• July 3, 2022

Eagles won’t pursue any of their unrestricted free agents?

You might find some of this shocking, I know I did. The Philadelphia Inquirer has learned that the Eagles will not pursue any of their unrestricted free agents.

Sure, we knew they were going to let Quintin Mikell walk, but Stewart Bradley and Sav Rocca? According to this report, that is indeed the case.

Bradley hasn’t been the same since he shredded his ACL a couple years ago, but I didn’t think they planned on letting him walk. This guy was headed for huge things and now it looks like a team that has plenty of need at linebacker doesn’t even want him.

And I’m wondering if they have a plan at punter, because they aren’t going to keep the up-and-down Rocca. I always thought he was just okay. Had some good punts, but overall I wasn’t a huge fan. That said, they need to bring someone in who can play because they can’t afford more damage to special teams. And for those of you who want to suggest rookie Alex Henery as a punter, everything I’ve read about the guy says he is not an NFL-caliber punter. Kicker? Yes. Punter? No. He’d be a great fill in if the regular punter went down in a game, but he’s not an every week starter.

Other names that they won’t be re-signing are Jerome Harrison, Dimitri Patterson, Nick Cole and Max Jean-Gilles. No shockers there, although so many people seem to be clamoring for Harrison to stay. Why? He’s just okay and backup running backs don’t get many touches in this offense. It’s fine.

And I don’t think anyone is going to be crying over Patterson, Cole and/or Jean-Gilles.

One would have to think that this points to a big free agency splash for the Eagles. This is a lot of guys that they are letting walk. They’ll need to fill these holes with some playmakers, because that is the exact reason that these guys are being allowed to go elsewhere.

UPDATE: Tweet from Les Bowen: “Agent Eric Metz says he spoke to #Eagles today about Stew Bradley, disputes report that team has no interest in bringing back the LB.”

Micah Warren

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  • Only one I’ll miss is Stewie. Loved the guy.

  • Rocco was expendable – Signed as an undrafted FA today –

    P Chas Henry (6-3, 219) Florida – A four-year letterman at Florida, Henry was the 2010 recipient of the Ray Guy Award, given to the nation’s top punter. He was a consensus first-team All-America selection after finishing the year with a 45.1-yard average on 50 punts

    So Birds went out and got the best punter and kicker in college – went from two old dudes to the young blood.

    Bradley is the only one of the group that surprises me – I thought they would give him a shot at SLB – he just wasn’t fast enough last year

  • Not thrilled about two rookie kickers. I wonder how serious they are about Henry. They spent a fourth-rounder on Henery, but not sure if this guy Henry is just a tire-kicking job.

  • surprised a little but i love casey mathews, runs in the family boys

  • Every year since Bradleys rookie season the news was asking…”Is this the Year Bradley Breaks out?”

    I knew he was a damn fraud…He would be on special teams if he was on the steelers. Another overrated waste.

  • noway are they going to let bradley walk. that would be the dumbest thing this team has done in the last 10 years, and thats saying alot.

  • I think that Paulman stated in the Spring that the Eagles would not pursue most of their Free-Agents and maybe make a token offer to Bradley, 1 O/Lineman and maybe Rocca and let the others walk.. Bring it on, the Eagles are positioning themselves to get a top flight LB like S Tulloch or Ben Leber and a CB either by trade or go after C Rogers,I talor or R Marshall..
    DE C Panthers has agreed to resign with Panthers for a 6 Year Deal also so you can scratch him off your wish list to… QB T Jackson signed a deal with Seattle, 49ers A SMith signed a new 1 Year dead and M Hasselback states he will not resign with Seattle and will be talking to the Arizona Cardinals as I called for… Kolb will most likely will be in waiting period and possibly traded to the Titans for CB C Finegan and 2nd Round Pick

    My Free-Agent Signings by the Eagles still remains as follows

    CB Rogers,Taylor or Marshall
    OLB Tulloch or Leber and possibly N Barnett (who will be released by PAckers)
    DE Kiwanuka or Odom
    DT Mebane or B Coefield
    RB T Hightower

    That’s it for now

  • To Micah,
    By most Draft Observors, Kicker A Henerey is the best all around kicker to come out in years from the College, Kicked in bad weather, front of a lot of large crowds at Nebraska an in front of hostile lous stadiums like Oklahoma,Texas,Texas A&m, Oklahoma State.. He also was a team Captain and is a fire up type of leader who happens to kick.. I expect him to be kicking in PHilly for the next 10 years ..

  • would barrett rudd be a good pickup for the eagles? i know he is good in fantasy football but does he fit the scheme here?

  • Nick barnett i see is most likely gonna be traded or released so i ll pick the latter… would he not be a huge upgrade for this LB crew? Esp being that they are all young… They need to try and get him. Also a marion barber would be a great addition because hes a bruiser and will wear a team down in the fourth quarter…

  • I wouldn’t mind Nick Barnett.

    No to Marion Barber. I don’t want that overrated, celebratin’ after a one yard gain, dread-lock waving piece of ish in Eagles green.

  • I know barber was a cowboy but hed be huge on the goaline and redzone area, cmon guys it would be such a smart pickup…

  • To be honest, I really don’t see many Trades happening over the next week-10 days.. Things and player transactins are so fluid and crazy right now that teams will be forced to simpley reliease players to free up CAp-Space instead of speniding a whole lot of tim e on trying to get Value for good players.. If the Players aren’t a jkey starter and are a high salary and approaching 30 or coming off injuries, they will be released and come Thursday there will be another 250 players around the league with many of the good players and big names released for Cap relief as I stated a few times earlier this week once th edetails of the CAp were annouced last week

  • Paulman — you suck and your dumb. Shutup.

  • barber is toast, go out and sign Tim Hightower and you resolve your short-yardage/Red Zone rushing issues, take some pressure and wear and tear from McCoy and Hightower can also block and catch the ball pretty well and at 6′ 225 lbs is a very strong runner between the tackles.. He’s on my hit list for Eagles to acquire

  • Yes Birdo, but I am also right as usual… I know it pisses you guys off, but there are enough bigger problems in the world.. Keep checking for updates.. .

  • Thats the thing, I wouldn’t mind your ridiculous predictions if you were RIGHT every once in a while….but you aren’t…..ever.

  • songs – what redzone rushing problems. This aint 08. Vick, Shady, Schmidt… we did not have redzone/short yardage problems. Harrison was good at it too. That’s just what used to be, now it’s a myth. Get off of hightower’s jock – same for Petersen in zona as a safety.

  • paulman even a broken clock is right two times a day. Throw enough shit at the wall and something is bound to stick. Keep up the good work though captain obvious. All I really need to know is when is paulman going on strike.

  • I like hightower but id prefer Barber bc hes a determined runner, a hard runner and puts alot of pressure on a defense in the 4th quarters… hes a MAN… not to say hightower cant run bc he can i just prefer a more proven bruiser that probably wont cost much…

  • Take Vick’s Scrambles /QB Keepers in the Red-Zone and the Stats are not as good as your would think and play I don’t think Coach AR wants his Franchise QB Vick to have to scramble every time the Eagles are knocking in the door, Give it to a big back for short-yardage and red-zone conversions,and not this high-school,gaadget mumbo jumbo broken plays that eventually get your Franchise QB injured..

  • Barber hasn’t been heathly or consistent for about 2-3 Seasons now JH..
    his time has past similar to Giants Brandon Jacobs..Sorry, but it’s true.. He’ll get an opportunity to play and may still have some left in the tank but it won’t be in Philly and it won’t be this year… eagles are moving forward and not hoping on re-treads..

  • Oh that’s top notch stuff there pauligirl ‘take away a hunk of what they do really effectively in the redzone and they’re not that effective in the redzone’.

    You crack me up.

    And from the other article – don’t tell me you know how many years Djax has left in him. That’s an unkown you tool

  • I Gotta agree with Paulman, Tim Hightower would be a nice signing for the EAGLES but not sure he is gonna want to come here for scraps. Marion Barber would be a nice transaction if Philly could talk him into a Fullback/ Halfback role. I think he has burned most of the tread off his tires to help much though. As for the rest of the Eagles signings it looks like the y are going after Ray Edwards. I”ll take him over Babin or the rest of the available free agents. I don’t see the Eagles getting Jonathan Joseph or Nnamdi and if they don’t get DRC in a trade I”ll put my money on Richard Marshall. Taylor and Rodgers are just to far into their careers to see the Eagles making a play for them.

  • Hightower is 25 and barber is 28. I dont mind the age difference… But if they cant get barber than i ll say get hightower… but Bush is still my pick over everyone available…

  • Good, they are all garbage anyways. The Eagles are getting Paul Puz. Bradley is done.

  • where the hell did the barber and hightower talk come from? i’m assuming paulman.

  • Bills have $35 Million under the Cap and will throw the sink at Puzlusky so he’s not going anywhere..
    I don’t think Barber has anything left, I did state that he would be released by the Cowboys back in Feb/March since he’s highly paid and they have 2 younger better RB’s (Jones/Choice) and even Drafted RB Murray this year making him a goner..
    I been mentioning RB T Hightower to the Eagles all Summer, I like his game and think he would be a nice compliementary back to McCoy and can even shoulder the load if McCoy were to get injured

  • Paulman – excellent accuracy with your ‘knowledge’ as always – Paul Puz is a Jaguar.

    Hey, I can’t lie – I’m still hoping for a Tulloch or Barnett.

  • Surprise there about Puz..
    DT B Coefield just signed a 6 year Deal with the Redsksins probably making
    A Haynesworth more likely to be traded to someone outside of the NFC East
    Steelers also agrred to terms with Ike Taylor on a 4 year deal so we can scratch him off the CB list

  • SCHILL, hahaha! LMBO!
    Pauladomas is batting 1000, with predictions, isn’t he?
    EAGLES, where’s this aggressive plan? You ain’t doing $#it, you
    f^@#ing cheap bull$#it artists. Everyone else is making moves, except you. Go to hell.

  • DD – breathe man, it’s ok. Very few players have been signed so far. The only top guys ‘signed’ so far were guys that resigned with their own teams. It’s very very very early in Free Agency. You’re freaking out and jumping to conclusions

  • Yeah, I know Schill. But it’s getting to a point where i’m going to have to agree with SONGS. That’s not going to make me happy. I will really blow a gasket then.

  • DD – check around a few of the sites – many of the players already resigned were expected to resign with the original teams – many of the ‘FA’s were guys )think Vick) that were just waiting for the new CBA to ink the deal (example of Charles Johnson DE from Panthers) every organization listed he was likely to return to the Panthers –

    The Eagles had a good draft, and they have a playoff caliber team from last year – were are in great shape for the season – I worry more about injuries then I do who we pick up in FA…

  • 1 thing to keep in mind is the likliehood of a brand new kicking duo who are rookies in Kicker Henery and the Punter they just signed from U of Florida..
    WOrking wit Special Teams Coach April should east their transition into the NFL but you never know how the rookies handle the mental part of the game in the NFL.. It will be interesting to see how these kids progress over the Summer camp and Pre-Season..

  • Looks like the Vikings and McNAbb have worked out a deal..
    Scratch the Vikings from the Kolb sweepstakes.. I think there is better than a 50/50 Chance that Kolb remains with the Eagles.. I have not been sold that another team is going to trade High Draft picks or good players for a QB with only 7 Starts under his belt.. At least with M Hasselback, V Young, K Orton and even D McNabb, you kinda of know what your getting…Kolb is still too much an unknown for many GM/Coaches/Teams to make that leap..

  • The vikings were never landing spot for kolb to begin with..They were looking for a veteran with two years of playing left. There are still some teams out there that are in a need for QBS…arizona, oakland, miami and even the browns and redskins(yes Shanny said he loves Beck, I think that is BS as an excuse for redskin fans when they tank this year to get Luck or could be a smokescreen). Either way man, they have to make this decision fast before the top FA corners are gone.

  • QB’s can play well into their lat 30’s with the rules put into protecting them so a veteran with experience can be an advantage opposed to a sporadic deer in the headlights player like Kolb..He’s an interception machine and gets antsy if his first read is covered. The Eagles have really overvalued him and will do themselves a service by getting whatever is being offered…Even though DCR is a suspect tackler and average at best compared to the FA’s available, his body of work is better than Kolb’s and when it’s said and done I think he’ll have a better career than Kolb. This is Kolb’s last shot and if he chokes (like I think he will)…..He’ll be out of football in 2 years or rotting on someones bench.

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