• January 25, 2022

Source: Michael Vick Has Been Cleared To Play On Sunday

You’ve heard that saying about being careful about what you wish for because sometimes you might get it.

Justin Tuck, Antrel Rolle, and other Giants talked about wanting to play the Eagles with Michael Vick at the helm. Well it seems like they’re going to get their wish.

I just learned from an NFL source that Vick has been cleared to play in the game on Sunday. That means he has been taken all the necessary tests and been examined by an independent neurologist. Therefore the talented signal caller is cleared to play in the game on Sunday.

The Eagles just confirmed that he was evaluated and cleared to practice today by a neurosurgeon.

According to Eagles head coach Andy Reid, Michael Vick was a full participant in practice today. He wouldn’t get into any of the specifics about what he did or didn’t do.

I can understand why the Eagles don’t want Vick to talk to the media today. Continued uncertainty about the Eagles quarterback situation has to give the Giants a degree of uncertainty about what they should work on during practice.


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  • Shocking.

  • and now back to our regulary scheduled LB bit*hig.

    Pman- i need the names, heights and weights of all remaining LB’s on the FA market. An update on their knees as well plz.

  • Excellent development. We just aint the same without the Big Boss Man.

  • We can win this one without Vick, why take the chance. We need Vick late in the season, the level of risk being taken for the level of return does not make sense in my opinion. Andy, come on, where is the risk/reward balance here. Vick is a Viking, he wants to go to battle, you have to hold him back for the good of the team. Nice move on the LB’s Juan, it did not work so make an adjustment, nice to see the Eagles making needed adjustments. I thought I was in the wrong city when Big Red said he made a mistake getting too conservative, nice to hear him be honest. I like the changes in the team, its like Buddy Ryan meets Dick Vermil

  • eddie i agree with you for the most part.
    i felt the same about vick, but he was borderline concussion and the tests are extremely difficult
    he passed and is clear to play which means basically normal
    im still sitting him in fantasy, and im starting cam newton lol
    but on a serious note, glad vick is healthy. were def a better team with him

  • This is one of the dumbest things that Reid will do, if he plays! If he goes out & gets another concussion Sunday, Reid needs to be fired, on the spot! You know the Giants will be gunning for him. You just gave this guy $80m+. Now your putting him out there a week after a concussion & neck injury. Brilliant, f^#@ing brilliant!!!! Oh well!!!

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