• August 19, 2022

Ryan Harris And Jamaal Jackson Miss The Morning Practice

Eagles offensive tackle Ryan Harris couldn’t practice today because of back spasms. It was starting to look last year’s starting right tackle Winston Justice was going to be put on the bench permanently, this factor about Harris’ back has now appeared and it’s probably going to keep the door open for Justice.

Today we found that not only was Harris having back spasms today, he’s had surgery on his back. The medical community has mastered the art of doing surgery on knees, but they haven’t mastered surgeries on the back. Many times guys who have back surgery are never right again.

“He’s had work done on his back before, and so we’re just going to make sure we check this thing out and just that it’s right,” Reid said. “Right now it looks like it’s not too serious.”

Remember Shawn Andrews. The fact that Harris has had surgery on his back makes him a question mark to me.

Center Jamaal Jackson was also kept out of action today because of a sore knee. Jackson is recovering from off season microfracture surgery. Rookie Jason Kelce took all of the snaps at the number one center spot and seem to struggle today. There were a number of times where the entire line was moving but Kelce hadn’t snapped the ball.

Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson was back on the field today for the morning workout. He spent the session going through conditioning drills with other player who were coming back from injuries. Reid believes Patterson will need about a week to get himself in shape to practice.


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  • On RT Harris, which is why the Denver Broncos didn’t re-sign him or the fact that many other teams in need of OT stayed away from him in Free-Agency which is telling and especially when there weren’t many avaialable OT’s out there to begin with…

  • On Center J Jackson,
    I am not so sure he makes the squad this year, He’s too big and puts a lot of wear on tear on his legs and specifially his knees at his size.. He should have spent the off-season losing 20-25 lbs knowing that Coach Mudd likes leaner,leaner,quicker OL .. He may make it this year due to not a lot of options but I think it’s safe to say that this is his final season with the Eagles..

  • Why would the eagles get rid of J Jackson this year? Do people even think when they write stuff on here..

    Good Teams just don’t cut above average players at their position especially when those players cost basically nothing to have..(he has a low 1.5 mill cap number) Look at what the Birds record is when Jamal jackson is at center and what happens when he is not. The interior of the line is not the same w/o him..only way he gets cut is if he physically can’t play

    If anybody is getting cut its prolly going to be Justice or Dunlap..Marlin Jackson should just pack up his bags and leave training camp now..Buckley and Hanson are goners in my opinion too.

  • They most likley won’t get rid of Jackson this year but this will be his final season and by 2012 Center Kelce will take over.. He’s too big and out of shape and always injured and they are not going to pay him $1.5 Million to be a back-up, not when teams will be at 99% of their Availalable Salary Cap..
    We will see around the League during a final cuts a lot of Veterans just for this fact.. If a well paid player is not a starter, then most teams are going to cut that players to use those avaialalble $$ to take care of other needs
    In the EAgles case, let say the Eagles release Jackson,Justice or Dunlap and a Hanson, M Jackson , T Laws and use their collective salaries to be able to extend D-Jax contract and give him some Bonus $$ up front which is what he’s looking for … ..If not, how else are the Eagles going to have more $$ avaiallbe to extend his deal without getting rid of some of the dead weight

  • This isnt good news…

  • What was last years issue is quickly becoming this yrs issue all over again…

  • pheages, – um, don’t get caught in Ptroll’s games. He’s just talking out of his ass. he also said bunkley would stay while patterson goes. He said parker would be cut – but backed down for it. He talked about how the braves would be better than the phils this year. The thing with Jackson and Kelce, well – Paultroll just has no sense of it. He’s guessing for the potential ego stroke if it becomes true. That’s all. Have a great sunday.

  • With Harris apparently injury-prone and no confidence in Winny or King, what about an oline of Peters, Mathis, Jackson, Watkins & moving Herremans to OT?

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