• July 7, 2022

Eagles Note From A Busy Thursday

It one of the busiest days in the franchise’s history the Philadelphia Eagles improved their defense by adding two Pro Bowl players, Jason Babin and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Jackson Should be in Camp by August 9th.
Everyone knows Desean Jackson was MIA from training camp today, what everyone doesn’t know is Jackson will be in camp by August 9th. Why August 9th? As Ruben Frank pointed out in his column on CSNPHILLY.COM, under the new CBA any player not in camp by August 9th loses a pension credit towards becoming an unrestricted free agent. Assuming Jackson is in camp prior to August 9th he will be an unrestricted free agent after the 2011 season. In the mean time, do you think Drew Rosenhaus has Jackson doing sit-ups in his drive way?

DRC to Practice Right Away.
Obviously the Kolb for DRC and a second round pick is the biggest news from Thursday, however, a small note regarding the trade, since Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was already under an existing contract he may begin practicing with the Eagles immediately. Andy Reid held a press conference on the trade, and offered the media his usual intriguing insight on Kolb “He’s that good, where I know he could do this [ be a starting quarterback]” Reid told the media.

Sproles to Eagles?
Apparently there was a Darren Sproles contest that the Eagles became a finalist in, word around the internet is the Eagles, Saints, and Chargers are all “finalist” for the chance to sign running back Darren Sproles.

Bumps and Bruises.
Tackle Jason Peters and corner back Trevard Lindley left practice with the help of a trainer Thursday afternoon. How you manage to get hurt in a half speed practice with no pads is beyond me.

Redskins steal our Croc Punter.
CRIKEY! CSNWashington.com reports the Redskins are going to sign punter Sav Rocca. The Redskins signing of Rocca means Eagles’ fans will still be treated to Rocca shanking punts this season. Rocca gets his first chance to shank a punt against his former team when the Eagles visit FedEx field, October 16th.

Babin Getting 30 Million.
As most fans know the Eagles signed defensive end Jason Babin Thursday, at the time of the initial announcement the money involved in the deal was unknown. The NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora is reporting via twitter the deal is 5 years for a total of $30 million. $30 million for a pass rush specialist? He better duplicate his 11 ½ sack season in 2011.

Jerry Brennan

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  • Vince Young is an Eagle today agreeing to a 1 year deal. Better to have VY than Kolb.

  • …as a backup behind Vick

  • wish it were 2 years, hard to get value out of him on a one year deal

  • what are our options for a rb and lb?

  • That’s true but at least we got our 2nd pick back from the Kolb pick to tr yto get another backup. But you never know. If anything happens to MV7, at least we have a hell of a backup.

  • agreed, he just needs confidence and i think being around vick will do that for him. i believe he came here to play with vick and learn from reid.

  • Quick Update – I sent in the article BEFORE Darren Sproles signed with the Saints, also La Caforna is off by two million Babin ended up getting $ 28 million not 30 —

  • Babin isn’t a pass rush specialist Jerry and he had 12.5 sacks last year, lets get the facts straight if you are going to present them.

  • Jerry, why do you act like $30 million (which is actually $28 million) is a lot for a stud DE? Saying you hope he replicates his 2010 season, which was actually 12.5 sacks. That’s pretty dirt cheap for a pro bowl DE.

  • Well we lost out on sproles, does anyone know, is there any other running backs out there worth signing as a backup?????

    Dosent seem like jason peters is always damn near hurt???

    Im sure eagles can cut out early on the babin deal.

  • why couldnt they give B dawk that kind of money to stau here. he had a way more productive time here than babin did. thats a slap in the face, over 30 my butt….bring dawk back to help out back there and be a coach on the field and coach up our super young secondary.

  • dawk – Cadillac Williams – Deangelo hall –

    one of interest – it is reported that Ryan Grant from the packers may be a casualty cap – check out NFL.com they have some decent info

    scram – have you actuially watched any Broncos films or games the last two years? sure – bring dawk in to be a coach – but on the field – no… Dawkins was getting exposed in pass coverage his final season in Philly teams try to isolate and pick on him in Denver.

  • The Cowboys are now in the Asmo sweepstakes now that his asking price is being lowered based on the market. Now you guys will see an aggressive owner knowing he need to match up against our receivers.

    The Texans put alot of money on the table and now took it off when Asmo didn’t sign. Now, Jerry is in.

    Asmo will wear the dreaded star.

  • Why does anyone still talk about Dawk staying? Its like talking about that hot smoking chick you dated for 5 years and now your not with her. So everytime your new girlfriend does soemthing your talking about how the old one was awesome. Well the old one cant cover a kitten with a comforter anymore and is slow.So shut up with the Dawk 4 already.

    It’s 11’…he’s been gone 2 seasons and our defense just improved with 2 Pro Bowlers.

  • songs, no one but you and the other diva lovers cares what hat will wear, he will not be an eagle, our man is cromartie,go cry somewhere else

  • Get off the Boys tip Songs.

  • EROCK, he takes the tip from behind, because he is a Cowgirls fan. F^@king a$$ clown!

  • also babin supposedly doesn’t get much guaranteed money…i think

  • we need a LB….Is Tulloch still available?

  • Let’s get this clear….We couldn’t sign Dawk “A Hall of Fame” type player and Eagles all time great to the same deal we just gave a guy who was a journeyman rotational player up until last year?

    Babin deal is really structured like the Dawk deal he recieved in Denver..Yet Ol Stained teeth claimed that Denver overspent for Dawk.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    And don’t say Babin just got a pro bowl..Because Dawk went to the Pro bowl the season let him sign to Denver. ….and didn’t even give Dawk a courtesy call after all those years in the trenches bleeding GREEN.

    Something is really wrong here.

    I get it. No respect…No class

  • Tulloch is avaialable but My sources tell me that he’s agreed to a deal with the Eagles that should be announced late this afternoon ..

  • To Erock,
    Songs never dated a hot chick for 5 minutes let alone 5 years,so he has no idea what your talking about .. .He only has posters of McNabb,Haynesworth, Asmohoag and Dawkins in his room…

  • Asmo has agreement in principle with the SF 49ers as I stated would happen..
    Should be an announcement late this afternoon..

  • im happy he went to niners…def didn’t want the jets to get him…niners still won’t make the playoffs

  • and paulman, I bet you still have that farrah fawcet poster in your room

  • What source paul?… side note casey matthews is impressing everyone in camp so far, there calling him a leader, he’s vocal, smart, instinctive, they said he was exhausted yet still ran off 10 plays straight screaming the calls,… I told y’all he’s gonna be a monster… oh also he came into camp weighing 245, that’s almost 15lbs more than he weighed before, great signs guys… he may be our opening day starter…

  • so tulloch is being signed by the birds?

  • Where is the source about nnamdi to the niners and tulluch to eagles?

  • Don’t even tell me your source is Incarcerated Bob, Paulman.

  • Niners are officially out of the running for Asmo…it’s reported on NFL Network right at this moment that he is now deciding between Jets or Dallas…And with Jerry in the talks you have think he’ll be wearing the dreaded star. You get money and perks for wearing the goathead…But it’s alright..We have a guy that was getting scorched all last season with QB’s completing 65% of their passes against this guy…Hopefully outr offensive line coach can coach DRC up.

  • Songs, you can teach how to cover speed. Nnamdi can’t stay with Desean Jackson on a go route. It makes no difference to me.

  • Wait guys, I think we all owe Songs an apology. He figured out the formula to win the SB and frankly, the facts are there, we shouldn’t argue with it. He was wise enough to see past the old adages “defense wins championships” WRONG “on any given sunday/that ball can bounce in any direction, you never know/more parity than any other league” WRONG NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

    The real truth? “The team with Nnamdi Asomuagh wins the superbowl”. DING DING DING – WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! PROOF? The foakland raiders have hoisted the lombardi 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011………………

  • Well Schill…At least someone here have the formula…..The team you are talking about went to the same exact number of Superbowls within the last decade…And actually have a few of them Superbowl trophies in the cubbard.

    One thing we do know for sure is that the Eagles do not have the formula fro winning one Superbowl …let alone “multiple” as Lurie mentioned would be our goal.

  • Thanks for sharing your mental prowess Songs. I particularly like the following nuggest from that masterpiece… (to paraphrase)

    “The superbowls that the Raiders went to and won before Nnamdi was a Raider have something to do with Nnamdi.”


    “There is a forumla for winning a superbowl”

    I especially like that second one – because I’m quite confident that the winning superbowl coaches, if asked to respond to that question would all exhibit 1 or both of the following: Rolling of the Eyes, Laughing sarcastically

  • DE R Edwards signs a deal with the Falcons

  • Paulman posts something we all know

  • Dolphins SIgn QB Matt Moore and have broken off talks with the Broncos about obtaining QB K Orton (Which is a head scratcher to me)
    Broncos Sign Free-Agent RB W Maghee from the Ravens
    Panthers re-sign OLB JAmes Anderson
    Falcons re-sign OT T Clabo
    COlts re-sign Safety M Bullitt
    Bengals released their best pusher A Odom.. (what the hell is going on with that Franchise)
    Seahawks re-signed OLB L Hill and released OL Stacey Andrews who is
    probably the worst free-agent Signing of All-Time and committed flat out Robbery on the Eagles
    TB Bucs resigned both OL D Joseph and J Trueblood
    SL RAms signed OG H Dahl on a 4 Year deal away from the Falcons
    Steelers re-sgined OL W Colon and J Scott but released OT Flozell Adams
    NO Saints released nickel CB Randall Gay

    Most of the good OL are off the board now…
    J Gaither of trhe Ravens, C Johnson of the Colts, J Brown of the Redskins are probably the best OT’s still on on the Board
    J Blalock of the Falcons, D Lutui of the Cardinals, C Nicks of the Saints, are probably the best of teh Guards still on the board…

    The Eagles will most likley have to go with who they have along the OL at this point…

  • What about the linebackers? With a “converted” defensive coordinator leading the way, I believe that we need an experienced MLB out there leading the team. Can Chaney be that guy??

    I believe that Coach Washburn will have the DL playing at a high level, and our cover corners will do just that, COVER, but who will tackle?

    We need to have sure tacklers in the LB and Safety positions and if we do, then this defense can then be the consistant, dominant force that we all want to see.

    Go Birds!!

  • Has there been ANY news on the TULLOCH front? Damnit, give me my linebacker!

  • Could you all imagine the fanfare if asmo was signed?

    Man..Lehigh would be standing room…
    Well things like that just don’t happen to our Eagles.

  • Moron, Lehigh IS standing room for the most part.

    You don’t know anything about the Eagles you jackass. Just stfu and learn something while you’re trolling this site.

  • birdo – I’m 100% behind you on those past two posts!

  • Songs, you say “well things like that just don’t happen to our Eagles” – DUDE THINGS JUST DON’T HAPPEN LIKE THAT FOR ANYONE. Who acquires 2 probowl CBs in one offseason when you already have 1? NOBODY.

  • @Birdo

    Paulman, sources said Tulloch will be an Eagle today at some point…

    however, I heard that the Eagles aren’t interested in Tulloch…

    The Eagles have no interest in free agent MLB Stephen Tulloch, a source tells CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank.Frank adds that the Eagles have minimal interest in free agent Nick Barnett. They are almost certainly in the market for linebacker help, but will likely add someone a tier down from these guys. The Eagles have plenty of confidence in Jamar Chaney as their long-term stud linebacker. Jul 29, 9:50 AM

    I hope Paulman sources are right!

  • If what Rueben Frank is saying is legit……wtf is Casey Mathews our MLB?

  • If no changes are made to the LB, spot I think they would have Chaney at the MLB…but who knows?

  • If we roll Matthews light ass out there at 230 pounds we’ll get pummeled. For a weak defense against the run you would think the Eagles would get a legitimate intimidator to the defense.

    This defense have no fire or identity ….All the talk about Edwards we get a situational Babin…All this talk about Tulloch now it’s fizzing out because he would actually cost. Give me a freakin Break already!!!

    Where’s the players everyone was talking about that would come from them not signing Asmo?

    Babin? That’s it.

    Vince Young’s contract is cheap too…So what happened to getting more players and good depth instead of paying Asmo?

    Hell….The guy wh got torched last season (DRC) will only cost 950,000.

    What the hell are they doing?

  • stephentulloch Stephen Tulloch
    RT @JasonBabin93: @stephentulloch what’s the good word…? Just landed #InTheNest(Congrats on the new team my man.I’m happy for you brother)
    15 minutes ago


  • Nevermind, just re-read it, it was a re-tweet….got damn twitter

  • Songs, the Eagles defense (incredibly) was ranked 9th in the league versus the run last year. Not too bad at all. It’s hardly an issue.

    What talk about Edwards? There was mild speculation. And by what measure – PLEASE TELL ME – is Edwards better than Babin. You are MR ‘last years stats are all that matters’ (see your repetitive comments re: DRC) and Babin easily trumps Edwards in that category.

    And you act like the roster is complete!? Since when is free agency over? Did I miss kickoff? I thought the season doesn’t start until after training camp and the preseason?


  • Last years stats only matter when it backs up Songs argument — yea, he’s one of THOSE types of “debators” — consistently getting OWNED and not believing it.

  • From an ESPN Blog

    The mystery of what the Eagles’ defense will look like in 2011 with former offensive line coach Juan Castillo as its new coordinator is beginning to unravel. Castillo spoke to reporters at Lehigh on Friday after the Eagles’ first practice and talked linebackers, among other things.

    Rookie Casey Matthews was the starting middle linebacker for the Eagles’ first training-camp practice, with Jamar Chaney playing on the strong side. And it seems as if the strong side is where Castillo wants Chaney to stay. From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Eagles blog:

    But the way Castillo envisions the Eagles’ D, the strongside ‘backer is going to need to be a very physical presence, which Chaney is.

    “We’re going to attack and get up the field,” Castillo said.

    The team has reportedly decided not to bring back oft-injured middle linebacker Stewart Bradley, who is said to be talking to the Cardinals. But instead of handing that job off to Chaney, who manned the middle in Bradley’s absence last season, the Eagles are going to keep Chaney on the outside and … do something else in the middle. Castillo talked up Matthews, and hey, you never know. But no draft analysis I saw ever had Matthews projected as a 2011 starter. So if we read between the lines here, it looks as though the Eagles will pursue a free-agent middle linebacker to start in between Chaney and, I guess, Moise Fokou.

    Options? Well, the top middle linebacker on the market is Tennessee’s Stephen Tulloch, but Reuben Frank’s got a source telling him the Eagles have no interest in Tulloch and not much in Nick Barnett, who was just cut by the Packers. Other highly regarded names on the market include Barrett Ruud, Kirk Morrison, Kevin Burnett and Stephen Cooper. Fair number of options for the Eagles to consider, but for now it appears, from reading the tea leaves, they’ll be looking for someone for the middle.

  • Rueben Frank is the only reporter I’ve seen that says the Eagles have no interest. Many others are saying they do and can’t afford to let him go

  • Thats good news then Birdo…cuz I was hearing the same thing since FA started…thus far only heard the Eagles and Lions in connection with Tulloch…and that the Eagles were interested…Considering the Lions signed Durant for the amount of money they did, I though for sure we had this locked up, then here comes Franks’ article…But I did read something today, that said the Lions still may be in the running for Tulloch..I dont know what to believe LOL…just gotta wait and see I guess

  • Schill get you head out your ass!!!!!

    Did you see the right corner and saftey play along with Tight ends having their way with our secondary?

    What offensive Coordinator in their right mind would strategize to run when the secondary is wide the hell open!!!!!

    Teams were spreading the defense out to pick the weak secondary apart and would gash our defense with draws and screens…So that 9th ranking you have there is not a true reflection on our ability to stop the run.
    When teams needed key yards on the ground against our team during make or break moments ….they usually got them.

    Now Dixon and Chaney were a major upgrade from Bunk and Stew but our defense was far from stout …ok?

    Ask McDermott.

    Our defense lack experience, grit and in dire need of an identity.

    I haven’t watched a game yet and can tell you right now…If we don”t get some real grit and attitude in the Center of our secondary …This will be a long season against the pass. It will take a while before these new faces gel and our offense will need to put up 35 points a game in the first half of the season to give them the secondary time to grow with one another, and still be in position to make a run towards the playoffs.

    On top of that we must add to the equation an offensive Coordinator who never called a defensive game in the pros…is also a rookie and may be overmatched by the offensive minds in the league.

    Could you imagine Juan Castillo calling a defensive game against Belechick?

    We are not out of the woods fellas, and Bleeding Green dies not make me naive.
    I’m not going to sit here and act as if Aaron Rogers and others didn’t shred us apart.

    Defenses wins championships because when you get to the Playoffs all the novelties and gimmicks are out the window and the true defenses steps players step up and clamp down on opposing offenses.

    Our defense have a long way to go.

    Whom ever out there think we will go to a Superbowl with a wet behind the ears coordinator calling pro games for the first time in his career are not realistic. Do we have the talent on offense? Absolutely

    Could this be a championship team with the few added pieces coupled with a defensive coordinator who knows football? absolutely.

    If we had Wade Phillips over the defense….or the likes of Ray Rhodes or even New England former defensive coodinators… I would be the first to say..let’s get it!

    But I’m a realist…..This year will have some exciting moments but the defense will be our demise.

    I know…..
    You guys will be on here saying ..well give Juan a break…it was his first year in a new position!!!

    And that will only speak to the Eagles incompetence, for they had us say the same thing about Mcdermott only to fire him and replace him with another guy who have a built in excuse for faliure.

    In 2004 the feeling was in the air…The Eagles knew it..the players knew it…the fans knew it..

    And I said it once T.O. was signed…We will finally get over the hump and go to the Superbowl.

    I’m a realist..

    We have too many questions on defense to get to a Superbowl.

    We actually have more talent on defense than last year but our defensive coordinator will be overmatched.

    It’s not going to happen guys.

  • When did Aaron Rogers “shred” us apart? TELL ME YOU F’N MORON! WHEN DID AARON ROGERS “SHRED” US APART?!

    You don’t know what you’re talking about and want to come across like you do. Just STFU and learn something like I already told you to do little boy.

  • And McDermott got the d coord job by default — R.I.P. JJ.

  • Birdo..JJ was good..may he rest in peace..but his philosophy exposed may days in the playoffs.

    we should have did our best to recruit a good position coach from the Jets or Green Bay to take over our defense…But I know Andy’s loyalty sometimes overshadow sound judgement.

    He’s doing Juan a favor at the expense of another disappointing year for the fans.

    Maybe next year once Juan is fired or moved to coach another position and a real coordinator is hired.

    Not this year.

  • Reports are now saying the jets and cowboys have dropped out of the Namndi running and schefter and the NFL crew are saying that theEAGLES EAGLES ARE GOING TO SIGN NAMDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Songs,
    What are you going to do when Coach AR retires after the 2013 Season and the Eagles name Juan Castillo as the next Head Coach of th Eagles and gie him a 10 YEar Contract to finish what Andy Reid Started .. You better start looking into relocating to another CIty… Just think about it, Atlanta,Carolina, Seattle and even Arizona will have won Super Bowl Championships before the Eagles…

  • NAMDI ASUMGHA WILL BE AN EAGLE SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Hahahahaahahahahhahahaahahaaaaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahha OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG


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