• May 16, 2022

Jackson Pleased About Fitzgerald Record Deal, Knows He’s Not There Yet

Eagles Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson made it very clear that he was happy about the record contract signed by Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. “Congratulations to him. … He got a good contract, so, of course,” Jackson said Monday at the NovaCare Complex following practice. Fitzgerald “is a good friend of mine.”

Jackson didn’t say it but he knows that Fitzgerald’s deal will help him, even though he readily admits that he hasn’t reached the Arizona receiver’s level just yet.

“He’s been in the league, of course, a longer time than me,” Jackson said. “It’s his third deal. As far as him being a different player than myself and to compare us and what type of receivers we are — he’s a totally different receiver than I am.”

When you compare the two players, the big thing that jumps out at you is the fact that Fitzgerald catches almost twice the number of passes as Jackson, despite the little guy is very close to him in yards gained. Jackson is a home run hitter, while Fitzgerald gets more singles and doubles.

Fitzgerald has averaged 93 catches for 1,220 yards, 13.1 yards a catch and 10 receiving TDs in seven NFL seasons. He’s nearly impossible to stop because he will go inside and catch the ball over the middle. He make plays downfield by going up and taking the ball from a defender. He makes the tough catch in a crowd and takes the hit.

Jackson is a completely different type of receiver. He doesn’t catch nearly as many passes, but when he does catch them, they’re nearly always big plays. He tends to work downfield and has stopped catching any passes across the middle. In three seasons, Jackson has averaged 57 catches, 1,041 yards, 18.3 yards a catch and 6 TDs over the same span three-year span as Fitzgerald.

“He’s a good player. He’s one of the top receivers in the NFL, like myself,” Jackson said. “Of course, when it comes down to that. Yeah, but, money-wise or stats-wise I won’t compare none of that stuff. I just take care what I’ve got to take care of.”


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  • nice to hear

  • I suspect D-Jax and his Agent will not be very happy with the Eagles Offer
    (either will M Vick and his advisors)… Take a good look at these players this year for it may be their last season together or individually with the Eagles Team
    Do not get too attached emotionally to either one ..

  • Eagles will have to pay a little more to keep both vick and jackson or all these offseason acquisitions mean nothing, the fans will freak out. Both deals should be be done before the regular season starts.

  • If the Eagles aren’t gonna meet his demands, I say they help the Raiders keep their speed trend going and trade him for their 1st round pick…..lol

  • $7.5m- $8.5m per, 3-4 years. That’s it. Take it or leave it! End of story. He is half Fitzgerald’s size, & is nowhere as consistent. His yardage is similar due to the deep routes. Fitz gets many more balls & takes a pounding just like Andre & Calvin Johnson. I like DJax but he doesn’t get a huge contract, due to his size, injury history & inconsistency. He was shying away from the center of the field & hits at the second half of last year. That’s not a good sign.

  • Look — we at least have Desean for this year and next. If we don’t win a Superbowl in that time frame (I’m predicting we get close this year and win it next year, although I would LOVE it this year) — let him move on.

    Desean has TWO years to prove he can be the leader of this receiving corps and be the go to guy and not drop to the grass on a screen pass — it’s put up or shutup now.

  • Isn’t D-Jax a Free-Agent after this Season Birdo..
    This is his 4th Season in the NFL and his rookie deal should be up…

  • Hit me up for the fantasy league. Have some spots left. There are about 4 spots out there with invitations sent and not accepted yet. If you got an invite, please accept or you will be removed by the end of the week.

    Hit me up for an invite astuckey05 at gmail .com

  • Pay the Man Now!!! D-Jax has outplayed his current contract. We shouldn’t let this go into the season. They need to find a way to meet in the middle and get it done before the preseason is over!!!!!

  • Paulman, learn how the Eagles work. If we want to keep him, we will franchise him.

  • I don’t see them Fanchising a WR who would then average $10-$12 Million for 1 year at the Franchise Tag with all the big Contracts that have been given out recently to players like FItz/Holmes/Rice/V Jackson/B Marshall/A Johnson which has probably doubled the Salary the last couple of years.. The Eagles would rather just lock in Steve Smith and develop another speed/deep threat..

  • If Desean was JUST a receiver like Steve Smith is, I would agree with you.

  • I bet D-Jax doesn’t field 10-15 Punts this year.. He is going to protect his ass…
    He’s not the Full-time Punt Returner lie he was when he broke into the NFL..
    and I wouldn’t be suprised to see the Eagles have Dion Lewis and DCR try returning some Putns on occasion..

  • Wrong Pman- Vick will be here for years to come. Djack will have to bend a little to stay but i think it will get done. Once again you will be proven wrong.

  • I hope so Stevo,
    I hope they lock both Vick and D-Jax up for the next 4-5 Seasons..
    I thnik they will with Vick, but I am not so sure about D-Jax..

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