• January 25, 2022

Eagles Cut Down To 53 Today At 6pm

The Eagles will announce the final cut today near the 6pm hour, meaning they will announce the cuts at 6pm but the names will leak out a little before then.

Cuts Are Tough On Young Players – Football fans have no idea how hard today is on young football players. The youngsters who wake up today on NFL rosters have been chasing a dream of being an pro football player for more than a decade. That dream can be snuffed out today with the sentence, “The coach wants to see you and bring your playbook”.

They have been some of the best football players in the nation while competing in high school and college. They’ve have overcome all kind of obstacles to get to this point but it could all end today if they don’t make it past the cutdown.Many of these players have spent countless hours chasing the dream.

The Eagles must make decisions on the offensive line today. Should they keep ten offensive linemen or nine?

Nine or Ten Offensive Line – Nine or ten on the offensive line – Reggie Wells played right tackle on Thursday night and he can play both the guard or the tackle. King Dunlap will back as will Jamaal Jackson in all likelihood. Mike McGlynn started all year in 2010, but I believe he’s going to be released today.

Offensive Line – One guy, Jason Peters, is the only Eagles offensive lineman who will be playing the same position on the line as he did in 2011.

If practice means a lot, then don’t tell me that the Eagles offense will be hitting on all cylinders at the start of the season even though, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin haven’t worked very much with Michael Vick. doesn’t mean anything.

Wide Receiver – Will the Eagles keep Chad Hall or Sinorice Moss? Moss is faster, but Hall knows the offense better. Hall hasn’t been much of a return guy. He could play every one of the wide receiver positions. How soon will Steve Smith return to action?

Dion Lewis is very impressive, runs through tacklers, breaks tackles, will be kickoff return man for Birds
Dion Lewis could be utilized on punt returns, put together package for Lewis

Defensive Line – Juqua Parker is on the bubble, along with Phillip Hunt and Daniel Te’o Nesheim. I think Parker is in trouble because of the $4 million he costs against the cap.

Defensive Tackle – We’ll see if Trevor Laws will get the nod over Anthony Hargrove and Derrick Landri.

Linebackers – I see rookie Greg Lloyd put on the practice squad.

Secondary – Joselio Hanson will likely be traded, which will allow the Birds to hang onto three young corners Curtis Marsh, Trevard Lindley and Brandon Hughes.

Kickers and punters – They got rid of Jorrick Calvin already. We’ll have to wait and see, they’ve been up and down,


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  • I like Moss over Hall for the 6th WR has to be able to contribute on SPecial Teams and I don’t see Hall doing much t ocontribute on ST.. As far as some of the packages Coach AR had for him last season in the Backfield, those plays will go to DIon Lewis who is much more talented player and runner/reciever than Hall is..
    Along the OL, I think they keep 10 due to the moving around all the players have made and I think they will lean to keep Veterans Jackson and R Wells and let McGlynn walk (who Coach Mudd has not seemed to like at all this entire camp for some reason)
    DL is another position where they have kept 10 in the Past but will probably go with 9 since they have some DT’s who can rush from the outside DE spot too (Jenkins/Hargrove)
    I do see them keeping 6 CB and releaseing Hanons, who I doubt another team would trade for and assume his Contract Salaary when everybody knows the EAgles will release him anyways.. I could see a tem giving up a 6th Round pick, but I cannot see a team assuming his $2.4 Salary

  • PFT is reporting Moss has been released. How do they get that before the Eagles website?

  • Reuben Frank is also reporting Chad Hall has been released.

  • NFC East web-site has both Moss & Hall as released also..

  • Other Notables Players released around the NFL

    Bears – RB Chester Taylor, DT Marcus Harrison
    Cowboys – Starters from last year in DE Igor Olshlansky , FB- C Gronkowski
    Giants – Released infamous Punter Matt Dodge
    Pats – RB S Morris and DE Eric Moore
    Broncos – CB Perrish Cox (who has outsantding charges of beating up his girlfriend and weapons charges hanging over him)

    On a side note, I think it’s bogus how Commisioner gave no punishments to the TItans WR K Britt (who was arrested 3 times this Off-Season) and to
    TB Bucs CB – A Talib (who has serious charges of assault with a weapon in which a person died in his hometown of Dallas back after the Holidays)

    Just wanted to voice the inconsistency that Goodell has managed players bad behavior off the field and both of these players I mentioned are bad news and have had other off-the field issues


  • G-Man posted on FaceBook that DL A Hargrove was added to the release list, which means the T Laws most likley makes the Roster… which is a bad move..

  • Other Notable Cuts

    Rams – WR M Gilyard and LB Z Diles
    Vikings – TE/FB J Dugan, LB-Special Teamer – H Farwell

    Falcons Owner Arthur Blank and his Wife have Separated..

  • Derrick Landri was just released. I just dont understand what they loved about Laws over both Landri and Hargrove. Also Winston Justice has agreed to a paycut to remain with team.

  • Brandon Merriweather released by Pats. hmmmm do you take a look?

  • Mistake in letting LAndri & HArgorve go..
    With Patterson’s uncertainty due to his condition or has another episode and Law’s misss practices for a hang-nail,they are going to be missing these players who show up every day to practice.. SO instead Dixon and Jenkins will play 60 snaps a game and will get worn down,injured, etc,etc as thre Season progresses
    I have officially down-graded the Eagles Overall Record to 9-7 for 2011 amd actualyl miss the Playoffs.. (they will blame D-Jax, because of a bad attitude since he received no Contract entension and all hell breaks loose come late Decemeber/end of the Season)

  • Agreed. Not only was I hoping for Landri AND Hargrove we keep neither? The final roster spot at d-tackle should of been a battle between Laws, Patterson and Dixon.

  • ok, how bout, hanson for briggs? we toss in a 5 th round pick…. problem he wants to get paid, who do we cut from lb core that makes to much money.?

  • Eagles release OL Mike McGlynn, bot this Howard Mudd didn’t like anyone from last years line did he… and all this time Coach AR and team were propping up J Castillo as a great OL Coach.. where are his disciples… This may not bode too well for th eDefense of the Eagles which is maybe why they need 11 Pro-Bowl players on Defense to make up for Castillo’s shortcomings.. Good Grief..

  • 2000man
    No team (even if they need a CB) will take take on Hanson’s Contract at $2.4 Million, Everyone knows the EAgles are going to release him so wait until tommorrow and get him for a league minimum if you are the other team in need

    Now if the Eagles made a package deal with the Bears, Say Celek or D Lee and Hanson for Briggs, then they may be interested but Bears are solid at Cb, they need help along the OL, TE and WR

  • here is whats goin on paulman, AR wants to get rid of castillo, but he didnt have the balls, so he let him go to the D , where he will fail and have to be let go, finally…. this year is a rebuilding year,

  • we should of held on to s moss as well to sweetin that pot you spoke of, and or maybe some picks?

  • paulman
    I have been reading your stuff for a while, good stuff, just wondering at this point, what do they do to get to a SB , and djax is my favorite player, what do you pay him if you are the eagles FO

  • 2000man, I hear you on the desire to add a proven vet at LB (duh!). But please tell me 1 reason why the Chicago bears would desire AT ALL to trade away Briggs? It takes two to tango. Just because a player wants to be traded (in hopes to get more money) that does not mean that the team is willing to do it.

    You can dream all you want, but keep that in mind…

  • I just don’t see a team that plays against Adrian Peterson twice a year, and plays against the Packers twice a year voluntarily making themselves worse at linebacker. Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Hey, Songs, Run, DD and other haters out there, – anyone who always claims the pats draft perfect and are the model the Eagles should follow, please take a look now. They just cut Brandon Merrywhether (intentionally misspelled), 1rst round pick. And Tate, 3rd round pick. They have been pretty bad at picking secondary players for a long time coming now. Sure rodney harrison played well back in the day, and they drafted Devin McCourtry last year who looks real good, but overall…… seems like you guys have been overexaggerating their drafting prowess (or more likely, out of touch with reality/other teams).

  • your right schiller, lol, a man can dream…. how do we get briggs, that would be killer if we could

  • Eagles just released CB J Hanson.. (who I stated would not be traded for no team was goign to assume that $2.4 Million Salary of his.. )
    He will get lots of calls (Giants, Panthers,Cowboys) and can be selective and end up with a pretty good deal if he plays his cards right..

    Side note– Bears released TE Desmond Clark leaving their Roster very thin at TE.. Maybe the Eagles package a TE & WR for Briggs)

  • what receiver are you thinking paulman?

  • how about D.LEE and a third round pick?

  • x that , lee got cut. how can we get briggs!!!!! fuk! im obsessing …hahahah , really imo, we give them 3 4 5 picks, fuk it, were so close.

  • I told you yesterday paul, mike, martz (currently chi off. coordinator), doesn’t believe in using the tight end in his offense, hence shipping away greg olson. He values the position less than reid values lbs!

  • How much you want to bet that the Bears pick-up a TE before the Season starts. (maybe not from the EAgles, but they will add a pass-receiving TE.. with the WR’s they have, Cutler has to throw to someone doesn’t he… C’mon Man

  • D Lee is another mistake of releasing… This Eagle team went from Super Bowl COntendor to 1st Round PLayoff exit in muy opinion
    TE Celek, C Jackson, DT Patterson, DT Laws, are all average at best NFL Players and the Eagles haven’t won with since they’ve been here..
    Why nit D Lee, D Landri or A HArgrove.. the more things change, the more things stay the same… very dissappoining on who they have cut this afternoon that better hope no injuries occur to any current DT’s or TE

  • To Schiller
    I will go out on a limb and state the Bears sign TE D Lee tomorrow..
    Yeas I am predicting the future with no hard evidence but it will happen..
    Lee played for Bears rival PAckers and I am sure they would like to pick his brain about their team/formations,etc,etc but bottom line is the Bears still need a TE who can catch and block and the Eagles just released the best one of their Roster in my opinion.. This will come back to bite the Eagles…

  • Ok Paul, we’ll see.

  • We wanted the Eagles to get Pouncy last offseason’s draft….and was sold McGlynn was the answer.

    Remember you guys said give him a chance?

    That we should trust Reid’s evaluation?


    Where is he right now?

    Here’s the kicker….Landri showed much promise just like Babin did on his first tour with us….But what do we do?

    We keep Laws instead of Landri.

    Similar to how we chose to draft Graham instead of re-signing Babin…

    We’ll just cut Laws next season and wait for Landri to have a monster season and become a free agent…..Then we’ll sign him for 7 times the amount we could have kept him for the first go around.

    Here’s a kicker.

    Segrest lost his job because Winston Justice stole the negatives from him of Reid in a compromising position.

    Yes Folks…This Loser named Justice…The same guy who gave up more sacks in one game than any eagle in the history of the game, made the cut.

    Why does this team hold on to players when it’s evident they’re not good?

    Trade for Briggs now!!!!!

    Get Matthews out of th starting lineup!

    Bench Watkins now!

    Slide Kelce in his spot and start Jackson in the center of our line…Then we’ll be ready to ball.

  • Songs, what are you talking about with Segrest? He was a special teams coach, followed by a DL coach. Winston Justice is an offensive lineman. So what da heck are you talking about?

    And why would the Bears want to let go of Briggs?

  • Good stuff Songs…but you know who we have as our HC and FO, they always realize their mistakes afterwords not before hand. I agree with your assessmant especially concerning Laws.

  • We just have to go with what we got

  • Rocko, ha, isn’t that a universal due to the definition of ‘mistake’?

  • Come again Schill…

  • KC Chiefs put rising TE T Moeaki on season ending IR list with a knee Injury..
    Look for the Chiefs/Bears talk to D Lee about a job…

    COlts released Head-case DT TOmmie Harris who played well for them, but appearantly made few freinds in the Locker Room and with teh Coachign Staff.. They will probably talk to HArgrove or LAndri

  • Chiefs will make a run at Released Safety B Merriweather who was scouted/draft by Scott Pioli wo is now GM of the Chiefs and came from the Patriots..

  • Brandon Merriweather RELEASED BY PATRIOTS??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the eagles don’t jump on this…they’re crazy!!!!

    cut page and Nate Allen and sign Merriweather immediately.

    he’s better than all our safeties in one.

  • songs, wait let me get this straight. You claim that the patriots are the almighty best drafting team, who never mises in the first few rounds. And now, they let go one of their 1rst rounders, and you are sure he’s better than what we have? That makes no sense (not surprising from you but….).

    if the patriots are so good at evaluating talent and who will play well in the NFL, then wouldn’t their trash be true trash?

  • There is something else going on behind the scenes with Merriweather who was a Pro-Bowl player the last 2 Seasons.. Who cares where and when he was drafted, but you don’t release Pro-Bowl players unless there is some off the field, locker-room situation, insubordination has ocurred..
    The Eagles will not entertain at looking at Merriweather, Eagles are happy with their Safety situation
    Merriweather will sign a deal Sunday with the KC Chiefs to reunite & play for the GM who drafted hin in Scott Pioli. Merriweather awill b eteamed with Eric Berry to form on of thre NFL’s best Safety tandems for the next 6-8 Seasons..

  • Schill, when did I ever praise the Pats!? I hate NE! I love my Philly teams. Are you on drugs or partying hard this weekend!? Get your $#!T right, before you accuse people of something. Put your head back in Reid’s colon, you STUPID CLOWN!!!!

  • BTW, Billi chick is a miserable @$$#OLE! I hate the Pats, & everything from BAHHSTON!

  • DD, sorry if I got the haters confused. To be clear though, while you’re defending yourself against like the pats, I never said anyone on this site does or did. What I did say, and what is true, is that in criticizing the Eagles draft record, several people on this site who I habitually refer to as haters, songs, run, etc. etc…. remarked about how the pats and steelers etc.. are expert drafters and how those posters are envious of those teams. Being envious of their drafting abilities/track record is different from disliking them in the first place. So chill, as someone who once lived in boston for 5 years and who is notorious for hating the pats (I had he spygate rule in large bold print on my refidgerator in Boston and I regularly wore an Asante Samuel Eagles jersey to instigate banter with good effect. I get it and I would NEVER acuse any Eagles fan (from Monlith to Paulman to Songs) of liking the pats, it just doesn’t fit in to any type of Eagles fans’ belief system.

    My point was that many fans think the pats draft much better than the Eagles. And while it’s probably true for linebacker and oline in the Bill BeliCHEAT era, the Eagles DEFINITELY have the edge in RB, WR, CB etc…. it’s really about even how many picks end up working out between the pats and the Eagles. Its just that ‘the grass is always (ironic color here) greener on the other side…’ that’s the crux of most ‘hater’ ‘negadelph’ etc… eagles fans – they are reasonably frustrated (that’s part of being a sports fan of any city, let alone the championship drought for a long time, though same could be said for boston, chicago cubs, ny knicks, ny jets… etc…) but they often displace and express that frustration in irrational ways.

  • Schill …Merriweather is a pro bowler…Pats didn’t release him because of his talent.

    There’s not one pro bowler on our team at safety and we’ll be hard pressed thinking any of these guys in the position on this team will ever get a pro bowl.

    Merriweather can hit and cover…..he have an intimidation factor and last I checked..Belchick got him before we could get him.

    If we would have drafted him a got 2 pro bowls out of him (before the Pats grabbed him from under our noses)…..We would say that was a successful draft pick…Right?

    Nate Allen intimidates no one….and with the injury?

    and will never get a pro bowl…let alone two.

    Go after Merriweather now and cut Allen.

  • Schill…you are out of your mind…In Andy Reid’s era ..have we ever drafted a corner better than Asante Samuel?

    How in the hell you can say we draft corners better than the Pats…When we let our top corners go to give contracts to the Pats corners Asante Samuel then the next year Ellis Hobbs?

    That was saying Reid believed Those two corners from the Pats were better than the Corners we drafted.

    Think before you type.

    Then you go on record and claim we draft recievers better than the Pats.

    OK…Remember Deion Branch and what he did to us in the Superbowl?

    Every knows the Eagles just recently started drafting good recievers.

    We were crying for years with the likes of Pinkston, Na Brown, Freddie Mitchell.


    You’re crazy claiming the Eagles drafted better corners and recievers compared to the Pats in Reid’s era.

    Wake up!!

  • so songs, 1 reciever versus multiple and recent (your points) goes to the one? Wow, no wonder you see the eagles so strangly, you don’t know how to calculate a win! And asante sure, but sheldon and lito? Name another good pats corner. Hobbs was a return guy first and foremost.

  • Schill, If Hobbs was a return guy first and foremost…..Why did we sign him to replace Sheldon Brown?

    Did the Eagles believe Hobbs was a better corner than Sheldon Brown?

  • Pats top CB D McCourtney (from Rutgers) mnade the Pro-Bowl last year as a ROokie which is almost unheard of from the CB postion.. but they have had a lot of High Draft picks not pan out in recent years at DB and WR..
    They just released WR Brandon Tate who was a 2nd or 3rd Round pick a couple years back , CB Darrius Butler draafted in the 2nd ROund a couple years back has not lived up to their expectations, 3rd Round OLB T McKenzie from a couple years ago was cut . The Bottom line is the Pats trade away Veterans who don’t fit thier schemes and obtain lots of Draft picks, they trade out of the 1st Round and even early 2nd Round to accumulate more 3rd/4th and future picks.. The one thing you have to admit though, the Patriots will not hang onto young players after 2-3 Seaons if they feel they are not good fits for thei rsystem, they are not afraid to cut the chord and move on (which is probably why they are successful each year) where the remainder of the NFL (Eagles included) have a tendancy to hang onto Dfrat picks (especially from the Top 3 Rounds) and give then every chance to succeed to somehow substaniate their Draft status.. Sometiomes it’s just not a good fit for the player and the team, It doesn;t mean the player is a bust, it just means that player doesn’t fit th emold or have the skill set to play at a high level in your schemes.. I was glad the Eagles released DE T Neisham for I think he’s a huslter and maybe hook up with someone else, but wharn it’s ovious to even us fans that the player is overmatches, not physically strong enough at the point of attack and you are playing along the DL, who can you be successful.. Teo, like Gcogong, B Smith, R Sapp are stand up OLB/DE’s in a 3-4 Scheme and do 1 thing well, and that’as get after the QB in passing situations, and since the Eagles don’t play this type of scheme, I wonder and have stated numerous time, why bother even selecting these type of smallish fastballs who can’t stand their ground stop to stop the rush, and can’t drop back in pass coverage as a OLB needs to.. They are strictly situational players in the Eagles scheme and good for about 5-10 Plays a game and if you are need of players to fit this bill, you can find them in the mid to later rounds and not use Top 3 Rounds for these type of players

  • 2 spots left guys. I’ve been out of the country. Send me an email for an invite astuckey05 @ gmail. com . Draft is Wed at 8pm.

  • C’mon posters, let’s fill up this GCobb FF league and can anyone beat Paulman

  • how do i get in pman?
    email address willpen24 @yahoo.com

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