• August 17, 2022

The First Stages Of A New Eagles Defense

New defensive coordinator Juan Castillo wants this defense to attack and play fast. They’re going to be the type of defense which attacks the offense at the snap of the ball with the defensive line turning it loose on every snap.

The defensive line attacks now rather than read at the snap of the ball.

Castillo wants to utilize the speed of unit by getting them to hustle to the football and come up with turnovers. Every time there was a incomplete pass or interception, the emphasis was on hustling to the football and returning it for a score or to put the offense in good position. During individual drills, you can hear Castillo and new defensive line coach Jim Washburn pushing them for the quickness and hustle.

They’re small upfront in comparison to other teams. Washburn is an entertainer who will do almost anything to get his troops to get off on the football. He coaches with a lot of energy and you can hear him a couple of miles away when he’s getting after his defensive linemen.

The Eagles defense lined up yesterday with Juqua Parker and Trent Cole at the defensive end position. We know that will change with the signing of Jason Babin. They desperately need him to be able to come in and provide immediate pressure on the quarterback.

The key will be lining him up further outside in a nine technique. Washburn moves his ends further outside and has them get off the ball like their hair is on fire. It worked for Babin last year, and we’ll have to wait to see about this year.

They want to be less reliant on the blitz in their pass rush, so that means the guys upfront, especially the ends have to get to the quarterback.

At defensive tackle Mike Patterson and Antonio Dixon were the starters. Brodrick Bunkley has become an Oak Ridge Boy. You could see that Bunkley wasn’t thrilled about his new status, but he earned it.

After stepping back and looking this defense, they are extremely young at the decision-making positions, linebacker and safety. The linebackers direct the run defense and the safeties control the pass defense. They have very little experience at either position.

Starting in the middle at linebacker is rookie Casey Matthews, Moise Fokou was lining up on the strongside (tight end side) and Jamar Chaney is lining up on the weakside (away from the tight end). I don’t know why they moved Chaney out of the middle. I expect to see them sign a veteran free agent.

Casey said he had put on 15 pounds of muscle working out with his Thor-like brother, Clay during the off season. It would be quite a gamble to ask him to step in as a rookie and start in the middle.

The Eagles linebackers are small especially their backups, Keenan Clayton and Brian Rolle, look like safeties wearing the wrong uniform numbers. Clayton and Rolle look like they’re weighing about 210 pounds. They are small, very small for linebackers, but they can run.

In the secondary, the corners were Joselio Hanson on the left side and Trevard Lindley on the right. Of course that will change when Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie arrive. That was a great trade the Birds pulled off with the Cardinals.

At the safety position, Kurt Coleman at strong safety and Marlon Jackson at the free safety position. Nate Allen went through the individual drills as he tries to recover from his knee surgery.

How long will Jackson stay healthy and when will Allen be ready to go?


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  • Good scoop, thank you. I’m very happy football is back, and that we made some good moves already. This is our year…finally!

  • If they don’t pick up 2 LB’s, this DF is going to suck again.

  • We need linebackers with size and true safeties to step up and man up and guard our last line of defense. I don’t know how long marlon jackson’s going to last. Kurt Coleman should step his game up with another year up under his belt and do alright. Can’t wait see jarrett once he is signed and on the field…we’ll see.

  • ROCKO, I agree 100% Jarrett is going to surprise alot of people, with how NFL ready he is. He just needs to get acclimated to our DF.
    Marlin Jackson, needs to go. No more injury projects.

  • Reunited and it feels so good.

    I tried breaking up with the Eagles, but..

    I keep falling in love with Them

    over and over and over and over again.

    It gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by

    Oh what love between my Eagles and I

    I keep falling in love with them

    over and over and over and over again.

    Alright Andy…Times yours.

  • I wonder if the smaller LB’s Clayton and Rolle can get some reps and time at Strong Safety.. Both LB’s played Safety in HS and even ealry in their College Careers.. Rolle is 5’10” 215 lbs and a perfect size for Strong Safety but will get pushed around and lost going against OL at LB (like E Sims did) .. They would need work at Pass COverages but could be effective against run-heavy teams and play down in the box and make some plays.
    I hope the Eagles give it shot for I don’t think the Eagles have anyting to lose trying these 2 at the Strong Safety spot for I really don’t think they are big enough to play at LB at the NFL Level..

  • Rolle listed at 5-10 and 229lbs which is a stretch, probably more like 220
    Clayton is listed at 6-1 and 229lbs and he is probably more like 215/220 lbs

  • Paulman
    I gotta disagree with you on Sims. The guy did not get washed out of plays because he got swallowed by offensive linemen. I thought he actually did well at the point of attack and held his ground, better than Stew. He absolutely sucked it up because he had zero instincts. If Sims had instincts, he could be a stud player. He is ridiculously fast, strong and super physical.
    As for Rolle, he very well may get killed by offensive linemen, but he does not want for instincts. He seemed to very instinctive and a playmaker in college.

  • The Eagles have no interest in free agent MLB Stephen Tulloch, a source tells CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank.Frank adds that the Eagles have minimal interest in free agent Nick Barnett. They are almost certainly in the market for linebacker help, but will likely add someone a tier down from these guys. The Eagles have plenty of confidence in Jamar Chaney as their long-term stud linebacker. Jul 29, 9:50 AM

    WTF???? if this is true, this will ruin my day…!!!

  • They just said on WIP, that the Eagles listed the LB starters–
    Chaney- Matthews- Fokou. HAHAHAHA!!! Andy Reid better be
    f^@king kidding, because that is absolutely unacceptable. You have $$$ a$$#ole, spend it on your LB’s, you stubborn SOB!!!

  • DD – um, WHAT? Chill boy, you take your meds? It’s the weridest offseason ever in the NFL and it’s smack dab in the middle of the bizzare free agency period. The Eagles have been making moves at a steady pace – big moves. Breath buddy, it’s not even noon yet.

  • DDCar – I hear you!! I like Chaney…but Matthews is a ? right now…unless the Eagles know something we dont, and I hope that is the case…Fokou I’m iffy about…

    Below would probably be in my opinion the next best options at LB – they weren’t considered top free agent LB’s, so I’m assuming this is the next tier the Eagles would be interested in looking at…

    Rocky McIntosh – WAS
    Reports about him from last season, is he struggled with the 3-4 defense…maybe better with the 4-3???

    Barrett Ruud – TB
    118 tackles last season 2 sacks 2 forced fumbles 1 INT

    Dhani Jones – CIN
    125 tackels last season 1 sack 1 forced fumble – he’s on the older side 33, but he’s played 3 consecutive full seasons, no games missed…if we’re looking for experienced LB, he definitely has that.

    Kevin Burnett – SD
    95 tackles last season, 6 sacks 2 forced fumbles 2 INT’s (seems pretty solid, don’t know much bout him) Bills, Seahawks, Dolphins and Titans have shown interest

    D’Qwell Jackson – CLE
    2008 recorded 154 tackles 2 sacks 3 INT’s (didn’t play in 2010, torn pectorial muscle…)

    Stephen Nicholas (ATL) Mike Peterson (ATL)Tavares Gooden (looks like Baltimore will be resigning him BAL)Keith Ellison (BUF)Pisa Tinoisamoa (CHI)Nick Roach Brandon Johnson (CIN) Chris Gocong (CLE)Matt Roth (CLE)

    There are other pretty decent LB’s available that I missed.

  • The ‘starters or 1’s’ early in camp mean NOTHING. That’s just who they’re toying with in those particular drills at this particular time. Way too early to project starters in a defense that’s under major transistions in coaching AND players…

  • SCHILL, I know, it’s early, I overreacted. The 2 Redbulls & ice coffee kicked in too quick. 0.0

  • DD – wow, guess that answers it – you DID take your meds, just a bit generous on the dose.

  • SCHILL, BWAHAHA!! Night shift is killing me. Sports is keeping me even keel.

  • DD – you funny. Old Bull, young bull sitting on top of a hill looking down at al the cows – young bull sez – lets run down………. you know the rest.

    Do a quick assessment right now – look at what you think the Eagles have –

    Cole, Dixon, PAtt and Babin on line – those 3 LBs – Samuel, DRC, Allen (will he be back – thought I saw 95% and say Coleman) Could make things interesting, but lets see how they play – someone has to win rookie of the year – why not Matthews. Day 1 of camp…

    BSM – you funny too

  • I’m the old bull, PAUL is the bull $#!t. SONGS, is the bulls a$$#ole.
    Sorry guys, it was too easy.

  • Dude – you bring needed levity-

  • I have too. With all the guys on here, on edge all the time, you have to laugh a little. I think everyone on here, needs to take a trip to the Washy Washy house over the weekend. Then on Monday, we all can hold hands & sing “KUMBI YA.”

  • I have to admit.. DDCar hit the nail in the coffin with that one but with one mistake.. DDCar is the Bull’s Balls….Ha,ha, ha

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