• July 4, 2022

Ten Reasons The Eagles Should Sign Brett Favre

I told you about a month ago that it made sense for Andy Reid and the Eagles to sign future Hall of Famer Brett Favre to backup Michael Vick in the 2011 season. Some laughed at my comments, but I was serious because Favre could solve the Eagles need of having a championship caliber backup quarterback and the fact that Eagles have a chance to go to the big dance would be tempting for number 4.

Of course this move isn’t necessary at the moment with Kevin Kolb still on the roster, but as soon as the CBA is agreed to by the NFL players, Kolb will be dealt to Arizona and the only backup Vick will have on the Eagles roster is second-year, inexperienced signal-caller Mike Kafka.

Reid and the Eagles would have an enraged fan base if Vick were to go down and all the Birds could do was send Kafka out there to lead this high-powered offense. It would be like giving the keys of a $200,000 Rolls Royce to a 16-year old kid who just got his driver’s licence. Too much too soon.

Here are ten reasons why this signing makes sense for the Eagles and Brett Favre.

First of all, I’ve heard rumors that Favre is getting that itch to play again. Before anything can happen, he has to decide that he wants to play again. Favre has to look at the Eagles receivers and feel confident that he could be successful with those receivers if Vick were to go down. It would be easy for him to see himself throwing the ball to DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and etc.

Secondly, the Eagles don’t need a backup who doesn’t give them a chance to win a Super Bowl, if Vick were to get injured. They surely wouldn’t have much of a chance of winning a Super Bowl with Kafka as the starter, since he lacks any experience. Favre has the knowledge and familiarity of the Eagles west coast offense to run it well with everything on the line. There aren’t many guys out there with that ability.

Thirdly, Reid has maintained a twenty-plus year relationship with Favre. He knows him like the back of his hand. Reid’s relationship with Favre will allow the veteran passer to feel comfortable coming into the city after training camp knowing he can trust the guy who is calling the shots. The head coach knows Favre, therefore he knows how to talk to him and get everything out of him.

Fourth on the list, Favre will have to accept a backup role if he wants to continue to play. Reid and other coaches around the league know that Favre’s body can’t take the pounding of training camp or a full NFL season. Nobody is willing to offer him a starting position, so that’s not an option for him. Previously Favre had said he was unwilling to accept a job as a backup but that was when he had other options.

Fifth on the list, Vick wouldn’t be bothered by having a future Hall of Famer like Favre backing him up. Vick knows Favre’s body can’t take a full season of pounding. The lefthander has already tweeted that he looks forward to learning how to attack defenses the way Favre has been able to do for two decades. “I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup. That will be amazing learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.”. There would be no quarterback controversy because of the points the two quarterbacks are at in their careers.

Sixth on the list, Favre would be able to rest his body most of the season and get himself back into playing condition. With nearly an entire season of rest, Favre could get his body back to total health. He already has a great feel for the offense. With the rest, the veteran would be ready to go by season’s end.

Seventh on the list, Favre doesn’t need training camp to make himself capable of jumping off the bench, throwing three touchdowns and leading the team to a victory in a playoff game. How many other backup quarterbacks are capable of that?

Eighth on the list, the Eagles are a team which can deal with the hyper-attention it will get from having Brett Favre on the sidelines and in the locker room. Remember this team handled having Vick on the roster when he was radioactive. Reid, Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner and Howie Roseman know how to handle the media and controversy.

Ninth on the list, I don’t think the Eagles would be bothered by stealing attention from the Phillies by signing Favre. The Birds don’t have to deal with the Phillies on the NFL schedule but they do battle them for attention here in the city and having Favre on the sidelines would increase their local and national media coverage.

Finally number ten on the list, the Eagles with a couple of good moves in free agency or a key trade or two would be a serious Super Bowl pick. Favre would only want to go a team which had a chance at playing in the Super Bowl, so that has to be attractive to Favre. He didn’t like the way his season ended a year ago, so he would have another chance to finish his career at the Super Bowl with a Lombardi Trophy.

Favre’s agent Bus Cook was contacted today. Here’s what the Associated Press reported. “Bus Cook said Monday morning that Favre hasn’t talked to him about any sort of comeback and to his knowledge, Favre “hasn’t talked to anybody else about a comeback” either.”


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  • 5 Reasons why the Eagles should not pursue Farve

    #1) He’s a ego whore and would only return to Football to be a starter and be a distraction to this Eagle Team
    #2) He’s not a good locker room or mentor type of Player from past accounts
    #3) His skills are diminished, We saw Vick scramble a 100 times out of the Pocket last Season, Can Favre bee successful in 10 of this occasions ???
    #4) Eagles/Coach A’s Offense is predicated on having a mobile and athletic QB which Farver is neither at this Stage of his Career
    #5) Eagles do need a QB with experience who can step in and make plays with their feet also, in the event the Eagles trade Kolb, and to be Vick’s back-up.. QB Troy Smith, Tavaris Jackson, Dennis Dixon all come to mind who can run this offense adequately and if Vick has a major injury, then this team isn’t going real far anyways so what’s the point in having Farve on the team/sidelines..

  • Paulman — you really only stated two reasons…..just reworded them to make it look like 5 different reasons.

    I’ll take Favre, as long as he knows his role — something tells me he will. It would be better than Kafka.

  • I agree with Paulman. The Eagles don’t need Brett Favre.

  • Ok these are not reasons WHY they should sign Brett Favre these are conditions. To say the Eagles should sign him because he’s getting an itch again is not a reason. It makes no sense I dont think in the history in the NFL has anyone ever signed a QB for a year to back up another QB intentionally.

  • To Birdo,
    How can a player like Farve with his king-sized ego ever be satisfied in a back-up’s role.. He doesn’t care about the Eagles Franchise and their quest for a Super Bowl.. Let him come back and play for the Titans/Dolphins/Panthers as a a 1 year rental player to pad his career stats as they groom their future QB’s…

  • Cont.

    With the exception of already trading away your 2nd string QB.

    Paulman I agree 100%. I would rather see what Kafka has than to see Favre throw 4 Ints a game.

  • I didnt mind brett favre, until his press conference where he announced he was retiring (again) and I noticed that he wore a hat… with just a number 4 on it, no team colors, or logos, just a 4… and for some reason that made me hate his guts.

  • Well one reason is Favre is a flat out better QB than Kolb..If Kolb was an adaquate backup Favre will be an even better option if Vick get’s injured…Besides Mcnabb I don’t see another QB out there who could step right in and run our system without a hitch.

    Kolb is Ass…So we welcome Favre to hold the clipboard and be ready if needed….Hope the Eagles are really talking to Asmo people

  • Asmo will sign with the 49ers .. It’s a done deal per my sources out in the Bay area..

  • go ahead, bring favre, besides all the bs distractions, i can see it alrady, vick goes down in playoff game, favre throws pic, end of season, all too familiar, no way you bring this guy back, g are you serious, its not about competing with the phillies, its about winning the last game of the season, and favre hasn’t done that in a long time, and only once, i am done with the birds if reid brings him here

  • Top Ten Reasons not to sign Farve..

    1. Interception Machine
    2. Interception Machine
    3. Interception Machine
    4. Interception Machine
    5. Interception Machine
    6. Interception Machine
    7. Interception Machine
    8. Interception Machine
    9. Interception Machine
    10. All-Time Interception Leader.

  • per my sources, Paulman is full of crap.

  • bsm,
    you actually meant 11 reasons…

    11. Interception Machine haha!

  • GCobb, take Favre & go to hell, along with him & Songs. This $#!t has to stop. WTF!!

  • Paulman’s Top 10 Free-Agents and who they sign with

    #1) CB Amogoah – Signs w/49ers
    #2) WR S Holmes- Signs w/Redskins
    #3) DE C Johnson – Re-signs w/Carolina Panthers
    #4) DE R Edwards – Signs w/Atlanta Falcons
    #5) WR S Rice – Re-signs w/Vikings
    #6) RB D Williams – Signs w/Miami Dolphins
    #7) DE C Jenkins – Signs wi/Redskins
    #8) DT B Mebane – Signs/CLeveland Browns
    #9) WR B Edwards – Resigns w/Jets
    #10) CB J Joseph – Resigns w/Bengals

    That’s it for now

  • I still think that, this is all fluff. Farve would be a good backup if our offensive line could hold someone up

  • he gives us a better chance at winning a superbowl then anyone else. I do agree with paulman though on the fact that he has to be happy to be a good locker rooom guy. With the jets he wasnt and when they drafted aaron he wasnt. Becuase he didnt like those moves. He is a media whore…my god!

  • I am not sure how anyone can really say that Farve gives the Eagles a better chance to get to a Super Bowl as a back-up QB.. What did he do the last 3 Seasons as a Starter with the Jets/Vikings …The Eagles chances for a Super Bowl rely mostly on the arm and legs of Starter M Vick.. If Vick goes down for any extended period of time with an injury, then the Eagles are not going to make any deep run in the playoffs regardless of who the back-up QB is..

  • DAWK, add that he’s cooked to that list, & it makes absolutely ZERO sense to bring him here. He has nothing left, & zero to contribute or offer. Unless you want the opposition to pat it’s defensive stats.

  • When will someone write an article about how this whole puzzle came together because Reid could no longer deny what all of the fans were screaming at the top of their lungs for? A Wide Receiver. Djax draft was the spark that opened up Big Red’s retarded eyes.

  • gary- the answer is No!!

  • Hold up…you had guys like Paulman saying Kolb would stay as an insurance policy since Vick could get nicked throughout the season.

    Well, Favre is better than Kolb, knows the system better than Kolb, have a stronger arm than Kolb. Shouldn’t the guys who thought Kolb should stay like Favre even better? I don’t get it…I guess guys like players based on their media interactions even if the player is average like Kolb.

  • Oh yeah…DRC is coming to philly….when he gets toasted and mugged by the NFC East receivers guys please don’t complain …remember

    The options were available and the Eagles went with the cheaper option…and if you forget,,,,,I’ll remind you.

  • Songs ‘guys like Paulman’ – um….what da hell does that mean!? Nobody is like Pualman. Not one soul.

    And you’re getting worked up over something PAULMAN SAID? Really? Wow, a new low for Songs….who woulda thunk it

  • Who needs a pre-season? Songs and Schill are in mid-season form. Favre is better than any backup that is available, by why would he come here? He won’t want to be a backup and he will want more money than the Eagles want to give.

  • I thnk I have stated this a few times,
    If the Eagles really want to make a legitimate Super Bowl run this year than they should keep Kolb as Back-up to Vick and Acquire CB/OLB/DE thru Free-agency and especailly with the shortened off-season and camp on trying to bring in any QB to learn this complicated Coach AR/MM System.. Worry about Kolb next off-season and if he walks so be it…

  • hate brett , please go away!

  • G, stop it with the Favre stuff. This was the worst statement of the entire article: “because Favre could solve the Eagles need of having a championship caliber backup quarterback”. Since when was having a championship caliber backup a need of any team? Having a good backup in a need for anyone but having a “championship caliber” is not a need. Only a luxury. Favre makes a lot more problems than he fixes. Period.

  • SONGS, it is safe to say that you are a biggest baby, I have ever encountered. Case & point, you have been proven to be a stubborn, delusional, rockhead, time after time, after time, on here with your idiotic Favre & Asomugha hollow arguments.
    Favre is done & CANNOT play anymore. END OF STORY! How are the Eagles going on the cheap by getting DRC. CB isn’t the only hole they have you stupid, stubborn, jacka$$. Again, get this through your thick, peanut brain.
    How are they going to fill all the gaping holes on DF, & sign the rest of the 90 man roster? ANSWER- THEY CANNOT. Just because they aren’t getting someone you want, doesn’t make it wrong or the Birds cheap. How are they cheap, when all NFL teams have to spend 90% of the cap & BTW, spending hasn’t even started yet.
    You are a complete, utter, delusional, stubborn, rockhead, jacka$$. GO AWAY!

  • DDcar…how does an 185 pound Corner with questionable tackling skills match with the big, physical, fast receivers in the NFC East?

    And this same corner doesn’t scare anyone….65% of the passed to the guy he sticks…..gets completed.

    You think this is a good fit for a team with the worst red zone coverage in Eagles history?

    What you think?

  • Songs is a “groupie” fan, a fan of players and not the team, hence his irrational hatred of Kolb because he replaced his lover mcnabb, now he has a love affair with asmo, who, as others have repeatedly and rationally pointed out, will not be wearing midnight green for numerous reasons, can’t stand this type of fan

  • but he could be worse,he could be like paulman, who has a love affair with himself

  • Tell me about it Jakedog. He admitted this during the whole Donovan McNabb fiasco. What a clown. No respect for this type of fan.

  • Out of Songs and Paulman, I prefer Songs. Paulman makes up idiotic stories and predictions. Its cool if you do it every once in a while, but he’s just a troll now.

  • I predict Birdo will bump into and piss-off Lorraine Bobbit in an elevator. She will then stop the Elevator, pull out her Kitchen Knife and Cut-Off Birdo’s you know what.. in the end, the Birdo will sound a like that little “Tweety Bird” from the Looney Tunes Cartoons…

  • No more De Smith and his absurd looking hats for another 10years!!

    CSN is predicting the birds to get Brandon Mban and Tamba Hali..I would be all for this…I wanted Meban from the beginning but i didnt know Hali was going to be available.. anybody got info on him. I would take Hali over ray edwards any day of the week. Edwars is overrated and wants to be paid like a superstar for getting 8 sacks in a year. Hes good against the run but the run wasn’t the issue..we need sacks and pressure and that what meban and hali can do.

    Cole-Dixon-Mebane-Hali plus a corner DRC or JJ=so much better than spending the house on Asmo and giving contracts to guys like Plax or Fat Albert

  • SONGS, how? With his speed, coverage skills & nose for the ball. Take that 65% STAT that you ‘ve been throwing out there & wipe your a$$ with it. You do not sound smart by doing so. So quit now before you are buried further. That is a 1 year stat for a down year. Look at his 1st 2 years. He runs like lightening, & is a very talented kid. Not to mention we get him at almost an even swap for Kolb’s salary that doesn’t effect the cap $$$ we have to spend. That still gives them the flexibility to sign a couple of studs & fill out a very good 90 man roster. YOU DOPE!!!

  • T Hali will most likley be re-signed by the Chiefs who have lots of $$$ under to Cap to spend, The biggest reason I would stay away from him is that he’s from Penss State who underperform in the Pros though Halie have a very good Season last year after getting off to a quiet start in his NFL career since he was drafted.. But the Chiefs have signaled him out as a player for them to resign and I am suire they will overpay to keep him just like the Bengals will do with CB J Joseph..

  • For the Record, Hali is a more of pass-rusher and not every effective versus the Run. The Best Run-stuffing DE in this free-agency group is Cullen Jenkins who probably fits a 3-4 scheme better..

  • Paulman even though teams have all the cap in the world, players have to want to play there. Why would any reasonable person want to play in Cincy? If JJ signs there he is basically signing away his chance to have get close to a SuperBowl in his career or even make the playoffs in that matter..that team will never beat out the ravens or Steelers in the next 5 years..Is a lil more money that important?

    I disagree about Hali, I thought he wasnt available but I guess CSN thinks otherwise…But I would love to see him here opposite of Cole. He actually has had a very good career except for one year. had like 15 sacks last year. IM saying this as someone that cant stand PSU either…made my gf transfer from the psych ward.

  • Im not too concerned about the run man..that wasn’t the problem with our D last year..and on top of that we score too many damn points so teams are not going to beat us running the ball anyway. We need sacks

    I wouldnt be surprised if the Eagles make their big splash on the O-line and just fool everyone like usual tho

  • And before you try to bring up John Starks..it is obvious that getting pressure on the D and the secondary was our biggest problem. Washburn will make us better against the run. Atleast im pretty sure he wont be using our rookie undersized Defensive Ends as defensive tackles in the middle of the line like McDermott did

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