• May 26, 2022

Asante Samuel Reports To Eagles Camp At Lehigh

According to numerous outlets, Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel reported to Eagles training camp this morning.
Philly.com reports that Samuel spoke to a number of reporters as he walked into the training facility at Lehigh.

“I’m happy to be here,” Samuel said. “I love it here!”

Samuel is reported to be the subject of trade discussion as the Eagles receive calls from interested teams. Samuel’s agent, Alonzo Shavers told reporters that the veteran Eagles corner doesn’t want to be traded. He want to stay and Philadelphia and get the chance to play with DRC and Asomugha.


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  • If Maclin’s illness continues and DeSean’s situation lingers look for the Iggles to continue this streak by signing Randy Moss.. You have to understand the fact that these players want to come here.. Other teams are starting to feel like we do when we look at all their Super Bowl rings…Envy..

  • jimmy – yeah, but you really think Desean’s thing will linger? I doubt it. Regardless of the conflicting reports of him returning this week…he gets fined daily for not being in camp and he sacrifices his free agency potential if he doesn’t show by some date…. you really think he’s even considering all that? I HIGHLY doubt it.

  • G:
    Great news!

  • If they do go for a WR, dont forget that TO is also out there. Could you imagine if they brought him back?!?!?

  • Asante should stay for this year. He has two years on his contract. They can trade him next year after the young ones grow up.

  • Reports are saying that Desean will report today. August 4th is the day he’ll start to get docked 30,000 per day regardless. Their saying that the front office will negotiate with Djax if he comes to camp (so they say).

  • Here’s a quick list of WR’s that are still available in Free-Agency

    M Floyd from the Chargers 6-5 225 lbs
    E Doucet from the Cardinals, 6-0 215 lbs
    K Naanee from the Chargers 6-2 220 lbs
    D Hagan from the Giants 6-2 215 lbs
    S Hurd from the Cowboys 6-3 210lbs

    There is R Moss, T Owens and TJ Houzmazadah still available as well

  • Correction
    WR S Hurd signed with the Chicago Bears as they revamp their WR position and now have signed 3 former Cowbys in R WIlliams,M Barber and now Hurd

    Giants have reported that they will let DE Osi and his Agent test the Trade waters to see if there is a deal that can be made..OT M Light has re-signed with the Patriots as expected
    CB A Cromartie re-signed with Jets (4 Year 32 MIllion Deal)
    Safety M Huff re-signed with the Oakland Raiders
    RB Tim Hightower signed or was traded with the Redksins (he was the RB I liked to the most to fit in well for the Eagles for MCCoy’s back/Short-yardage)

    QB D Anderson is close to deal with the Panthers to be a mentor and back-up both QB’s young QB’s C Newton/J Claussen

  • Breaking News.. Before Jon Hart tells you.

    Randy Moss has decided to retire! which is a shock to me. I was pretty sure several teams would offer him a position where he can excel.. Sad to know a team is willing to give 3 million to a guy who hasnt played in 2 years compared to Moss who can still run with the rest of em’

  • Asante Samuels isnt going any where! They will hold onto these 3 top flight corners… Why would you trade away asante samuels for a LB? Thats not enough value for asante… you dont get the chance to have players like asante samuels dont come along often… NOW THAT YOU HAVE THESE 3 CORNERS TOGETHER HES NOT GOING ANYWHERE… HES PLEADING TO STAY HERE TOO WHICH IS AWESOME TO WITNESS

  • Hey VR i reported that like 15 20mins ago on a different post my friend… im all over it already haha

  • VR – That’s all great, but if they were going to trade him, they wouldn’t make it known now. So we really can’t be sure of that at all. But I hope it’s true.

    Also, not a big deal, but why do you always put an ‘s’ on the end of 22’s name?

  • schill wasn’t that comment for JH?

    I see it like we have some promising young CB’s nothing dominate but I think decent enough to be a 3rd string CB. Hanson is nothing flashy but I think he would be good in situational plays. Im all for having all 3 CB’s but if a trade comes up that addresses a LB need for us then I say do it.

  • I got preseason tickets! YEAH!

  • vr – yep, my b. Squeezing in a post before rushing down to the cafeteria to buy lunch before it closed!

  • BREAKING NEWS – Asante Samuel called Coach Reid. Wants to stay in Philly, offered to restructure contract!! (awolwest.wordpress.com)

  • if thats true…Asante def aint going nowhere now fellas….thats how you let a team know that you don’t want to be traded…big ups to Asante, if he will allow restructure of contract….Team player!!


  • Jon – are you Paulman? Seriously? 3rd person? “reported”? Really?


    And you said Asante is staying. You said nothing of him calling Reid and offering to restructure his contract (which I’m still skeptical of – haven’t seen anything but passed on rumors bout it so far).

    Can you please forget about your ego for a while?

  • this came from an analyst from a local gym in san diego. i was hoping theyd keep all 3 imo, this is news. dont pat urself on the back for voicing ur opinion, this story has legs and a source thank u very much

  • Jon, again, I’m not trying to be mean, but you were offended when I compared you to Paulman, and now you’re increasingly acting more and more like him.

  • i agree schiller. nuff said…

  • bunkley instead is heading to denevr for a pick in 2013 and a player to be named later

  • Thats an unsubstantiated rumor! Anyway, how about resigning T.O.? Maclin is still out sick. T.O. Opposite Jackson woiuld be sick!!!! Plus hating jealous ass McNaNa is gone. I dont think he was too happy with T.O. having his own song that the croud chanted everytime the EAGLES Offense touched the field. ESPECIALLY, being as the HE was supposed to be the FRANCHISE and FACE of the team. His EGO is what made him stop throwing to T.O. although T.O. would be wide open! 8 receptions for 111 yards on a broken ankle!!!!!!!! T.O….. T.O. T.O. T.O.

  • better not trade our ball hawk away, we will be right back where we were last year, trust it

  • 2000 – I’m also against trading him, but we would NOT be right back where we were last year. We didn’t have DRC we didn’t have Nnamdi. We didn’t have Jenkins, Young…etc. etc… come on man, that’s a huge exaggeration

  • WM & JH, listen to Asantes interview 2day, & you’ll see that that report is BS. He will be gone by weeks end. He’s angry, hurt. BOO HOO! F^@k him! Trade him, before he becomes a cancer. He already isn’t a team player. You can get confirmation from GCobb, Ike Reese & Sheldon Brown on that comment. He’s jealous, angry & his ego took a hit because of the DRC & Asomugha transactions. TOO F^@KING BAD!

  • ***Trade Alert***.
    Eagles Send CB A Samuel and DT M Patterson to the Seattle Seahawks
    for OLB Aaron Curry, RB M Lynch and a 3rd Round Draft pick in 2012

  • paulman… Cut it out man

  • Schiller, do you hate paulman??? Gosh your really paying close attention to what i say… stop being so picky bro

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