• August 19, 2022

Observing The Eagles Rookie Specialists

Heading into the 2011 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles seem to be extremely confident in their two rookie kick specialists.

Although both kicker David Akers and punter Sav Rocca were allowed to walk, I was certain that coach Andy Reid would acquire at least one veteran to provide competition, especially at punter.

That has yet to be the case.  Philly is putting a lot of trust in punter Chas Henry and kicker Alex Henery.  I got a chance to observe them during my trip to Lehigh University.

Henery, the former Nebraska Cornhusker, was going thru a drill that should help his accuracy.  The goal posts were narrowed to the point where they looked like Arena League posts.

The most accurate kicker in NCAA history showed why the Eagles drafted him in the 4th round.  He consistently drilled his kicks right through the middle.

Henry, the 2010 Ray Guy award recipient, showed off his foot next.  Don’t expect a bunch of 70 yard kicks down the field.

What can be expected is the majority of opposing punt returners signaling for a fair catch.

Henry’s punts look like rockets taking off into orbit.  He just needs to keep working on his motions to avoid blocked punts.

Overall, the biggest negative about Henry and Henery (that’s going to get very confusing) is the fact that they’re unproven.  Reid and special teams coordinator Bobby April have seen enough to allow them to prove themselves.

If they continue to be impressive on Sundays, this may very well be the Eagles kicking duo  for the next twelve years.

Haran Knight

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  • A very important part of any Team.. A strong Kicking/Punting game is worth 1-2 games a season.. These 2 Rookies were the best at thier positions in College and obviously have the talent and skill to perform in the NFL.. If they can overcome the mental part, the prepartation and handle their nerves at sfirst, they should be fine and off to goodf long careers with the Eagles..

  • They better be able to handle the boo birds cause if the suck they will here it.

  • Off subject,

    seeing what has happened to the giants should give pause to the Eagles about moving our top shelf players right now. The Giants let Boss go, now their TE on the roster has decided to retire. Their rooike CB has broken his foot an could be out for a long while. So I say anything we need buy it for a year but don’t trade our big boys for it. Depth is important right now.

  • I am certainly not sending Samuels to the Giants. Well, unless Justin Tuck is coming. lol ; )

  • ***Trade Alert for Monolith***

    Eagles Send TE Celek & CB Samuel to the Giants for DE Osi Yumenuri, and a 2nd Round pick in 2012 and a 4th Rd pick in 2013 ..

  • I saw a movie once where the tough guy says to the victim, if you ever think about crossing me even in your dreams wake up and slap yourself…..well Paul O’ boy, yeah just might want to do that slapping thing the next time you even think about such a Trade Alert joke.

  • I didn’t say it was a good trade alert, Eagles need to and will keep CB Samuel, He’s not going anywhere but was just pointing out the GIants needs to upgrade their CB & TE Positions as well as thier problem on DE Osi
    I think the Giants will look back as a mistake of re-signing DE Kiwanuka when they could have used that $$$ to keep Osi happy.. Giants have lots of issues and being over the Salary CAp when Free-agency started has tied their hands in losing quality players without being able to replace or upsetting players with low-ball offers to keep them (Bradshaw,Steve Smith, K Boss) Th Eagles planned for this lockout beautifully by shedding a lot of payroll over the last 2 seasons by releasing/trading higher paid older players who were past their primes like McNabb,Westbrook,K Curtis, S Brown,B Dawkins,D Howard, the Andrews Sisters, D Akers, Q Mickell, E Hobbs, etc,etc

  • Continued,
    which has allowed them to reload and be super agressive in assembling some of the top players availalbe at positions of need in this Years Free-Agent market which should allow them to contend for SUper Bowls for the forseeable future..

  • Mike Vick and Vince Young playing for the Eagles at the same time! A good bet would’ve have had my shirt!!!

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