• August 19, 2022

Eagles Signings, Depatures And Injuries

For all intents and purposes, the Philadelphia Eagles have completed a one-year deal with former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young, but they’ll have to wait to make that announcement in the near future.

According to NFL spokesman Michael Signora, “Until a player appears on the transaction report, then any transaction is not official, including if the move has been discussed publicly, etc. So if a player is still a member of a club’s active roster — as Young is in this case — no other team can talk to him until he appears on that transaction report.”

David Akers scored most points for the Eagles than any player in the team’s history. In addition, he has played in more games than any player in the team’s history. Unfortunately, he won’t be adding to those numbers because Akers will be playing for the San Francisco 49ers in the 2011 season. He signed a deal with the Niners yesterday.

I’m concerned about both defensive end Brandon Graham and offensive tackle Winston Justice. We didn’t find out that Graham had microfracture surgery until recently. Originally when Justice had his surgery, we heard that it wasn’t a big deal, but we have learned since then that his surgery was much more serious than we realized.

He and Justice have been put on the PUP list, which is short for the Physically Unable to Perform list. Juqua Parker is starting at the left defensive end position and King Dunlap is starting at the right tackle spot at the moment.

Former Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver said that he hadn’t be informed about being released from the team before being contacted by a Comcast Sportsnet’s Derrick Gunn, but the Eagles say Weaver had indeed been contacted by two employees of the Eagles to let him know he had been released.

An earlier article here on GCobb.com had reported Weaver’s claim, now we see that the Eagles contend that his statement on Twitter wasn’t true.


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  • Graham won’t play a snap this 2011 and Justice is probably looking at a late September/Early October return at the earliest..
    I think with theCoach’s mistake made last year in bringing back Center Jamal Jackson too soon, and then losing him for the Season that they will be extra careful in bringing players back from knee injuries/surgeries

  • Why waste time putting him on the PUP list? Please, get rid of Justice already! He sucks & is a Matador on the field. No f^@king Dunlap either, he’s too tall & overmatched, to cover Vicks blind side. If they don’t rectify the O-Line, they are going to get Vick killed. Watkins, is far from enough.

  • Like to see Austin Howard rise to the occasion at RT. He’s quicker with some nasty.

  • This is exactly why you running your jibs like a no it all gets you in trouble.

    Jackson wasnt brought back too fast. He came back and tore a bicep or tricep.He didnt re-injure his knee.

    I like Howard too.Give him a shot there in a preseason game.

  • Jamal Jackson’s injury this past year had nothing to do with his knee

  • I love it when a player tweets and everybody runs with the story and makes the team sound like the bad guy. Did you honestly thing the Eagles would cut a player and not be the first ones to tell him he was cut? Come on now.

    When something sounds fishy, it usually is. Always ask yourself, “what am I missing” before taking sides.

    Good job doing some crappy reporting there, G.

  • Also, who cares about Graham now? I say we keep him off the field as long as possible to ensure a full recovery. Why did we get Babin if we don’t want to let Graham recover as best as possible….Juqua Parker can fill in

  • PAUL made a boo boo. LMFAO! Your slipping my brother. Up the dose.

  • DD – on Dunlap – being tall is good and bad – Scouts (these would be football professionals) very much like to look at the arm length and Dunlap has freakishly long arms (my son has orangatang arms as well) you can’t coach it, you can’t train it, you can’t nasty it. Taller people have two ‘football’ proablems – getting low and giving up leverage and putting on weight. Those two things can be coached/taught. Dunlap has gained weight and gotten better – do not cut Dunlap until you are convinced his potential has been tapped (insert stupid flippant comment from crowd here) – if Dunlap can get the size (and has frame can handle about 25 pounds more easily) and can learn to get lower, sky is the limit.

  • Hello Guys,
    Deepthreat is back for another season of pro & con-versation about Eagles football. This is going to be a great season for contraversy. The Eagles copped a steal in the Vince Young pick-up. . (He didn’t seem to have much of a problem backing up Collins for a period of time- even after he lost his starting job..) . Just hope Coach Fisher didn’t mess his head up too much. I like the Babin signing also. It just shows how important coaching is in the scheme of things when a players are used correctly.Trading Kolb was the best.We got a Pro-bowl corner, a second rounder, and a bag a chips! I only hope the Cardinals won’t be too mad at us when they discover his peppermint candy arm, and find out what a stiff Kolb can be under pressure. All said though, I wish him success. He was an over all good guy, a team player and smart enough to get that “big money” up front.

  • NAVY, agreed, but he is tall, & slow, & has horrific footwork. IMHO, he must go.

  • But that stuff can be COACHED – height, wing span etc. can not be.

    Sports is a business. Just went through the whole recruiting process with my son – a lacrosse coach can go watch 40 teams play on a weekend and pick out the 10 guys he is interested in becuase before he even shows up he has looked at the size of every player – then he checks to see the rest – you can be the greatest HS Qb in history – if you are 6 ft you are not going to go BCS Div I they want 6’4 220 pounds with a 3.8 GPA. Shipley was the best center in College football – now he can’t get on the active roster – why – arms are two short and he can’t compete..

    but anyway – I wont lose too much sleep if they do cut him……

  • Eagles may be able to get Value for Young if he can keep his mind in the game.

    I would like the Eagles to get bold and sign Randy Moss.

    Perfect red zone player.

    Also think Ronnie Brown would be a nice complement.

  • who is out there for a rb?

  • Ummm Parker isn’t the starting LDE…

    They just spent a whole bunch of $$ on some guy named Babin. Or did you miss that?

  • I know no one on this site could possibly be serious about Dunlap protecting Mike Vicks blind side.

    Dunlap was not deemed good enought to start for a college team (auburn). He is a Project with a capitol P. Vick is too important to suffer anymore hits like the start of the Greenbay playoff game. Dunlap is a stop gap. They need a stud.

    However factoring in the new offensive line coach and possible blocking sceme changes, maybe the Eagles have player who can protect Vick’s blind side.

    I think when it’s all said and done, Herremens is going to move out and start at Tackle with offsides Peterson.

  • atra1781 – i agree we will be able to get value for VY once Reid and MM coaches him up like they did MV7. Plus he’s a hell of an insurance deal if MV7 goes down.

  • Jackson’s inability to move his feet below him caused him to stick his arms out to attempt to slow up a pass-rusher B Raji from the Packers and since he could not move his feet quick enough to get in front of him and block, he relied on using his arms and hence, the Torn Bicep.. Jackson was not ready to open the Season last year and everyone knew it.. He played what 1 half of FOttball in the final PRe-season Game after having knee Surgery 8 months earlier.. Also,if any of you recall about N Cole having Knee Swelling issues and even L Weaver was gimpy and not at a 100% last summer and both players rushed out before they were ready and incurred worse injuries..
    To NAvy, I agree about the potential for Dunlap who I think has improved each Season .. If he can get “Muddenized”, the sky is the limit for hIm

  • I will be having a Fantasy Football draft this weekend.

    Nfl.com will be the site.

    Stay tuned for more details.

  • so a lineman using his arms to block someone which resulted in a freak torn bicep is because of his knee injury a year before…….interesting

    while footwork is very important and maybe his wasn’t 100% still from the knee, a lineman’s hands/arms are used on every single play in some manner….give me a break

    anyone got any info on this watkins guy….is he expected to start right away? I know he’s like 39 and canadian so while he looks like a monster not sure about his play…im thinking maybe reid thinks they may have next runyan….paulman i know you have good insight some/most of the time, what are your thoughts?

  • Man, Vince Young an Eagle — this guy f’n sucks. I don’t care what his “record” is — he’s trash.

  • Great move. Stop complaining. Just stop to think…
    And check out my blog @ http://awolwest.wordpress.com/
    I love what we have done so far, but that doesn’t mean we are done.

    Just sit back and watch, why complain because we didn’t get Asomugha or some unrealistic pipe dream you had didn’t come true.

    This is our year, and that’s my motto!
    Although I feel that way every season, I’m feeling good and football is back.
    Spread the positivity, there’s enough of that other stuff everywhere else…
    Go Birds!!

  • J Jackson was about 70$ helathy going into week 1, his inability to put all his weight and his mobility was limited with the naked eye and he shouldn’r have even suited up and wasn’t in top Football shape on top of that.. I’ll never be able to prove that his Torn Bicep Injury was a result of him injuring his Knee 8 months earlier, But I can say emphatcially that he was not ready physcially to play Football in the 1st week of last season after 8 months of KNee surgery and about 4-5 practices under his belt.. when your out od shape or lose quickness of your legs under you as a OL, what to you resort to, sticking your arms out to slow guys down and then you increase the likliehood of arm getting caught in akwards positions thereby increasing the chances of a Torn/ripped Tricep/Bicep Muscle… This from Dr Paul

  • What a b.s. explanation to your b.s. comment.

  • Ya Watkins is supposed to be the Starting Right Guard. He is not signed yet but is expected to be signed by today or tomorrow. That will prob put him in camp by Sunday. He is not as athletic as Jon Runyan ( not that Runyan was an elite athelete ) but he is just as nasty and is very good at getting his hands on a defender and holding blocks.

  • I agree with BirdoBeamen. There has to be someone better out there than VY.

  • Looking at Eagles live …the phone calls and the chats shows how reserved Eagles are about this offseason….They really are not that overwhelmed and have a wait and see attitude. Also they are talking more about where Asmo will land than Eagles moves.

  • Vince young have a strong arm and great Athletics..He have a better upside than anyone the Eagles could have signed to back up MV7.

  • Paulman you seriously should get some help, I seriously want to hurt myself when I read your postings. Navy I like your posts but your starting to get a little to deep, you might be standing to close to paulman. Also every player in the NFL is playing hurt, and I’d be willing to bet that every offensive Lineman legs are beat up, it could be a deep thigh bruise, sprained knee or ankle, anything, never mind my head is starting to hurt again. I think you get the point.

  • I think adding young is great. He will learn how to be a good qb like Vick was taught and be good off the bench. Alot better backup then corn on the kolb. Go birds. We need oline help and a monster d tackle go grab jenkins

  • I think Dallas will get Asmo.

    He’s not asking for 15-17 Mil a year

  • Songs, you hypocritical racist POS. “Young has a strong arm and upside” — BS. He’s 28. We’ve seen what he can do already. He’s not an NFL quarterback. Vick was molded because Vick ALWAYS had the intangibles and was a pro bowl player before he came to Philly. McNabb and Reid just gave him the work ethic….not to mention he had a major chip on his shoulder.

    Lets not get things twisted here folks. Young is 28 and he’s dumber than a bag of rocks. You expect him to learn the WCO in a matter of weeks? Pfffft…..lets pray to the Lord above Mike doesn’t get hurt and miss ANY time this year.

  • I think Andy see something special in Vince Young..He’s only 28 which is young and QB years and I’ve never seen him with that “Deer in the Headlight” daze we’ve seen countless times with Kolb.
    This may be the best one,two, punch from the QB position in the league.
    I also think that this will give Vince an opportunity to get his head straight and learn the QB position and with his intangibles ..this can transfer into a deal for him to lead a team next season…I think when it’s all said and done Vince will be a feel good story down the line at the same time we’re watching Kolb on “Where are they Now”, taped from a pig farm in Louisiana. Remeber guys..I was reading post this time last year on how Vick could never adapt to a player who could run an offense from the pocket. Those same guys are now acting as if they didn’t say it….masking their racism by claiming Vick could only be an Atletic quarterback. “Eat Crow”… VY will be a machine..The Evolution of the quarterback position has arrived.

  • Vince Young is a better option than Kevin no arm Kolb.
    The QB position is now set.

  • You’ve never seen Vince Young with a deer in the headlights look?! LMAO. You didn’t watch much Titans football then.

  • Songs…I think you’re going a little overboard with this VY talk…I am not gonna lie, I like VY, I liked him in Tennessee…but now that he is here as the Eagles backup, I have a similar nervousness that I had with Kolb as the backup..As far as Andy “seeing something sepecial in Vince Young”….you may be right, but does he see something more special for Young than he does Vick? No, No NO….VY was signed to a one year contract, Eagles will lock Vick up for the next few seasons…do you think that VY is willing to be a backup until he is 32? 33? I dont see it…

  • Songs going over board, now that’s a hell of an understatement

  • I never saw VY with the “deer in the headlights” look….ok Songs…but I did witness him cry on the sideline because the tough fans of Tenn booed him.

    Just be honest…you hate Kolb, and you will go to any length to over exaggerate and put him down.

    For the team, I hope that AR & MM can provide the same guidence and direction that they did for Vick, because we are only one hit away from losing Vick for the season and need to have a backup that can run the system.

  • Yes Songs – the Qb position is now set. Even better than I expected. After MM and AR coaches him up, we’ll also get probably some future value for him.

  • Nmamdi is now between the jets and cowboys. frontpage NFL Network.

  • I am truly shocked I haven’t heard anything about a right tackle. If we could get an elite tackle to protect Vick and a play making LB we could be seriously contending.

  • Take a look around Deasr,
    there were not many available to begin with and the best of the group have already be signed
    There is J Gaither, J Brown still available and that’s about it

  • Deasr..I’m with you…What is with Andy when it come to holding on to players who are clearly overmatched on the field? Winston Justice is not the Answer for Vick’s blindside…How could they invest all that money in a quarterback only to make have him open for injury with a weak Tackle blocking his blindside?

    You think Peters could go over to the right?

    Now teams out there are putting the best rusher against the right tackle…Dunlap & Winston are not the answers there.

  • To Sullysuds,
    D Watkins is more athletic than you may be aware of surely more athletic than the lumbering J Runyan ever was who even in his prime would be no comparison
    Heck, Watkins is/was a Fireman and Runyan is a Politician, nuff said

  • @ Songs I think they could find a mauling guard to stick next to peters and move todd to the tackle. However, I dont think i would want to confuse peters more than he really is. I’m willing to give Mudd his time with the tackles we have(king perhaps). Having Watkins will help center and tackle as long as he can catch on quickly.

  • I am not confident with Herremans out at Tacle. I think he’s our best OL – though I’m hoping Danny boy can give him a run for that title… and I’m concerned about Herraman’s injuries/durability. I’d rather have a solid RT (brought in in the next few days) and have McGlynn or some other G fill in for Herremans when he gets dinged than have our RT spot being unstable….

  • Mcglyn to lg and Herramans to rt.That would work fine.

  • AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
    Confirmed: Nnamdi to the Eagles. Done.


  • WE GOT NNAMDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Somebody on here ever says anything negative about the Eagles again is gonna get a smack !!


  • ITS A WRAP!!!

    ITS A WRAP!!

  • There you go Songs……………. now you can be quiet for a while.


  • Wow.. hard to believe ,
    Wonder if DCR or even Samuel go on the trading blocks..
    Maybe use DCR for Punt/Kickoff returns and as the Nickel/3rd CB on passing downs and release or trade J Hanson and use young guys Lindley/Marsh as the 4th/5th CB’s ..


  • So navy, you wouldn’t call this aggressive? Like I said, it’s obvious when a team is being aggressive.

  • Yeah Paulman I was just thinking that. Rumors are now saying Samuel will be traded because of his salary and both he and Nnamdi both play RCB. Cromartie is cheap and both he a Nnamdi both play good man to man while Samuel likes the zone so he can sit back and read the QB….. which apparently doesn’t fit into what the Eagles want to do this year….. at least according to rumors.

    Fellas what is the chances Samuel is traded?

  • What’s Cromartie gonna do? take over for Joselio Hanson? it doesnt even matter..

    this is what Im talking about!!

    Front Office gets a huge pat on the back from this fan.. *Pats Joe & Howie on the back*

  • Asante is our proven ball hawk… I think we need him at least this year

  • I think Samuel may be going….the Jets were the rumored team looking for a CB….maybe we flip them Asante.

  • Sheed I might have to join you and give them a pat on the back to buddy!

  • we need Asante for at least 2 more years. why add to subtract? DRC is a natural left corner so at least keep asante for one more year…you know what, why are we even talking about this trading asante crap. lets be happy we got Nnamdi this year and see where it goes.

  • Rocko, I agree. I want to keep Nnamdi but that doesn’t stop the rumor that Samuel may be traded. He hasn’t been in camp and he makes a boat load of money and maybe they feel that his style of play with his paycheck isn’t worth it anymore. Who knows. But I do want to keep all 3 at least for 1 year.

  • Keep all 3 for a strong secondary.



  • Rasongs sheed – whatever – honk honk from my clown nose – how does the figurative shoe leather taste?

  • Scorp – that would be great buddy; I’d love to keep all 3 at least for this year and see if we can finally get that ring. Who would dare throw on us. This is going to be one hell of a season!

  • Navy who the heck you on here honking? I’m the only one here who does the honking…got it? HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!

  • rashongs told me yesturday i was a clown with a big clown nose when i told him the stop acting like a whiny bitch and give it some time i wont honk anymore

  • Aiight lol!

  • Navy fool is back again… *HONK* *HONK* *HONK*

    are you following me clown? lol

    hey navy fan! my shadow called… he wants his job back!

    I always said my comments were based on what was happening when the comments were made.. And I also said I would give the FO credit if they did really get aggressive….

    they did, and I give em big ups for that…

  • I’ll give a Joe “the Clown” Banner Honk to that one Sheed! HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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