• August 19, 2022

Ryan Harris Has His Eyes On Justice’s Job

I didn’t even have to talk to Winston Justice this morning, I could tell what was on his mind. He looked worried. I walked by him during and after practice. The veteran tackle had the same look on his face. He’s trying to hang onto his starting job, but hasn’t been able to practice yet this summer.

That’s not a good thing, when you finished your season a year ago on the bench in a playoff game.

New offensive tackle Ryan Harris has his eyes on Justice’s job.

I got a short look at Harris but it wasn’t enough for me to give him a thumbs up or thumbs down. He looks and sounds like a good, intelligent athlete with the size to get the job done. I didn’t focus on him during the workout, I know I didn’t see his man getting to the quarterback, which is really all that matters.

I talked to Harris after practice and he talked about all the new techniques he’s had to learn from new offensive line coach Howard Mudd. I could tell that Harris is a cool confident customer, which the attitude you must have to survive at offensive tackle in this league with all of these phenomenally talented defensive ends in the league.

Harris isn’t overly worked up about his opportunity at right tackle. He said he’s taking it a play at a time and a practice at a time and not getting ahead of himself. I’ll tell you who he’s ahead of. It’s Winston Justice. If Justice doesn’t get on the field with the quickness his starting spot is going to be gone.

There have been a number of reports that Justice is planning on returning to action very soon. He’d better get out there ASAP.


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  • I bet he was crapping his pants on draft day and then when nothing came, he probably thought he fooled everyone.

  • Isn’t it amazing that Coach Mudd does not appear to be very high on K Dunlap or A Howard when everyone else was just a year ago from the Eagles Coaching staff… What happened to both Hunlap/Howard to lose this support, are they injured, out of shape or maybe they just weren’t that good to begin with and not really ready to play at the NFL level ..

  • Justice should wait.

    Rushing is what WR Kevin Curtis did a couple of years ago and he came back too soon and injured himself. If you get demoted so what. Once you are healthy another team will sign you with the moniker he use to start for the Eagles.

    You only make things worst rushing back from injury. Look at Victor Arbi. It’s over for him. Weaver. Over. There is too much stress on the body when another 275 man is blasting on you play after play.

    Plus, Justice is just not that good. Completely healthy he still might lose his job. So get healthy and sit the bench and be a valuable backup or sign with another team. But the Eagles have a history of rushing players back from injury. Who in their right mind thought Jamal Jackson should come back that soon from an ACL injury?

    Remember when Andy Reid sent Akers out to kick again after he had collapsed the play before. They are nuts? Coaches will let you play on a broken leg(mcnabb) broken ribs (vick westbrook) or any other kind of injury.

    Then you’re out of the league and limbing for the rest of your life.

    Justice you have already made more money then most people will make in their lifetime. Make your health your number one priority. You could always go back to USC and get a degree in anything.

    You can’t get a new knee or leg. Not a real one.

    It’s a long season. I’d rather have you completely healthy and ready to go later in the season then go out there now and get hurt again. The Eagles have all the film on you they need. Getting out on the field now won’t make a big difference if Harris is really better then you.

  • I hope that everyone remembers that last years OL coach is still on the team….Juan is the one who has coached all of these guys…I am more than happy to have Howard Muud running the OL…and setting the protection to our most imprortant asset…M Vick.

    Juan has always been regarded as a top notch coach…all of the cliche’s about “no one out-works him…..I will give him a pass for the last few years of the OL performance…but he needs to have his sh*t together running the defense…the FO has done it’s job with the players, it will his job to put the plan together

  • i like having justice and mathis for depth
    i like how kelce is one of mudds favs already and pushing jackson
    our lb core is smart and fierce, will be fun to watch that group grow
    they are sandwiched between a great dl and secondary
    i like having jarrett is a 3rd safety behind coleman and allen
    brandon hughes is impressing and sinorice is fighting hard for a spot

    love having donald lee as one of our 3 te, def redzone target and more than adequate fill in
    cooper and avant got extra reps, maclin is on a workout routine to get stronger before he touches the field (good idea, no rush)
    desean is back like i said, and he added some muscle/weight as well
    extend vick and desean according to schedule

    we have 11 picks already for next year and a legit shot at a ship!
    thursday against baltimore, preseason but i cant wait!!!

  • womonell = winston justice on his laptop

  • Winston Omonell Justice lol

  • “Who in their right mind thought Jamal Jackson should come back that soon from an ACL injury?”

    I’m no doctor, but how exactly did his ACL injury in ’09 cause him to tear a tricep in 2010?

  • I’ve explained that in grea tdetail on another post.. but in essence, JJ was about 75 % at best whiuch limited his lateral movement and his ability to get in front of defender plus he was not in football top condition and once he was wooped, he stuck his arms out to slow the pass rush and B RAji and all 315 lbs of him ran right thru JJ extended arm which in turn tore his Tricep muscle.. The Bottom line is when a player has major eKNee Surgery in December and has only 1-2 weeks of practice before opening game and he’s over 320 lbs , he is not in football shape and he will overceompensate in one are aor another to make up for the lack of strength,stabilitiy, mobility and condistioning.. JJ is a warriro but he had no sense being of the field attempting to play last opening day game… To compund this was Nick Cole’s knee injury last camp who was then unable to play Center so the Eagles rushed J Jackson out there since McGlynn wasn’t ready yet which ended up being a mistake by the Coach AR and J Jackson and the team paid the consequences with having inexperienced Center and RG who were simply overmatched in the beginning of the season.. . …

  • Birdo, i gotta give you credit for standing up to the nation of eagle haters on profootballtalk.com under the casey matthews article today… good job bro, i just finished reading it

  • Bsm- its attitudes like yours and goodells that are making the nfl soft. Yes players should come back when healthy, but its there job to play, and if you see someone better than you out there, then nut up and get out there and play football. Justice realizes that if he rushes back then he may get injured again, but if he sits and waits, then he could lose his job and potentially be a backup forever. Its easy for a fan to say a player should come back early, or wait longer, but the player should want to some back early because he has an important role on the team. Look a albert pulos… he came back from a broken wrist in two weeks when people said it would take him 4-6 weeks. He realized that the team was counting on him to come back, even when he wasn’t %100. All im saying is think about the position a player is in when they are injured. For alot of players looking to be a starter or make the team its do or die. Also who do you guys think our starting LB’s will be?

  • what is the deal with our linebackers? so we’ll stop gap and cover corners and suck in the middle? we’re gonna get eatin alive with short cross routes across the middle. seriously who are our linebackers?

  • is nate allen going to help casey matthews drag down brandon jacobs? what is andy reids deal with midgets? midget runningbacks, midget ends, midget linebackers. i want my players on soaking in gasoline and cut. not go through the motion pee wee. seriously dominate defenses have dominate players. matthews has to hang on to players and drag them down like a little bitch. i want my linebackers like pittsburgh or baltimore or chicago or jets or greenbay. instead we get baby brother.

  • i realize the season hasnt started but im just so sick of not having a pyschotic middle linebacker or anyone for that matter. i miss dawkins. he put fear on anyone coming through.

  • Has anybody heard anything on the D-Linmen Te’o ? What a bust ! I was hoping maybe Washburn can do for him what he did for Babin but havent heard a peep about him all camp.

  • I think Teo and the departed R Sapp are simply not big/strong enough to play along the line of scrimmage at the NFL Level and were bad picks.. I do think they could be pass-rushing players from a Stand-Up position in a 3-4 Scheme to utilize their spees.. But they are not big enough to play with their hand down on the ground nor do they have the pass coverage ability to play OLB in a 4-3 (Similar to misplaced players like C Gocong/B Smith)

  • I heard Teo hasn’t been looking too bad up in training camp…also heard he was one of the players getting after it (fighting) at Saturday’s practice…

  • Andrew – he’s had 1 season of inactivity – a little premature to call him a bust eh? A draft pick isn’t about how he plays his rookie year, it’s about how he turns out in his football career.

    Not to be a jerk, but man, you just jump to conclusions eh?

  • Schiller, I hope the kid turns out to be special but he was on the team last year an didnt even do anything on special teams, All i heard about was he was this high motor kid who can get after it but everytime i saw him he didnt show even alittle of that, I agree with Paulman, He just might not be the right fit here.

  • ap – so far yeah, but to write him off, in the context of a new DL coach and a new D coordinator, before the first preseason game…. that’s too soon in my book. Everyone says in the NFL that a) you have to wait a few years to let picks develop before accurately evaluating them and b) the most significant ‘jump’ (improvement) for young players is between their 1rst and 2nd season. I”m not predicting he’ll succeed or saying he’s improved. I’m just saying, let’s be sensible about this – another time tested piece of ‘common wisdom’ – if you’re agreeing with Paulman, check yourself before you wreck yourself….

  • @jon hart, no doubt, thats what we gotta do

  • As I stated last summer camp and now again this season, nothing I have seen from Teo shows that he’s a NFL player (at least in this Eagle scheme of a standard 4-3 scheme).. Just like many of us never thought Gcogong,B Smith and R Sapp were good fits either for this Eagles Defense as down lineman at the DE spot).. It doesn’t mean he won’t be a good player for someone else, I just don’t see it being with the Eagles..

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