• July 7, 2022

Bradley drawing interest from Cardinals, others

There was a report out the other day that said that the Eagles wouldn’t be retaining any of their own free agents. Then there was a report disputing that, saying Stewart Bradley was not definitely out of town.

Well, if the Eagles are hoping to retain him, they better get negotiating. According to Arizona Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers, the Cardinals are interested in signing him.

“Cardinals interested in Eagles LB Stew Bradley, a UFA. He can played inside and out. Other teams, including Buff, are interested,” he tweets.

I’ve heard the Rams thrown in there too. But the bottom line is that Bradley could go elsewhere very soon. This won’t be a problem if the Eagles are content to let him walk.

Micah Warren

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  • All bottom feeders. Let me know when the Jets, Steelers or Packers are interested in him.

  • I think Bradley goes

    #1) SL Rams — Reunite with Coach Spags
    #) KC Chiefs — Have a need for Depth & Verastility at the LB spot
    #3) Vikings — If LB’s Greenway and Leber leave via Free-Agency, The Vikings will be awful thin at LB and will need and probably overpay to get Bradley

  • Kevin Kolb nearing arrival in arizona… this trade is supposed to be done by today, tmr the latest… most likely today though kolb will be traded to the arizona cardinals for DRC and other compensation that isnt known yet…

    Would be funny if kolb and bradley was to go to the cards all in the same day

  • No matter where he goes the bottom line is He’s Gone ! We all know by now if the Eagles want to keep one of their players they dont let him near the door, I think their gonna regret letting him go, I beleve he would of been great on the strong side.

  • Maybe this is Stews break out year.

    This guy was being hyped as the leader of the defense once the Eagles didn’t want to pay the real leaders…Now look at our pathetic as defense with teams running up and down against these bums..and now Stew is the hell outta here.

  • I hope the Eagles are not thinking we’re waiting for the so called breaking news concerning the trade of the Hamripper.

    That will fizzle before the lights come on in the press room.

    We are not interested in it.

    One player who was garbage for another that waspicked on by QB’s all last year.

  • Stewart Bradley when healthy is a beast.. His instinct is something you cant teach in football and would be a huge upgrade to any defense. Chaney has a better upside which is no surprise they might let him go.

    BTW anyone in scorps fantasy league hear anything about the draft date?

  • vric…what season Stew was a beast?

    The peices done on him by the press were the same every preseason.
    Is this the year Stewart Bradleybreaks into the Elite?
    Hell no!
    We won’t miss him..and when Chaney got in the game we actually seen tackles behind the line of scrimmage…Another thing..How many times you seen this loser behind tight ends getting 1st downs right behind him?
    Too often.

    And guess what guys?

    Watch our safties get torched without a veteran back there.
    And the offensive line coach who was coaching our atrocious offensive line last year is now in charge of a defense with no true experience in the center of our secondary.

    The Eagles better put up 35 a game.

    Watch this guys..The players were available that could have made Juan’s job alot easier but I feel for him. You think Mcdermott got a rwa deal? Watch Juan on the sidelines this year.

    And don’t want to hear none of you losers crying when it goes down.
    Remember the players we needed were available and we got an overrated rotational player in Babin and a Corner who was toyed with all last season.

    And don’t worry….I will remind you suckers while Banner and Lurie is cheesing counting your shekels behind the bleachers.

  • Ugh… I do worry about the safety play a little bit… I liked Mikell but he wasnt so good that we needed to overspend.. there is no real veterans back there though right now. that concerns me a bit

  • Songs, whats my checking acccount balance going to be on 12/31/11 – I could use your psychic skills. Do a fellow Eagles fan a skinny and let me know – it will help my financial planning.

    Thanks in advance

  • Kolb deal is done on PFT

  • Kolb deal official. DRC and 2nd rounder.

  • Ewh…ugh…uck… I’m repulsed by the passivity. Where is the aggressivness?

  • Watch out…a pump fake double move just went for another TD.

    And as far as Kolb go…who cares

    He was a waste from the beginning.

  • Les Bowen has reported that the Eagles are in the final 3 for RB Darren Sproles from the Chargers.

  • When will the big aggressive offseaon begin?

  • As reported before. The Eagles probably have offers to 6-10 FA and the FA are deciding what offers to take. So the bull&^&^ about the Eagles doing nothing is just that bull$^^. Alson Contract talks have been started with Mike Vick.

  • Great trade and compensation for Kolb..
    A good starting caliber CB in DCR and a 2nd Round Pick (which should be around the #50-#55 Selection in Next Years Draft).. A very Good Job by Rosemann/AR by sticking to your guns and epsecially considering the circumstances of this Years Lockout situation… Bring it on and let the games begin..

  • songs…if your that negative, you belong rooting for the raiders. At least you will have something to actually complain about.

    What would actually make you happy?

  • Songs, IM WITH YOU…IF only we still had a McNabb…we could trade him for something better like a 6th round pick for a draft 2 years away instead of the garbage we got for Kolb.

  • Eagles and every other team only have to Sept 20th to reach a contract agreement with players who have the “Franchise Tag”.. Most smart teams will get it out of the way now so they don’t run out of Cap Space and then not be able to extend a good offer to their Franchise players..

  • songs, you need to address birdo’s post, kolb pick by birds has paid huge divdends, reason te get rid of mcnabb, now a starting corner and 2nd round pick, and taking one for the team with the mathews hit, show some respect here


  • yeah,,,,,I concede.
    At least Kolb is the hell outta here.
    The nightmare is over and we have a great QB to boot.
    I’ll take DCR over Kolb’s garbage ass.

    OK guys…but we still need Asmo

  • Didn’t paulman report that drc was going somewhere else with docket for porter and someone from his connection at some brewing company?

  • Kolb is gone!!!

    Now let’s trade D Jackson for Larry Fitzgerald!!!

  • Im hearing that Casey Matthews is lining up as the starting MLB, that a shock to me… Im hearing Casey Matthews has sound technique and is fast… Guys ive been telling you for awhile now that hes a playmaker and will be a standout… HE WAS MY SLEEPER PICK FOR THE DRAFT!!!!

  • Songs – I have posted the quotes that Banner and the front office made during the interview in Feb 2011 concerning aggressive offseason moves –

    so you now are either a patholigical liar or an certified idiot. You are so completely and totally taking the comments out of context no rational person could relate (kind of like when TO wrote a book and then said he was misquoted by himself!) Banner in that interview stated he did NOT expect to make huge moves in FA, he also stated in the same interview that the team was waiting to see what cap casualties would hit other teams…

  • Deasr, yeah your right paul has made a fool out of himself throughtout this entire process… he needs to stop hes been exposed already lolol

  • whe will the big moves for the offseason begin?

  • Hopefully in an hour. Teams should be releasing some decent players.

  • Songs, when will you eat your own crap n choke on it… yourlike a broken record…. you must want to get a rise out of everyone on here… where is your list??????

  • No Paulman, said that Kolb would be an Eagle this season.

  • That was the “Fat Tire Brewery”out in Colorado Deasr…
    and yes, I admit I had too many tires which distorted my judgement a little about player movement.. At least I rode a bike him and kept a “spare tire” in my pocket.. … …

  • I said 80/20 % that Kolb would remain an Eagle.. So I was wrong, it happens, I am human and will roll the dice on occasion and sometimes I come short

  • Navy, you need to understand (or be reminded) that lots of people here have emotions that go like a wave. They think a cosine is somebody you need to help you get a car loan. Just keep it logical and reasonable, it all turns out in the end.

  • Silva – props on the math joke. I admit it – I have such animosity towards stupid people……….. it is a character flaw – It really funny when I am ref’n and some wanna be pop warner coach starts screaming and its clear he hasn’t opened a rule book – you mean he can’t intercept a try attempt and run it back for two points?!?!?!? No coach – maybe in about 10 years he can – but not today

  • I know, I get the same way. Once you are used to being around smart people that make good well thought out decisions, it is difficult to handle the knotheads. Just keep the faith, shipmate.

  • The Officer said to the delinquent, “Son, what do you think of the Dope problem facing today’s society, The young male responded, “Yes Officer, there are way too many Dopes around”….

  • P-man – 20 or 21 August – The Eagles play the 18th but I will be flying into Greensboro that night 19th they are having some parent mixer thingee

  • Paulman, you know I’m only fooling with you. I’ve been on this site for a while….. of all the things you’ve gotten wrong, trust me I know you’re human.

  • To Navy, either day is good (but Sat 20th is probably a little better on my end if you want to get together , I can give you the nickel tour of the High Country (Blowing Rock/Boone/Todd) and maybe do some Hiking,Canoeing,Kayaking,Golf, Sght-seeing or whatever or I could even come down to meet you (we have a close family friend who lives just north of Hickory in Granite Falls.. It’s about 50 minutes to an 1 hour from Hickory to Boone but we are about 10-12 Degrees Cooler up here in the Mountains..

  • No Problem Scorp….
    I figure I am about 52% Right – 48 % Wrong on most things. .. Ha


  • I will trip up to boone on late afternoon of the 20th – once my son figures he ain’t getting more money/things from me he will give me the boot – the games seem to start at 8 – pick an easily findable easily mapquestable location to meet. eat and talk football –

  • Sounds good Navydave, I will give you 3 places to check out
    Murphy’s Bar in Downtown Boone, or McAdoo’s in Downtown
    or the Town Tavern in Boone .. all have good food,service and lots of TV’s
    and are located within a 1 mile of each other…
    My E-mail is paul@skycountryinc.com if you want to send me an e-mail and i can give my Cell Ph # as it gets closer and an real good place to meet (Lowes Hardware Store has a big lot as soon as you come into town..)

  • I don’t like Bradley at the MIKE, but they NEED to sign him to play one of those outside positions.

  • Tulloch,Chaney,Fokou will be the Starters at LB
    with Matthews,Clayton, Jeantry, & Rolle as reserves

  • Sounds about right Paul.

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