• December 2, 2021

Eagles Sign Former Dolphin Running Back Ronnie Brown

The Eagles have signed former Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown to a one-year contract. He’s expected to come in and backup the Birds starting running back, LeSean McCoy.

Brown was previously the second pick in the draft in 2005. He’s had some good years but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. He has missed some time due to injury, but he proven to be a talented and productive player when on the field.

“Ronnie is an all-around running back with a versatile skill set,” said Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. “He can run the ball, catch it, and does very well in pass protection. He’ll add some good size to our backfield and he’s a good character guy. We think he’ll be a tremendous compliment to LeSean [McCoy] and the other young backs on this team that we really like. You can never have enough good running backs in this league and we are happy to have Ronnie join us.”

The 29-year-old Brown was the 2nd overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins and went on to gain 4,815 yards and 36 touchdowns in his first six NFL seasons, while recording 184 receptions. He ranks third on the Dolphins all-time rushing yards list behind Larry Csonka (6,737) and Ricky Williams (6,436) and is tied with Csonka for the 2nd most 100-yard rushing games in team history with 15. The 6’-0”, 230-pound back started all 16 games for the Dolphins in 2010 and rushed 200 times for 734 yards and five touchdowns, while catching 33 passes.

In 2008, Brown was elected to the Pro Bowl after rushing 214 times for 916 yards and a career-high 10 touchdowns, while grabbing 33 receptions. That year, he played a vital role in the Dolphins “Wildcat” offensive packages and even completed two of three pass attempts for 41 yards and a touchdown. He was also voted by his teammates as the Ed Block Courage Award recipient as he valiantly rebounded from an torn ACL injury during the 2007 campaign. Brown logged a career-high 1,008 rushing yards in 2006 after leading the Dolphins with 907 yards rushing as a rookie in 2005.


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  • I not worried about him getting hurt for the simple fact that he’s not the feature back here like he was in Miami, Another great signing by the Eagles !

  • Ronnie Brown

  • You can never have enough is Howie’s new phrase.

  • FREE AGENCY ALERT before Jon Hart tells you..

    The eagles have just signed *drum roll* Ryan Harris OT for a 1 year deal…

    Later this week the eagles will announce signing Bill gates to a 10 year 400 billion dollar contract.

  • Eagles just signed OT Ryan Harris from Denver

  • ahahaa I beat you dag!

  • No I posted on the other headline first lol

  • 6’5″ 300 lbs which fits Coach Mudd’s physical attributes
    Long arms and reach but appears to have played some Defense for th Brronco’s, not sure where he played for Notre Dame and shows a 5 Year Vet though he’s only seen action in 2008 and 2010 in .. Not sure if he had injuries or maybe was a practice squad player his first couple of Seasons.. The fact that there were very few front-line OT availalbe this free-agency and all the good ones were signed quickly. It’s hard to say how much upside or how much interest he has received and I would put a whole lot of stock that he’s going to be the Starter at RT anytime soon…. Anyone familiar with this fella or his background .. If he went to Notre Dame, he has to smart so thats a good sign..

  • Paulman what do you know of ryan harris?

  • Paulman thats was weird! lol

  • I know he lost his starting job to a rookie and was really just for depth on the broncos

  • Its a Howard Mudd signing. Dunlap is terrible and has been abused in camp just like he was abused last year when he played. He isnt even NFL caliber. Our #1 pick next year will be a RT. If Watkins is a player and Harris cant play I moving Herrimans to RT and be done with it. .

  • Hes a RT that is versatile…. Is athletic and howard mudd loves those types… He ll most likely start day one… has a 84 ovr rating on madden 11′ lol thats what really matters lol…

  • I read Harris started 34 of 46 games for Denver, At this point i have no doubt this guy can play considering all the other players this front office picked up.

  • Hes was a starter for the broncos and hes crazy young only 26 yrs old with alot of potential, Mudd will transfer him into a great player… Mark my words

  • Then why would the Broncos let him walk, when they $$ under the Cap to spend and new Coach John Fox loves good, OL since he prefers a strong running game..
    Maybe Harris is deficient in Run Blocking but a good Pass Protector which you have to be if you want to play for the Eagles along the OL ..

  • Paul, yeah hes inconsistent is the word out on him… hes athletic but hes the prototypical OL that Mudd wants…

  • I have no clue about Harris, and I hope he is good. But word on the street is a possible deal involving Asante for Patrick Willis.

  • I remember watching him on MTV’s “True Life”, lmao, never thought he’d be an Eagle.

  • That sounds like a fair deal. Asante is every bit a play maker as Willis is.

  • Not happening Muimuiman!!! FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

  • Jared Page is a safety and THE NEW EAGLE!

  • Now we just signed Jarrad Page who was a backup safety for the Patriots last year but before that started for the Cheifs. Should give us more solid depth at the safety position.

    Mui- You are out of your mind on that trade. I would do it but no way the 49ers ever would.


  • No way the 9ers are dumb enough to one of if not the best MLB in the league for Sammuel. I wish that they would, but that is not happening.

    R Brown signing is awesome. Good passblocker, receiver and a guy who can pick up 3rd and 1. Reported that it only cost them 1 mil plus incentives too. Dude wants to win a SB.

  • Hey, Im just reporting what I hear. I’m sure it’d involve way more than Asante. But I broke it first! In your face G!

  • I saw the rumor too and believe it was Asante and the 2nd rounder we got from the Cardinals. I believe that it’s only a rumor. I doubt the 49ers would be willing to part with Willis and if they were they would want more than that package.

  • Wow I was completely fine going into the season with Allen/Coleman/JJ because basically they would have the easiest jobs in the league with these corners playing in front of them..But adding Page is a plus..I guess they didn’t think JJ was ready.

    There is no way the niners trade Patrick Willis for Samuel. He is their Peyton Manning..Tom Brady..basically he isn’t going anywhere.

    Getting cut could be Parker and Justice and Marlin Jackson and Joselio Hanson…this would free up about 10 million in space which is more than enough to sign D-Jax

    OR the other way I look at it is them just trading Samuel for picks which would give them around the same amount of cap space

    I hope they go with the first because having that trio at CB would be very tough to beat no matter who is playing us. And on top of that people cant forget once Vick resigns to a longer contract which he prolly will do sometime in the next 2 months it will give the Eagles some more space that they might need

  • Safety Jarred Page is a nice pick-up at 6’0 225lbs would be the biggest player at the Safety.. Had 3 real nice seasons with the Chiefs 2006/2007/2008 where he played in all 48 games (for a bad Chiefs team) and averaged about 65 TAckles and had 10 Int’s over those 3 Season.. He was hurt 2009 and only played in 5 games and last year moved to the Patriots but only in 10 games as a reserve and special teams player. The 3rd/4th Spots at Safety for the Eagles is going to be a Dog fight this Camp.. N Allen/Jarrett/Coleman are probablythe top 3 Safeties then Eagles will have Colt Anderson,Marlin Jackson, Jamar Wall, Jamar Adams and now Jarred Page fighting it out for the 4th and final Safety position…WHoever makes it as the 4th Safety must be able to play SPecial Teams so Marlin JAckson is probably a goner. Probably Colt Anderson and Jarred Page fight it out for that final Roster Spot..Safety should be one of the most competitive battles in all of camp..

  • “Then why would the Broncos let him walk” ???
    Why would the Broncos Fire Mike Shanahan and hire an offensive cooridinator as a head coach when your offense was your strong point. Why would Josh Mcdaniels draft Tim Tebow in the first round when no other team in the NFL had him ranked higher than the 3rd round. Why would Denver trade away Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall to turn around and draft a QB (Tim Tebow) & a WR (Demarius Thomas). Why would denver not sign DeAngelo Williams and instead of signing washed up Willis Mcgahee???

    Because they are Denver and they SUCK!!!

  • “so Marlin JAckson is probably a goner”

    Paulman you are starting to see the Light!

  • I love Asante Samuel and want him to stay this year and then some. This could be the Best secondary in the NFL for the next few years but if there is any chance of this happening (Asante for Patrick Willis) LET IT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!



  • Why are people s concerned with our linebackers? Now I would be if we still had D Patt and Hobbs and the same D line from last year but the linebackers don’t have to be great for this team to go far. If they keep Samuel we will have the best secondary in the NFL and Cole, Dixon, Jenkins, Babin has potential to be a great D-line esp with Washburn here instead of that moron we had last year. And on top of that, Its not like this D has to hold our opponents to 10 points every game for us to win…obviously are offense is one of the best in the league.

    This linebacker core is better than the one we had last year, and that one, as bad as it was, still gave us a real shot to win the playoff game against the future SB winner. As long as I don’t have to see Ernie Sims running in the wrong direction again and again I guess I am happy with that position. basically, I would rather do what I need to do to get DJax in here over bringing in a stud LB.

  • LB’s are ctritical in slowing down or negating a Good Rushing attack which the Eagles will see plenty of from their Opponents.. Teams are going to try to run the ball at the Eagles edges over DE/OLB and CB spots so the Eagles probably could use a tough,big athletic OLB who can she blocks and really tackle to limit this from happening.. Remember as good as cover CB’s Samuel and DCR are, they are not a force to come up and stop a strong rushing attack.. now Asmo will get in ther eand throw his body around some.. but you have to have a strong tacking LB corp and right now, that anser is not known with this young unproven LB Corp with Chaney and MAtthews potentially as Starters.. Chaney has 3-4 Starts under his belt and Matthes is a pure rookie.. Thuier back-ups in Clayton/Jordan are more coverage type of LB’s and are not strong at the point of attack to slow down a good rushing attack.. Remember the Eagles face solid Rushing Teams in the NFC EAst Twice a year and then play the Rams (S Jackson) ,Falcons (Turner) ,49ers (Gore) ,Bears (Forte) ,Miami,NY Jets, who traditionally like to Run the ball more than Pass and especially now when the Eagles Secondary and their Pass Rush is now top shelf..

  • Yea obviously linebackers are essential but now we have a potentially great D line unlike last year which will help the linebackers out in my opinion tremendously. And with having Nnamdi and the other corners our there in coverage, the safeties won’t have to help out in coverage nearly as much as last year and can help out on the run. Say what you want about JJ and Coleman, but those guys can knock people out.

    Also, teams that you stated who like to run primarily won’t be able to if they want to win. The will need to pass and score big points if they want to beat us. For example just look at the falcons game. Their whole run the ball game plan went out the window as soon as the first quarter was over.

    Im just saying Im not that worried about our LBs because now there is actually serious talent around them. If this was last year then yes but this year not so much.

  • chaney is fast enough. matthews is smart enough. fokou is physical enough.
    we’ll be fine there, they are sandwiched between a good dline and a great secondary
    they just have to play their lanes, anything special from them and were up there with the jets/steelers
    except were a 4-3 defense and that would be the best 4-3 d in the league)
    plus an elite offense that will score 27+ a game, making things much easier playing with the lead

    the desean situation will get addressed, like everything else has been
    we picked a great return man in higgins, with drc and desean as emergency returners
    so basically our only worry should be henery kicking fgs in the clutch (when needed)
    anybody could succeed at punter with our offense, if we dont score we will at least move the ball
    clock management will be fine, vick sped things up well last yr and mudd will have his oline prepared for 2-min and 4-min drills

    lets go philly!! eagles getting a ring has a nice ring to it

  • If we don’t win the friggin superbowl we should just pack it in.

  • Other NFL Signings/Transactions today

    LB – David Harris resigns with Jets as expected (4 yr – $36 Million ($30 Million guaranteed)
    TE – Zach Miller left the Raiders and signs a deal with the Seahawks for 5 Years & $34 Million ($17 Million is Guaranteed) .. Are you kidding me…
    LB – E Sims signs with the Colts
    DT -T Warren, released by the Patriots signed 2 year deal with Broncos
    OL – M Jean-GIlles signed a 1 Year deal with the Bengals
    DT – T Harris, Released from the Bears signed a 1 Year deal with the Colts
    C – C Rabach, released by the Redsksins signed a deal with Ravens
    DT – A Franklin leaves 49ers and signs a 1 Year Deal with NO Saints

    Patriots signed their 2 2nd Round Draft picks RB S Vereen, CB R I-Dowling
    Browns signed their 1st Rd pick (DT P Taylor)
    Colts signed 1st Round Draft pick (OT A Constanzo)
    NO Saints signed 1st Rd draft Pick (DL C Jordan)

    Steelers #3 WR Emmauel Sanders out for 2-3 weeks as he had a setback while recovering from foot surgery in the Spring after breaking his foot in the Super Bowl..Steelers are a little thin at WR with Hines Ward (not getting any younger) and only have MIke Wallace as a legitimate threat, they released Antwan Randall-El earlier and only have some young unproven players

  • The Eagles five former No. 1s they are Ronnie Brown, Nnamdi, DR Cromatrie, Jason Babin and Vince Young….Of the 9 Eagles acquisitions, five are former No. 1s, two former No. 3s, and a No. 5 and undrafted Cullen Jenkins.

    This is good because now we have a gang of leaders on the team, guys that have lead there teams at 1 time or another, most were team captains…The eagless have been targeting high character guys big time… whether through the draft or free agency… veteran guys that can provide experience, leadership, and to teach these young guys what its all about because the eagles have a crazy young team…

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