• July 7, 2022

Eagles Must Trade Their Best Nickel Back, Joselio Hanson

Despite the fact that the Eagles have added two Pro Bowl cornerbacks to their defensive backfield, the best nickel back they have is Joselio Hanson.

Hanson fits the nickel back position because he’s a very good tackler, blitzer and coverage guy inside against the slot receivers in the league. He’s very strong and quick, which helps him to get physical with opposing slot receivers.

Most importantly Hanson has years of experience at the nickel spot. He knows how to camouflage a blitz when he coming from the outside. The cornerback knows how use his quickness against the bigger and stronger offensive linemen. Even though he’s small, He’ s not afraid to go in their full speed.

it’s not an easy position to play because you’ve got to have both cornerback and linebacker skills. Hanson knows how to get off a block when he’s defending a running play.

Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie looked uncomfortable at the position, but I think they can adjust to it over time. I had to laugh when I saw the apprehension of Asomugha running an inside bltiz while knowing a guard to tackle could slide off a block to pick him up. He wasn’t running in there very hard which is understandable.

Right now on August 15, 2011 Hanson is the team’s best nickel back, but they can’t keep him here.

Hanson is slated to make $2.6 million dollar this year as the team’s fourth or fifth best cornerback. The Birds can’t afford to that plus they’re not going to release or trade young cornerbacks, Trevard Lindley and Curtis Marsh. They’re talented top draft picks, who should help the Birds this year and in the future.

What all this means is that Hanson must be traded. The Birds will get a fifth, sixth or seventh round draft pick for Hanson, depending on how desperate the other team is for him.

Not only do the Eagles know that Hanson is a very good player whom they must trade. Other teams are aware of it, so expect Hanson to be dealt elsewhere in the near future.


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  • Goodness he makes 4 times as much as DJax.

  • I agree 100%. I’ve been shouting this for weeks!

    If they get a 5th or better, Howie Roseman should go into Canton.

  • Jax is a 2nd rd. player at end of rookie pay scale; Hanson was resigned since rookie year. Compare apples to apples. Jackson will far surpass that when his contract is renegotiated (happening now). “Just good” cornerbacks even get substantial salaries due to demand for them in a passing league.

  • Here’s the Problem with trading Hanson,
    Most teams know the EAgles won’t carry him as a 4th CB and especially at a
    $2.6 Million Salary Hit.. Most teams will offer a 6th or 7th and possibley wait until they release him so as not to give up anything i return and plus can sign Hanson
    to a much lower Salary.. Remember it’s always easy to say Trade this player, trade that player, but a lot of times it’s harder to do due to the economics and right now, the Eagles have very little leverage on their dide due to Hansons high salary and the fact that they have 3 All-Pro CB’s on thei rRoster already plus 2 young prospects in Lidley & Marsh.. Eagles will definitely not get full value for Hansons talent and ability, but that’s the downside or having better players and more depth at that position..I would say they will be lucky to get a 6th ROunder for him though he probably warrants a 4th or 5th based on his production and experience and 1 last thing to look at, Is it better to only get a 6th or 7th Rounder form let’s say the Jacksons Jaguars or Tennesee Titans then to have him go to a competitor like the Cowboys,GIants,Redsksins who can all use CB help and would love to have HAnson on thei rteam to pick his brain about the Eagles Offense and new Defensive schemes… Not always as easy as it looks on the surface and there are lots of variables that come into play…

  • Holy shit, Paulman you just wrote a whole article using only the facts, and not jumping to any conclusions. I tip my hat to you. Nicely done.

  • Hanson is a horrendous corner. He can’t cover anyone whether it’s in the slot or out wide. And that contract he has was one of the worst signings ever. If you can’t trade him, then cut his sorry ass. “Best nickel corner”? G, did you get drunk with no afternoon practice?

  • @mjacobs, Don’t let last year blind you when he started as our RCB. He was out of his comfort zone. He is actually a very good slot corner.

    @Paul, teams will trade a late draft pick to ensure they get him rather than have to compete with other teams in free agency. That’s the one bit of leverage that the Eagles have in trade negotiations. I think they’ll walk with a 6th. And like Donovan, I dont think they’re affraid of Hanson winding up on a rival team. As I recall Hanson never was able to cover Steve Smith in the slot, so let him try!

  • paulman good stuff, seems like you had a good weekend.
    regardless, hanson will be in a different uni, kudos for bringing it up

  • J Hanson is regarded by many in th NFL (Players and Coaches) as a very good Slot/NIckle CB (one of the Tops in the League actually) his strength is covering the other teams Slot WR and is very good on the intermediate (8-12 Yard routes) where his able to use his qucikness and positioning to defense passes.) He does not have top end speed and is not very effective out in space on the corners or on deep routes.. He also is a pretty effective blitzer from the CB/SLot Position but was a little under-utilized by McDermott the last couple of seasons in that role due to other Issues with the Eagle Secondary.. I would think there would be a lot of teams interested in him around the NFL

  • and yes wmonell, I did have a very nice,productive weekend (Got a lot done around the house and yard which I needed too..) thnx

  • The Eagles could ask him to restructure his deal, which they’ve done in the past with other players. Probably a trade to the 49ers for Taylor Mays and a the release of Kurt Coleman would work, but they would probably also have try to renegotiate the Mays deal as well. The other issue is if they come to terms with Vick on a long term deal they could squash most of their cap issues that are left at this point.

  • this is good problem to have. He is an ok corner, lets not make him out to be anything special. He’s got ok speed and takles ok. i wouldnt worry about him going to any NFCE team pman. In fact- let him go to one of them and he would be like the 2nd best corner on any of those teams. Any of our WR’s would own him on every play.

    unless a big offer comes, id keep him on the team. We always go down a CB at the start of the season. Id rather them pay the 2million unless we get something good for him RIGHT NOW. Not a 5th rounder in 2054.

  • Not to change the subject but a moment of silence please for another overhyped High draft pick from Penn State who was unable to make the transition to the NFL… Buffalo Bills released former 1st Round pick DE/OLB Aaron Maybin today who was never physically or mentally mature enough to be in the NFL.. Another hyped up job.. Anyone who thinks PEnn State is a big time COllege Football Porgram better check, their players are busts in the NFL and their Coach made a terrible mistake ever pushing the School to go into the BIg 10 where they are overmatched, where their recruits, their families and alumni are not even from .. Now we see that talent shortage every year as the Top Recruits in the northeast (Pa/Md/NJ/NY/CT) choose to play in the Big East so their familes can see them play anre closer to home… Really who wants to tracel out to Minnesota,Iowa or Nebraska to watch a PEnn State game.. ) They and Boston COllege should have stayed in the Big East and then you have a good solid Big East Leauge,,, They went for the $$$ and not for athletes and ther families… A very poor decision indeed

  • Now heres the guy that is really on the trading block and should be traded before the start of the regular season. All the asante talk should disappear because this guy isnt needed at all,we have multiple guys like hanson and with potential to be way better than him, but what they dont have is another asante samuel…

  • Asante will be traded to SF or Houston, not Joselio! Bank on it! Asomugha & DRC are not going to play the slot! It’s a mistake & a bad fit. The Birds are just waiting for the right deal.

  • Texans are definitely not interested in Samuel DDcar
    Look at their current Line-up of CB’s
    All-Pro J Joseph, Quality CB J Allen and 2 High Draft picks Kareem Jackson (last years draft) and Brandon Harris from this years Draft..)

    Now the 49ers are another story
    They Signed Carlos Rogers, have 2 Reurnees in S Spencer and T Brown and then 4 Rookies on their roaster.. Their problem is Salary Cap space to be able to afford Samuel’s contract which I don’t think they can at this point..

    Teams that could be potential trade partners and are in need of a front line CB would be the Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks & Buffalo Bills (both Seattle and Miami have some depth and quality players at the LB position who could be traded in return along with a Draft Pick)

  • OOPS!! Forgot the Texans signed JJ. Oh well, there went that team. Hopefully they can do something.

  • DD – When you go to the ATM and withdraw $60, do you trash the 20 you already had in your wallet? That’s wha’t you’re proposing we do with Samuel. The team is better with him here. Why make the team worse? It makes no sense.

  • Schiller- you do know iif you trade him you get something back right? So if we traded asante for a guy like patrick willis, then we would be “trashing” $20 yet gaining $40.

  • Phantastic, that trade would be so amazing. Maybe the phils should trade manuels next dookie for puljos. They are not going to get a young top 5 for an old top 10 cb. That never ever happens. Heck, when have you ever seen a stud for stud trade in the nfl? Ever? If they trade samuel they will get picks back at best.

  • It was an example, but there has been some reports of this trade. Im not saying this would happen, I was just making a point.

  • 3 Trade Scenarios for CB Samuel (though I am not in favor of seeing him moved)

    #1) Trade with Seattle involving OLB Aaron Curry and a Draft Pick
    #2) Trade with Carolina involving LB Dan Connor and a Draft Pick
    #3) Trade with Vikings involving LB EJ Henderson and a Draft Pick

    If Eagles LB Corps and specifically MAtthews doesn’t play well tonight versus the Steelers, then I think the Eagles will make some calls .. IF matthews plays like he’s not ready, than look for Chaney to slide back inside nad the Eagles pursue and OLB and the Eagles pursue a MLB (Conner or EJ Henderson) and keep Chaney on the outside.. It all is contingent I believe on the play of Matthews ..

  • and if Matthews does play well, then I think the Eagles plan on moving ahead with a Chaney/Matthews,FOckou base LB Corp and bring in Clayton/ROlle in passing situations

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