• May 17, 2022

Hugh Douglas: Jack Del Rio “needs to be punched in the face”

If you’ve ever heard former Eagles Pro Bowl defensive end Hugh Douglas talk about his time in Jacksonville with the Jaguars, you know that he’s got no love for Jags head coach Jack Del Rio.

Douglas took his dislike for Del Rio to another level when he talked about the coaches decision to release starting quarterback David Garrard after naming him the starting quarterback.

“This is not unlike Jack because he did Byron Leftwich the same way,” Douglas said on ESPN Radio. “If there was ever a coach who needs to be punched in the face for not being truthful to his players, it’s Jack Del Rio.”

The former star pass rusher believes that the Jaguars players aren’t listening to Del Rio any more because they know they can’t trust the coach.

It is amazing or a problem with making decisions that a coach decides to release his starting quarterback about a week before his first game of the season. It’s got to shake up his team quite a bit.

“I can’t believe that those guys in Jacksonville believe what Jack Del Rio is selling,” Douglas said.

Del Rio might have bungled the Jacksonville quarterback situation, but if he finds a way to make the playoffs, everything will be alright. On the other hand if they have another losing season, he’ll likely be fired.


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  • LOL…My Dude Hugh

  • G-Man, didn’t you play with Del Rio back at USC and with the Cowboys..
    Was he always a jerk.. I think the Jaguars Franchise will be relocated to
    Los Angeles within the next 2 Years..

  • It is kind of funny, since Coach Del Rio said the same thing about H Douglas
    about his play, his big contract and overall lack of production during his time there after he bolted the Eagles to play for the Jags…

  • Way to go Hugh my man! Brutal honesty! I love it! Remind me to buy you a round & shot at Chickies, when I see you again. Love the guy! Pure Philly. Garrard sucks anyways & Del Rio is a d*ck! MJD is the only stud on that team, worth a damn!

  • G:
    An NFL coach not being a man of his word? SHOCKING!
    Del Rio has impressed me with his results. And, all due respect to a player I loved when he played for the Eagles, Hugh Douglas got his money. Del Rio regretted the decision to spend it on Hugh – and he was plain about it. When HD returned we all saw that his skills had diminished.
    The last time Del Rio did this the league saw that Garrard over Leftwich was the right move in the end. I give the benefit of the doubt to Del Rio. I don’t like his methods, nor are they my type. But, he’s a survivor, and although his teams are inconsistent, they usually outperform expectations. That equals good coaching. Maybe even very good coaching.
    I don’t care about Hugh’s feelings or yours, frankly, G. Results are what matters in the NFL – and life. Hugh needs to get a grip. So does Garrard, who will still make a fortune in the NFL one way or other.

  • ^^^^^^ must be on drugs

  • Get’em Hugh tell them how you really feel. That was totally classless what they did to Garrard. I don’t care how he was playing. They had plenty of opportunity to save face and do it respectably. No worries though, you reap what you sow.

  • Andrew Walter Reid

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