paulman’s Top Teams in the NFC as of Today

    #1) Packers

    #2) And then everyone else (Falcons,Saints,Eagles,Bears,Giants,Tampa Bay Bucs) are a good distance behind the Packers and all these teams have holes to fill (including the Eagles) before they can compete with the Packers.

  • Pack

  • Giants

    I like what the Falcs did but give me Vick agaisnt them anyday. Gmen will be dangerous but again,Shelied,Bearsmake a move and get Plax look out but i dont like there secondary.Birds sign N.a. and there there 1b next to Pack.

  • Max Jean belly band better get his technique right or he’ll be watchin Mcglyn play his spot all year.

    Doc looked like he was gonna hurl WHILE HE WAS HURLING!!HAHAHAHAHA

  • Dominick Brown is comical. He sucks. lol

  • Fellas were almost there!! Cannot wait for this season. Gonna be a tough ass one for our Birdz to. I’m scared to play the Gmen this year though. You can only beat your divisional rival soo many times before they get to best of you, not to mention this is the most competitive division in sports. Period. The nice scare me to along with the bears. Anybody can take it this year. But it’s a promise our birds are gonna be able to go toe to toe with the best of em. I can’t wait to kick some ass. Just prey we stay. Healthy!!! That’s the main key.
    We can’t get pissed if we don’t take it this year, even though it’s gonna happen. Let’s not get greedy, cause when those Phillies take it this year that’s gonna have our city going crazy!!

    Go Philly!!

  • Not nice… The Bucs. Josh Freeman is gonna b a top 5 qb in the next three years. It’s gonna be insanse how good he gets.

    Damn I hated saying that… Believe me

  • We own the Giants son.We have there number like the deli cat taken your order.

  • I’m happy for Max. Who will Fat slob Reid have his all night eatathons with. Reid needs to focus on the team and much less on his eating habits. I hope it’s hot at Lehigh and Father Andrew takes some laps around the field.

  • @ PETE
    Way to write an insightful and thought provoking post..really enjoyed it…

  • Andy Reid not making in game adjustments or missing on a few draft picks isnt justification to run your mouth about his weight constantly. Your a tool Pete.WTF cares what you think of his looks. Post something about the squad or your dislike for his coaching.Chances are your like most americans and could use a walk around the block.

    See me at Lehigh hucking the rock and kicking field goals on the break in the back lot by the football fields. GET IT DONE!!

  • E what is your longest boot?

  • Last year I nailed a 35 yarder and it looked good had it been from 40. Course there was no line and i took a couple extra yards fro additional power.HAHAHA. You rollin to camp this year dude?

  • Maybe, I’ll look you up at the goalposts, we can have a friendly competition, winner gets beer

  • doesn’t matter how much weight he lost, he’s done here.

  • Micah:

    My sister wants to know how his ass looks. Update us.

  • One thing I will say about MJG,
    At least he was aware that he needed to lose weight and have better conditioning and did something about it to improve his health..
    Eagles have MJG, N Cole and R Wells all are Free-Agents and I can see the Eagles offering a contract to 1 of these 3 players and I believe MJG will be that player while the other 2 (Cole and Wells) hit the streets..

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