• June 27, 2022

Eagles Who Are Fighting For Jobs On The Defense

The Eagles will be forced to release some good football players at the end of the preseason. Quite a few of them will wind up on other NFL teams shortly thereafter, which says something about the talent which the Eagles have on the roster. I took a quick look at the Eagles roster and wrote down my impressions of some of the players, whom I feel will be tough decisions when the team has to get the roster down to 53. This isn’t a comprehensive article on who will or won’t make this football team.

I like the burst off the corner of Eagles diminutive defensive end Phillip Hunt. This young man has the potential to be an elite pass rusher because of his quick feet and quick hands. Spending more time in the weight room will make him a better player and more complete player. Hunt has tremendous body control and will probably get better with time because he’s going to develop more pass rush moves.

I definitely believe that he will have a job in the NFL after this training camp, if he continues to rush the passer the way he’s been doing. It’s going to be difficult for him to do much against the run since he stands only 6’0″ and weighs only 245 pounds, so that will limit his attractiveness.

It might get him cut here. I doubt that it will happen right now but long-time starting defensive end Juqua Parker could quicken his exit by constantly batting injuries. If it were next year, I would favor Hunt over Parker for the job.

Eagles 2010 third round pick Daniel Te’o Nesheim has been showing a great deal of improvement. He’s playing with more passion and strength. At times I’ll see him flash into the backfield on a run or passing play. He’s still got a ways to go, but I can see promise in him and can see him working his way onto the field for some meaningful snaps this year.

Washburn has him getting off the ball and using his hands to get rid of blockers.

Eagles defensive tackle Derek Landri had an outstanding game against the Ravens. He registered a sack and lived in the Baltimore backfield. I would imagine the Birds coaching staff is considering keeping him around, since he’s a proven NFL player. Nobody knows what’s going to happen with Mike Patterson and Trevor Laws. I couldn’t see the Birds not finding a way to keep him on the roster until the middle of the season. It depends how long it will take for the coaching staff to know whether Patterson and Laws are going to be available to play this year.

Defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove brought his lunch pail with him when he came to camp and he’s been working. He’s physical and athletic at the same time with the type of work ethic that defensive line Jim Washburn wants. Hargrove and Landri may wind up battling for the same job.

Akeem Jordan has played the Sam, Mike and Will linebacker positions for the Eagles, so I don’t see them releasing him because they have no experienced depth without him. I see more speed with some of the other linebackers, but they’ve got quite a few Eagles linebackers, Keenan Clayton and Brian Rolle, who look more like safeties than linebackers.

I do think Clayton and Rolle fit into the Eagles pass-defense first philosophy. Although undersized, they’ve both got great speed and pass coverage skills but I don’t know if they can line up as a regular linebacker game in and game out versus some of the tough running attacks the Birds are going to face.

Clayton will be here, but Rolle is on the bubble. I see the Eagles trying to utilize both Clayton and Rolle in defensive schemes where they’re playing a linebacker/safety role.

Greg Lloyd shows signs of being a good player, but he’s not consistent which is usual for rookies. He’s got some size and could back up at all of the linebacker positions, so the young man has a chance to make the football team.

I predict right now that Eagles cornerback Brandon Hughes will be released by the Birds late in camp and wind up playing for one of the cover two defenses in Indianapolis, Chicago or Tampa Bay. He’s got the ideal size and skill set for that assignment. I like the way Hughes is physical with receivers and will probably thrive in the two-deep style of defense.

Hughes has played well enough to make this football team, but Curtis Marsh and Trevard Lindley were high draft picks with tremendous ability. Marsh is playing well enough to be the fourth corner, but I think Hughes has outplayed Lindley. In fairness all of them have played well enough to get playing time in most years. This year is a different situation.

In a strange way, safety Colt Anderson could be competing with a linebacker for his job. Anderson came here because of special teams ability and he’s a very good specialty performer, who was making plays all over the place when arrived here last year. I’ve been surprised by his play as a safety. He can play.

Newly acquired Jarrad Page seems to be just what the Eagles need at safety. You could see right away at practice that he takes charge when he’s in there. I think he’s moved ahead of Anderson because of his resume and the way he’s played and practiced in the short times he’s been here.


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  • I disagree about brian rolle hes fast as hell ,,yeah, and hes short, yeah.. but hes 237 lbs at only 5’10 …he can hit and cover..and the league needs to learn about guys like london flethcer and sam mills

  • You could’ve dug so much deeper in this post, G.

    What about Joselio? Does he make this team, or get cut/traded? I hope we manage to get a 5th or 6th for him.
    How many TEs do we keep?
    Does Chad Hall find a way on the roster? Harper? Moss?

  • I agree, this could have been deeper and have more thought.
    I will also say though, that having a blog is like a full time job, I have my own and feel you G.

  • Paulman’s 25 Man Defensive Roster for 2011 Eagles (Barring any more injuries)

    DE (6) T Cole, J Parker, Babin, Tapp, Hunt & Teo (Graham on IR-out all 2011)
    DT -(4) A Dixon, C Jenkins, A Hargrove, Landri (Patterson on IR-out all 2011 and Laws released)
    LB (6) Chaney,Fokou, Matthews, Clayton, Jordan and player added who is not currently on the roster (L Taputu) (Rolle goes to practice squad, Jeantry is released
    CB (5) Asmo, DCR,Samuel,Hanson, Lindley (Marsh on practice squad unless Samuel or Hanson are traded)
    Safety (4) Allen,Jarrett, Page and Coleman (Colt Anderson placed on Practice squad)

    V Abriami and M Jackson will bothe be released once medically cleared since they were injured while practicing and have to remain on roster (IR) they get medically cleared but they have suited up for the final time as Eagles

    B Graham and M Patterson will be on the PUP list during Camp and then moved to IR missing the entire 2011 Season as they heal up, Graham will be 100% For next Season and Patterson I am not so sure about…

  • Paulman,
    I agree with most of your predictions for the roster, but here are my thoughts and my main points of contention with you selections:

    DE: (5) Cole, Babin, Tapp, Hunt, Teo Graham starts PUP, ends up IR/Parker is released–his salary is prohibitive and he is just not that much better than some of these young guys.
    DT (5) Dixon, Jenkins, Hargrove, Landri, Favorite Patt starts on PUP and may come back mid season.
    LB (5) Chaney, Fokou, Matthews, Jordan, Clayton Probably won’t stay with 5, but we have other positions where players are just playing too well right now.
    CB (5) Aso, Asante, DRC, Marsh, Lindley (Hanson traded or released)
    S (5) Allen, Jarrett, Page, Coleman and Colt Anderson Not sure if we keep Colt Anderson on roster or send to practice because he will never clear waivers. This could change with a few poor showings by Page in preseason games.

    I believe Graham will not play this year, but not so sure with Patt. I cannot recall a year when I felt that som many talented players were fighting for spots.
    There are a few things I remain unsure of: I could easily see Teo being released. I do not think very highly of the guy and although he looked ok against the Ravens, their O Line was horrendous. The next few preseason games will be telling for him.
    There is no way that Marsh is released or placed on practice squad, he has looked excellent and was a third rounder(I believe)

  • With the way Patterson and his agent are talking I dont think Patterson is thinking about IR. If they are gonna keep Patterson and 5 DT I would keep 5 DE and let Hunt go. I peronally think they should release Patterson but that wont happen. Also I heard thier high on Brandon Hughes at DB. I personally like Rod Harper at WR. Hope we can hide him somewhere.

  • I really don’t think there is any way Hunt gets let go, he has played lights out from all reports. I don’t think Patterson will have any choice, the Eagles will put him on PUP for the first few weeks.

  • If Patterson is able to play, then it will come down to him and Landri and the likliehood is that they would keep Patterson.. If they want to keep 5 DT’s
    then they would only go with 5 DE’s and here I wouild say J Parker would be the odd man out since TEO and Hunt has played very well in Camp thus far,are younger and have higher cielings and are cheaper salary wise than Parker..

  • One thing to keep n my, isn’t there a limit of how many players you can have on the PUP list.. I know the IR list isunlimited since those players are technically out for the entire Season, but I remember reading somewhere that you can only have 5-6 Players on the Pup list.. Can anyone verify or know about this ..

  • no way they put Marsh on the practice squad. he has too much talent and most teams will have no problem putting him on their roster. Hughes will be the odd man out and Hanson will be traded. Most teams will be chomping at the bit to see what the eagles do as far as which corners are traded, released or placed on the practice squad. I also agree with fran as in Parker will be either traded or released. He and Hanson’s salaries are expendable because they have cheaper guys on this roster with just as much or more talent.

  • Parker has very little trade interest due to his Salary,
    Most teams are most likely close to their cap figures and will wait to see what players get released by the good teams and will then attempt to pick-up quality depth and only have to pay a league Minimum salary level to get players.. Why would a team want to make a trade, & give up a future draft pick only to have to take on that players current contract when you can get them for relatively cheaply once they are released.. No way Jose…. .

  • Parker is the one of the best pass rushers at DE on this team. I think he is every bit as good as Cole. Wanna look up stats? His problem is the same as Coles he wears down. Im trying to win right now so Hunt and Neo arent as good as Parker at this time. Lets give Parker a little more respect. When Cole does his annual dissapearing act he is known for Parker atleast shows up on occasion in the 2nd half of the season.

  • i disagree rolle was working with first team nickel defense hes the fastest and the strongest beside chaney.. mathews looked very slow hope he can turn it up

  • I think Rolle would make a helluva Strong Safety in th NFL.. He’s the perfect size and would need a year to groom for pass coverage techniques.. I am not so sure at LB due to his smallish size (Listed at 5-10 but is likley about 5’9″)

  • Look man, I really like Parker. He works his butt of and is doubted every year. However, for anyone to claim that he is as good as of a pass rusher as Cole is ridiculous. Cole clearly draws a double team and the other end–Parker–benefits. I agree that Cole wears down, but you can’t really compare Parker and Cole. Parker is due a fair amount this year and his productivity can be easily replaced by someone younger and much cheaper. Also, he is on the wrong side of 30.

  • paulman,

    that’s exactly why I said Parker will EITHER be traded or released. They already have cheaper optins already on their roster. If they are not able to trade him, he will be released. you went way left with the “trade” option with Parker..

  • Paker wont be traded haha he ll be released… why would a team trade for him when they know he ll most likely eventually be released.. cmon now… and look at his age ugh…

  • For those of you either hoping for or predicting for parkers departure, I ask you this…. if you take $60 out of an ATM, do you trash the ten and a few ones you had in your wallet? Just curious

  • Age, injury & salary will eventually doom Parker & Patterson. They need $$$ for Vick & DJax.

  • schiller,
    Let me aske you this…If Parker is making 3.5 million this year and that is more than Philip Hunt, Daniel Teo Nesheim and Daryll Tapp COMBINED, is it really worth it to keep him around? Is he that good that we could not use his salary to resign Vick, DJax or extend Trent Cole(who makes less than Parker)? In my opinion, Parker is overpaid and underperforming his current contract. In past years, we did not have any alternative to him and his salary was more affordable. I would be very surprised if he were not released. However, I will say that it is somewhat surprising that he is even on the roster still. reid usually releases his well respected vets early to give them a chance to catch on with another team. So maybe I am wrong.

  • No doubt in my mind that Parker’s a goner as long as Hunt & Teo prove in camp and in the Preseason games that they can contribute as Rotational players which is see no reason that they won’t (barring injury)

  • Fran – I hear you, but I don’t think comparing players’ salieries (within team) is part of the thought process at all. Teo is in his rookie deal – entirely different context so you’re comparing apples to oranges. I believe Cole was extended before so I don’t know how you say he’s making more than Parker. But the bottom line is football. Yeah, I’m sure the Eagles think money (duh!) but they also think football. I think consistent production from the DE position outweighs a minor financial burden. It was widely reported that the Eagles will have no money problems resigning Vick/DJax.

    I just think that all the arguments I see on here for cutting/trading Parker factor in everything except for FOOTBALL. Hey, maybe they move on, but a guy who hasn’t shown signs of declining yet, and is consistently productive (year to year) to me means a keeper.

  • One thing for sure about J Parker, Coach AR loves this guy and is one of his favorite players and knows what he has contributed to this team over the last few seasons.. It will be a tough call and Schiller is probably right, If Parker continues to show no drop-off in play, and is outperfoming the younger DE in Practices and Pre-Season games, then he stays regardless of $$$..

  • I agree with schiller about J Parker..I think some people are missing the point here. People seem to think that the Eagles are over the cap and actually have to release players..They are still a couple million under. I see Hanson, Patterson, McGlynn, Marlin all getting cut before Parker..which would give the eagles about 7-8 million more in space. Add Vick new contract and you could have 10 mill is space created.

    Fran I hear you but noone knows what Phillip Hunt and Teo can do in a real NFL game yet..Parker could prolly give us 10 sacks this year with Washburn and his style of keeping guys fresh which would benefit Parker from slowing down. And on top of that he is good against the run which is essential because thats what teams are going to attack us with primarily.

    The Eagles could also just ask him to take a pay cut. I don’t think he would be interested in moving to another city/team for 1-2 more years of playing esp when he has a good chance to win something here.

  • marsh on the prac squad? pman- he’d be grabbed in a minute.

  • I agree Stevo
    Marsh and Lindley make the squad for neither one of them would last on the Practice squad .. I really wish the NFL would change that rule and I am not sure that it was addressed in the new CBA bwetween Players and OWners
    I think each team should be able to get 10 Practice Squad players that are Teams Propery and no one elses.. and where you can move them up and down based on injuries, that occur over a Season. I think Drafting a young player, having them go thru camp only to be scooped up by another team is bogus .. I know the players may have another opportunity elsewhere but at the same time, the teams,coaches have invested a lot of time and engry into these young players without getting the benefit of keeping them for theeir own team.. I never understood this rule and don’t like it one bit.. This would really benefit the teams the Draft better and are good in player development and would take a little less pressure off of a team to always keep their Draft picks first and maybe lose a more experienced player that they signed or picked up along the way…

  • Schill, he gets hurt & wears down every year. IMO, he is not worth the $$$ he is owed.

  • Dd, I hear you and agree with everything you just said. I don’t think 90% of nfl players are worth the money their owed. In other news, I want my favorite football team to play well and win. I don’t want him to start, or certainly not every game, but I don’t want to go into the season without him. Taking him off the dline makes the dline worse. That’s a bad thing

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