• December 2, 2021

Patience Proves To Be A Virtue For The Eagles

Whether it was by way of blogging, social media, radio or television, you could sense the frustration among Eagles fans.

Up until Thursday morning, Philly hadn’t made any major transactions. They signed 10 rookie free agents and 9 of their 11 draft picks.

The problem at the time was quarterback Kevin Kolb had yet to be traded to the Arizona Cardinals. On top of him still being an Eagle, it was reported that Arizona was talking to the Denver Broncos about Kyle Orton.

Well…..Good things come to those who wait.

The first thing that occurred this morning was the signing of DE Jason Babin. I admit, I’m one of the people who would’ve preferred Ray Edwards. That said, this was an excellent deal.

The only reason I or anyone else wanted Edwards over Babin was the 6 year age difference. Outside of that, Babin had more production last year on top of developing a relationship with new D-Line coach.

Five years seems a bit long for a 31 year old coming off his first productive season, but the $6 million guaranteed is likely front loaded. This probably makes it more like a 2 year deal (a la Brian Dawkins contract with the Broncos).

A $28 million is also quite a bargain for a Pro Bowl defensive end. Edwards is likely seeking a $70-$80 million deal like Carolina’s Charles Johnson. That’s a bit much for one guy who’ll be part of a rotation.

One intangible makes signing Babin a brilliant move. Edwards’ main goal is to get paid. Babin simply wants to play in Philly for Washburn.

While signing Babin was a good move, the Eagles made an even better move in the afternoon. The much anticipated Kolb trade was finally announced.

Philly’s 2007 2nd round draft pick was shipped to the Cardinals for CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (a 2008 1st rounder) and a 2012 2nd round pick. Who do you think got the better of the deal??

With a 5 year deal worth $63 million ($20 guaranteed), Arizona has their QB. Larry Fitzgerald will help him elevate his game. I’m glad for him. Kolb got the chance he longed for. Now that I got that out the way, back to the East coast.

The Eagle’s got a high draft pick which will seem like a 1st rounder if Kolb is a disappointment in the desert.

More importantly, they addressed a huge void at right cornerback without spending $8-$12 million per year for one. If DRC reverts back to his 2009 form, Philly could have one the best CB tandems in the league (If Nnamdi Asomugha goes to the NY Jets, they’ll have possibly the best in history)

Overall, Thursday was a very positive day for the Eagles.

There was some bittersweet news once teams were allowed to release players at 4pm.

Former Pro Bowl fullback Leonard Weaver was released along with four other players. In his short time in midnight green, Weaver was became a very likeable player in Philadelphia. He was productive on the field and involved in the community.

Unfortunately for him, the cliché “This is a business” takes precedence over likeability. He still has a long (almost impossible) road to recovery with the damaged nerve in his foot. Releasing Weaver saved the Eagles approx. $2 million in cap space.

With these transactions the Eagles addressed two huge needs and are still hovering around $20-$20 million in cap space. They’re far from finished addressing everything, though.

A veteran linebacker is still needed. Tennessee Titan Steven Tulloch has been reported to be the likely solution (especially after he turned down the Detroit Lion’s offer).

No longer can we hope the Eagles will obtain defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth as he was traded to the New England Patriots.

I hate to say it, but the Patriots are the true definition of “gold standard”. After a 14-2 season, they traded a Capri Sun and two bags of Twizzlers for two former Pro Bowlers.

What will the Eagles do next?? Right now is anyone’s guess. Friday after 6pm is when free agency will officially begin. Stay tuned…….

UPDATE: While writing this, it has been reported that the Eagles quickly addressed the backup QB position with Vince Young agreeing to a 1 yr deal.

Haran Knight

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  • i think all around yesterday was a good day and they got good value for kolb considering there was not really any other obvious team out there. i wish young would have got a 2 year deal so he could be flipped like kolb

  • We ultimately got the better of the deal and got a better player and possibly a good pick for kolb. We get our second round pick back and got rid of a cry baby. Tough to see what happen to Weaver and I wish him well in his future endeavours. We’ll see if Babin will get back to his pro bowl form; hopefully he’s productive. Yes, Belicheck and NE are the gold standard because they go after talent based on talent and not what the media or other outlets think about a player. People ridiculed guys like Haynesworth, Bill Belicheck enjoyed it because he knew he was going to get a steal. Nobody gets out of line with BB or you get dismissed – simple as that.NE loves superbowls and thats being aggressive.

  • cry baby?, the only crying is on this site by you diva followers

  • Decent article – waiting for the ‘where is the aggresive’ crowd from yesturday to chime in –

    Funny how some people will question Babin (all-pro last year) and DRC – but go ga-ga for Belicheck getting a WR that our #3 WR has almost as many yards rcving ove rthe last 3 years and our top 2 rcvrs had more yardage then or a DT that hasn’t been to a pro-bowl since 08 and spent most of last year parked on the bench…..


    I believe that is being proven because no one has signed him and there are no reports of interest in him on any football rumor sites. If you cant get over 8.5 sacks with the talent that was beside him on that dline in Minn. then you dont deserve to be paid the big bucks.

  • I think instead of this team being the Philadelphia Eagles it should be the Philadelphia Titans! we are signing all the titans players and coaches.. Jim Walsburn, Vince Young, Jason Babin and now Tulock perhaps.

  • Good day, they better not be finished. They still have holes at DT, LB, Safety & O-Line. Stay aggressive!!

  • Jakedog – yes cry baby…Kolb was a cry baby who…nevermind just a big pouting cry baby when got the starting job taken away from him byMV7. He cried to the media.

  • Broderick Bunkley was not in the lineup in practice yesterday because Antonio Dixon has taken his place – He will probably get traded. I won’t miss him, he was a waste of space and marginal player at best.

  • I wish they would make a run at DT’s Mebane & Franklin, & rid themselves of Bunkley & Patterson. They both suck & are the poster boys, for Andy Reid’s bad high round draft picks.

  • Rocko – Kolb didn’t cry at all. He said he still thought he could and wanted to start – um, if you wish otherwise from a QB then you’re an idiot. You’re just trying to sound tough and/or voicing your dislike of Kolb. But to say he ‘cried to the media’ is baloney.

  • DD – You’re writting off the possibility that under Washburn, and with babin, that they can’t be different. I think that’s presumptous/impatient.

  • I’ve stated for the last 1 & 1/2 Years that A Dixon is by far, the best DT on this Eagle roster leaving 2 former 1st Rounders (Patterson/Bunkley) and a 2nd Round Pick (Laws) in the dust..We can thank Albert Hayneworth for this,
    If he didn’t sign with the Redsksins 2 years ago, Dixon would have made the Redskins final roster that Season and played, but since Haynesworth was going to be the big star in Washington, they placed Dixon on the Practice squad where the Eagles scooped him up and were very fortunate to do so..

  • The Biggest thing that Dixon needs to work on is his Conditioning and stamina..He needs to be on the field for 40-50 Plays a game and not only 30 like he has been.. If he can increase his endurance, he can be an All-Pro

  • Do you really want to chance another year with those 2 stiffs, with better options out there, right now. I don’t care how much of a genius Washburn is, they don’t fit what he wants to do. Remember the saying,”You can’t shine a turd.” LMAO!! My grandfather used to say it all the time. Still makes me laugh… 😆

  • Schiller this has nothing to do with sounding tough, it has to do with Kolbs weakness as a QB who sucks and who cried his way out of here when he lost his job to a pro bowler QB and knew he never was going to get his job back.. By the way your lack of self esteem in trying to reflect your negative feelings about yourself onto a person like me in trying to assume I’m “sounding tough” is cry baby crap; It never even crossed my mind; now that’s some real soft “girly-man” stuff buddy – grow a pair you pu%$y; this is the internet idiot.

  • rocko – ok, you can bring all that ego bs all you want, but it remains a fact that he didn’t cry at all. What are you talking about – don’t talk about me or you or what we said – tell me what Kolb did that constitues crying or crying to the media or crying his way out of here?

  • rocko is still crying over the fact that kolb replaced his diva mcnabb, started over his diva vick for a half of a game, and that somebody in the nfl is willing to pay kolb what 50 million dollars, 20 million guaranteed, for a so-called bust, he has alot of crying to do, keep crying rocko

  • Schill..everytime the camera was on him or he had a chance to speak to the press, he always lobbied his way out or cried when he knew he wasn’t coming back in once MV7 let loose, even the week after he received a concussion. There was never a time where he held his own. To be honest, Reid turned him into that by annointing him the starter out the gates and letting #5 go. That behavior in turn amounts to a spoiled bratty kid who feels entitled to something which they didn’t earn. I’m sure Reid learned from that mistake but was glad to get that cry baby off his hands. I know I am; and we got a decent return on our investment.

  • Jakedog…Whateva man

  • ok whatever rocko – we are two different people so I guess we can interpret a 3rd man’s words/reactions/affects in different ways. But I don’t see anything Kolb said to the media as crying or whining. I thought he DID “hold his own”. All he said was that he believed he was capable of being a starter and he wanted to start. I don’t know what else you could ask. Would you have preferred he say ‘Vick is better than me, I should be a backup and that’s what I really want’? That would be utterly ridiculous and it would show a really weak attitude from a quarterback.

    I just think you’re being unreasonable and as Jake pointed out, misplacing your feelings for Kolb/McNabb the whole QB situation over the past few years… but like I said, whatever.

  • Schill -listen buddy, I could care less about Mcnabb and his dirt balls to the receivers feet, or the Kolb/Mcnabb situation. Before we got Vick or when we first got Vick, I specifically said last summer that if Kolb ends up playing like Brees, Manning, Rothlisberger (sp), or Brady then I’m cool with that. it didn’t happen. I’m just sayin he was annointed the throne to early and it spoiled and ruined him. He felt entitled and he wasn’t, he turned out to be a 3-4 dud. That’s it -only 7 games. As I sit here and watch 1st and 10, even Skip Bayless says he sucks and that the only reason the Cards got him was leverage to show Fitz that their trying to get him a Qb but it’s only a temporary fix because they lost their cover corner. The trade is about fitz not Kolb. He’s in a weak division which will also mask his deficiencies and he sucks thats it.

  • Haha this guy Rocko makes me laugh every time he posts..If anybody was a crybay it was your beloved bff..Did Kolb have his mother speak for him in the newspapers or the media? hell we dont even know who Kolb’s mother is..But we know who Mrs. McNabb is..always sticking up for her lil sensitive boy who can’t speak for himself. I could go on and on..Your delusional man.

    The fact is Kolb is gone and he got back a whole lot more than McNabb ever did..go see what McNabb got traded for the other day..I wish Kolb the absolute worst…esp when we play him. Same thing with McNabb.. their both enemies now in the NFC and I can’t wait till the Birds smack both of them.

  • nice post pheags, well said

  • rocko, do you think the cardinals agreed to pay kolb over 50 million, twenty, I believe guaranteed, to make fitzgerald feel good?

  • Phagg what the hell are you talking about? You make no sense. You dam Kolb Lovas come on here and say the craziest things. The only thing I agree with about your comments is the last paragraph if you even understood what you wrote. You need to take the time and read the full comments before you respond. Lay off the pipe and booga suga buddy.

  • jakedog – Whateva man

  • Jakedog – get off your knees for “the phagg” HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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