• July 3, 2022

Haynesworth To New England, Bush To Miami, Burress Talking With Giants

Two of the big names that the Eagles were rumored to be interested in pursuing are now off of the market. The Washington Redskins have traded defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to New England, and the New Orleans Saints are close to completing a deal that will send running back Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins.

The Redskins didn’t want to just release Haynesworth out of fear that he would remain in the division, and sign with the Eagles. The Eagles were thought to be a fit for the former Titan because of his past history with defensive line coach Jim Washburn, who has been his coach in his best seasons. The Redskins gave him a rich contract several years ago, hoping he would be a disruptive force on the field, and instead they got a disruptive force in the locker room. They decided to cut their losses, and were at least able to send him out of the division and out of the conference.

The Eagles were thought to have interest in bringing in Reggie Bush as a backup to LeSean McCoy. The former top draft pick has ideal skills for a running back in Andy Reid’s offense, and could also have been used as an alternative to DeSean Jackson as the team’s punt returner. However, the Saints have been able to avoid simply releasing Bush, and are close to a deal to send him out of the conference as well.

A third name that the Eagles have been heavily rumored to be interested in may also be off of the radar screen. Plaxico Burress is set to visit both the Giants and the Steelers, his two former teams. Several weeks ago, the Eagles were thought to be a front-runner for the services of the veteran receiver, but both sides appear to being going in other directions at this time.

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  • Eagles need to pick up the pace here… This isnt what the FO said it would be so far… they hyped their plan up bigtime. Im underwhelmed right now

  • Rasheed, up to this point who have we missed out on? There are still plenty of quality FAs out there. we haven’t missed the boat on anything. Haynesworth and Bush were never real options anyway, the Saints/Skins were never going to trade a player to a contender that could come back to hurt them. I see a lot of complaining on the thread, so my question is, who has signed that the Birds missed on? FA is just getting going, there are plenty f players left that can make us a better team. I’d like to see Nick Barnett come to Philly.

  • sheed – the pace? Who cares about the pace. You know the saying “Defense – oh wait, no defense doesn’t win championships – fast pace free agent signings win championships”. Yep, that’s the saying. Yep.

  • Hope the Eagles see and learn what the Redskins just did, DO NOT trade or give your division rival a chance to get better under any circumstance, They went and gave him away for peanuts just so we didnt have a chance to get him.

  • AP – because that worked so well with McNabb………………………………

  • Isn’t it ironic that all the players that was hyped to possibly be an Eagles will not?
    Remember the Washburn Haynesworth Connection? Nothing!

    Remember all the talks about Philadelphia being at the top of Asomugha’s choices? Not

    The Vick Burress connection..How Burress came out day one with a Phillies cap with much speculation…Just a ploy to get money out of the “G Men”.

    Nothing to see here!!!!

    But hold it guys!!!!

    We just signed Babin and he tipped the scales with 6 million guaranteed.

    And ….hold up..it’s been real tight lipped.

    But a splash will happen with Kolb going to Arizona for a CB who was torched last season.

    Yeah aggressive

  • navyeaglefan, We didnt know that at the time and You and everyone on here said the Eagles were crazy to make a trade with someone in our division especially after McNabb came in here and beat us.

  • songs, you are a whiny biatch … why even follow the eagles if all you are going to do is cry

    i hate philly fans like you … you are an embarrassment to the city

  • Songs – There were 0 talks of Philly being the top of Asomugha’s choices – NONE. So no – nobody will remember that. He was mentioned as a possibiility to come here, but nobody every said what you said. See – another example of your hate skewing reality. You’re just flat out exaggerating there – dishonestly.

  • I knew it. I said they wouldnt get haynesworth, nor bush nor burress. Thats not the eagles. These are the next four moves i would like to see in no particular order.

    1. Pick up a linebacker PLEASE!!! Foku is the senior linebacker…..thats sad
    2. Trade kolb to arizona to get DRC and a pic
    3. Sign a qb to backup vick, i still think Vy would be the best option.
    4. Get a backup RB for mccoy is our backup is leaving. (Sign Tiki barber ……jk)

  • Songs – its funny how most people are focusing on football players – you know..cause it’s Free Agency time. But you? Nope. You’re absolutely fixated on a single word a coach said in response to a media question.

    So is this about football or a perfuntory word our coach said to the media? Which is more important, words or football?

  • and wait to after 4pm today when NFL Teams can officially list their released players who in turn will then become Free-Agents.. There will be an additional 200 players in the Free-Agency Pool and probably many good ones..

  • sheed – really – they said they would be aggressive – they didn’t say fast, reckless, or stupid or by a certain date –

    and I know most of you refuse to acknowledge what words mean – aggressive means forcefulness in pursuit of a goal – there has to be a goal or a reason for your moves – going out and trying to trade for a DT that WAS a beast a couple years ago and has had ‘motivation’ questions his whole career – or a RB that was great in college but really hasn’t done squat the last couple years in the pros is not being ‘aggressive’ that is being reckless or dumping all your salary cap is not aggressvie – Dan Snyder and Al Davis are reckless and foolish – not aggressive – and the results of that recklessness are evident in the two organizations results the last couple years – and Songs – I don’t give a rats ass that every day Al Davis walks past his SB trophies from however long ago.

    You guys must spend your weekends wtaching get rich quick infomercials – slow and steady – move with purpose.

  • Pman – you think – maybe Reid and Roseman and Banner are waiting to see which players are released before pissing away everything to impress Songs with how aggressive they are – really…..

  • Songsrme2, Only the Eagles would give someone in our division a chance to get one of their players, So Haynesworth was out from the beginning, As far as Babin? We got him for one reason and one reason only, Washburn wanted him! If he wanted him and believes he can get out of him what he got last year thats good enough for me, As far as DRC? At least we know he can play at an all pro level, we all knew Asomugha was never coming here for 18 to 20 mill, If he was the one peice to win it all i’d say go for it but because of bad drafting ( especially on the D side) we need too many other parts.

  • Paulman’s thoughts on Eagles pending moves

    #1) Eagles annouce trade of Kolb for CB DCR and a 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2012 Draft
    #2) Eagles announce the signing of LB S Tulloch to a 5 year Deal
    #3) Eagles annouce the signing of QB M Bulger as the back-up 2 year Deal
    #4) Eagles announce the signing of DE B Mebane to a 5 Year Deal
    #5) Eagles announce the signing of RB T Hightower to a 3 year Deal
    #6) Eagles announce the signing of WR Malcom FLoyd to a 4 Year Deal

    As far as trades
    Eagles Trade Mike PAtterson to Seattle for a 4rd Round pick in 2012
    Eagles Trade Nickle CB J Hanson to the Buffalo Bills for a 6th Rd pick

    Eagles Release Juqua Parker & Jamall Jackson

  • Paulman – what’s the deal with Mebane – who is a DT not at DE – why him? And I think you are wrong on hanson and patterson.

  • Reggie Bush blows. The NFL isn’t the Pac 10. Why would you want him when our RB here is so much better? On top of that this dude gets hurt every 3 games.

    For the people that are pissed that the Eagles didn’t make a move to get Haynesworth, you need to realize that he was not a free agent and that he was under contract for a division rival that wanted NO part in giving him to us.
    Unless the Eagles gave of something ridiculous the Redskins were never going to trade him to us. Its not like he was a free agent.

  • Pman – I can see 1-4 no on hightower don’t have opinion on Floyd

    I think they would trade Bunkley before PAtterson – but I think you will see the same 4 rotating at DT (Dixon, Laws, Patt and Bunk) McGlynn played well last year so I can see JJ getting released

  • @ktd

    so far I see Jason Babin…. *shrugs* I see other teams making moves and all the Eagles supposed targets are flying off the shelves… the eagles themselves hyped their big plan up and so far it has netted us Jason Babin. lol

    Clowns like navy fan might be happy with the results so far, but Im not.

    If they fill some more needs in upcoming days? I’ll change my tune, but right now the Eagles look sluggish and BIGTIME blitz on the free agent market has not been impressive so far…

    you dudes want everybody to sit on their hands and not comment, but I really dont give a rat’s a$$ what you all think.

    get off the board if you dont like people giving their opinions on the current situation

  • Ooh and the Eagles do not re-sign any of their own Fee-Agents so say bye to
    Akers,Harrison,MJG,N Cole,R Wells, E Buckley, E Hobbs,S Bradley,E Sims,D Paterson,O Gaither, V Abriami, R Wells, O Schmitt

    They also release Marlin “Billie Jean” Jackson

  • Paulman, I can live with your first 4 but not 5, 6, I think this undrafted RB Noel is gonna shock alot of people, But if worse came to worse what about Buckholtor, Knows the system, as far as i know hasnt been injured, was only cut from Denver cause of cap reasons and seems like everytime he gets on the field averages 5yrds a pop.

  • Center — McGlynn & AQ Shipley as Back-up and remember they Draft the kid from CIncinnati (Kelce) who they are high on and will probably land Practice squad 2011

    at DT- I don’t believe that M PAtterson is a good fit for this Washburn attack up the field type of A-Gap Scheme that they will now employ.. He simply is not explosive enough..Brandon MEbane is one of the NFL best All-around DT’s against the Run and as a pass rusher from the DT position..

  • Paulman – I don’t even think that all of those players you listed are free agents. Schmitd is the FB for the team – not going to cut him. Don’t give me Havali or whatever that 7th rounder’s name is.

  • Rashedd – I have forgotten more about football – playing, coacing and ref’n then you have ever learned in your whole life –

    again – aggresive does not have or imply a time line – who said any of these were the eagles targets – YOU are a clown if you are basing the eagles moves or non-moves (I think your quote was all the targets flying off the shleves) based on who saying what? Thats being a clown.

    And who ever said I was happy? Only a clown would say someone is happy when we are not even remotley close to being near the end of this process –

    Showing your immaturity, you admit that you will change you mind – grown-ups, mature people, have the patience to wait and see the entire process and then form complete educated opinions – we don’t go nuts or crazy or or reading into things.

    Aggressive does NOT mean doing a big time blitz (again, your words) on the FA market.

    Keep it up – you are quickly catching Songs and Phillywill

  • You always have this hardon for eagles releasing players Pualman. I don’t get it.

  • Rasheed, no one said anything about posting your views, but where has been this “blitz” on FA’s. Who have we missed out on to this pint that would warrant your feelings? It’s a question not criticism.

  • @navy fan

    whatever clown.. just spell my name right or dont spell it at ….

  • Songs im waiting for your list of free agents you want or wanted the eagles to get… you sound like a lil baby crying about not getting a bottle… Give your list and stop crying

    I wanted bush and haynesworth but im a fan of this team and im willing to wait this out… as mentioned alot of players will be released today, players that we didnt see being released… The eagles have the money and cap space to get whatever deal they want done…

    I dont doubt that the eagles will trade for 1 corner and sign a second… Look at the packers and all the success they had by having 3 starting premier corners… look at what the jets are trying to do by getting nnamdi… Watch for the eagles to sign a corner and acquire DRC through the trade for kolb… Idt it will be nnamdi but who knows, joseph is a strong possibility…

    Id rather them try and sign Nick Barnett once hes most likely released today over tulluch… Give me a great leader in barnett at the LB position… The giants are releasing rocky bernard… so they must have a plan in place too… Like i said today thru this weekend will be alot of movement and will determine whether the eagles are serious about adding true talent to this team…

  • I side with Paulman on the answer: Alot of players are being released.

    They have a list and are waiting to see whats out there.

    Songsrme is a band wagon jumper.

  • to the other posters:

    Im only going off the expectations where the Eagles set them…

    They said they were gonna be really aggressive… Banner was talking about how he had multiple groups to get groups of free agents and players they targeted signed quickly and all at the same time…

    Im looking at the results so far relative to the other teams around and it isnt what the eagles said it would be…

    they dont seem to have multiple groups working in concert to sign their targets quickly..

    it seems to be the direct opposite…

  • Sheed – you sure banner said all that? I heard them say ‘aggressive’ but quickly and ‘all at the same time’? He said that? I find that hard to believe. There’s never ever been an NFL team that signed a bunch of FA’s all at the same time.


  • Rslime,,,, oh name calling. boy – really – that’s all you got –

    Rsliemeil – how many FA are on the market right now – how many – how many have been signed – come on boy – you are posting this nonsense – out of the top 100 how many are signed? So what are you basing your childish immature commetns on?

    where – in any definition of aggressive does it say it has to completed by a certain period of time? How do you know that right now the eagles are not on the phone with 7 different agents?

    How do you ‘seem’ to have anythng – you are looking at the results 2 days into the new league year and forming an opinion based upon not fact – and you have the temerity to imply I am a clown based upon your assertion that I am happy?

    Now another adult trait is to also realize several teams may actually want to sign the same people – so as an agent – wouldn’t I wait to see all my offers and then negotiate – come on now – this isn’t that hard

    So in summary – YOU and several other of your like ilk – decided to take a statement ‘we are going to be aggressive and we have a plan’ and twistedit into – in the first minute we are going to run out and sign ??? Who – Buress – 2 years in prison – Bush hurt al the time and McCoy is better – Haynesworth – ya – he was awesome last year (as opposed to babin who was all pro) –

    difference between being aggressive and reckless – huge difference you’ll learn that as you mature

    So you can see my clownishness is based upon patience – giving the plan time to come together, and maintaining some flexibility should unforeseen circumstances arise.

  • I know 1 thing… if the cowboys release marion barber, and the eagles dont sign him… they are idiots, he would easily solve their short yardage issues

  • @shiller

    yep… before the lockout ended..Banner said the front was ready and they had set themselves up in different groups so they could sign their targets quickly..

    Im definitely not making it up…

    I look and see a front office that seems bogged down by the kevin Kolb situation…..

    Maybe that isnt the case, but from the outside looking in, I only have their progress to look at and so far, there isnt much progress to look at

  • lmao @ zoltek — I swear, if anything, the comments on this site bring me laughter.

  • Remember we have the 49ers old cornersback coach on our team… some more ties… we may be signing him… its very possible guys… Nate clements would be a great third corner and would be cheap to sign…

  • didnt even bother to read navy fan’s sad faced clown rebuttal…. he cant even spell my name…

    he should save it for someone who might stoop down to his level

  • zoltek – FIRST – what short yardage problems. last year? McCoy, Vick, Harrison and Schmidt were all successful in short yardage. It just wasn’t a problem. SECOND – Barber was cut because he’s as effective being a professional athelete right now as Babe Ruth.

  • I agree Zo, they need to take a look at barber…. Vick cant keep doing qb keepers all game long… they need a bruiser, and Eldra buckley is certainly not that bruiser, give me barber, if not barber go for hightower…

  • Also, please go get burress…. Burress is exactly what we need on this offense… all last year i kept saying they have the speed now they just need a tall big strong reciever for the redzone… because running the ball every play down there is too predictable… you cant try playaction down there every time either, so they need a big reciever,and a bruiser at rb…

  • Barber USED to be a bit of a beast, but what does he have left? I dont know that the eagles are looking for that type of player

  • Sheed – your busting Navy for missppelinngggg your name and you leave a ‘c’ out of mine?

    But serioulsy – ok but ‘Quickly’ means right away, in the first few hours of free agency? ‘Quickly’ is a relative term and doesn’t take into account that 0 – yep, that’s it – 0 free agents can actually sign deals until TOMORROW afternoon. If the Eagles sign a few more FAs and pull of the of Kolb trade by Monday – that IS acting QUICKLY. It’s Thursday right now, training camp has JUST started. It’s SO FREAKIN EARLY

  • DAMN, my boys, I ain’t seen this much venom since the snake exhibit at the zoo. Calm down, take a deep breath & chillax. It’s early. Give it until 2morrow night. If they do nothing, then they get unmercifully crucified. Killing each other & acting like SONGS, ain’t changing nothing or helping.


  • @schiller

    obviously its more than that… Like I told him yesterday.. I got no love for his kind… from my interaction with him? he’s a clown.. with the big red shoes and all….

    if he dont like what I say? fine. he can jump off a bridge for all I care..

    I’d rather be nice to the posters here, but dont get carried away with all the slick talk… Its no problem to take it there. Im pretty good at being nasty too, so lets not do that

    Anyway… to your other point, its not soo much about ‘quickly’ as it is about the PROGRESS the eagles are making or not making…

    Like I said, I dont see much progress so far out of them… it could be a situation where the reality is different than what it looks like on the outside, but I can only go by what the eagles have said and what they have gotten done so far….

    they dont seem to have much so far

  • Sheed – what about Babin and DRC (plus a 2 or 3 next year). If that’s our progress by the end of this week – and there’s still talent out there at LB, RT, DT, etc….then will you accept it as progress?

  • Babin and DRC (plus a pick) is a good start…

    like said, I would have expected them to have done more by the end of this week, but I’ll be glad to see that they’ve filled the hole at corner and got some help on the D line. going forward we’ll see what happens..

    I’d call it SOME progress.. not what they portrayed before the lockout ended, but definitely some good moves and hopefully more to come

  • Ok. Sheed – serioulsy though – with none of the free agents able to practice with the team before 8/4, why would the front offices be motivated by what they said during the lockout? I say, they have to be on top of things and actively working at stuff, but rushed for the sake of doing things quickly sounds stupid to me.

  • HEY, my dudes, does anyone else see the $$$ that those stupid morons in Washington are throwing around, for bums. Stephen Bowen???, Stokely????, Stallworth?????, Gaffney??????, Clemens??????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • Im not asking them to RUSH their moves… Im commenting on the difference between what they SAID and what is happening now…

    if ultimately the free agent period ends and they have filled all holes, I’ll pat them on the back…. but not right now

  • Kevin Kolb nearing arrival in arizona… this trade is supposed to be done by today, tmr the latest… most likely today though kolb will be traded to the arizona cardinals for DRC and other compensation that isnt known yet…

  • DD…Washington is going to tank it in this year. Their setting their hopes on Andrew Luck. Their selling John Beck as their hero so when they suck they can use him as an excuse to the fans and the rest of the league when people call them out on it. To be honest, their approach might not be as bad as it looks. They know they have no chance this year with better teams in their division.

    The Vikes and Titans and Dolphins should of took the same approach as well since McNabb, Hassleback, Orton are just old guys that you know what you have with them which is prolly 7-8 wins a year which will leave them with an average 1st round draft pick. Esp since they all have teams in their own division where they have no chance to beat out for playoff spots like the REdskins. Snyder might actually be doing something right after all these years

  • yeah..let’s wait for another’s team trash to be put out…..The ‘Golden Standard” knows what to do with it.

    Joe Nickles Banner

  • and haynesworth, buress and bush aren’t other peoples trash – what color is the sky in the world you live?

  • here ya go songs – a quote from the exact interview on 15 Feb 2012 in that you twits are all incorrectly quoting (you know ‘agrressive’ and all that) –

    Banner states:

    The Eagles are in excellent shape financially, and they are prepared to strike when the time comes. Banner knows that if even if there is no free-agency period, per se; teams are going to shed good players simply because some teams aren’t in as favorable salary-cap shape. Good players are going to come free and the Eagles are going to have their opportunities to land talent

    gee – you mean after playing an uncapped year – and now having a cap – some teams might have to shed players (like Nate Clements) who are good and talented but teams can’t afford – who da thunk it? Wow – must need a PhD for that . . .

    So part of the ‘plan’ quoted from Feb 2012 was to wait and see what talent shakes out – no – that’s stupid – not ‘aggressive’

  • oops – working on next years long range sked – should be 2011 in above

  • Songs, who do you suggest we get then? This isn’t Madden, we cant just create our own players. While we are it, I guess I’ll take a a 6’8 295 lb DE who runs a a 4.4 and can also kick 60 yard field goals.

  • Another Banner quote – in the actual interview the word CORRECTLY (not quickly) was emphasised :

    The teams that prepare for the most scenarios, that act quickly, decisively and correctly and those that coach up the players the best in what could be a very short period of time are the teams that are going to thrive.

  • We should sign Asomugha anf Tullock…Then we’ll be ready to ball..

    Hell with DRC…He’s not a top corner

  • Ok Songs, who do we trade the ‘Srub’ for then? And it’s Tulloch, but you are correct, you know more than everyone else on here.

  • Im wit Songs in that I’d rather have nnambi… but its like that christmas gift you asked for but know you aint gettin because it simply cost too much…

    I know the eagles arent tryin to spend 14 or whatever mill on that position.. I hope you want Songs is what comes to pass, but Im like alot of others in that I am not banking on that happening…

    I think if we bring in a LB and replace WInston Justice (im not sure they are even looking to do such a thing) and get a little more help for the D line, we might be good ebough to make a deep run and get to the super bowl

  • I’ll ball with some delicious octopi

  • rasheed – I think it is safe to assume that every NFL fan let alone every Eagle fan wants that. – Nnamdi and Tulloch.

  • schiller – Yes it is, and Im no different. I totally understand that and wont even get my hopes up that we might get him. also I give the Birds credit for potentially getting a pretty good corner out the deal with the cards. He wont be Nnambi, but he should be plenty good enough to make our defense much better

  • schill – I want Peyton Manning at QB – I want Steven Jackson at RB – I want Leanard Weaver at Fullback – I want Reggie Wayne and Fitzgerald at WR – clearly the FO sucks if they can’t get all these…..

  • navy – anything less is ‘making excuses’ and ‘drinking koolaid’.

  • Sheed – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Hey, I’ll be perfectly honest – I read every update on Nnamdi with hopes that everything falls through and he still comes to Philly. I’m able to manage the realistic with the fantasy.

  • Ra slimer – double checked some of your statements and you are either 1) a liar 2) can’t read and comprehend or 3) a three year old with selective hearing.

    – The FO clearly discussed having issues with the new CBA – the unsurity of how FA would look, the strong desire to build thorugh the draft and trading (which most assumed was concerning Kolb) He (Banner) Specifically stated that he expected teams would have to cut players for cap reasons and that the eagles hoped to score there – but emphasised the Eagles not planning huge things in FA – –

    See the great thing about internet search engines is you can go back and read the quotes and the articles and the interviews. You did a typical three year old stunt – yes, you can have ice cream after you do your chores – and you only heard the ice cream part – but I am guessing by your tone you are about 15 with serious impulse control issues

    So I will take my big red shoes, and my (not sure if its happy or sad cause like songs you trip on yourself) and smugly smile to myself with my clown make-up (hope it is at least SPF 15)

  • navy fan

    like I said, whatever…. I’ll honk your big red nose when you step outta line again clown….

    until then? beat it….

  • you are the whitty one little man – you deliberaterly misquote someone, you fabricate a misinformation – yeah – I would say whatever too…..
    Rashenhumper – right up there with Songs.

  • I heard from an old girlfiriend that Kolb was kidnapped at the Phoenix Airport and per Cardinal Officials, If he doesn’t report to the Team Headquarters by 4pm today, This trate is void and that Kolb goes back to Philly… Details at 11pm

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