• May 17, 2022

Report: Kolb Trade Won’t Take Place Today

The trade involving Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals was already supposed to have occurred, but it hasn’t. It supposed to be a foregone conclusion that Kolb would traded to the Cards for talented cornerback Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie.

Now, Philly.com is reporting that much talked trade involving Kolb will not occur today. “A club source told me a little while ago that Kolb will not be traded today.”

At the moment there hasn’t been any information released or uncovered which reveals why the deal hasn’t taken place.


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  • Probably not a done deal for Kolb and his Agent won’t sign off on it until he has a new Deal in place with Arizona..
    Maybe The Cardinals can send back Matt Ware and Roderick Hood back instread of DCR…

  • Just off phone with a very good friend in Colorado, (He’s a Brewer for Fat Tire out in Ft Collins,Co)
    Anyways, some bad news to report, The Broncos have Traded QB K Orton and LB M Haggan to the Arizona Cardinals for DE Dockett and LB Joey Porter and a 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2012 Draft
    It appears that Seattle will re-sign Hassleback and the DOlphins will be trading for V Young and the Vikings D MNabb.
    Kold Kolb remains an Eagle for 2011

  • paulman where the heck do you come up with this stupid stuff its really starting to piss me off, you make the most idiotic comments and predictions that are never true, youre an embarrassment and im sick of reading your stupid posts, enough is enough already. get a grip

  • paulman….source…no major media outlet is reporting that…

  • wild_bk — dont pay attention to paulman, he’s the resident troll/dumbass.

    Just to put an end to the whole Hasslebeck staying in Seattle deal: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/07/26/report-hasselbeck-will-not-re-sign-with-seahawk/

    Paulman, if you ever want to revert to talking REAL football and REAL baseball, it’s not too late…….or, you can continue to waste everyones time with your useless drivel and predictions.

  • They keeping it on the down low and will annouce it later this week..

  • wild_bk – I may be able to help you out here – Paulman is just f-ing with us. He’s full of crap/joking around/hoping to guess something to correctly – his ego feeds on stuff like that.

  • paulman has a friend?

  • Eagles need to work to get this done asap. They’ll lose leverage the longer it takes especially if they are already over valuing Kolb. With the report that Hasselbeck isn’t returning to Seattle, Arizona could tell our FO to piss off if they ask for too much. I mean even if it just holds them over for a year or 2, they may consider that better than overpaying for Kolb. After, Kevin Kolb is Matt Hasselbeck Jr. Who knows what will happen. Get it done quickly Andy!

  • wild_bk, I know you didn’t just fall for one of Paulman’s “reports”. Paulman’s a good guy but he also plays around a lot too with “breaking news” stuff.

  • Paulman’s mother is the source, as he lives out of her basement at age 50.

  • First of all, I doubt that they’d trade for Orton–they’d have to assume his contract which is 6M–Kolb is only due to make 1M. The 2nd thing is another poster on here hit it on the head–Kolb’s agent is going to want an extension before a trade is consummated–and the Philly press was talking about that even during the lockout.

  • Honestly, I don’t think Kolb is worried about an extension in order to go to the Cardinals because he knows he’s the starter which is what he’s wanted all along. And secondly, Kolb nor is agent has any say in where he is traded. But I’m pretty sure Arizona already knows that they can sign him to an extension because he wants to play there. The question is how much are they willing to commit. But at the end of the day Kolb wants to go there and that’s all that matters.

  • Earlier this morning I heard on 610 WIP that Seattle has re-entered the sweepstakes for Kolb.

    My guess is the Eagles are asking for more than Cromartie.

    Regardless i think Minnesota, Arizona, Seattle, and some other teams still have some interest.

    Look for Hassleback to land in Arizona and Seattle to Add Kolb for A.Curry and maybe a 2nd round pick.

  • Trade his ass already…….Let him play a few games to see if it’s worth redoing his deal.

    He stole money from the Eagles with a new deal last year…He don’t have the power to say what he want.

    He’s under contract.

    Ship his ass outta here already!

  • Tjack signs with Seahawks- that actually hurts us AND helps us. Not sure if they want him to start but Kolb not a huge need there now. That can be good because we need a starter on D NOT a draft pick for next year. They better not screw this thing up. Get it done and focus on the rest of FA.

  • Derick Gun from Comcast is reporting that multiple teams are in the mix for Kolb. He didt say the teams. Kolb will be dealt later in the week and wont be asked to be in camp tomorrow.

  • Word is that the Eagles will not persue any of their free agents. Did Reid, Banner and Lurie steal a page out of the flyers playbook?

  • Big Boss, I just read that too.

    No Bradley, Mikell, Patterson, Jean-Gilles….. good riddance. This mean they must be planning on making a big splash and all I have to say about that is IT’S ABOUT TIME!

  • Songs, I’m with you man. Not as emphatic as you but I agree. Never should have drafted him. Been nothing but media hype and controversy since the Eagles drafted him. Get him out of here. Just tired of hearing about him.

  • Desean Jackson salary is 568,000 this year. He is the 28th highest paid player on the Eagles. Of course he is holding out. lol

  • The only guy I saw coming back was Bradley..but with more and more players getting released by the hour there is plenty of available talent at linebacker. Hopefully they can bring in Stephen Tulloch. He is a tackling machine.

    I’m not confident at all going into the season with Chaney, Clayton, and Fokou…we need some experience and leadership at that position esp since were going to have young players behind them at the safety position.

  • I certainly hope so. I am a little shocked that they are getting rid of Brady, being he was the “a leader on the def” not that long ago. I am weary of knee jerk reactions. I want to see a big signing, but I have little fait. Adam Kapln said the birds will not be persuing Ray Edwards, thats not good.

  • People need to relax about D-Jax. The eagles are going pay him..He is not just one of the top players at his position but one of the top 10 most popular players in the league right now which in return makes Banner and Lurie all types of money. It was not possible to give him that contract last year because of the league rules, what don’t people understand about that.

  • I’m all for not pursuing Ray Edwards. Even though he is still young I think he is going to be the big free agent bust of this year..His sacks match up with J Parkers yet he wants to be paid top money. The guy played next to 3 beasts on the Dline and never hit 10 sacks in a year.

  • DJacc ain’t even the best WR on the team, much less top ten in the NFL.

  • Charles Johnson resigns with Carolina….. 6 year $76 million. $32 million guaranteed.

  • Does anybody find it interesting that most of the people posting in the comments section of this site are getting their info from other sources? PFT, CSNPhilly, etc. The Birds are going to have a bunch of new faces on the field this year on the defensive side of the ball.

  • I don’t fully disagree about the Edwards potentially being a bust, however, i would really like to see Cole get help on that line.

  • Anderson, this site is not a breaking news site……mostly just a blog for a bunch of wanna be journalists.

  • Big Boss, I don’t see Bradley not coming back as a “knee-jerk” reaction. Remember we do have a new D coordinator and Bradley hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype. Mostly due to injuries but nevertheless. Honestly, I didn’t hear the Eagles proclaiming Bradley the leader of the defense. They just made him the starter. After all, who was his competition for that position? It was the fans hyping Bradley as the next perennial pro bowler. Not a knee jerk in my opinion. Just moving on with a new coach and new team.

  • I agree Birdo. But at the same time it appears G and Co try to do breaking news at time with more information to come and other times don’t worry about being first but more writing their opinions on a certain event. They need to pick one and stick to it.

  • greed is not good, take the deal and move on. period.

  • The seahawks bring in T Jackson to compete with Charlie Whitehurst for the title of franchise QB…yet eagles fans complain on here all day like our FO is the worst in the league

  • Well if Tavaris is with Seattle that concludes the bidding war for the swine wrestler. Get Kolb the hell outta here by tomorrow..
    We’ll take the no tackling skinny guy that QB’s picked on all last year.

  • T. Jackson signs with Seattle and their still saying theres several teams intrested, My question is, Who? I’m starting to believe the Eagles overvalued one of their players (Kolb) AGAIN !

  • If these overvaluing, greedy bastards, f^@k this up with AZ, i’m going to have to agree with SONGS. AND THAT WON’T MAKE ME HAPPY! Get this f^@king guy out of here already, & move on. BTW, is anyone else disturbed by the contract Charles Johnson just signed? Conflicting reports of $12M a year, almost $40M guaranteed. WOW!!

  • I’ll tell you what…It would probably work out better for us if the Arizona trade falls through…That will force the Eagles to sign one of the better options for corner and Kolb could just back Vick up….Even though we might not get a top pick if Kolb is signed away in free agency next year we’ll receive a compensatory pick in the mid to later rounds for him…So, I’m hoping it falls through. I think Arizona been really looking at this and would probably think to hold on to DCR with his low salary this season and probably pick up one of the Veterans that are available.

    Don’t be surprised guys …stranger things have happened.

    But I would rather it fall through so we’d be force to pay for one of the corners that’s available.

  • Just like Reid said repeatedly..”Hey..right now Kolb’s ours”..”He’s an Eagles and having two QB’s who can start is a plus”.

    Time’s Yours

  • Songs — thats the most intelligent thing you’ve said in weeks.

  • hahaha… “We’ll take the no tackling skinny guy that QB’s picked on all last year.”

  • if they can’t get a deal done, they’ll have to franchise kolb after this year and then they’ll dick around with the draft all over again. just get this over with. kafka looked good enough in preseason last year. if vick goes down, so what just run the effing ball

  • i still think the bills and fins are interested kolb

  • SONGS, if I agree with you, my head is going to explode. So not yet.
    If in a couple days they do nothing of significance,
    i’m going to blow a gasket!

  • DDcar…I want what you want…..but I made it my duty to point out reoccurring trends of this organization and get out in front of the spins before we get duped into another hyped offseason just to end up disappointed with another early exit from the playoffs.

    See, I saw myself feeling the same way for years and made a consious decision to see this from a different angle. I asked…. Is there something this Eagles organization can do to change how we feel after a disappointing season?

    So, I found although that organization gets disappointed with early exits at least they can feel good about their profit margin which increased based on our diehard love for the team.

    So I started looking at that margin and decided I will keep tabs on what the Eagles are not doing in the offseason that leaves the diehard fans with nothing after another playoff loss.

    And I’ve decided if we helped this team become one of the richest teams in modern history..

    and they have built facilities with our tax money included and have a shiney new stadium we sell out constantly…

    The least they can do is pay for a player when we’re close, even if it means it set them back a few years trying.

    The front office should have a loyalty to winning it all to reflect the loyal Eagles fans. So I’m not towing the company lines and buying the hype until they do something out of the ordinary. This way, when we have an early exit..

    I can point to the reason why..it eases the pain of bleeding green.

  • Songs, the Eagles don’t profit what they don’t spend you freaking moron. That just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Schill what did Lurie pay for the Eagles?

    How much will he get if he sell?

    Now, count the credit line he must have based on the teams worth.

    Schill go talk to a novice..ok?..I know better.

  • And as everybody knows, a credit line = profit, you do not have to pay the bank back any of the money they front you up. You must work for the Federal government.

  • Songs, thank you thank thank you. Thank you for making my point – that you are an utter stupid person.

    First, I don’t know the answer to your first question – we could both look it up so whatever. To your second question – a lot of profit – no doubt. LOTS and LOTS of money.

    But see, in your sense of things, if Luire sold the team today, yeah agreeably he’d make a lot of money, but the Eagles would then be in violation of league rules because they’d have no money to sign anyway, let alone a big $ free agenty like your boy Nnamdi because any money they don’t spend goes into Lurie’s pocket as profit right? By selling the team, he’d take his profit with them. And then the Eagles couldn’t give Desean 5 more cents. Not even a fifth of that. right?

    Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t understand a single thing – yep – that’s it.

    For the amount of acusations toward Banner Roseman Lurie etc…. about being brainiac money guys, nerds, etc…… for people to think that they don’t have the team’s finances organized with a set aside pool for player salaries and a different one for profit…..ha, it’s so tremendously amusing to contemplate the stupidity

  • I believe talks are intensifying with the Tennessee Titans for QB Kolb
    for CB C Finnegan and a 2nd Round Pick..
    My Sources have Hassleback signing with the CArdinals which will be announced tommorrow.. The CArdinals like DCR and plan to put P Petersen at Safety to team up with All-Pro Adrian WIlson giving them a very dynamic Secondary.. It’s all coming to plan…

  • Songs, the Eagles just signed Noel Devine – albeit for not much, he’s an undrafted rookie. But shit, they had to go to Lurie and ask him to take a withdrawl from his personal account, because that’s where all the money is – it’s either payed out already or in the single ‘executive profit account’. Yep. That’s how they keep their books. Um hmm… yes. you are so smart and understand this.

  • For the Record, the only hype on Stewart Bradley was generated by the Eagles and locl media, He was never thought of as an All-Pro Caliber/Game Changing type of LB by most NFL Observors.. ans as usual, the Philly Fans bought into it since they only view players and their team thru Eagles noise and SIlver and Green colored glasses built on hope..but that’s Philly for you..

  • paul, you’re still full fo shit.

    But seriously, what is it with your obession over Petersen playing saftey. That would be the first time EVER that an NFL took a stud corner – a young one – and put him at safety. You need the young legs at CB. You’re just a moron.

  • Paul – ha, where else can hype come from? Silly

  • Paulman Finnegan is garbage. I hope that don’t go through..We really need one of those FA corners…

  • Not so fast Songs, Asmo will sign with the 49ers to stay close to home and has no real interest in coming East, so get over it and not every other CB that’s out there is garbage.. Your starting to smell like garbage and get over the Asmo- Homo tendancies already for it’s getting beyond ridiculous already..

  • Ike Taylor and Joseph are both way better than finnegan,….I’d rather Kolb sit pat so we’ll be force to pay for a good corner.

  • Asmo is gonna sign with the Jets for less money.

  • For the 100th time, Joseph will re-sign with the Bungles who are 30 Million under the cap and will throw a ton of $$ at him as the Panthers did with C Johnson as I stated many times.. What can’t you follow reason instead of your wishes Songs.. Joseph has also stated publicly many times that he wanted to stay with Cincinnati and play for DC coach D Zimmer and HC Lewis., but I guess you forgot about that… C’mon Man… your pulling at straws now and embarrasing yourself.

  • Dag…just seen the article…That’s the possibilities when you have an organization with a defensive coach the players love to play for….

    we got a freakin offensive line coach who never coached an NFL game in his life.

    Now that they are reaching out to Asmo says Volumes. The Eagles really don’t need him with stud we rolled out at right corner last year.

    You would have thoought the Eagles would have at least reached out before the Jets.

    We’re now witnessing the aggressive signing period the Eagles told us we’ll see.

  • After the 2009 season, chatter about the Jets eventually acquiring Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha raised eyebrows, before Asomugha brushed it off as the stuff of jokes. After the 2010 season, reports emerged that the Jets wouldn’t make a run at the looming free agent.

    But David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, who gave up covering sports to pursue a somewhat higher calling, predicted that Nnamdi will land with the Packers or the Jets.

    “I know him well. . . . Mark it down,” White wrote in January.

    The Jets’ candidacy gained some steam this morning, when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Nnamdi wants to lay the foundation for a post-football acting career. (Unlike Terrell Owens, there’s a chance that Asomugha actually has acting talent.)

    And now the formal courtship of Nnamdi has begun in New York. According to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Jets have made contact with Asomugha’s representatives.

    The biggest question for Asomugha is whether he wants to break the bank, or whether he hopes to break bread near Broadway. If it’s the latter, the Jets can give him something that only one other team could.

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