• January 25, 2022

Vick Needs To Expect The Blitz From HIs Left Side

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is going to play on Sunday. He’s coming off a game in which he was knocked out of the game because he sustained a concussion in the third quarter.

Another good hit on him could sideline him again. Last year the New York Giants defense had success against Vick and the Eagles when they put pressure on him with the blitz. One of the keys to their blitz strategy was blitzing from his left and forcing him to roll to his right.

Forcing him to roll to his right was a way of taking his options away from him because it’s much more difficult for a lefthanded quarterback to throw the football when he’s rolling to his right as compared to rolling to his left.

In the season’s first two games, Vick has made two touchdown throws while rolling to his left. He hit DeSean Jackson in the first game with a great touch throw while rolling to his left. In addition he connected with Jeremy Maclin after rolling to his left, then retreating to buy more time with a blitzing safety in his face and he delivered the ball to Maclin as went across the field wide open.

Vick and the Eagles must expect the pressure to come from his left and they should provide the quarterback with quick targets, so he can get rid of the football and avoid taking hits from pass rushers.

Vick did hurt the Giants a year ago with his legs by getting outside of contain and blazing down the sideline. I still believe the Giants are going to come after Vick with the blitz. They have to feel good about a game plan of hitting Vick and making it impossible for him to set his feet and throw downfield from the pocket.

I don’t think the New York secondary can cover DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith and the rest of the Eagles wide receivers without giving up some big plays.

Vick needs to go into this game with a mentality of getting the football out of his hands. He can’t hold the ball waiting for big plays downfield. The lefthander should take the short gains, while knowing that taking the short gains will keep them out of 3rd and longs.

Offensive tackles Jason Peters and Todd Herremans will have their hands full blocking New York pass rushers Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck. Peters may be the best offensive linemen in the league. Herremans has demonstrated the last couple of weeks that he can be an outstanding right tackle in his own right.

I also like the job center Jason Kelce is doing. He does a great job on the move on screen and draws. This youngster gets out in front of LeSean McCoy and the two can work some magic out in the open field.

Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora hasn’t practiced yet this week and it doesn’t look like he’s going to play.


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  • Lots of traps,delayed handoff’s up the middle, some screens to the outside, some quick slants, maybe a bubble route or two will slow up this pass-rush

  • The way you beat the blitz is for the QB and receiver to recognize it and then hit the open receiver

    we are talking about blitz not pass rush by the D line

  • Herremans and Peters have been great so far.. they’ll be tested this weekend… I watched the atlanta game again, and Vick did a very good job getting rid of the ball up until the end of the 2nd quarter.. he got sloppy, but then in the 3rd he was heating back up when he got hurt.. He needs to continue what he was doing and not take any unnecessary hits

  • The Eagles finally did several quick outs and screens last week instead of always looking for the deep pass. It was great to see them make it look easy. It’s why I felt Vick had the game in hand even when they fell behind. the Giants injured secondary has to play back so the Eagles should keep going with the body blows. When they blitz and bring up the corners, Vick just needs to quickly loft it down the sideline for a big play. He shouldn’t have to wait and take a big hit. The short to intermdiat passes will be open all day, I hope Vick carves them up. it will serve notice he’s readind defenses better.

  • I think Steve Smith will do his Wes Welker imitation against the Giants. 6 receptions for 85 yards and 4 first downs.

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