• July 4, 2022

Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin Arrives At Training Camp

Eagles young wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has arrived at training camp after battling an illness. We still don’t know when or if he’s going to begin practicing with the team, but it’s good news that he’s arrived at training camp.

During the off season, Maclin battled a mononucleosis type-condition and lost 15 pounds. He was able to gain the weight back, but had some type of setback which kept him out of camp.

I can tell you after watching an Eagles practice without the Maclin and DeSean jackson and tell you that the Birds miss them desperately. They don’t have any speed on the field with those two missing.


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Eagles Sign Former Dolphin Running Back Ronnie Brown



    Before Jon Hart tell you

    eagles just signed RB Ronnie Brown according to Adam Schfier

  • thanks for that update G!

    Is Ronnie Brown better than Harrison? I know his stats are better than Harrisons from last year…but what type of player is Ronnie Brown, physical runner? dont know much about him…I see his stats and he seems productive..

  • I need desean happy.

  • Ronnie Brown? It would mean something if the actually ran the ball. Doesnt matter they just dont run the ball and when they do McCoy gets the carries.

  • good pickup. now pay djax already

  • JMac, stay healthy, good to see you back. Come join the fun DJax, before you start losing $$$, not gaining. Doing your negotiating this way, will not work with this FO. It never has before. Get your a$$ in here, dude, we need you!
    Ronnie Brown?? I guess Andy had an epiphany, during the lockout. If they actually go out & get a good LB now, it will be judgement day. LMFBO!! I love it!

  • Dear Friend, neighbors and Brothers,

    Throw out all your assupmtions about these Eagles (to a small degree), listen….

    The Eagles will not start rookies…… Done
    THe Eagles will not get quality WR’s……….Done

    So we say the Eagles will not run the ball, I say think again. They are not going to be the steelers and we should not be, we are not built that way. Still I think the percentage is going to go up from the past, why becasue we are “All In”.

    Welcome back Screen Game, thats going to be McCoys butter. Brown will give a different look with power. We may not run like some of you guys will want this coming season, but our RB’s are going to be on the field alot this season.

    As bewildering as our DB’s could be this season for O-Cords, so can our air and ground game. McCoy is going to have some long runs with the screen and spot duty from the other RB’s will drive defenses wild, just to much to look at.

    Thats my take its not much but its mine, agree or disagree I own it.

    As always “LONG LIVE THE EAGLES”

  • I know its Maclin post,but hell I had to holla at Dag. Hey we are a passing team… be who you are and win, be somebody else and piss off all you Eagles fans for not winning with such great WR’s shhhhhhhh.

  • Can you imagine how much more dangerous Vick will be, with an consistent, established, run game. The screens will be better, play action will be explosive, & DJax & JMac, will be even that much better, because the safeties will have to pinch & not be to double team them. I hope we utilize McCoy & Brown correctly, & not just use them to cut down blitzers & get 10 touches.

  • Hello John Hart? Where are you? (crickets chirping)

    Time to runtheball

  • @vricchini you beat john hart by 2 minutes good job. you must be better at sexing spadaro up than john hart 🙂


  • If Maclin cannot recover and be at full strength for the season, there is an older WR who is rehabbing a knee injury. He heals fast, plays pretty hard, has been humbled (somewhat) and already knows the plays. Plus I do not think he would get out of line while Vick runs the offense. Anybody want to pop some corn?

  • Realtalk………………………….ronnie is a beast and they signed him. Strong physical runner and he can catch out of the backfield. Guys an animal!

  • Eagles president Joe Banner told NFL.com’s Steve Wyche and Bucky Brooks on their “Cover Two Podcast” on Tuesday that the team has received several calls about Samuel and is weighing its options.

    “We are open and in fact engaged with conversation with people that are interested in acquiring one of our cornerback,” Banner said. “Teams that need a corner have inquired about the depth at the position and we’re listening to them. In the end as we’ve tried to do in every situation, we’ll make an evaluation as to what leaves us with the best team.”

  • Dag, Asante isnt being moved… there just doing their due dilligence just like with any situation

  • the people in miami have a different opinion about ronnie. He cant stay healthy and he gets hit a ton for a negative yardage. I heard he leads the NFL in that category since he been drafted. Harrison was a nice complement to Mccoy.

    Dog I think he will stay because I dont see them getting an offer that would look attracted enough for them unless it was a pro for pro deal example Asante for Cushing. I do think this is his last year however he may be traded in the off season.

  • *dag

  • Ronnie Brown BEE-ITCHES!!!!!!!!

  • Eagles just signed OT Ryan Harris from Denver

  • Theres our RT

  • Asante is gone. Lindley is more than adequate as the 3rd corner. Jua wants press corners and Asante doesnt fit the mold. I personally like his game but the fact that Banner is listening to offers what do you think? They have addressed every position except LB. So Asante may be mover for a MLB.

  • I doubt very much Banner will getting calls and making that type of personnel decision..Maybe Roseman,Coach AR & Castillo, but what does Banner know about trade values in return /player personnel issues.. C’Mon Man…
    No so fast on OT Ryan Harris either for being Starter material at RT, let’s see how he looks once he comes into camp..

  • I disagree dag, i still feel lindley has another year to go before he can be considered a 3rd corner and another after that before becoming a starter so in maybe 2 years he ll be ready but not the way he looks in practice, hes talented but still raw… just because he looks like trammon williams of the packers doesnt mean he plays like him lol… dont rush his growth, we have 3 probowl corners that he can learn behind…

  • Paulman I dont care what Harris looks like. I have watched Dunlap get STEAM ROLLED by a 245 OLB. I have watched Dunlap get beaten to the corner 4 out of 5 times. There is NOWAY he can be better than Harris. NOWAY. He replaced Justice. lol

  • I still think a trade may be out there with CB Samuel for a top LB…
    A team in need of a CB is the Panthers who have 4 very good LB’s on their Roster (Jon Beason is untouchable for them) But OLB’s James Anderson, Thomas Davis and or Dan Connor could be avaialable and a HIgh Draft pick.
    Also the Seahawks could use a CB and have that OLB Aaron Curry who could be available..

  • What is this rumor I keep hearing about Asante Samuel for Patrick Willis?

  • BIRDO, not happening! He’s a stud, & is the heart & soul of that DF. That’s just something a couple of nitwits called in & said on WIP! He’s arguably a
    top 5 LB. That would be unbelievably awesome, but it is highly unlikely.

  • Unreal… just heard that a senior eagles official said: “Were just about done, This is our team”

  • What does just about done mean?

  • Notice the words “just about”… there may be another move coming…

  • key words “just about”

  • Anyone figure out how much $$$ under the Cap the Eagles are now..
    They have to be getting close and unless they release/trade a couple Veterans will they even have $$$ to extend D-Jax and be able to give him a Bonus..
    MAybe a J PArker, Marlin Jackson and Winston Justice get moved to free up some $$ to take care of D-JAx. WHat’s the scoop J HArt..

  • Paulman, according to eaglescap.com we have 4.5 mil — but that was before todays signings. Which I think were for 1 mil with incentives each? So I’m thinking somehwere around 2 mil left in cap room……restructure Vick, cut juqua and justice (which will somewhere around the range of 8 mil) and we will have enough to re-sign D-Jacc to a good 7-8 million dollar a year deal.

  • Jared Page is a safety and THE NEW EAGLE!

  • Jarrod Page* Hes only 26, very young

  • Because it had been nearly two hours since they’d last signed a free agent, the Philadelphia Eagles just announced the signing of offensive tackle Ryan Harris to a one-year contract. Harris is the second one-year Eagles signing of the day, following running back Ronnie Brown, and he addresses a need that was beginning to concern Eagles fans — the right side of the offensive line.

    It’s a surprising signing because Harris is only 26 years old, well regarded as a top right tackle and likely thought he’d get a long-term deal once the market opened. But this week’s market clearly isn’t last week’s market, and it appears players are willing to take less in order to sign with the Eagles, who are loading up for a Super Bowl run.

    Harris is an athletic offensive lineman who fits what new line coach Howard Mudd is looking for. It would appear he has a good chance to beat out Winston Justice for the starting right tackle job. The Eagles employ a left-handed quarterback in Michael Vick, which means the right side of the line is his blind side. There had been concerns about Justice and talk about left guard Todd Herremans or rookie right guard Danny Watkins maybe having to move over and play right tackle. Now, it seems, they have brought in a better option and strengthened the line overall.

    I’m going to go for a run now. I assume I’ll have another Eagles signing to write about when I get back.

  • Thnx for the info BIrdo and I do believe you are correct that they will need to cut/trade a few Veterans to free up some more $$$ (J Parker,Marlin Jackson, J Hanson, and at least 1 Suprise player will have to go..)
    J PAge has 3 good solid seasons as the Ciefs Starter from 2006 thru 2008
    He avaeraged 65 Tackles and has 10 Int’s during these 3 Seasons and played in all 48 games.. He was hurt in 2009 and only played in 5 games and lthen eft to join the Patriots for the 2010 Season in a backup role behind 2 pretty good Safeties in B Merriweather and P Chung.. He’s 225 lbs and can lay the wood.. I am not sure of his past injuries or how well he
    played on Special Teams, which he would need to be able to do as a back-up Safety on the Eagles. I think Coleman is a #3 Safety so Page will compete with Marlin Jackson & Colt Anderson and J Wall,J Adams for that final 4th Roster Spot

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