• August 15, 2022

Eagles Haven’t Answered Questions At Right Tackle

The Eagles were concerned about the right offensive tackle position when training camp started and now with training camp having come to a close, they’re still concerned about it.

Winston Justice started there last season, but he’s trying to come back from microfracture surgery on his knee this past offseason. Quite honestly, when the season ended a year ago, we weren’t sure he could do the job, He was benched in the Packers game as he tried to play with the knee injury. We’re still not sure he can be the guy because he hasn’t practiced at all during the training camp.

Yesterday, Eagles head coach Andy Reid was asked about the condition of Justice.

“Well we’ll see, he’s close, he’s close right now”, Reid said. “He’s had a couple tough workouts here, and he is feeling better. We’re going to see when we get back there, Friday and Saturday, just exactly how he feels. We’ll reconvene on Saturday, but he might sneak over there and do his rehab work and make sure he’s ready.”

King Dunlap was the backup a year ago and he’s still on the scene. Dunlap who is 6’7” with tremendously long legs, which make it difficult for him to get underneath defensive linemen and prevent them from getting underneath him and driving him into the quarterback. He’s gotten stronger but I don’t know if he’s strong enough or a possessor of good enough technique to do the job.

At this point in his career, he’s still considered an unfinished project. You don’t start unfinished projects on what you believe is a Super Bowl-caliber team.

The final player in the battle for the starting right tackle position is Ryan Harris, who was signed as a free agent and started against the Ravens. He seemed like he was going to be the answer. Harris showed sound technique and good quickness.

I like the fact that he had started in 34 games for the Broncos and he’s a better pass blocker than run blocker, which is fine since he was going to be protecting Michael Vick’s blindside. I guess too many people spoke too much too soon.

Harris hasn’t practiced since the game last week. He’s been having back spasms and those spasms have kept him out of an entire week’s worth of practice. We have also learned that he’s had two back surgeries.

The time you mention an offensive lineman having back spasms after back surgery, my mind conjures up images of Shawn Andrews. If back spasms are keeping Harris out of action now, what’s to stop those same back spasms from sidelining him before the biggest game of the season.

So here we are with the second pre-season game approaching against the Pittsburgh Steelers and we’re going to ask Dunlap to start at right tackle and protect Vick from the likes of James Harrison and LeMarr Woodley. Even a blind man could see that Harrison and Woodely versus Dunlap isn’t a good matchup.

Yesterday, Reid talked about Dunlap getting the chance to start against the Steelers tomorrow night and treated it like it was no big deal.

“It’s an opportunity, right”, Reid said. “What more can you ask for being a football player? You’re given an opportunity to work with the ones so you go in and try to capture the moment.”

If I were coaching the Eagles against the Steelers, I would have a tight end and fullback lined up on Dunlap’s side helping him block either Harrison or Woodley. They can’t give one of these guys a shot at hitting Vick from his blindside.

Now concerning the right tackle situation going ahead, the answer to this problem might not be on the team. Reid has talked about Justice getting better and getting close to returning to action.

At moment they’re not willing to move left guard Todd Herremans to the position. I know it’s something they don’t want to do, but they may be forced into that move in the future.

Right now it’s just a waiting game. Can they acquire a starting right tackle in a trade or off the waiver wire? The other question is when will Harris and Justice be able to return to action. Stay tuned.


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  • Justice got benched against the packers because he quit on a play and allowed CMJ to make a critical tackle.

  • Dunlap is awful. VY better start warming up because Vick is gonna get crushed.

  • @Bugs
    you better hope Vick don’t get crushed…No Vick, hang up all your dreams of a SB! VY doesn’t even know the playbook yet….bring back KOLB! LMAO, just kidding!

  • I mentioned a couple of times on other articles for the Eagles to pursue/check out RT John Stinchomb who the NO Siants just released 2 days Ago.. He’s a 9 Year Veteran who has started every game since 2006 Season and was released in a Salary Cap move by the Saints.
    He was a Pro-Bowler in 2009 and obviously is used to pass-protection since the Saints pass the ball a lot too .. He’s only 29 years old and I don’t believe he’s had any major injuries/surgeries anytime recently ..

  • Stinchomb is the guy…if he’s not injured, get him in here. This RT situation is serious. They have to bring someone in.

  • Couple of ex-Eagles making the News pertaining to the Steelers

    Steeler’s add DB’s Kevin Dockery and former Eagle Macho Harris

    Steelers release WR Limas Sweed (A 2 nd Round Bust from Texas who was drafted 3-4 Seasons ago and has done absolutely nothing as a Pro) and
    TE Egene Bright who was in Camp a couple of times adn even on Practice Squad a year or 2 with the Eagles…

    I still can’t believe that many fans/posters actually thought that Macho Harris would become a front-line/Starter type of player for the Eagles 2-3 Years ago,,, My oh my , how times and ther Talent leve have changed for the Eagles in recent years…

  • Patriots Release OL Mark LeVoir..can play both Tackle spots…Roseman?

  • Unbelievable! Its amazing that the Eagles would subject M Vick to any type of injuries by allowing Dunlap to be on the field. I would love to see Reid and Martys face if Dunlap gets beat and Vick seperates his shoulder. No excuses Reid. You know what you are putting out there. No excuses. Everyone in America knows Dunlap cant play but you want to play with fire.

  • Wonder if McGlynn is getting reps at all at RT, he was a 2 Year Starter I believe at PItt at OT and did pretty well…Anyone notice how McGlynn and the other OL from Castillo’s time have fallen out of favor with H Mudd…
    Besides Peters and Herremans of course.. Every other one seems to be fighting for a spot and playing time (which is the way it should be)

  • I dont care Howard Mudd watches the same thing we all see. In camp its been reported Dunlap has been terrible. Last year he was terrible. He couldnt handle the speed rush and he got bull rushed on his ass. Mudd has the power to say I cant put Dunlap out there and he needs to be released. I doont feel comfortable allowing Dunlap to protect our franchise qb blindside in a meaningless preseason game.

  • dag – Mudd is an O line coach not the head coach which means he gets input BUT he coaches the resources they give him. Pretty much like a supervisor has to make the best of the employees the manager gives him to work with.

  • Blindspot year two. We might as well have resigned Shawn Andrews to the minimum instead of bringing in a lesser talent in Harris with similar back issues.

  • Every team will line up their best lineman on the blindside and I’ll tell you what….If Vick gets smacked around because we ignored the blindspot…all Superbowl bets are off….To tell you the truth..Vick’s blindside should have been the number one priority.
    No right tackle…The quarterback gets killed.
    No quarterback….no chance.

  • How many times have we heard how versitle every offensive lineman the Eagles have drafted are????

    Put a freakin healthy football player on the man’s blindside!!

    The Steelers are pissed that the got embarrassed in the preseason opener. They are going to start the game on fire. Looking to make a statement against the dream team.

    I will resist the temtation to blame the front office since they at least got Harriss here in the first place. But now that he is back to his “I’m hurt, and can’t play mode” get a healthy body in here now. If the Saints OL is available then sign him. Cut Dunlap. He should have never been on the roster in the first place. You have given this PROJECT plenty of time to pan out. He is what he is.

    Or keep Dunlap and show me how smart you are with all this versitility you’ve been given the public with the 20 offensive linemen that have been drafted in the Andy Reid era.

    Just when I’ve allowed myself to buy in to the All-In rethorec, don’t do something stupid and let Vick get smacked like the start of the Greenbay game you had 2 weeks to get ready for and start the game with Vick getting smashed.

  • If it’s Kelce next to the Rook, I’m more worried about “A” and “B” gap than “C”. If the Rook gets beat in the “B” gap, G has already anointed Dunlap the scapegoat. On the other hand if Vick gets bushwhacked just once because of Dunlap, I’d move Herremans over there immediately during the Steelers game.

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