• May 17, 2022

Eagles Defense Was Impressive With An Assist From The Browns

The Eagles defense, especially the pass defense has the potential of being great. I didn’t say they were great but I said they have the potential. If the defensive line rushes the passer like you saw on the Asante Samuel interception, they should be very tough to move the ball on by season’s end.

Last night they put together a dominating performance against the Browns passing attack. If the Birds get a team in 2nd and long or 3rd and long, they have them where they want them. On the other hand, if a team pounds the ball at them with a strong running attack, I don’t have the confidence that this Eagles defense can stop them.

I’m still not excited about their run defense. We saw Cleveland test the Birds run stopping ability only a few times.

Cleveland’s head coach Pat Shurmur did the Eagles a favor by letting his truck of a running back, Peyton Hills have the night off. Hillis ran the ball only three times for 18 yards. On his first carry he dropped his shoulder and pounded the Birds right up the middle as the Browns picked off the linebackers and rest of the interior defense.

If it were a regular season game, Hillis would have been running the ball up the gut and punishing tacklers all night long. I understand Shurmur’s thinking because Hillis didn’t practice on Tuesday because of a hamstring strain and he wants to keep him fresh for the season.

Asante Samuel picked off Colt McCoy last night and it wasn’t even a surprise. This was one time when Samuel didn’t even have to bait the quarterback into making the throw. He squatted on the route and hid behind the wide out for a split second, so that McCoy would throw the ball. Once he let it go, Samuel appeared and picked it off. This pick was due to the pass rush.

Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins ran a pass rush game, which worked like a charm. Jenkins started things out by attacking the guard to get his attention, but not to the point where he was getting engaged with him. Babin came off the ball on the snap and headed upfield. He then came inside which made the tackle slide inside to keep him blocked. Babin made the play by running into the guard as he went inside.

He grabs onto the tackle for a second or two as he follows him inside. Jenkins comes around outside and there’s nobody there to block him. He attacked McCoy and the quarterback let the ball go without following through. He did an Eli Manning by turning away from the hit as he let the ball go. it was a beautiful pass rush game and it resulted in an interception.

Nmandi Asomugha showed us some of his tight coverage ability. He uses his long arms to jam receivers then he glides along side-by-side with them with ease. McCoy came his way a few times and completed one of them. He tried a deep pass, but Asomugha was right there, so the wide out pushed off and was called for it.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – DRC almost had himself an interception on a play early in the game. He broke for the football, but missed it and the pass was caught by the wide out. He used his speed to come off the corner and block an attempted field goal early in the game.

Kurt Coleman is currently the Eagles best safety. He should have had an interception when he made a great drive to the ball near the sideline. He’s not that big, but he brings everything he has when he hits somebody. I expect he and Jarrad Page to be the starters at safety when the season starts.

Jarrad Page is a competitor who has a good understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish in each coverage. He does a good job of attacking the line of scrimmage when he reads run. Page seems to have quick recognition of plays even though he doesn’t possess stand out speed.


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  • I believe Coach Spags and his Staff are licking their chops in the Opening Game match-up with Eagles and Rams.

    #1) Rams have a strong Rushing attack with big-stong backs like Steven Jackson (235lbs) Cadillac Williams (220 lbs) & Jerious Norwood who at 5-11 210lbs is their 3rd Down back out of the backfield..I expect them to Rush the ball 40-45 times versus the Eagles front 7 and only have Bradford throw 15-20 Passes all game which most will be the short,safe check down passes basically eliminating the Eagles Defensive Strengths which is their CB’s and and Pass Rush. Then I expect other strong rushing teams
    to copy this strategy until Eagles prove they can stop the run or if the Eagles Offense starts clikcking and can score points early to jump on teams forcing them to abandon the run.

    #2) Rams DL is better than most people think
    At DT there are Veterans Fred Robins & Justin Bannan,to go along with D Muir and G Gibson
    At DE, there is Pro-Bowler Chris Long & James Hall who both are coming off strong seasons last year and are just hitting their primes to play with youngsters Robert Quinn (1st Round Draft Pick) and George Selvie who was steal in the 2009 Draft pick and is finally healthy..

    At LB, the Rams have upgraded with J Laurenitis at MLB and N Diggs and B Leber on the OLB with strong Reserves in B Kehl and B Poppinger

    This Ram Front 7 Collectively rivals any team the EAgles will face (outside the Bears) are far as size,quickness and strength.. and with Coach SPags tutledge and understanding of the Eagles Offense and Coach AR/MM tendancies.. I think the Eagles are in for a rude awakening in Week #1

    The Rams Defensive Weakness is out on the CB positon,but if the Eagles can’t protect Vick and give him time to set up.. Then the Eagles and Vick will b eunable to take advantage…

    Week #1 Rams 24 – Eagles 16 with the Rams totaling close to 185 Yards Rushing between their 3 headed monster Rushing attack

  • paulman, what kind crack are you smoking??? their linebackers are as weak as ours, and their seconday is full of scrubs …

    last year it was the 49ers that were the best young team that were going to beat us (look what they did … awesome season), now it’s the rams??? you are crazy as hell man … sam bradford is an overrated QB. Yes he played decent last year, but he also played against the seahawks, the 49ers, and the cardinals 6 times. kolb will oushine him this year in that weak ass division!!!

    one more thing … with dixon and patterson back, and with jenkins as well, our run D will be solid!!!

  • Dr Bridge,
    Are you saying that the Eagles LB Corp of Chaney,Matthews & Fokou are as good or on par as the Rams J Laurenitis,Ben Leber and N Diggs..
    Where did you get your medical liscence from, Barbados… C’mon Doc…

  • take away Laurenitis and I’d agree with that, but he’s solid

  • Newsflash: It was the friggin Cleveland Steamers.

  • Paulman expect alot of 8 in the box and run blitzes. The Eagles arent gonna allow anyone to continuosly run the ball. Nnamdi,A sante and DRC will be asked to lock up the recievers 1 on 1 with no help which they are paid alot of money to do.

  • You wont win against the Eagles by just running the ball. Especially if you dont have a dominant defense. You wont score encough points. Greenbay almost cost themselves a superbowl by just running the ball against the Eagles last year in the playoffs. Their defense did just enough. Greenbay could of put up 40 if they kept passing. IMO

  • G,
    Dude I love your knowledge, but I disagree. They will be very easy, to move the ball on. Their LB’s are flat out horrifying, & the safeties are playing like a bunch squirrels, trying to find a nut, in a mine field! It’s going to be a long year, if they don’t fix the LB’s & Safeties. I don’t care if they even had an entire D-line & CB crew of HOF players. It ain’t gonna matter if you can’t stop the run, the TE’s & short passing game. Your OF won’t get on the field because of the time of possession. Also, I don’t know if the red zone DF, is better or not yet. They have been horrific & beat inferior OF’s in Baltimore & Cleveland. Let’s not get chunked up & crazy with how good they looked!

    RUN, Cleveland steamers. Classic!! LMFAO!!

  • The shift in the line should help a little.The Eagles will need alot from Mccoy and better hope Maclin and Jackson can play opening day.

    Eagles 22 Rams 17

    Late turnover costs Rams chance to win.

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