• May 19, 2022

Rodgers-Cromartie Is Willing To Play Wherever They Need Him

Being one of the newest Eagles at camp, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will have lots of work to do in order to acclimate to his new team, and defensive scheme.

In a press conference over the weekend, Rodgers-Cromartie spoke about these issues, and, among other things, his thoughts on the Eagles’ personnel. “I think it’s going to be a very competitive atmosphere,” Rodgers-Cromartie said. “With the guys on this team and the guys that are being brought in I think it’s going to be very competitive.

After Rodgers-Cromartie was traded from Arizona to the Eagles, it didn’t take long for Philly to further improve their secondary as they signed Nnamdi Asomugha, a move that shocked many for the simple fact that the Eagles were not thought to be in the race for the star corner’s signature.

While many could have, with good reason, expected Rodgers-Cromartie to be the most shocked of all, the 2008 1st round draft pick says he received it as a pleasant surprise. “I got that much more happy,” he said. “Bringing in a guy like that, now I can learn from both him and [CB] Asante [Samuel]. I mean you can’t ask for anything better as far as learning.”

In regards to the Eagles’ secondary overall, he continued, “You can’t describe it with the guys they put in place. It’s kind of hard to describe, but what you expect is for everyone to go out and do what they’ve been doing. Just play ball. You’ve got the big plays in Asante jumping stuff, and you’ve got the shutdown in Nnamdi. Really, it’s just for us to go out and play ball.”

Regardless of his attitude towards the situation, Rodgers-Cromatie is nevertheless expected to take a back seat to Asomugha and Samuel, and, with that in mind, the Tennessee State product shared his thoughts on his personal role for the team. “Wherever I fit in, I’m going to get in.” said the cornerback. “That [playing as the nickel back] would be alright with me, as long as I can get on the field and compete.”

While Rodgers-Cromartie seems to be excited about playing with the Eagles, he admits that he did not pay too much attention to the deal to take him to Philadelphia before it actually happened.“I didn’t really pay it too much mind,” said Rodgers-Cromartie in regards to the then potential Kolb swap. “It really didn’t hit me until the end of July. Just now, it’s just now hitting me so I really didn’t pay it any mind. I just stayed grinding, stayed doing what I had to do.”

The cornerback, who insists that he didn’t know much about the trade towards the end, has accepted that such moves, are in the nature of football. “It [the NFL] is a business and anything can happen,” he said. One day you’re in the Super Bowl, one day you’re doing good, one day you’re doing bad, one day you’re on another team. The main thing is just to stay focused, grounded, and know what’s at stake.”

The trade, and Arizona, is in the past now for Rodgers-Cromatie. The player will now have to deliver on a team with Superbowl aspirations while competing with two of the best corners in the league, and if his attitude is anything to go buy, then Eagles fans can expect good things from the player. “I just worry about playing,” Rodgers-Cromartie stated. I know what I have in both of those guys and what they bring to the table. At the same time I know what I can do. I’m just going to go out there and compete.”

Joseph Milord

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  • ok tell cromartie good luck at right tackle then

  • Good one RTB,
    also at Strong Safety, WIll LB, Punter and possibly Kicker..

  • I’m going to say this and I know some guys here will push back..but give ear.

    If the Eagles don’t really address that right tackle position, that alone will help undo all the great moves made so far.

    Why is that such an exact statement?

    Michael Vick is the key to us achieving our ultimate goal.

    Keep in mind folks that with all our problems at right cornerback we still came within a few missed field goals from beating the Superbowl champs.

    Teams realized our key to success and targeted the weakness on our line……”THE RIGH TACKLE POSITION”.

    Now, some of you would like to point to an injury concerning Justice but he was suspect well before the injury.

    Remember Matthews coming off the corner rushing on either side of our tackles game one?

    blaming an injury for Justice slow feet would be the same as if one would use Kolb’s concussion for him losing the starting job.

    Kolb was horrible with the team down 3 touchdowns before he was yanked and he got blasted by Matthews near the end of the first half of regulation.

    But keeping on track…Teams seen the strength with Peters on the right side so taking a page from the Giants, (who so happen to know how weak Justice is based on setting a sack record for one game against him)

    Teams began to match up their best pass rushers against the Right Tackle (Vick’s blindside) while blitzing a faster corner or saftey from the right side.

    This became the formula that eventually cost us the season.

    We need a right tackle who can hold his own without a tight end or running back staying in to block, which will allow more safety valves available when teams scheme against our weakness.

    Teams will continue to do what works against us until we find an answer and right now Justice is a liability that may lead to a serious injury on Vick.


  • SONGS, WOW! I actually agree with you. No wonder the skies have opened up. 😆

  • Deal is done, Watkins finally signed !

  • Just heard! Great news! He will be there 2night. NIIIICE!!


  • awesome news on watkins, wish it was done sooner but thems the breaks. now to find a rb and lb.

  • Can’t say I’m totally worried about the RT position just yet. I have my faith in Howard Mudd to play the best 5 who will get the job done. Songs, your reasons for concern with the RT are valid. But you presume that the Eagles do not already Have 5 OL capable of getting the job done. You may be right. I haven’t seen enough practice to get a feeling one way or another. But overall I agree with your general premise. BTW- what’s up with the lack of practice videos on the Eagles website? They used to post pass rush 1v1s, inside drill, 7v7 etc and now I can’t seem to find anything this year. Am I looking in the wrong places?

  • If there was ever any doubt asante would be here get a load of this
    “If they’re tired of my big-play-making ability, maybe they’ll ship me out,” Samuel said “I want to be where I’m wanted,”

    You dont just say things like that if there isn’t some sort of tension involved. He lost his starting job and isnt happy about it. Its ashame we couldnt make this work but Asante always had a big ego and was never an idealistic coaching wise.

    Expect him to be moved for a high draft pick.

  • The eagles defense isnt a 3-4 scheme, its a 4-3 with some 3-4 mixed in, there going to use cover 2 this year as well… i say that because they are going to use Nnamdi in a similar role as the packers use charles woodson, and to me there very similar players with nnamdi bein better… But they are similar. So expect to see Nnamdi to be in that mlb role able to come up to the line and blitz and swarm the middle of the field like a hawk… BUT asante will do it and so will DRC… If we recall against the colts Asante was in the role as safety, so imagine him at safety and jarrett coming up to the line to blitz or to cover the slot recievers just throwing offenses off completely… the eagles havent even tapped into all the possiblities yet because all 3 havent even practiced together yet… But just know that all 3 corners will be all over the field on defense…

    Jon Hart
    August 1, 2011 – 3:48 pm

    Just got word that nnamdi went up to Juan today and said he would like to play in the same role as charles woodson in that nickel role, blitzing the qb, and causing havok… Iam soooo pumped right now… and i keep hearing ones on here still saying that there gonna trade asante…thats not happening. They love the flexibility it gives them on defense… Not gonna happen, esp for a LB or a Safety? Noway… And Nnamdi wants asante and DRC on the team… look at him going up to the coaches and telling them that he ll sacrifice playing the position hes used to playing for the better of the team… Thats what players do who want to win…


  • Yea jon… i saw him too; chillin in his black suit

  • Hes a eagle 4life… i wonder if he still works at wip? I listen to 97.5 fanatic more than wip…

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