• August 8, 2022

Castillo Is Going The Right Way With The Defense And The Three Cornerbacks

We’re still very early in the training camp, but so far I like what Eagles new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo is doing with the Eagles defense, especially with what he’s thinking about doing with his three cornerbacks.

This afternoon, Castillo was talking the language I was writing about this morning. Nmandi Asomugha would be an ideal guy to do what Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers was doing last year in the nickel back position.

Coach Castillo talked about Rod Woodson but he really meant Charles Woodson. Rod Woodson is a Hall of Famer cornerback and safety who played for the Steelers, Raiders, Ravens and a couple of other teams. He was a great player, who could have played that nickel role, but Coach Castillo is talking about former Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson, who plays for the Packers right now.

In answering a question about being able to utilize the Eagles three Pro Bowl cornerbacks, Castillo merely pointed us toward what the Green Bay Packers do defensively with their three outstanding cornerbacks.

“I think all you have to do is look at the Green Bay Packers”, Castillo said in talking utlizing three cornerbacks. “What position did [CB] Rod Woodson play in nickel? How much nickel did the Green Bay Packers play? That gets you excited.” (again he said Rod Woodson but he meant Charles Woodson)

When asked about which one of them would be the nickel back he responded:

“You pick him”, Castillo stated. “All three of those guys could do it. I think [CB] Nnamdi [Asomugha] is a special guy. He wants to make plays. I think he respects Rod Woodson. I think he would love that role, being able to blitz; a big tall guy like that coming off the edge, and then all of the sudden in press coverage on the slot guy. Sometimes if he is going to match, the slot guy may be the guy inside anyway. It’s exciting.”

I disagree with him with that comment. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Asante Samuel would not be good nickel backs because they don’t like to tackle and hit. Charles Woodson is a good blitzer and tackler. Aomugha is capable and willing to do the same.

I think Asomugha is the guy, who could play the Woodson role because he’s already a physical player. He played safety in college at Cal and he’s known for jamming wide receivers at the line, so that they can’t even get off and in their routes.

Castillo talked about following the trend I was talking about which the Packers started. They play their nickel defense with Woodson as the third linebacker on second down and long. Once the Packers have a good play on first down, they bring in their This makes teams get away from their passing games.

“That’s exactly what we’re talking about, and now you have the ability to do that, and do some of those things”, Castillo reasoned. “I think they [Packers] set a trend for people not to be scared to do that. It’s no different than sometimes having to play three wideouts with your base personnel versus people that you don’t know how their subbing. I think it’s all a mindset too for the guys.”

I like the way Castillo is talking because he’s stressing that the Eagles defense be an intimidating unit. Each day at practice, Castillo has been demanding that the defense pick up every loose ball, whether it be an incomplete pass, fumble, knocked down pass, dropped pass or whatever, and run it back into the end zone.

He forces the defense to run to the football and get ready to return the turnover for a touchdown. You have to be thinking turnovers all the time, if you want to force turnovers during the season. He’s teaching them to grab the football and pull it out when the opportunity presents itself.

“It’s like today, we were trying to work on a mindset”, Castillo said this afternoon. “We were trying to get something across about being an intimidating defense. That’s what we were working on today. I think those three corners understand how to intimidate people, as well as some of our other guys. I want the whole defense to understand how it feels to just intimidate somebody, you know, and that’s what we were working on hard today.”


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  • What a gift to new D cooridinator then this off season?.. My God the man has been given the keys to Lambourghini…Also , very glad to see the under-achieving Broderick Bunkley gone..Castillo doesn’t need to waste his time trying to convince him to give it all..jenkins will show us just how lazy Broderick was..And Cole will no longer be doubled teamed, which means he shoudn’t be exhausted by week 11 like every other year.. This is the year guys..Good thing cause the world ends 2012..Does Banner and Lurie believe that?..They sure acted like it this weekend..Game on!!

  • disagree with him with that comment. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Asante Samuel would not be good nickel backs because they don’t like to tackle and hit. Charles Woodson is a good blitzer and tackler. Aomugha is capable and willing to do the same. GCobb

    G, the stats prove differently….I’m getting tired of everyone saying DRC or Samuel is afraid to tackle….fact of the matter is stats prove differently!! Now I’m happy to have all 3 guys, so I’m not trying to get into a who’s better at this, who’s better at that discussion…With the 3 of these guys on the field at the same time, it will make the QB nervous to throw the ball, no matter who its too or where its bein thrown…

  • Trade alert

    Eagles trade Asante Samuel to the giants for Osi Umenyiora and a 2nd round draft pick.

  • ^^^^^^ that would never happen as long as lesean mccoy is on the team lol

  • That would be a bad trade….after all of the good done, that would be a wack trade!!!

  • Right on Real

  • BREAKING NEWS – Asante Samuel called Coach Reid. Wants to stay in Philly, offered to restructure contract!! (awolwest.wordpress.com)

  • wm – good stuff but I want to see it from a more reliable sourse.

    If it’s true, it only underscores how the players are being unselfish and how they disagree with the haters of this organization – they like the team so much they’re willing to come for cheap.

    Songs thought he was the only one who knew the team could afford so much, when really they’re not paying (what was thought to be) full price.

  • The thing that I have liked best about the CB upgrade is that Nnamdi and DRC play press coverage at the line. It allows the DL to apply pressure without the opposing QB having a quick “hot-read” on the outside because of the loose coverage style that Assante likes to play.

    If you put Nnamdi in the middle like Woodson, don’t you also have two relatively poor tackling CB’s on the outside?

    I know, these are some of the best CB’s in the league, and it is GREAT that we have them playing together. I just want to see them used in a manner that maximizes their abilities and gives our defense every advantage.

    Go Birds!!

  • The poor tackling thing is SO SO SO SO SO overstated. The job of a CB is to preven the ball from getting into the WRs hands. FIRST AND FOREMOST. The rest will take care of itself.

  • thanks schiller, its an analyst from a local gym…it is reliable. former eagle (ill keep it at that)

  • bunkley instead is heading to denevr for a pick in 2013 and a player to be named later

  • on obvious passing downs id let assant play free safety and let him roam
    who better

  • I don’t know where these websites get their info. Morons. Asante said no such thing. He will be gone by the end of the week. Especially after hearing the interviews with him & Banner 2day. Asante sounded like a spoiled little baby. “If they don’t want me & my play making abilities, i’m taking my ball & going home. WAA WAA WAA!”
    F^@king baby, try tackling someone, stop getting destroyed in the red zone & be a team player, you big chooch! Getting INT’s isn’t the only part of your job. He’s just jealous because Asomugha & DRC are casting a shadow over him & are hurting his ego. This has been too great of a weekend, to deal with pu$$!es like him. TRADE HIS A$$!

  • DDCar – you just comment on here
    This is my first blog, I have participated on others in the past
    This is all mine, and it was a direct quote from a former Eagles player, now analyst
    I’m passing it on because, this is a Philly sports website, and it’s great news to hear.
    It was my best friend that spoke to the “source” that I was asked not to name, but you all know who it is if I were to tell you.

    So, thanks for your ASSumption moron…

  • Asante could lead the league in picks this year.
    He had 7 picks last year, and 9 the year before.

    I’m not predicting double-digit picks because that’s nearly impossible to predict, but I have to correct a “fellow fan” when they say something stupid. Or moronic rather…

  • WM, listen to Asantes interview 2day, & tell me if your friend or source is correct. I wasn’t assuming anything. I base my comments on truth, interviews & things that are said directly from the source. Not from a friend, of cousins, brothers front office guy. My morons comment was not directed at you, it was the site you posted. Listen to Asantes, Roseman & Banners interviews 2day, & tell me he is restructuring any sort of contract. He’s outta here!

  • DDCar, I heard the interviews and i agree with you 100%, He sounded like a straight up baby, You can see the writing on the wall, He’s gonna bring a bad attitude to the team, Get rid of him asap !

  • i heard them all.
    i’m just sharing what happened because it is true.
    its my blog, with 2 good friends of mine jsut as motivated.
    were making moves in san diego out here and u can have an opinion but this is 100% fact
    it sucks that when ur not adam shefter or jay glazer ppl assumer its BS
    the only thing i have ever posted that is false, was kyle orton to miami, in which I wasn’t the only one to do that lol

    seriously, stay tuned to the blog because im working on a new and improved site
    the feedback im getting is good and rapid, and since im not in philly, we may strike a deal with the chargers to follow them
    so yes, that moron comment was at me, and now that u can see my passion about this, i hope u and others here feel me

  • You drafted Marsh in the 3rd round and are high on Lindley(who I like alot). Im split on the decision to keep Samuel or not. I guess it depends on the compensation. If a team calls and tells me they are giving up their #1 pick then I really have to think hard. Nobody is giving up equal player for player value. But he definetly is traded before next years draft. Marsh and Lindley should be ready roll.

  • WM, with all due respect, good luck. I meant no disrespect. Even Schefter gets alot wrong. LOL. But it ain’t true. Although he would like to stay, he did not offer to restructure his contract. The writing is on the wall, & he talked his way out of town 2day, & he knows it.

  • Give up money? Give up MONEY? Asante? hahaha. I have more ints in the last 5 years then……and im giving up money? Are you F^**ING KIDDING ME. Why inthe world would he ever do that? I sure in the hell wouldnt do that.

  • yes, he did and he wants to stay here.
    u can have an opinion, that is different from me reporting
    im not predicting, wishful thinking, none of that
    you may not want him, may want him traded, thats fine man haha

    why am i trying this hard? cuz i love this site and reading everyones comments
    u love the same team i do, and the sport. i happen to love writing and i do more hw than that florio guy lmao

    thanks for the luck, but you should tune in and watch it grow
    gotta great plan and being in SD that is weak with sports new
    gotta lotta support out here, it will happen
    well, thats my last attempt with you, not my loss
    go birds!

  • dagg, you got that right!

  • WM, will do. But your still wrong. End of story. LMAO! 😆

  • Last thing! Lets not get this twisted. DRC isnt better than Asante Samuel. Hell if anyone should go it should be DRC to be honest with you. lol Theres a little disrespect going on around Philly regarding Samuel. Samuel has been a GREAT FA aquisition.

  • last word, ur a douche.
    go birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I apologize John Clayton just reported that Asante is gonna restructure. lol and D jackson is gonna benefit. WOW I stand corrected!


  • He isn’t great. He is a very good play maker, that’s all. Don’t get me wrong I like him but, he gets burned as much or more than his takeaways, he tackles like a bull fighter & is a selfish non-team player. That’s a well known & documented fact. GCobb & many other local outlets have stated it.

  • Danny Watkins just agreed to terms! LETS ROLL!


    so now, please pass my blog on fellow fans…

  • i tweeted that msg to clayton and shefter this morning as well
    he shouldnt have quoted me!!!!!!!

  • DDCar – no apology for ur nonsense?????

  • DDCar saying all that DRC isnt better than Asante Samuel. DRC cant tackle and gets burned on occasion to.

  • Douche, that’s not funny! LMFBO!!!! 😆

  • asante restructure for extra desean money…we’ll best very soon

  • drc led league in broken tackles allowed…i stated that several times on this site, but to no avail

    maybe some ppl need to pay more attn hmmm……

  • Dagg, he isn’t yet. Also with Asomugha, arguably the best CB in the NFL, is playing LCB, Asante never played RCB & doesn’t fit, & both are making way too much $$$ to play nickel.

  • wmonell – that’s a lot of what Nate and Jaiquan/Coleman will do – support. If the ball goes to an area of the field, they can get there – I really am not worried about tackling in the secondary much.

  • If that happens, i’ll eat crow & apologise. But nothing of the sort has come from Asantes mouth, Eagles camp, or the local media outlets. I’ve heard 4 interviews, listen to WIP & watch CSN religiously, & heard nothing of the sort. Until then it is just BS rumors & no apologies are required.

  • oh no, im not saying that to demean drc
    i love everything were doing, i was just stating a stat that was under the radar
    im happy with 99% of eagles stuff going on, get desean extended and its 100
    lets get that ring boys!

  • your words hint at your youth car

  • im not worried at all schiller
    and about our LBs, im sure our pass rush and secondary will sandwich them just fine
    they just have to play disciplined against the run
    chaney is fast enough, casey is smart enough, and fokou is physical enough (actually his strongest suit)

  • Clayton is one of the biggest hacks in sports! He is 50-50 at best.
    BTW, he has Tweety birds head. What a dome!

  • Agreed. I have heard nothing here in Philly.

  • WM, i’m 40. But thank you for your complements. Dude, its false reporting. See my prior comments for the rest.

  • i dont spread lies, i just beat everyone else to the punch thats what i do.
    40? well some people never grow up…or perhaps its jsut one of those days
    whether im 20 or 40 or 60, im not clayton or you
    as far as u know (of me) i reported something before clayton and thats the only word of it (so far, whether u like it or not is irrelevant)

    and i agree, asantes comments werent promising, but im not gonna assume why that is
    if u keep my “story” perhaps his offer to restructure was either laughed at, or wont matter and maybe hes gone
    wish i could tell you more, but i told you what i knew

    if you wouldnt had doubted me in the first place, we would be talking about how were gonna win the ship instead…
    unless ur gonna do the research and get sources and blog/get ur radio show, just follow along
    i do take offense to saying its bs or false, when its you that has no clue
    regardless, grudges are for ex-girlfriends (and wives), shall we move on

  • Juan C is NUTS and i love it!!! You see the photo above, that was him head bunting over a big play he made hahaha i love that intensity… you gotta put fear into your opponent… too many guys went out there last year and were scared to make any mistakes… you cant play scared… you think clay matthews plays scared? or ray lewis? or patrick willis? No they put fear into there opponents, there intense, tough, fearless and will try to hurt you, they are fearless… So thats why Coach C is trying to instill that into his players, esp Casey matthews…If hes going to be the man to start in the middle we need him to have a mean streak and to really be relentless (Alot like how his brother Clay plays)… He has everything else he just gotta develop that type of character on the field…

    I get the feeling that Juan C and the entire defensive coaching staff watched alot of video on the packers defense and there blitzes and coverages… the eagles will mimick alot of what they do, this is a copy cat league… You cant lose by doing it either because it worked for the packers the majority of the year… They have a great team…

  • No grudge here, please move on!

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